Dead Space Remake: All Secret Achievements

Trying to get all achievements in Dead Space Remake? Find out all about Secret Achievements.

There are nine Secret Achievements available in Dead Space Remake.

Key Takeaways
  • Players can unlock 9 secret achievements in Dead Space Remake by performing certain actions. Here are all of them:
  • Front Toward Enemy: Survive the Shooting Gallery.
  • Z-Baller: Complete Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball.
  • Full Clearance: Create the Master Security Override.
  • Brute Force: Kill a Brute Necromorph.
  • Exterminator: Kill the Leviathan.
  • Get Off My Ship: Kill the Leviathan Remnant.
  • Mindless Prey: Kill the Hive Mind.
  • Marked: Pick up a Marker fragment for the first time.
  • Reunion: See the secret ending.

Front Toward Enemy

Front Toward Enemy Secret Achievement in Dead Space Remake
Front Toward Enemy – [Image by eXputer]
It is a bronze trophy acquired by surviving at the Shooting Gallery. It’s a minigame where you practice and test your aim. Shooting Gallery is only available in Chapter 9, meaning you can’t get Front Toward secret achievement after Chapter 9. You only have to survive at the Shooting Gallery, meaning you don’t really need to kill Necromorphs. It is an excellent strategy to dodge and move so you don’t end up in a corner.

Also, use Pulse Rifle, as there will be hordes of Necromorphs, and Pulse Rifle has a fast rate of fire and a decent amount of ammo. After surviving the Shooting Gallery with hordes of Necromorphs, you will get the Front Toward Enemy Secret Achievement in Dead Space Remake.


Z-Baller – [Image by eXputer]
It is a bronze trophy acquired by completing Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball. It’s also a minigame found in the Zero-G Gym on the Crew Deck of the USG Ishimura. You must grab and shoot the ball using Kinesis Module into the glowing rings. Be careful while entering the Zero-G Basketball as there will be many Necromorphs trying to hinder your aim. Make sure to kill them all before trying to achieve the Z-Baller secret achievement in Dead Space Remake.

Full Clearance

Full Clearance Secret Achievement in Dead Space Remake
Full Clearance – [Image by eXputer]
It is a silver trophy acquired by Creating the Master Security Override. To create Master Override, you will have to start the side mission: “You Are Not Authorized,” in which you will have to collect seven RIGs of officers to get the Full Clearance secret achievement. To start the side mission, you will have to interact with the Bridge Security in Captain’s Nest in Chapter 4. The Bridge Security panel will require you to collect the RIGs of officers which will create a Master Override. Here is the location of all RIGs:

Hangar Overseer VoelknerChapter 2Hangar BayIt is the past the oxygen field. Head into the Zero-G and move towards left side. You will find the RIG near the Oxygen Recharge Station
First Officer WhiteChapter 4ADS Cannon TrenchIt's the only RIG located outside the Ishimura. It is close to the third ADS Cannon. You will have to use Zero-G to go and check, it'll be easy to spot once you are near the third ADS Cannon.
Lt. Commander HoltChapter 6HydroponicsAfter reaching Hydroponics, head to the the East Grow Chamber and take aim at the Yellow Sacs. These sacs are producing significant amounts of Necromorph tissue and the RIG will be located beneath them.
Mining Supervisor Dallas7Mineral Processing ControlThe RIG will be located within the Mineral Processing Control Room, which can be accessed after removing the hazardous materials in the disentrigator.
Chief Engineering Rosseau7Top Floor Fuel Storage EngineeringYou can locate Rosseau's RIG on the top floor of Engineering in the Fuel Storage area. Access to the room requires a Level 3 Clearance.
Comms Officer Bailey8CommunicationsStarting from the Bridge, take the elevator to the 3rd Floor. Then, proceed to the Communications Mess Hall and then to the Communications Control Room.
Tram Supervisor Benson10Tram Maintenance TunnelsThis location can be reached at the beginning of Chapter 10 once you have access to the Crew Deck from the Bridge.

Moreover, each RIG can easily be located by using the in-game Locator. To do so, go to the Missions menu, choose “You Are Not Authorized” objectives, and then select “Track Objective.” After that, press the Locator button, and a path will appear, guiding you directly to the selected RIG.

