How To Defeat Midnite In Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope

This guide explains how to defeat the second major boss of Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope.

Midnite in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope is the second major boss of the game. You will encounter her in zone 2. Defeating this boss can be a bit difficult as she is different from Giant Wildclaw in every way. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful during the fight, as you will get sent to your grave otherwise. 

Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Midnite Boss Fight Overview 

The Midnite boss fight is divided into a total of three phases, and the arena changes in each one. But don’t worry, we are going to explain everything there is about each phase. Thanks to this, you will be able to defeat Midnite in no time.

Midnite – Image Credits [Exputer]
Before we get into how you should deal with each phase, it is important to remember that you will unlock a new character, Rabbid Rosalina, as soon as the fight begins. She will join your party, and you’ll be able to take control of her as well. In other words, you will now play with four characters instead of three. 

While playing with four characters seems like an advantage, it actually isn’t. This is because controlling all four of them can get quite difficult. If you’re not careful enough, things can go downhill before you notice. Therefore, don’t get carried away after having an extra pair of hands to help you during the fight. 

Recommended Characters

The characters we would recommend for the Midnite boss fight are Edge, Mario, and Rabbid Peach. Rabbid Rosalina will be there with you by default, so you can’t replace her with any other character. You can, however, replace any of the three we mentioned with someone else.

We recommend using Edge because she is the best character in Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope. There isn’t any other character who can be as aggressive as her. She has a Flying Blade ability, thanks to which she can target multiple enemies in a single attack. Furthermore, if enemies get up close and personal with her, she knows how to deal with them as well.


As for Mario, he is another excellent DPS character who can perform well in both close and mid-range scenarios. But if you’re looking for a ranged character, you can pick Luigi, as he is the best when it comes to ranged attacks. As for Rabbid Peach, she is the only healer in the game, and her healing abilities can prove to be useful during every fight.

Recommended Sparks 

The Sparks we recommend for this fight are Starburst, Reflector, Pyrostar, Aquanox, and Toxiquake. 

Starburst is the best Spark in the game, as it can increase the amount of damage your characters deal by 40%. Furthermore, it also reduces the incoming physical damage by 25%.

The effect of this Spark lasts for 1 turn, but you can use it to deal a great amount of damage. However, keep in mind that all of your characters must be within a radius of 13m to gain the advantage. 

Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Midnite

Next, Reflector is another powerful Spark that can turn the situation in your favor. If an enemy attacks you when you have this Spark equipped, they receive 40% of the damage of their own attack. In other words, they get a taste of their own medicine.

Furthermore, Reflector also increases the damage of your weapon-based attacks by 20%, thus allowing you to be more aggressive in combat. The effect of the Reflector Spark also lasts for 1 turn.


As for Pyrostar, Aquanox, and Toxiquake, these are situational Sparks and can help you deal fire, splash, and ooze damage, respectively. The enemies you’ll be facing during the boss fight are going to be weak against these types of attacks. During the preparation phase, you need first to check out the types of enemies you’ll be facing and then equip a Spark accordingly. 

How To Defeat Midnite 

Now that we have talked about the characters and Sparks you should be using during the fight, let’s discuss how to deal with each phase. 

Phase 1

Midnite will be at the center when the first phase begins, and there will be multiple rabbits scattered across the arena. You need to focus on taking down these rabbits first, as they will get in your way if you try to approach Midnite.

During the preparation phase, you need to select the Ooze Spark for one of your characters. This is because the rabbits are weak against Ooze damage, and the Spark will help you eliminate them instantly. You need to deal with the rabbits in front of Midnite first, as the ones on the balcony won’t give you a lot of trouble.

Furthermore, you need to watch out for bombs from both sides. However, you can rush toward these bombs and throw them toward either the rabbits or Midnite to deal some extra damage. 

Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Midnite
Phase 1 – Image Captured By Us

Now, after you have dealt with the rabbits, you need to shift your focus toward Midnite. The annoying thing about Midnite is that whenever you hit her, she will teleport herself either to the left or right side of the arena. Because of this, you need to ensure that all four of your characters are not close to each other. Instead, you need to divide them into two teams.

You need to keep Edge and Mario on one side and Rabbid Peach and Rabbid Rosalina on another side. You can use Edge and Mario as the main damage dealers, while the other two can act as a defensive team. Rabbid Peach can provide health to her teammates whenever they are about to die, while Rabbid Rosalina can use her primary attack to draw enemies out of the corner.

Rabbid Rosalina can fire projectiles toward her target, and they deal a good amount of damage with each hit. Furthermore, by using her secondary ability, she can also freeze her opponents as long as they are within a radius of 14m. Therefore, she can pretty much handle things on her own. 

Throughout the fight, you need to use Edge and Mario to attack Midnite after you are done dealing with the rabbits. Keep Rabbid Peach and Rabbid Rosalina at a safe distance, but bring them close to Edge and Mario slowly. This is because Edge and Mario might have taken plenty of damage after a while, and you will need to use Rabbid Peach’s healing abilities to make them healthy again. 

Phase 2

After you deal significant damage to Midnite, phase 2 will start. During this phase, the arena will change, and there will now be a bunch of pipes you can use for teleportation purposes.

Phase 2
Phase 2 – Image Captured By Us

Just like in the first phase, there are going to be a couple of enemies that are going to be on the balconies and around you, so you need to prioritize taking them out first. Otherwise, they won’t let you get to Midnite.

The enemies you’ll encounter during this phase are going to be weak against burn and splash damage, so the Sparks you need to equip during this phase are Pyrostar and Aquanox. 

Other than this, there isn’t anything else you need to keep in mind during phase 2. The strategy you need to follow is the same as the first phase. Take you the regular enemies first, then focus on the main boss. Keep Mario and Edge close to the boss and bring in the other team only when you want Rabbid Peach to heal your characters.

Phase 3

This is the final phase of the boss fight, and the arena will change again during this phase. This time, there will be some new pipes. But most importantly, there will be a couple of library shelves on the top of the back side of the arena, and Midnite is going to teleport herself to the top of these shelves. If you don’t know what to do, it can be difficult to target Midnite when she’s on the top of these shelves.

Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Midnite
Phase 3 – Image Captured By Us

Now, during the previous two phases, we recommended you divide the team into two pairs. But for this phase, you need to keep Rabbid Peach with you while taking Edge and Mario close to Midnite. Don’t worry about keeping Rabbid Rosalina alone, as she can immobilize her targets and do just fine on her own. If her health drops, you can always use healing items.

Rabbid Rosalina
Rabbid Rosalina Using Her Attack – Image Captured By Us

You need to take Rabbid Peach to the back of the arena and then jump over her using Edge to glide in the air. After gaining the height advantage, you can attack Midnite with ease. You can then land on the top of the shelves and continue attacking Midnite from there. After taking Edge to the top of the shelves, you need to take Mario there as well by following the same strategy.

Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Midnite
Mario Gliding – Image Captured By Us

Aside from this, the strategy remains the same. When the third phase starts, clear out the regular enemies first and then focus on the boss. During the fight, enemies will keep appearing from different directions, but you can use Rabbid Rosalina to keep them at bay. If you follow everything properly, you will be able to eliminate Midnite in no time. 

This marks the end of our Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope Midnite boss guide. As you can see, the boss fight is longer than the first one and a bit more challenging. However, if you follow everything properly, you’ll be able to defeat the boss in no time. 

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