Dead Space Remake: All Suits Locations

Know the location of all the suits that you can get in Dead Space Remake.

One of the prominent features in Dead Space Remake is the body suits that you can equip to enhance your capabilities and fight off the sturdy Necromorphs. Throughout your progression, you will get better and better suits with upgrades and purchases. To unlock the outfits in Dead Space Remake, you must get all the locations of the suit’s schematics first and then purchase it from the store.

Although enhancing your armor by upgrading its level is viable, you can also get some exceptional suits if you purchase the game’s Deluxe Edition. Also, upgrading nodes for your existing suits will enhance their capabilities to some extent.

Key Highlights
  • Dead Space Remake features five different suits other than the standard-level armor. 
  • You can get the Level 2 Suit from the shop for 10000 credits.
  • To get the Level 3 Suit, you must first find its schematic in the Eva Prep Room during the Chapter 4 progression. 
  • For the level 4 suit, get its schematic in the Mining Deck in Chapter 7. 
  • The schematic of the Level 5 suit can be found in the Crew Quarters in Chapter 10. 
  • You can buy the Level 6 suit from the store for 99000 Credits.
  • You can also get some exceptional suits, including DS-08 Legacy Rig, Infested Suit, Lone Survivor Suit, Venture Suit, Bloody Suit, and Sanctified Suit, through the Delux Edition of the game.

Dead Space Remake Suits Location

After getting the default armor, there are five more suits that you can unlock and use during your combats. You have to unlock all of the suits first in order to equip them. Below are the locations of all suits that you can get in Dead Space Remake.

Level 1 Suit

Dead Space Remake Suit Locations
Standard Suit (Image Credit: eXputer)
ArmorNo Damage Resistance
Purchasing Price10000 Credits
Inventory Slots12 inventory slots
Oxygen (AIR)2 Nodes
Stasis Zone (SIZE)1 Node
Stasis Duration (DUR)1 Node

The first suit that Isaac will get in the game is the Standard Suit, or you can say it is the Level 1 suit. This Resource Integration Gear (RIG) is the basic armor that can also be seen worn by the USG Ishimura Engineers.

The suit offers basic stats that allow you to use Kinesis and Stasis abilities and adequately protect you from low-tier enemies. The only good thing about the suit is that you do not need to put any effort into finding it, as you get it at the start of the game for free.

Level 2 Suit

Dead Space Remake
Level 2 suit (Image by eXputer)
Armor5% Damage Resistance
Purchasing Price10000 Credits
Inventory Slots18 inventory slots
Health (HP)1 Node
Stasis Energy (ERG)1 Node
Oxygen (AIR)1 Node

Once you progress in Chapter one and gain enough credits, you can get hands-on with your first body armor. The suit is pretty decent for early-game combats as it provides decent resistance from opponents’ attacks.

The interesting thing about the suit is that it does not require any Schematic in order to unlock it. Once you get 10,000 credits in your inventory, you’re all good to visit the shop and get your suit from there.

Level 3 Suit

DMR Intermediate Engineer RIG
Intermediate Engineer RIG (Image by eXputer)
Armor10% Damage Resistance
Store Price20000 Credits
Inventory Slots22 inventory slots
Health (HP)1 Node
Stasis Zone (SIZE)1 Node
Kinesis Grab Range (KI/R)1 Node

The Level Three Suit, commonly termed Intermediate Engineer RIG, is a mediocre level armor in Dead Space Remake. The suit offers 10% Resistance and occupies 22 inventory spaces due to its heavy size. Apparently, the armor has a pretty decent look, and wearing it makes you look a bit brawny and strong.

DMR Suit Locations
Eva Prep Room (Image Credit: eXputer)

The suit can be unlocked during Chapter 4 of the storyline. To find the suit’s schematic, head outside the Ishimura to calibrate the ADS Cannons; that is the chapter’s main objective. Once you do that, Reach the Water Purification level section. There you can find the Eva Prep Room, where you can get your Intermediate Engineer RIG placed inside.

Once you discover the suit, it will be unlocked in the shop. Now you can visit the game store and buy the armor for 20,000 store credits.

