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Unlock all of these gold & shiny PSN trophies for Dead Space!

The Dead space remake features a long trophy list of 48 achievements, along with improved gameplay, better graphics, and all-new weapons. Throughout your storyline progression, you unlock different achievements that add to your trophies collection. Some of these 48 trophies are rare and hard to get, while some are hidden.  

The trophy list is somehow similar to the previous volume, but new challenges are introduced to make things even more exciting. Completing the game while collecting all the trophies is a next-level satisfaction for true fans. So, if you want to complete your expeditious journey with all the achievements, ensure you know how to get each of them.

Key Highlights
  • Dead space remake features 47 trophies for the PC version and 48 Trophies for PlayStation.
  • The trophies are ranked Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze according to their difficulty level. 
  • The Bronze trophies are the easiest to achieve; the Silver requires a bit more effort, the Gold is the hardest, and the Platinum trophy is exclusive to PlayStation players. 
  • In addition to default trophies, there are some secret trophies as well that you can unlock by completing certain tasks.
  • The trophies in the remake version are almost the same as in the original version. However, some are replaced due to alterations in gameplay and the addition of new content. 

Dead Space Remake Trophies List

Dead Space Remake Trophies
Trophies In Dead Space Remake (Image Credits eXputer)

For the PC version, the Dead Space remake features 47 trophies. However, if you’re playing the game on a PlayStation, you get an additional bonus trophy of platinum rank. Out of these 48 trophies, ten of them are secret and only appear in the list once you unlock them. 

In the remake, some of the trophies from its predecessor are removed due to the addition of extra content and gameplay alterations. However, the replacement trophies are even more challenging and exciting to hunt and unlock.  

Platinum Trophies

Dead Space Remake offers only one platinum trophy that is exclusive to PlayStation players only. The name of the trophy is given below. 

Concordance Officer

You can achieve Concordance Officer once you collect all 47 other trophies. This trophy is a bonus achievement that portrays your mastery and skill level in the game. Although the trophy looks attractive to achieve, earning it requires a significant amount of time and effort. It is a true test of game sense, skill, and dexterity. 

Gold Trophies

The Gold trophies are undoubtedly the most challenging trophies to achieve in Dead Space Remake. It requires the players to put in extra effort and play the game in a certain way. Although these trophies are challenging to unlock, you can get them if you try with full dedication. There are two gold trophies in Dead Space Remake, which are:

  • Maxed Out: Upgrade all your gear, armor, and equipment to max level. 
  • Untouchable: Finish the entire game in Impossible Mode difficulty.

Silver Trophies

Getting the Silver Trophies in the game is also a challenging task. Most of the achievements are based on doing some extra activities while completing the chapters, such as finding some hidden items, playing the game on an increased difficulty level or upgrading an item, etc. If you play the game with a bit of patience and perseverance, you can surely get your hands on all of these trophies.

  • Exodus: Complete the entire Chapter 12 on any difficulty setting.
  • Final Regeneration: Discover Hunter’s origins.
  • Whole Again: Pursue Nicole’s investigation.
  • Trusted Contractor: Complete the New Game+ on any difficulty mode.
  • One Gun: Beat the game while using Plasma Cutter only.
  • Set a Benchmark: Finish the entire game on Medium difficulty or above.
  • Built To Order: Install every weapon upgrade.

Bronze Trophies

The Bronze trophies in Dead Space Remake include achievements for completing specific levels, finding hidden items, and using specific weapons and abilities. Many of these trophies are straightforward and can be earned simply by playing through the game.

  • Welcome Aboard: Complete the entire Chapter one on any difficulty settings.
  • Lab Rat: Complete the entire Chapter two on any difficulty settings.
  • All Systems Go: Complete the entire Chapter three on any difficulty settings.
  • Cannon Fodder: Complete the entire Chapter four on any difficulty settings.
  • True Believer: Complete the entire Chapter five on any difficulty settings.
  • Greenhouse Effect: Complete the entire Chapter six on any difficulty settings.
  • SOS: Complete the entire Chapter even on any difficulty settings.
  • Strange Transmissions: Complete the entire Chapter eight on any difficulty settings.
  • Wreckage: Complete the entire Chapter nine on any difficulty settings.
  • Keeper of the Faith: Complete the entire Chapter ten on any difficulty settings.
  • Betrayed: Complete the entire Chapter eleven on any difficulty settings.
  • Full Arsenal: Unlock all the weapons in the game.
  • A Cut Above: Take down 30 enemies with the Ripper.
  • Pusher: Kill 30 enemies with the Force Gun.
  • Eviscerator: Finish 30 enemies with the Line Gun.
  • Autofire: Finish 30 enemies with the Pulse Rifle.
  • Live with the Hot Ones: Finish 30 enemies with the Flamethrower.
  • Full Contact: Knock out 30 Necromorphs with the Contact Beam.
  • Story Teller: Collect 75 Logs in your inventory.
  • Legend Teller: Collect 150 Logs in your inventory.
  • Merchant: Collect all the Schematics for weapons, suits, and gear.
  • Pack Rat: Place 25 items in Storage.
  • Marksman: Dismember 50 Limbs.
  • Surgeon: Dismember 500 Limbs.
  • Backbreaker: Take down ten enemies with a stomp attack.
  • Wishbone: Rip off a dangling limb using Kinesis.
  • Raise the Stakes: Pin an enemy.
  • Freeze: Use Stasis on 50 enemies.
  • There’s Always Peng!: Find the Peng Treasure.
  • Brute Force: Kill a Brute.

Hidden Trophies In Dead Space

Dead Space Remake Trophies
Trophy Unlocked! (Image Credits Exputer)

In addition to above mentioned trophies, Dead Space also packs some hidden trophies that appear in the achievement list once they are unlocked. Be cautious about reading about these hidden trophies, as some of them are related to the end game and contain spoilers. The hidden trophies are: 

  • Front Toward Enemy: Survive the Shooting Gallery.
  • Z-Baller: Complete Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball.
  • Full Clearance: Create the Master Security Override.
  • Brute Force: Kill a Brute.
  • Exterminator: Kill the Leviathan.
  • Get Off My Ship!: Kill the Leviathan Remnant.
  • Mindless Prey: Kill the Hive Mind.
  • Marked: Pick Up a Marker Fragment for the first time.
  • Reunion: See the Alternative Ending on any difficulty.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, completing the trophy list in the Dead Space Remake is a challenging and inspiring addition to the game, engaging the players more in the storyline of the game and completing the tasks with more motivation. According to a recent subreddit post, the game is one of the most iconic survival horror games ever made. So, make sure to enjoy the cinematics and experience the gameplay in the most exciting way possible.

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