After acquiring all the required RIGs, head back to the Captain’s Nest on the Bridge to create a Master Override. Thereafter, the Master Override will give you complete access to every door, locker, and crate that requires the Master Override. You will also get the Full Clearance Secret Achievement in Dead Space Remake.

Brute Force

Brute Force – [Image by eXputer]
It is a bronze trophy and to get it, you will have to kill a Brute, who is quick and have armor on their front side, so make sure to use Stasis to slow them down before attacking. In addition to using Stasis, an effective method of defeating a Brute is by targeting the yellow sacs on its back, which is its weak point. Shooting the sacs on its shoulders and legs will detach the limb from the Brute, making it slower and easier to eliminate.

Weapons like Plasma Cutter, Line Gun, Pulse Rifle, and Contact Beams are pretty effective against a Brute. Once you have finished off a Brute, you will get the Brute Force Secret Achievement in Dead Space Remake.


 Exterminator Secret Achievement in Dead Space Remake
Exterminator – [Image by eXputer]
It is a bronze trophy, and just like the Brute Force, you will have to kill a Necromorph to get an Exterminator. However, this time it’s a lot bigger. You will have to defeat the Leviathan to get the Exterminator Achievement. But don’t run clueless into the battle. Make sure to stock up on ammo and upgrade weapons.

Leviathan has three fight phases. In the first phase, you will need to focus on dodging its tentacles and aim at the yellow sacks near the base, which are its weak spots.

In the second phase, the Leviathan will start launching explosive orbs at the player. To counter it, use Kinesis to grab the explosive orbs mid-air and send them back to the Leviathan.

In the third phase, the Leviathan will attack you with both its tentacles and explosive orbs. Additionally, he will also release toxic gas. To quickly defeat the Leviathan, prioritize inflicting damage on the Leviathan’s central mouth. After defeating the Leviathan, you will get the “Exterminator” secret achievement in Dead Space Remake.

Get Off My Ship!

Get Off My Ship! – [Image by eXputer]
It is a bronze trophy, which is acquired by killing the Leviathan Remnant. Before engaging in the battle with the Leviathan Remnant, make sure to stock up on resources and upgrade your weapons. This will not only increase your chances of defeating the Leviathan but also ensure that you have ample supplies for healing and firepower during the fight.

The best weapon for fighting off Leviathan Remnant are Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle, Contact Beam, and Line Gun. After defeating the Levithan Remnant, you will get “Get Off My Ship!” Secret Achievement in Dead Space Remake.

Mindless Prey

Mindless Prey Secret Achievement in Dead Space Remake
Mindless Prey – [Image by eXputer]
It is a bronze trophy, which is acquired by killing the Hive Mind, the final boss. You will fight him in the last chapter of the main story. It has three phases, just like Leviathan. The first two phases will be easy as its weak spots are visible, and the Hive Mind is so big that you wouldn’t have any trouble aiming. However, in the third phase, the weak spots will be hidden inside its chest, which the Hive Mind will reveal from time to time.

The trick is to be always on the move and use weapons like Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle, and Line Gun. After defeating the Hive Mind, you will get the Mindless Secret Achievement in Dead Space Remake.


Marked – [Image by eXputer]
It is a bronze trophy, which you will get by picking up the Marker Fragment for the first time. Marker Fragments are used to get the Secret Ending in Dead Space Remake, and they only spawn in the New Game Plus. The first Marker Fragment is in Chapter 1 after you replay the game in New Game Plus. Located inside the Maintenance Bay near the Data Board. Once you pick up the Marker Fragment, you will get the “Marked” Secret Achievement.


Reunion Secret Achievement in Dead Space Remake
Reunion – [Image by eXputer]
It is a silver trophy, which you will get after seeing the Secret Ending in Dead Space Remake. To get the Secret Ending, you will have to pick up all 12 Marker Fragments in the New Game Plus. After collecting all the 12 Marker Fragments, you will need to place them in Captain Mathius’s room, which will have 12 slots for you to place the Marker Fragments. After placing the Marker Fragments, you just need to complete the game normally and watch the Secret Ending in Dead Space Remake.


That’s all you need to know to get the Secret Achievements in Dead Space Remake. Some achievements require you to fight bosses, and it’s difficult to do without Best Upgrades, so make sure to upgrade your weapon and suit. Getting the Level 5 Suit will help you a lot in your defenses too.


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