Diablo Immortal Awakening Gear: How To Get & Upgrade

In this guide we will have an in-depth look into how to you can awaken your gear in Diablo Immortal.

Awakening is a procedure in Diablo Immortal that enables you to improve the special features and aesthetic appeal of your legendary items to make them seem and become more formidable. You can have a total of six awakened effects on legendary items by using them in all six of your primary equipment slots. It is always advantageous to awaken because doing this grants Legendary goods advantages like shorter cooldowns, enhanced damage, and higher minion hp.

Key Highlights
  • Using gears is one of the most crucial systems in Diablo Immortal for increasing the stats of your characters.
  • Once you acquire a good piece of gear, you can further increase its potential by awakening them and there are a total of six awakening levels you can unlock.
  • Awakening gears in Diablo Immortal is not as simple as you think and require you to follow these steps:
    • First, upgrade your legendary gems to level 10 (This is not an easy journey)
    • After you have upgraded your gems, you have to get your hands on at least 1000 Dawning Echo.
  • After you have met these requirements, you then have to go to Vic who is a jeweler which will then allow you to awaken your gear in Diablo Immortal.
  • Keep in mind that awakening your gear is not easy and requires a lot of time and effort unless you have money to spend.

Awakening Gear 

So, you might be pondering over how on earth will I get my diablo immortal awakening gear. Well, don’t you worry we have it all sorted out for you!

Every piece of gear you come across has Base Attributes, which affect Damage and Life. These traits are enhanced by resonance, which is obtained through legendary gems; hence, the greater your resonance level, the better your base attributes will be.

Boosting your resonance will enhance all of your equipment because resonance has an additive influence on equipment qualities and not just the equipment socketed with Legendary Gems.

Upgrade A Legendary Gem

what will i do to get a level 10 gem upgrade
how to upgrade a level 10 gem

Okay, so the main point we want you to know is that you cannot simply awaken your gear in diablo immortal awakening gear. Yes, we know that is a bit frustrating as a player, you want it to be a straight line. But it’s not rocket science either. You will be able to successfully do it if follow our guidelines. 

So, the first and most important thing you will need to do is upgrade your legendary gems to at least a level 10. Now, this might seem like a simple enough task to do but the OG players would beg to differ. Believe us it is not as easy as one might think!

Each Legendary Gem has a starting rank of 1 and a final rank of 10. The star rating system of the gem which might be 1, 2, or 5 and the gem’s existing Rank determine how much an upgrade will cost.

Make absolutely sure you are only investing in your most crucial gems because ranking up legendary gems is quite pricey. You cannot transfer Ranks between Legendary Gems, unlike with Legendary Items, so make your decision carefully!

Gem Power and duplicate versions of the gem that you may be trying to enhance are needed for Legendary Gems to be upgraded. The ranks of the gems you require to depend on the gem’s star rating.

After that clicking the Gem Power option beneath required lets you see what you can offer. There is also another option that you can use. This method is what we call the AutoFill option. But it might be dangerous, especially if any of the gems you have in your inventory are identical to the gems that you are storing for upgrades.

If you are still a bit confused about all of it, as we do not blame you here is a source picture that you can reference while awakening your gear in diablo immortal!

gem upgrade option
options for gem upgrade

The picture shows you how many gems you can actually contribute. In this case, you have 1 Gem Fragment, 1 The Black Rose, and 3 Cutthroat’s Grin. Hence, you cannot perform the upgrade since you only have a total of 6 Gem Power available.

After that, you need to choose which legendary gem you want the fragment for. Let’s assume Cutthroat’s Grin has been chosen. You will click on it and will notice the gem power bar on the right-hand side of the screen go to its maximum. After that, you can click okay, and you are all set to go!

After doing that, you need to choose which legendary gem you want the fragment for. Let’s assume Cutthroat’s Grin is chosen. You will click on it and will notice the gem power bar on the right-hand side of the screen go to its maximum. After that, you can click okay.

Purchase A Dawning Echo

Now that you have your gems upgraded the next thing you will need to do is to quickly purchase your dawning echo. Well, you might have gotten an idea while playing this game that nothing comes without a price. So how will you get your Dawning Echo? You will need an Eternal orb to get your Dawning Echo. To be precise with you 1000 of them.

How To Get Eternal Orb Awakening Gear

diablo immortal awakening gear option for orb currency
orb currency option for diablo immortal awakening gear

In Diablo Immortal, obtaining extra Eternal Orbs may be both simple and challenging. It is simple because all you have to do is chuck your wallet at Blizzard. For the same reason, it is challenging because many gamers prefer free-to-play games.

Eternal Orbs in Diablo Immortal are sold in bundles and feature a comparable pricing structure to premium currency in mobile games. You acquire more for a reduced average cost per Eternal Orb as your bundle size increases.

The following lists the various Eternal Orb bundles along with their USD prices

60 Eternal Orbs $0.99
315 Eternal Orbs $4.99
630 Eternal Orbs $9.99
1650 Eternal Orbs $24.99
3450 Eternal Orbs $49.99
7200 Eternal Orbs $99.99

Now that you have done this, you are at the home stretch! Just a few more things you need to do.

Go To The Master Jeweler

what should i do to get awakened in diablo awakened
how will I get awakened in diablo immortal

You will already have unlocked your Jeweler. After playing the Diamond in the rough story arc, a brief refresher for all the players that may have forgotten this storyline.

You will need to accompany Vic, a jeweler, to his store as part of the quest. Vic and all other jewelers in Diablo Immortal will be accessible to you once this assignment has been properly completed.

Since now you have every required item mandatory for the awakening, you can visit the master jeweler in the WestMarch area to finally awaken your gear in diablo immortal awakening gear.

Resonance will be instantly unlocked if you awaken your legendary item. You will see the prestige of your tirelessly won resonance shown in the form of a newly awakened legendary weapon.

This will no doubt improve the operation of the legendary gear and open up more resonance for future improvements. What are these?

It includes giving your existing Gear a stylish visual makeover and improving its capabilities. When resonated, each Awakened Legendary item has a unique visual effect, such as glowing armor or even character accessorizing wings.

What’s more, is that your gear will get the Awakened condition and an extra resonance again when the gem has been socketed. Hope this guide was helpful in answering your question about awakening gear in diablo immortal. 

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