Dead Space Remake: All Crew Rigs Locations

The secret ending to Issac's journey awaits you if you get all crew rig locations first!

The Dead Space Remake is crawling with Necromorphs, which you must take down with a plethora of weapon options. But besides just killing enemies, you can engage in side missions and collect many lootable items. Certain items are hidden behind clearances, which is where the Master Override Doors and the Crew Rig locations in Dead Space Remake come into play.

The Master Override is a type of clearance that lets you get past certain locks and acquire optional yet special loot. It is acquired by finding the locations and rigs of crew members as part of the You Are Not Authorized mission. Once you get all Rigs, you can get past special doors and even acquire the secret ending.

Key Highlights
  • You’ll be instructed to find 7 Crew Rigs as part of the You Are Not Authorized side mission in Chapter 4.
  • Voelkner’s and Officer White’s Rig can be found in the Hangar Bay and ADS Cannon Trench.
  • Commander Holt’s Rig and Dalla’s Rig can be found in Hydroponics and Mineral Processing Control.
  • Benson’s and Bailey’s Rig can be found in the Tram Maintenance Tunnels and Comms Control Room, respectively. 
  • Rousseau’s Rig requires Security Clearance Level 3 and can be found in Fuel Storage Engineering
  • You can create the Master Override with all Crew Rigs, which gives you access to locked doors in Water Purification Storage and Tool Storage.
  • The Master Override can also be used to unlock crates found in Cargo Bay, Central Hub, Crew Quarters, and Transfer Junction, which all contain upgrade materials for many of Isaac’s weapons. 

All Crew Rig Locations For Master Override

dead space remake all crew rigs locations for master override
Side Mission starting point [image by eXputer]
If you want to get the Master Override in Dead Space Remake, then you need first to initiate the mission. The mission, You Are Not Authorized, starts during Chapter 4, when you go to see Hammond in the Captain’s Nest on the Bridge Deck.

Look over to the right side of the room, and you’ll find a console. Interacting with it will give you insight into the Master Override clearance. However, it will instruct you to get the rigs of all senior members of the crew. There are 7 Crew Rigs that you need to find to be granted access to the Master Override.

Unfortunately, you can’t start grabbing each rig as soon as you’re assigned the side mission, as you’ll need to access areas that might not be available to you. But by the time you’ve reached Chapter 10, you’ll be able to reach every rig location. Here is a summary of each of the locations, with more details listed below.

Voelkner’s RigNear the Oxygen Recharge station in Hangar Bay.
Officer White’s RigIn the ADS Cannon trench past the third ADS Cannon.
Commander Holt’s RigThe second floor of the Hydroponics and under the Necromorph covering.
Dalla’s RigOn the floor in Mineral Processing Control.
Rousseau’s RigIn Fuel Storage Engineering, you’ll need Security Clearance Level 3.
Bailey’s RigIn the Comms Control Room on the third floor.
Benson’s RigIn the Tram Maintenance tunnels.

Voelker’s Rig

voelker rig location for master override in dead space remake
Voelker’s Rig location in Dead Space Remake [image by eXputer]
The first Rig can actually be accessed in Chapter 2, even before you start the side mission. During the chapter, Hammond sends Isaac into the hangar and instructs him to find a way back into the Engineering Deck. It is a zero-gravity section, and you’ll be passing through a forcefield and through a vacuum with a limited oxygen supply.

Keep going forward until you come across an oxygen refill station. Of course, refill your oxygen first, and then look to your left from the oxygen refill station. You’ll be able to spot a floating body on your left with a purple glowing object. Grab the object to pick up Voelker’s Rig. You should be able to get it before you find the Fuel Station keycard in the same chapter.

First Officer White’s Rig

officer white master override locations
Officer White’s Rig location [captured by eXputer]
You’ll need to reach Chapter 4 in order to get access to Officer White’s Rig. More specifically, you can get the rig while calibrating the ADS Cannons which are needed to defend the ship from incoming asteroids.

You’ll be led outside to a trench area where you need to calibrate and synch up three guns manually. After you’ve calibrated all of the guns, you should be able to spot a corpse with the rig at the end of the trench on the left.

Lt. Commander Holt’s Rig

Lt. Commander Holt’s Rig [screenshot by eXputer]
You can find Lt. Commander Holt’s Rig in Chapter 6 on the Hydroponics Deck. You’ll need to reach the East Grow Chamber and find his body underneath a Necromorph growth. In fact, the entire area will be filled with tentacle-like growths. This is the part where you need to inject Wheezers to clear the toxic gas. You can remove the tentacles by shooting the glowing areas 2-3 times.

