Demoskaggon Borderlands 3 Location Guide

Stranger Things Meets Borderlands.

Out of all the games in the series, Borderlands 3 without a doubt has the greatest amount of weapons as far as the numbers are concerned. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and say that it has more guns that any other video game in existence. And this is a fact backed up by the marketing campaign for the title, where the developers actually went on record to say that there are well over one billion guns in the game. And when you take into account the sheer number of randomly generated firearms in Borderlands 3, this actually checks out.

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If you play through the game regularly, there is a high chance that you will not encounter any weapon that is exactly like something another player has. The sights might be identical, the barrel might be the alike and even the rarity could be the same, but there will always be variations that set them apart. And herein lies the beauty of this game, as it allows for millions upon millions of probabilities that make your guns truly your own. But even in a game loaded with so many choices, there are some weapons that are at least a bit similar. These are usually epic or legendary tier weapons, and although they share a lot of properties, even they are not exactly alike. They have a basic blueprint, but their stats usually vary from player to player.

These weapons can drop from almost any foe in the game, but the chances of getting them are increased if you kill specific enemies that can be found scattered all over the game world. In this article we’re going to show you how to find one of these enemies, and by that I mean the Demoskaggon specifically.

Demoskaggon Borderlands 3 Location
The Demoskaggons.

The Demoskaggon is a portmanteau of the words Demogorgon and Skag. The Demogorgon itself is a creature of Greek myth and also a monster in the popular board game Dungeons & Dragons, which gained notoriety in popular culture over the past few years due to the success of the show Stranger Things. The Skag on the other hand is a type of enemy that has consistently appeared in the Borderlands series. Put these two together, and you have the Demoskaggon.

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Legendary Gear In Demoskaggon 

The Demoskaggon Borderlands 3 Location is one of the many different areas in the game where special named enemies can be found. If you kill them, there is a high chance that the player will be rewarded with some legendary gear. And although you can get a number of different items from this enemy, there is an increased chance of getting the following gear:



MonocleA legendary Jakobs Sniper Rifle that deals x3.5 crit damage when aiming down the sights.
Night HawkinOne of the best early-game legendary Submachine Guns that flips between cryo damage in the morning and incendiary damage at night.
The Hunt(ed)A unique Sniper Rifle that deals +175% damage against robotic enemies.
The Hunt(er)This is also a Sniper Rifle that deals +175% damage, but against organic enemies instead.

Now let’s go over how to actually find the Demoskaggon Borderlands 3 Location.

How To Find The Borderlands 3 Demoskaggon Location

Demoskaggon Borderlands 3 Location
The Fast Travel Station.

In order to reach the Demoskaggon, you only have to play through the opening of the game to unlock access to The Droughts region in Pandora. Once here, the map opens up to you and you can explore almost all the sub-areas within this location. You also don’t have to use a vehicle for this task, but grab one anyway to make this quicker for yourself. 

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Now from the entrance of the area, or the fast travel station, head down the road to the left. Keep going until you pass the bridge and come across the entrance seen in the image below. 

Demoskaggon Borderlands 3 Location
An Entrance Near The Skag Den.

Turn left before this point, and you can then turn right into a small open area with some Skag dens. Once you enter this location, the fight will start, so make sure that you’re fully prepared and that none of the bandits nearby are following you inside. You do not want to have to deal with two different types of enemies at once, especially if you’re at a low level at this point.

The Borderlands 3 Demoskaggon Fight

Demoskaggon Borderlands 3 Location
The Demoskaggon Fight.

Once you enter the arena, a few Skag pups should charge at you immediately. These are relatively weak foes, and a shotgun blast each should be more than enough to deal with them. After a while however some larger Skags should join the fight, and two Demoskaggons will also jump down from the cliffs above. These stronger enemies should easily be recognizable due to their dark red color, and a face that unfurls like a flower. If you point your crosshairs at them, their names should also pop up on top of them.

The Demoskaggons will not only come at you with melee attacks, but they will also open up their mouths to launch red glowing projectiles. These damage you on impact, but also create burning spots on the ground that hurt you when you walk over them. If you’re having trouble dealing with them, bring a mid-range weapon and shoot them from afar. Their projectile attacks don’t have a lot of range, but they will stand completely still when launching them at you. Run away during this sequence and unload on them from a distance, and then repeat once the Demoskaggons close the distance again.

Demoskaggon Borderlands 3 Location
Loot Drop.

After they are killed, a combination of Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary tier items should drop from their corpses. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can always come back to the Demoskaggon Borderlands 3 Location again for another attempt.

How To Farm The Demoskaggons?

Demoskaggon Borderlands 3 Location
Night Hawkin.

Fighting unique enemies in Borderlands 3 is not a one time thing. You can come back to their spawn points again and again, and farm them however many times you like.

But to get them to actually respawn again, players have to exit to the main menu and re-enter their games after each attempt. This is incredibly important to note. You cannot simply fast travel to another map and then come back expecting the Demoskaggons to respawn. You have to exit the game and load your save again.

Each time you load the game, you will have to make the trip to the Demoskaggon Borderlands 3 Location once again from the fast travel station. It’s definitely annoying, but the rewards are usually worth the price. Your trips also don’t have to be wasted. Each time you kill a Demoskaggon, it drops a bunch of different valuable items. And even if you don’t find something you like during one run, unnecessary items can be sold off at any vendor for some cash that can then be put towards an ever better piece of gear.


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Demoskaggon Borderlands 3 Location FAQs

How Many Demoskaggons Are There?

There are a total of two Demoskaggons in the game.

Is The Demoskaggon Fight Difficult?

It can be if you’re at a low level.

Can Demoskaggons Be Found Anywhere Else In The Game?

No, The Droughts region in Pandora is the only place where these enemies can be found.

Are Legendary Drops Guaranteed From Demoskaggons?

No, it can take you multiple tries to get a legendary item from these enemies.

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