Dead Space Remake Premeditated Malpractice Guide

Learn the origin of the Hunter in Dead Space Remake by completing the Premeditated Malpractice Side Quest!

Premeditated Malpractice is a complex side mission In Dead Space, where it’ll take you to the different corners of the Ishimura, and you’ll need to defend yourself from various Necromorphs trying to stop you. If you’re trying to do it all alone, you’ll need to be extremely vigilant and explore quite a bit. But, with our laid-out steps, in accordance with the different mission objectives, you won’t have a hard time. It is worth noting that there will be minor spoilers for Chapter 5 and a few sections after that.

Key Takeaways
  • Premeditated Malpractice is a side mission in Dead Space Remake, which can be initiated at the end of Chapter 5, after killing the Hunter, by picking up the Tissue Sample in the Cryogenic Chamber
  • Once you have the Tissue, you need to go to the Main Lab in Medical and scan it at the computer beyond the Main Changing Room.
  • The scan will lead you to Brant Harris’ ICU Bed in intensive care Unit in Medical Section, where you’ll learn about his relationship with Dr. Mercer.  
  • You’ll be asked to investigate the Ore Storage during Chapter 7 (the area is unreachable before then), where you’ll find an audio log of Harris attacking a miner due to the demands of Dr. Mercer. 
  • After that, you’ll find the report of the incident on the Bridge while following the “Fix the Comms Array” main objective in Chapter 8
  • The last objective will take you to the Diagnostic Lab in Hydroponics, where you’ll learn how the Hunter acquired his regenerative properties and how Harris transforms into the Hunter. 
  • Completing all objectives will reward you with the “Final Regeneration” trophy/achievement

Pick Up Hunter’s Tissue Sample – Initiating The Mission

dead space remake premeditated malpractice mission guide
Tissue Sample in the Cryogenics Chamber [image by eXputer]
Unlike the other side missions in the game, Premeditated Malpractice is slightly lengthy and takes you on a long ride with multiple mission objectives, which take you to different parts of the Ishimura. You’re expected to complete five objectives besides the initial objective to initiate the mission. We’ve split each section according to the objectives and laid out step-by-step instructions on how to complete each one of them. This section will cover how to start the side mission.

Premeditated Malpractice can be initiated at the end of Chapter 5 or during the early stages of Chapter 6. During Chapter 5, you would’ve encountered the Hunter and then ultimately fought against and supposedly killed it at the end.

After you’ve frozen and sealed away the hunter, you need to acquire the Hunter’s Tissue Sample. If you’re still in the same area as where you were, simply go to the middle of the room, the same place where the nitrogen was, and pick up the item called “Tissue Sample.”

In case you end up venturing outside of the area, go back to the Cryogenics in the Medical section. Look for the Cryogenic Chamber; this is the same area where you can find a Marker Fragment and collect the purple glowing item, as shown in the image above.

As soon as you pick up the item, you’ll get a notification informing you that the Premeditated Malpractice Mission has been unlocked. You can track its objectives in the Mission Menu after a series of dialogues with Daniels.

With the Tissue Sample, Isaac will decide to figure out what Mercer is up to by taking the sample to a DNA Scanner, which is essentially the start of the side mission and dictates the following objectives.

Scan The Tissue Sample

Scanning the Tissue in the Main Lab for the Dead Space Remake Premeditated Malpractice [captured by eXputer]
The next part of the mission requires you to scan the Tissue Sample that you acquired from the Cryogenics. You can do so by going over to the Main Lab in Medical and interacting with a computer there. You can reach the Main Lab by tracking the mission and using the locator. But here are in-depth directions.

From where you pick up the Tissue Sample, head out the exit on the opposite side of the room. Keep going forward and head inside the Chemical Lab. Go through the door on the left labelled “To Imaging Diagnostics.” And then go through the “Imaging Diagnostics” door. Keep going forward and go through the “To Security Station” door and go down the hallway and turn towards the Security Station.

From there, head towards the Research Wing, found on the right side of the room. Use your Stasis Module to get past the glitched door, and you’ll find yourself at the Main Lab at the end of the corridor. Simply take the elevator down, which is found on the right side of the room, and you’ll be on the same floor as the scanner.

The scanning computer is found on the right side of the room, past the Main Changing Room, as shown in the image above. The scanner will find a match: Brant Harris, mining contractor, Aegis VII. The scanner will activate the RIG locator, and you’ll be off to find Harris’ ICU Bed.  

Find Harris’ ICU Bed

premeditated malpractice walkthrough dead space remake
Harris and Dr. Mercer conversation [image by us]
In the last objective, we discovered that the Tissue Sample belonged to a mining contractor, Brant Harris. With that new lead, we’re tracking Harris’ rig and being led to his ICU Bed. You can find it in Intensive Care Unit in the Medical section. You can follow the locator to get to your exact destination, but it can get slightly confusing, which is why we’ve described the exact steps.

Head back out the way you came from by taking the elevator and going through the glitched door towards the Security Station. From there, go through the main door on your right and towards the Ishimura Clinic and through the Emergency Room.

From there, go through the ER Hallway B, found in the left section of the room and on the opposite side of where you came from. Turn left and go down the corridor, and you’ll find the Intensive Care Unit to your right. Beware of potential threats in the area. You’ll find Haris’ ICU bed directly in front of you, on the other side of the room.

