Dead Space Remake Digital Deluxe Edition Suits

Get your hands on some bonus suits that give Issac a completely new look in the game.

You can get your hands on bonus suits and suit textures for Issac in Dead Space Remake, but these Suits are unfortunately tied to the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game. However, these bonus suits look really cool and add a new look to Issac’s character model in the game, which may be reason enough for purchasing the Deluxe Edition.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 5 Bonus Suits for Issac that you get by purchasing the Digital Deluxe Edition of Dead Space Remake.
  • Three of these Outfits, including Infested, Lone Survivor, and Venture Suits, are completely new designs for Issac’s Suit.
  • The other 2 Suits, including the Bloody and Sanctified Suits, are actually new textures for Issac’s RIG suit in the game.
  • There is no gameplay advantage to using these digital deluxe edition suits, and they only have cosmetic value.

How To Get Deluxe Edition Suits

dead space remake digital deluxe suits
Bonus Suits That Come With The Digital Deluxe Edition (Image Captured by Us)

As we have already mentioned before, in order to get your hands on these bonus suits, you’ll have to purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game. The Deluxe Edition is 10$ more expensive than the normal edition of the game, and you can either purchase the more expensive deluxe edition or get yourself the 10$ upgrade later if you want. 

You will get 5 Bonus Outfits with the Deluxe Edition of the game, however, not all of them will be a complete redesign of Issac’s Suit. Three of these bonus outfits are complete overhauls, whereas the other 2 are just new texture packs for Issac’s RIG Suit. These bonus outfits are very well-designed and definitely make the deluxe edition purchase worth it.

item in the game
The Storage Tab In The Shop (Image Captured by eXputer)

Once you have purchased the digital deluxe edition of the game, just make your way to the first shop in Dead Space Remake. That typically happens after you fix up the Trams during the beginning sections of the game. Once you’ve made your way to the shop, just go to the Storage Tab that will be on the far right. Under that tab, you will be able to access all of the digital deluxe edition suits of Issac in the game.

The following suits are included in the digital deluxe edition;

  • Infested Suit
  • Lone Survivor Suit
  • Venture Suit
  • Bloody Suit
  • Sanctified Suit

The Infested, Lone Survivor, and Venture Suits are complete redesigns whereas the Blood and Sactifiterd Suits just add new textures to Issac’s default suit in the game.

Infested Suit

dead space remake digital deluxe suits
The Infested Suit In Dead Space Remake (Image by eXputer)

The Infested Suit probably looks the scariest out of all the digital deluxe edition suits in the game. It gives Issac a completely horrifying design and makes him look like a dead character walking around the USG Ishimura additionally. Issac actually looks mutated, and his whole body looks like it is turning into a Necromorph in the game.

Most of his abdomen and ribs are visible from the inside, and it looks like Issac is anything but a living human. There is also another very unique detail about the Infested Suit that Twitter user @yohiman71 has pointed out. Whenever Issac removes his helmet during cutscenes while wearing the Infested Suit, there is no head inside.

He looks like a headless man in the game, and when you actually try to see inside the helmet, you will find that the head is placed inside the helmet. This detail is extremely impressive and adds to the theme of the Infested Suit in the first place. The in-game description of the suit also says that Issac is now a dead man but one with a motive and a goal that keeps him going on the USG Ishimura.

Lone Survivor Suit

dead space remake digital deluxe suits
The Lone Survivor Suit In Dead Space Remake (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

The Lone Survivor Suit looks almost the same for the most part, but it is the helmet that makes this suit stand out the most when compared to others. The helmet has a bizarre and horrifying design that fits the theme of the game additionally.

Hands sprouting from the helmet like the horns of a deer and these add to the horror element of the game and actually make Issac look scarier than the enemies. It is definitely one of the most intelligent design choices for a suit. The description of the suit itself entails that survival on the USG Ishimura is one of the toughest things and that further amplifies the main theme of the game.

Venture Suit

item in the game
The Venture Suit In Dead Space Remake (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

The next suit on our list of digital deluxe suits in the game is the Venture Suit. This suit has the least interesting design when compared to the ones before it, but it is still a really good-looking suit in the game with a completely different theme.

The design of the suit has been inspired by the Engineers of the EDF Corps according to the in-game description of the suit itself. Overall it looks like a uniform for some form of space armed forces with its unique yet dull combination of colors.

Bloody Suit

dead space remake digital deluxe suits
The Bloody Suit In Dead Space Remake (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

The Bloody Suit is not a completely different suit or design for Issac in the game. Instead, it just adds new textures to the default suit of Issac. It makes his suit look bloody all the time, like he’s been out on the Ishimura fighting hordes of Necromorphs like a madman. According to the in-game description, Issac doesn’t even know whose blood it is that has engulfed his whole suit.

Sanctified Suit

item in the game
The Sanctified Suit In Dead Space Remake (Image credit: eXputer)

The Sanctified Suit, which adds a completely matte black texture to Issac’s default suit, is probably one of the best looks versions of his default suit in the game. This whole black-colored finish makes his RIG suit look even cooler in the game.

You should definitely use the Sanctified textures if you’re planning to stick with Issac’s default suit in your first playthrough additionally. The in-game description of this suit reads that it also adds marker symbols all over the RIG suit of Issac in addition to giving it the black color.

Advantages Of Using Deluxe Edition Suits

The Digital Deluxe Edition Suits have Zero Gameplay Advantages in the game. You will not get any buffs from using them early in the game, nor will these help you get the upper hand in the Impossible Difficulty of Dead Space Remake. These are just visual cosmetics that add variety to Issac’s character design in the game and can make replaying the game a little more fun.


Dead Space Remake is already more popular than the original game and the original was a genre-defining game in itself, so the remake is a huge success. The game comes with more content as well, and that includes new Side Missions additionally. Aside from the deluxe edition suits, there are other suit upgrades that you can also get using the various Schematics in the game. Overall, Dead Space Remake is the best survival horror experience so far in 2023.

This concludes our guide on the Digital Deluxe Edition Suits for Issac in Dead Space Remake. We have entailed all of the 5 different outfits that you get if you purchase the deluxe edition of the game. These bonus outfits are definitely worth the price tag, and we hope that the guide was helpful in learning about these special suits. Let us know what you think about Dead Space Remake in the comments below!


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