Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: 9 Useful Tips For Novice Players

This guide contains 9 most useful tips for novice players that are about to experience Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

The amount of choices present in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is quite impressive and confusing for new players at the same time. Players might leave out some of the very important factors of the game, including what skills to focus on and infiltration methods. Don’t panic, and keep some of these tips in your mind while starting your journey in Mankind Divided and prosper in the game with ease.

Key Takeaways
  • Focus on augmentations: Augmentations are essential for survival and success in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Choose the augmentations that best suit your playstyle, and make sure to upgrade them regularly.
  • Use your environment to your advantage: The environment can be a powerful tool in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Use objects to hide from enemies, create distractions, or even hack into security systems.
  • Don’t neglect sidequests: Sidequests are a great way to earn money, XP, and new augmentations. They can also be a lot of fun and help you learn more about the game world.
  • Explore Prague: Prague is a vast and detailed city. Take some time to explore it and find all the hidden secrets.
  • Be creative: There is no one right way to play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Experiment with different playstyles and find what works best for you.
  • If you like stealth, avoid the glass-shield cloak ability: This ability is not very effective for stealth and can be a waste of energy. Instead, focus on other stealth abilities, such as the Icarus Dash or hacking.

Focus on Augmentations

In the past Deus Ex has always been about player choice, thankfully in Mankind Divided, the developers carried the same old tradition of the game. However, without some certain abilities, the obtainable options are pretty much limited. It can be a little bit frustrated for your to see an opening of a ventilation shaft beyond your reach, the exact one that will take you where you need to go quickly,  Get these augmentations that we’re going to mention below and get yourself through those obstacles with ease.

Remote Hacking – The most obliging ability in Mankind Divided is the massive Remote Hacking. Through remote hacking, you can simply look at a device to hack it for a small energy cost (or through some precisely timed presses). You should focus on Remote hacking because it allows you to temporarily disable robots, turrets, and security cameras. This can come in handy for a stealth approach. At just three Praxis points for everything, it’s a great deal.

Klipspringer Jump Mod – This is very important because, without the ability to jump higher, you won’t be able to access escape routes or perform those mad dunks. In order to reach every entrance, vent, rooftop Klipspringer Jump Mod is important.

Social Enhancer – The Social Enhancer, works just as it sounds; it enables pivotal NPC conversation much easier to understand by translating the character’s personality type into some basic flashing ‘UI’ elements. Getting responded with the right line of dialogue can surely provide some smoothness to the character, opening them up to persuasion.  Although you aren’t going to need it often, when you do, it will make a big difference in terms of how the story goes throughout the game.

Optimized Musculature – In almost every level you will find a vending machine in front of a somewhat specific convenient ventilation shaft, but without big muscles, you can only stare it with x-ray vision from a distance.

Use your environment to your advantage

In Mankind Divided, your environment has a lot of benefits hidden in it which almost every novice player overlooks. The surroundings are littered with physics objects that can be used to throw to distract guards, but greater when used to make simple sculptures of the true lord and savior, the trash bin. One mission will have you infiltrate the headquarters of a cult (as known as – Nonbelievers) starting from the very first floor. Or you might want to go outside and construct a trash and crate tower that takes you straight to heaven.  Make sure that you stop by the fourth-floor windows on the way up and complete the mission for some extra XP before continuing your journey into the sky.

Sidequests are important

Sidequests are like, getting an extra bonus while getting paid too, and you’ll want all the abilities you can get. Later in the game levels are going to be complex; spy jungle gym that tests every facet of your cybernetic realm, and behind those missions are some great side stories that are going to give slight variation to Mankind Divide’s hand-off cyberpunk portrayal of civil rights politics. Go through your past (get the invaluable reward for it) or help a dishonest man, zine hack the billboards around town to get the truth out, just do it for the sake of XP.

…Or dismiss missions and explorer Prague

Prague isn’t similar to Skyrim, but its a massive, dense hub area with plenty to see. Almost every building is hiding something, be it some story tidbits in an email or a secret stash of weapon mods and scrap. The sewer system is a maze itself, and while exploring in its stinky corridors, we happened to find a way into the hideout we’ve been trying to infiltrate unseen for hours. And everything is just pretty to look at. There are more characters and minutes details in Prague than any Deus Ex game before, worthy of the verbal admiration for the artistry alone.

Emails and pocket secretaries are the essentials

Big blocks of tiny text can always be a strain on the eyes but in  Mankind Divides, reading emails and pocket secretaries are essential for expanding your infiltration options. Some of the key codes and computer passwords might depict secret alternative routes. The emails can sometimes lead you straight into a secure vault. So always keep an eye on the emails and pocket secretaries.

Check everywhere for secret buttons

Always keep your sighting senses up to date, especially when you’re near a desk as everyone deserves to find a secret door in their lifetime.

If you like stealth games, avoid the glass-shield cloak ability

This reduces stealth to energy process, which isn’t quite fun and it also ignores more interesting methods of infiltration like hacking, exploration, and Intel for a boring series of bolts between the cover while waiting for your energy to recharge. Go ahead and grab the Icarus Dash, a slightly awkward estimation of Dishonored’s blink dash, and fill out your hacking abilities instead. Do your own part and think through the roleplay of this ideal stealthy cyberpunk.

Don’t put all your augmentations into one basket

At the end of Mankind Divided, you’ll have a lot of spending room when spending ability points, but early on, your main abilities will feel severely limited. It might be tempting to pour everything into hacking or combat branches, and having a maxed-out core early on can be very helpful, but just only in particular situations. There isn’t any mission in Mankind Divided which makes exclusive use of one skill set, so while you may be able to like a genius, but when it comes to spatial awareness or traversal, you may be backed into a corner. Spread every point out in the early game so you will always have a balanced skill set. Be a decent hacker with good power for hops and massive biceps instead of just being a great hacker.

Mess with everything

This is more than a general recommendation, but the most fun you can have with Deus Ex is by letting yourself mess things up. The way you react under pressure and what skills you build out to prepare for future screwups is what makes it so great. For a greater and more memorable playthrough, let the systems do their thing. Deus Ex Mankind Divided as a lot of exploration integrated into the game itself, it has a lot of room for experimentation, so get after it and fill those vents dead bodies. This is what PC gaming is all about.

Good Luck!

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