If you shoot and clear up the tentacles, you’ll finally get into East Grow Chamber. Then clear out a few more tentacles and take the path on the left. Underneath another tentacle growth, you’ll find the rig.

Mining Supervisor Dallas’ Rig

Dalla’s Rig [screenshot by us]
The next rig can be found in Chapter 7 on the Mining Deck. Even if you follow the main quest, you’ll likely come across the rig on your own. But to be safe, you can find it by following the “Find the Admin Rig” mission. You’ll find the rig in a small room in the corner of the Mining Process.

To get to the room, you’ll need to throw four rocks with your powers into the machinery. That will unlock the main room. Try to find the SOS Beacon, which will be part of the main objectives, and you’ll find the rig on the floor with an audio log nearby on a table. You’ll also get the level three security which you’ll need to get all the Marker Fragments.

Chief Engineer Rousseau’s Rig

rig location in dead space remake for master override doors and crates
Rousseau Rig [image by us]
You’ll need to actually acquire the Dallas Rig before you can get Rousseau’s Rig. That’s because once you get the Dallas rig, you’ll get the Security Clearance level three which is needed to open the door to reach Rousseau’s Rig.

Start off by taking the big circular hatch towards the Engine Room. You can find the hatch in the Engineering Deck Control Room. Then, move through the room with the fans and where you initially find the flamethrower as well. Keep heading into the corridor towards the main area. Look to your right, where you’ll spot the level three security door. You’ll find the rig inside. If you’re having a hard time, look for the section with infested growth. Open up the map, and you’ll spot the door there.

Comms Officer Bailey’s Rig

Bailey Rig location in dead space remake for master override doors and crates
Bailey’s Rig location [screenshot by us]
You’ll come across Officer Bailey’s Rig in Chapter 8. The best way to find is to follow the main objective that asks you to fix the Comms Array on the Bridge Deck. You can reach the Comms Control room by taking the elevator from the Bridge Atrium. From there, go to the door on the left into Bailey’s Office. You’ll find a corpse and the rig next to it.

Tram Supervisor Benson’s Rig

tram supervisor
Tram Supervisor Benson’s Rig location [captured by eXputer]
The final Rig which you’ll need will be available to you in Chapter 9. You can begin searching for it after you’ve gotten back from the Valor. As part of the main objectives, you’ll be asked to go to the Crew Quarters from the Bridge Deck through the entrance, which you would’ve unlocked recently; you’ll get a message which will notify you of the entrance opening. Go downstairs and into the Tram Tunnels; just ahead of the tunnel, you’ll find Benson’s Rig on the floor.

Master Override Doors and Crates

locked doors
Master Override Doors in Dead Space Remake [image by us]
Once you’ve acquired all of the rigs, you can head back to the area where you first initiated the side mission, in the Captain’s Nest on the Bridge Deck. Interact with the terminal again to acquire the Master Override. After you get it, you can access the following Master Override doors and crates in Dead Space Remake for useful rewards and upgrades for many of your weapons:

Head towards the Bridge Tram Station and inside the Water Purification storage next to an elevator. The door is the first locker on the left-hand side of the room.You will get Plasma Energy x6, Pulse Rifle Upgrade (High-Yield Grenades), and Power Nodes x1.
Head toward the Tool Storage in the Mining Deck. The door will be behind a tall moveable crate. You’ll find a crate inside the room, which requires the Master Override as well.The rewards will be found inside the crate. You will be given the Diffraction Module. It is the weapon upgrade for the Contact Beam.
Go towards the Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control area in Cargo Bay. Over there, you can find a crate with rewards.Suspension Module, which serves as an upgrade for the Force Gun.
In the Hydroponics Hallway, go to the Central Hub, where you can find a crate.The crate contains an upgrade for the Line Gun known as the Precision Layer.
The next crate can be found on the third floor of the Crew QuartersThe crate has a Gold Semiconductor, which can be sold for 3,000 Credits.
Head to the Transfer Junction area on Aegis VII in Chapter 12 to find a crate.You’ll find three power nodes in the crate.
A crate can be found on the third floor of the Deluxe Quarters. You’ll need to use a battery from Deluxe Quiet Bunks to restore power to open the room.Flamethrower upgrade, which is known as the high-pressure nozzle.

When you successfully find all the Crew Rigs and can unlock everything hidden behind the Master Override, you’ll be able to equip yourself with extremely strong gear. But you can still get stronger by finding all of the suits or the schematics which offer more upgrades. These upgrades and our plasma cutter build will definitely help you survive impossible mode.

But, with all of that information, you know all about the Crew Rig locations in the Dead Space remake and all of the Master Override doors and crates that it can lead to. The side mission is definitely worth completing as it opens up a door to lots of upgrades which are extremely useful to survive onboard the Ishimura!


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