Dead Space Remake: How To Get Wishbone [2 Methods]

Find out how to get the Wishbone trophy in Dead Space Remake!

The Wishbone trophy in Dead Space Remake is achieved by ripping off a dangling limb from a Necromorph. However, another easy method does not include any Necromorphs, which is to grab and throw the arm or leg of a hanging suit using kinesis.

Key Highlights
  • There are two methods to earn the Wishbone trophy in Dead Space Remake
  • The Easy Method is a glitch that requires you to grab and throw the arm or leg of a suit using kinesis.
  • The Necromorph Method requires you to rip off a dangling limb of a Necromorph using kinesis.
  • Use stasis to slow down the Necromorph while you damage its limb using Pulse Rifle.

Easy Method For Wishbone Trophy

suit Kinesis
Using Kinesis on a suit – [Image by eXputer]
In this method, you don’t need to fight any Necromorphs to get the Wishbone trophy. First, you will have to find one of these suits hanging. The one in the image is available in Chapter 2Changing Room in the Main Lab of Medical. However, you can find more suits in other chapters in Dead Space Remake.

Secondly, use your kinesis to grab the arm or leg of the suit and throw it, and you will get your Wishbone trophy in Dead Space Remake. This is a glitch, and it doesn’t comply with the conditions of the Wishbone trophy. However, the glitch makes it easier to acquire the Wishbone trophy in Dead Space Remake.

Necromorph Method For Wishbone Trophy

Pulse Rifle Shooting Slasher
Shooting Slasher using Pulse Rifle – [Image by eXputer]
This actually isn’t difficult to pull off. In this method, you will have to engage in a fight with a Necromorph and rip off his dangling limb. Firstly, equip a pulse rifle with no upgrade to damage the limb of the Necromorph to the state where it starts dangling. Secondly, find a weak Necromorph, possibly a Slasher in Dead Space Remake.

When engaging in the fight, use stasis to slow the Slasher down and shoot its limb until it starts dangling. However, don’t empty your round dismembering the Slasher’s limb. Instead, use stasis and observe the limb while shooting each bullet. When the limb starts hanging onto the body, quickly use kinesis to pull off the limb. Keep in mind that the limb will not hang onto the body for long; the process of using kinesis to rip off the limb should be quick.

This might sound a bit overwhelming and difficult, but a few tries and patience will get you the Wishbone trophy in Dead Space Remake. Also, don’t use the Plasma Cutter to damage the limb, as the limb will fly off the body because it’s too powerful.


These are the two methods to earn the Wishbone trophy in Dead Space Remake. However, the easy method is a glitch and might be fixed soon. Either way, the Necromorph method for the Wishbone trophy in Dead Space Remake isn’t difficult if you have the right weapon, which is Pulse Rifle. Just like in this Reddit post, the user complained about the limb falling off in a mere second. Another user suggested using Pulse Rifle.

It might get troublesome if you don’t have the Best Upgrades for Weapons and Suits while fighting Necromorphs in late chapters.


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