Dead Island 2: The Death Of The Party [Walkthrough]

Read our guide to know how to complete the side quest of the Death Of The Party Dead Island 2 to get amazing prizes.

The Death Of The Party in Dead Island 2 is one of the very first sidequests you get as you go through Hell-A. In this quest, you have to help Curtis Sinclair against zombies in his mansion. Curtis is a struggling old man who was a famous actor in his own time. We will be discussing the complete walkthrough of this quest covering how you can start this task and the prizes you get.

Key Takeaways
  • To start the quest, we need to go to the intercoms on Access Rd 682 or Alpine Driver
  • Curtis Sinclair will be pleading for help through the intercom
  • The quest involves the following notable objectives
    1. Search For Ground For Any Survivors: We search the mansion and go to Curtis to get the house keys
    2. Kill The Party Crashers: It involves killing all the mutants in the garden
    3. Is That The Living Legend Curtis Sinclar: We find out that we need to move Curtis through the chairlift, for that power is required
    4. Restore Power To Curtis’s Residence: By using the water in the power shed, we make the power flow through the lines
    5. Buckle Up For A White-Knucle Ride, Curtis!: As we wait for Curtis to come through the chairlift, we fight a mob of zombies that includes his own nephew Tony Sinclair as well
  • Afterward, we have to wait for Curtis to check in with us.
  • The rewards we get are 1000 XP, Golf Club, and Curtis’s House Keys
  • We loot and take all the items through the mission. Suitable places include car trunks in the parking lot, the garden, and the house itself. 

How To Start The Quest

Map showing quest location of starting point of The Death Of The Party [Walkthrough]
Map showing quest location of starting point of The Death Of The Party (Picture Credits: eXputer)
After completing Dead Island 2 Call The Cavalry – a main quest, we can access The Death Of The Party. We can initiate by going to the intercoms on Access Rd 682 or Alpine Driver. As we walk nearby, we will hear Curtis’s voice that asks for help. We approach it to start the quest. Curtis tells about a girl whom he communicated through the intercom for which he is concerned. He opens the gate to let Ryan search.

The Death Of The Party

The quest is divided into several objectives. You can follow the steps below to complete the mission.

Search The Grounds For Any Survivors

Image shows Guests This Way Sign In Dead Island 2
Image shows Guests This Way Sign In Dead Island 2 (Picture Credits: eXputer)
  • As we enter the gate, we find that the girl is being attacked by a zombie. After killing it, we find that she is dead.
  • We cannot enter the house with the mansion keys with Curtis’ keys
  • We go to Curtis around the back by following the sign Guests This Way at the back of the house.

Kill The Party Crashers

  • A zombie horde comes rushing to us as we enter the garden
  • Through the heater explosion, we take them all out at once.
  • We kill the leftovers in the garden by manually attacking them or kicking them into the fire.  

Is That Living Legend Curtis Sinclair?

Image shows Curtis Spotted in Dead Island 2
Curtis Spotted in Dead Island 2 (Picture Credits: eXputer)
  • We see Curtis standing on the roof above the garden, holding his gun Peggy.
  • He needs to get down through the chairlift as his hips have been damaged.
  • The chairlift needs the power to operate so we head to the next objective.

Restore Power To Curtis’s Residence

Image shows Power Lines in Dead Island 2 The Death Of The Party
Image shows Power Lines in The Death Of The Party (Picture Credits: eXputer)
  • We go to the shed that contains the power lines.
  • They are located near the pool house around the stairs in the south.
  • Be careful as a walker will attack suddenly as we open the door
  • The wire is damaged as current flows through one end and the other end is too warm to carry
  • We use the water in the can which is placed on the right side
  • Pour the water to form a puddle for the current to flow

Report Your Success To Curtis

  • Walk to the stairs
  • We find Curtis there and we notify him regarding the power. 

Enter Curtis’ Residence

  • Enter the mansion
  • We fight through a mob to get to the front door
  • Curtis will be standing on the staircase landing
  • We turn on the chairlift through its switch at the left of the front entrance

Buckle Up For A White-Knucle Ride, Curtis!

Image shows Killing Zombies in The Death Of The Party
Image shows Killing Zombies in The Death Of The Party (Picture Credits: eXputer)
  • As Curtis comes through the chairlift at a snail’s pace, we fight a swarm of zombies. They attack from everywhere
  • Meanwhile, we clear the area for Curtis’ arrival, he also helps by shooting through his meddy.
  • We also have to kill Tony Sinclair among the dead ones.
  • For the next two objectives, we only wait patiently for Curtis to land and settle down

Check In With Curtis

  • After he is settled, we approach him to end the quest. He would not go with you to Emma’s mansion at the moment but will come on his own time.
  • Curtis tells us to take whatever we can take from the house, but we assume you have already looted the house during the mission.
  • The prizes we get through this sidequest are 1000 XP, a lightweight Golf Club, and Curtis’s House Keys.


This marks the end of our walkthrough of The Death Of The Party Dead Island 2. Using our guide, you can easily go through the quest. Dead Island 2 is a game that includes many confusing quests and missions. Similar missions include  My Mailman Was A Zombie and Nikki’s Prize Key. You can go through our guides to ace them. Moreover, do check out the guide for Cheats And Trainers to speed up your progress in the game.


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