Once you interact with the ICU bed, a hologram will show you an interaction between Harris and Dr. Mercer. Mercer will be running a series of tests on Harris and asking him to join the side of the Marker. He’ll ask Harris to run a few errands in the Ore Storage and will eventually inject a chemical in Harris. Once the interaction is over, you’ll be asked to investigate the Ore Storage.

Investigate Ore Storage

Dead Space Remake ore storage room for Premeditated Malpractice
Audio log of the incident in Ore Storage room [captured by eXputer]
In the last objective, we find out that Dr. Mercer asked Harris to do something in the Ore Storage and that the other miners don’t understand their vision. That is why in the current objective, Isaac makes his way over to the Ore Storage to investigate what Harris was doing there.

If you started following the mission as soon as it was available, then you’re likely somewhere in Chapter 5 or in Chapter 6. However, you cannot continue further with the side mission until you reach Chapter 7, as that’s when the Ore Storage area will be first available to you. Continue through Chapter 6, beat the Leviathan, and then return to the mission once its inactive status goes away.

If you simply follow the main objectives of Chapter 7, you’ll eventually end up at Ore Storage in Mining during the “Activate the Launch Tubes” objective. To reach the Ore Storage room, you’ll need to get past a bunch of lasers that were supposedly installed after a strange incident took place in the area.

Of course, you can’t touch the lasers. So instead, grab a nearby crate using your Kinesis and use it to block the lasers while you move through them. At the end of the hallway and beyond all of the lasers, you’ll find the Ore Storage room.

Once inside, you’ll need to find an audio log; it will be to your immediate left as soon as you enter the room. There will be a bunch of crates blocking your path to the audio log. Remove it using your modules and interact with the log to progress further in the side mission.

The audio log will give insight into Harris trying to steal Osmium from the Ore Storage room for Dr. Mercer. He will be interrupted by a miner, but it sounds as if Harris kills the miner while narrating his experiences from Aegis VII. Once the audio log ends, the computer will state that the Incident report got filed to the Bridge by Dr. Nicole Brennan. And your next task will be to find that report.

Find Report On The Bridge

report terminal
Terminal where you’ll find the report [image by eXputer]
After learning about some sort of incident in Ore Storage between Harris and a Miner, Isaac is instructed to find the incident report on the Bridge. Unfortunately, you can’t continue the mission in Chapter 7 and need to wait till Chapter 8 to continue onwards.

Follow the main objectives of Chapter 8, and you’ll eventually get led to the Main Atrium on the Bridge while following the “Fix the Comms Array” objective. When you’re on the Bridge, look toward the right side, and you’ll find a large orange computer terminal, as shown in the image above. Head towards the smaller orange terminal, and you’ll see the option to activate yet another message log.

The log will showcase a hologram of Captain Mathius and Nicole talking about the dead miner and Brant Harris being on the loose. Nicole tries to warn Captain Mathius about Dr. Mercer’s immoral practices, but he doesn’t believe her. She also mentions that Mercer takes Harris to Hydroponics, which is exactly where you’ll be headed for the next objective.

Investigate Hydroponics

final audio log
Hydroponics location where you’ll find the audio log [captured by us]
The last objective for the Premeditated Malpractice side mission takes you to the Diagnostic Lab in Hydroponics. So far, we’ve learned that Dr. Mercer was performing immoral procedures on Harris and that he took him to Hydroponics quite often, which is why Isaac heads there to piece all the clues together.

Regardless of where you are, you’ll need to use the Ishimura Tram System to make your way to the Hydroponics. From there, go through the To Hydroponics Central Hub door and take the elevator up. Go through the Sapling Room and into the Hydroponics Central Hub. You need to make your way to West Tower. But be cautious, as there will be a bunch of enemies in the way.

Either dodge them or take care of them, regardless of how you deal with the necromorphs, make your way to the Flow Control and go up the elevator. At the end of the hallway, you’ll find the West Grow Chamber. Take the elevator up again to Floor 2. Behind the elevator, you’ll find the door that leads to Hydroponics Control.

Inside that room, take the door to the left, which will take you to Nutrition Systems. You’ll encounter an enemy here, and you can also find a power node in this area. The room will be filled with poisonous gas, so try to make your way to the opposite end and enter the Diagnostic Lab before you run out of oxygen.

When you’re finally inside the lab, you can pick up the audio log. It’ll entail Dr. Mercer and Harris’ conversation just before he fully turns into the Hunter. We learn that the poisonous gases are actually there to help Harris become invulnerable to them. After the audio ends, you’ll be attacked by an enemy. Killing it will conclude the side mission and grant you the “Final Regeneration” trophy or achievement.


Premeditated Malpractice in Dead Space Remake is quite a long side mission that takes you on a journey to learn the origins of the Hunter, which stalks and attacks Isaac in Chapter 5. Although Isaac manages to freeze the Hunter, he’s not done dealing with it just yet, as there’s much to uncover about it and the secrets of Dr. Mercer, who created the Hunter by transforming Harris into it.

You’ll likely run into many necromorphs on the way, so consider reading our infinite ammo guide, so you’re never out of ammo. Also, check out our best upgrades and all-suits guide, so you’ve got the best protection against bosses like the Mind Hive. And if you want to grab secret hidden loot, you might want to collect all crew rigs to get access to the Master Override access which can get you to areas where even the security clearance can’t get you inside. 

With that, you know everything about the Premeditated Malpractice side mission in Dead Space Remake. It provides a lot of depth and origin to one of the scariest bosses in the game, the Hunter. We also get to see how twisted Dr. Mercer is with his experiments and how far he went to create the regenerative monster!

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