Level 4 Suit

Dead Space Remake Suit Locations
Intermediate Miner RIG (Image Credit: eXputer)
Armor15% Damage Resistance
Store Price35000 Credits
Inventory Slots26 inventory slots
Health (HP)1 Node
Kinesis Throw Damage (KI/D)1 Node
Stasis Energy (ERG)1 Node
Stasis Duration (DUR)1 Node

The level 4 suit i.e. Intermediate Miner RIG, is an advanced level body armor that you can use to fight off robust monsters. The armor is pretty heavy and takes 30 inventory space. To get the schematics of the suit, you need to reach the second level of the mining section while searching for the SOS Beacon.

DMR Armor Locations
Workshop Equipment Room (Image Credit: eXputer)

In Chapter 7, once you’re successful in beating the horde of Necromorphs, head to the Mining Deck and get inside the Equipment Workshop. There, you can find the Intermediate Miner RIG placed beside the generator.

Just like other suits, once you get the schematics, you can visit the game store and purchase the armor for 35,000 credits.

Level 5 Suit

Locations of Suits in DMR
Advanced Engineering RIG (Image by eXputer)
Armor20% Damage Resistance
Store Price60000 Credits
Inventory Slots30 inventory slots
Stasis Energy (ERG)1 Node
Oxygen (AIR)1 Node
Stasis Duration (DUR)1 Node
Stasis Zone (SIZE)1 Node

Advanced Engineering Rig is one of the high-end suits in the game that you can get during Chapter 10. To get the suit schematics, you need to unlock the Crew Quarters first. After finding the key during the chapter’s progression, get inside Crew Quarters and head inside the Zero-G Gym section.

Dead Space Remake Armors
Level 5 suit schematics (Image Credits Exputer)

Once you’re in the Gym, you can see a long hallway with little illumination. From there, you have to follow the hallway without taking any turns until you reach theLocker Room and Showers” door. Once you spot it, head inside and turn left to get the Advanced Engineer RIG schematics on a bench. 

After finding the schematics, you can equip the suit by visiting the store and purchasing it for 60000 Credits. The advanced soldier Rig is a bit unique in design as compared to other suits, it is bulkier in appearance, with a plain look, but the capabilities are way better.

Level 6 Suit

DMR Armor Locations
Advanced Soldier Rig (Image Credit: eXputer)
Armor30% Damage Resistance
Store Price99000 Credits
Inventory Slots30 inventory slots
Kinesis Grab Range (KI/R)1 Node
Oxygen (AIR)1 Node
Kinesis Throw Damage (KI/D)1 Node
Stasis Duration (DUR)2 Nodes

The Advanced Soldier RIG is the flagship level body armor in Dead Space Remake. The suit offers the highest stats with the most capabilities. So, before facing the mighty Hive Mind, make sure that you’re equipped with this armor.

Fortunately, you do not have to find any schematics to get the armor. All you need to do is start the New Game Plus playthrough and complete Chapter 1, and it will be unlocked automatically. Once you’ve enough credits in your inventory, visit the store and purchase the suit for 99000 Credits.

Deluxe Edition Suits

In addition to primary suits, the game offers some exceptional armor that you can get by purchasing the Deluxe Edition of the game. These suits include:

  • DS-08 Legacy Rig
  • Infested Suit
  • Lone Survivor Suit
  • Venture Suit
  • Bloody Suit
  • Sanctified Suit

The only edge of these suits is that they are more attractive and catchier in appearance. Other than that, they do not offer any exceptional capabilities. Lastly, there is one last suit in the game called The Burnished Suit that we haven’t discussed so far.

It is a special armor that you get as a reward if you complete the game on Impossible difficulty. Remember that getting this suit really needs some effort and sweating, but it is flex in itself. You also get the achievement “Untouchable” for unlocking exceptional armor.

Wrapping up

Upgrading your suit as you progress through the storyline is the most viable option. If you can not get your hands on a higher-tier suit, try to invest in nodes of your existing suits, as it will significantly improve your suit’s performance against enemies. Your priority should be the health node, after which you can enhance Stasis and KI/D.

After getting suitable armor, make sure to invest in some of the best weapons, such as Stasis Module and Force Gun, to fight the monsters efficiently. If you use Plasma Cutter as your primary weapon, then you should check the plasma cutter upgrades. Other than that, make sure to check out our guide on schematic locations in DMR. You can also go through our detailed guide on side missions and how you can unlock them.

Also, if you’ve decided to try out the game on impossible difficulty, then then you must be interested in the impossible mode rewards. 


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