Dead Space Remake: Scan RIG To Unlock Workstation

Wondering about the mysterious prompt Scan RIG to Unlock Workstation and what it means? Read on to find out!

In Dead Space Remake, you will often see some signs and labels that will read Scan RIG To Unlock Workstation when you are exploring the Ishimura. However, most of the players cannot actually find a place where they can scan their RIG. Furthermore, the players are also not able to interact with that prompt. 

Key Takeaways
  • Scan RIG To Unlock Workstation is a prompt on the screen that can be found in every other room in Ishimura in Dead Space Remake.
  • The screen has instructions to scan your RIG to access a certain area. 
  • However, these prompts cannot be interacted with in the game. 
  • These screens are just they are to serve as a background detail and for the players to immerse in their environment. 
  • Players can only interact with blue screens and not yellow or orange screens. 
  • The red screens need to be powered up and activated for certain missions. 
  • The screen indicates that the workers at Ishimura used RIGs as a form of identification. 

How To Scan RIG 

If you are one of the players who are looking to interact with the prompt and see what it actually means, then read on to see how you can scan RIG and unlock the workstation. You will find these prompts all over the Space station however, you won’t be able to interact with them. At the same time, they might seem something important, they are actually not.

Dead Space Remake Scan RIG To Unlock Workstation
Scan RIG To Unlock Workstation prompt [Image By: eXputer]
There is no way that you can interact with these screens to unlock the workstation by scanning your RIG as the prompt reads. They’re just there for background details and cannot be interacted with. 

You won’t be able to find any supplies or items through the prompt or get any ammo. The prompt does not indicate any hidden message or any secret room as well. Furthermore, it is not tied to any side mission or quest that will ask you to locate all of these screens.

So when you spot a screen that reads scan your RIG to unlock workstation, you can go ahead and ignore it. However, we recommend keeping an eye out for other important things like the Elevator Controls or any collectibles that the game requires you to find.

Interactable Screens

Furthermore, it is also important to look for Workbenches and Save Stations as well as important equipment that will actually help you in your combat. If you are wondering if there are any screens that you can actually interact with then you should keep an eye out for their colors or the glow that they give.

Dead Space Remake What is Scan RIG To Unlock Workstation
Exploring Ishimura [Image By: eXputer]
Any screen that is blue can be interacted with. However, any orange or yellow screen you see throughout the Ishimura is just there to serve as a background detail and cannot be interacted with. There are also red screens that are tied to in-game objectives and missions, and most of the time, they need to be activated or powered up. 

So the scan RIG to unlock the workstation it’s just a part of worldbuilding and for the players to immerse more in their surrounding while exploring the abandoned ship. 

Possible Theory 

One of the theories about these screens with instructions on them is that in the timeline where the Dead Space is set in, passwords are not used to access certain things.

Therefore, if the users of a terminal want to access any certain area, which in this case is a workstation, they will need to scan their RIG, so the background detail tells us that in this timeline RIG of a person is used as a form of identification and will allow them to access authorized areas. 

Therefore, the reason why Isaac is not able to interact with these screens is that he is not a worker or staff personnel at Ishimura. So the RIG Isaac is basically useless in the premises of Ishimura where he just landed, and he cannot use it to unlock any device or terminal.

You Are Not Authorized Side Quest
You Are Not Authorized Side Quest [Image By: eXputer]
You will further see the purpose of these screens in the side mission called You Are Not Authorized. In the side mission, you will have to collect RIG that is scattered throughout the Ishimura. However, you just need to collect them, and you cannot scan them.

This further proves that even the most minute and tiny detail in the Dead Space Remake is not just there without meaning. These Seven Rags that you collect will allow you to access the Master Override. 

So now, when you come across these messages, you don’t need to worry about remembering what rooms you found them in, as they’re not part of any mission and cannot be interacted with. It’s just Flavor Text and allows the players to immerse themselves into the environment and see how it actually felt working on a Mining Ship. 

Wrap Up 

With this, we conclude our guide on what the phrase Scan RIG To Unlock Workstation means in Dead Space Remake. While you are at it, don’t forget to check out our detailed guides on how to get infinite ammo and how to find peng treasure while exploring the Ishimura.

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