Diablo Immortal Best Class: Ranking All 6 Classes

Our Diablo Immortal best class entails everything you need to know about the classes & which has an easier learning curve than the other.

Blizzard Entertainment has finally come out with a brand-spanking-new Diablo game after their initial announcement of the new project in late 2018. From the way we see it, Diablo Immortal is a mobile-first title with a PC version accompanying the game as well. It’s no surprise that the series has returned with all its characteristic features, and people are already asking for the Diablo Immortal best class.

Key Highlights
  • Barbarian: Great for solo play and PvP with crowd control and tankiness.
  • Crusader: Tankier with blocking and invincibility, excels in PvP but requires more mastery.
  • Monk: Damage-focused with movement skills and reasonable crowd control.
  • Necromancer: Generates passive damage, a mid-range class for versatile combat.
  • Demon Hunter: Ranged marksman with evasive skills, excels at ranged combat.
  • Wizard: Versatile with close and far-range options, better at status effects, but lacks defense.

Best Classes in Diablo Immortal

The following is our round-up of all those classes that come across as nothing short of excellent. Be sure to understand what makes them shine in the spotlight for a better understanding of how to use them. Let’s dive right into the first pick with no further ado. 

Stats for the best classes in Diablo Immortal

ClassStyleMain AttributesSkillsWeaponsArmorGems
BarbarianMeleePhysicalFurious Charge
Ground Stomp
North Wind
Sellena’s Iron
Weighted Brow
Ydama’s Cyclone
Ferocious Glae
Chained Death
Seled’s Weakening
CrusaderMeleeHybridSpinning Shield
Shield Charge
Conjuration of Light
Holy Banner
The Bristle
Constant Scrutiny
Many-Eyed Aegis
Questor’s Mien
Questor’s Mien
Hungerfire Chiton
Pillager’s Greaves.
Pain of Subjugation
Defiant Soul
Seled’s Weakness
Chained Death
MonkMeleePhysicalMystic Strike
Seven-Sided Strike
Inner Sanctuary
Exploding Palm
Dragon’s Indignation
Reaching Rebuke
Breath of Incense
Crippling Insight
Discipline’s Weight
Blood-Soaked Jade
Unity Crystal
NecromancerSummoningMagicalBone Spikes
Command Golem
Corpse Explosion
Corpse Lance
Accounting for Weakness
Baleful Trinity
Hideous Dawning
Lone Preserver
Ever-Grasping Vestments
Chained Death
Zwenson’s Haunting
Pain of Subjugation
Demon HunterDPSPhysicalKnockback Shot
Daring Swing
Rain of Vengeance
The Hungerer
Cowl of Focused Hatred
Bombardment’s Toll
Petahm’s Secret Arsenal
Berserker’s Eye
Power & Command
Wizard DPSRanged, MagicalMagic Missile
Ray of Frost
Ice Crystal
Force of Harakas
Azakalor’s Fire
Memory of Xiaoyu
Angmar’s Repulsive Burden
Starcaller’s Drapery
Time-Warped Cloth
Trickshot Gem
Fervent Fang
Zwenson’s Haunting

1. Barbarian 

Diablo Immortal best pvp class
The Barbarian
Style Main Attributes Primary Skill Skills Weapons Armor Gems
Melee Physical Frenzy Furious Charge, Whirlwind, Leap, Ground Stomp North Wind and Sellena’s Iron Weighted Brow, Ydama’s Cyclone, Ferocious Glae, and Rockspike Chained Death and Seled’s Weakening

The Barbarian stands as the unequivocal best class. It excels in solo play, shines in PvP battles, and offers abundant crowd-control abilities. Its aggressive melee approach makes it a favorite for players seeking high damage output.

Moreover, Barbarians provide valuable group buffs, enhancing the overall experience when playing with a team. These buffs become crucial in higher difficulty levels, making the Barbarian a valuable asset.

In terms of durability, the Barbarian serves as a formidable tank, capable of absorbing substantial damage. However, effective defense is essential, particularly in 1v1 situations and challenging boss battles. Mastering defensive tactics is crucial for unleashing the Barbarian’s full potential.

Overall, the Barbarian’s versatile traits make it a top choice for players looking for a dynamic and powerful class in Diablo Immortal.

You’ll have to choose one out of two types of primary attacks for the Barbarian.

  • Lacerate: A versatile Barbarian attack that deals damage and restores the Barbarian’s health.
  • Ultimate Move: The Barbarian’s ultimate move enhances its primary attack with significant healing and a knockback effect.
  • Frenzy: Barbarian’s speedy primary attack, with each successful hit increasing attack speed, stackable up to 5 times for a 40% attack speed boost at max.
  • Ultimate Frenzy: The Barbarian’s ultimate move allows attacking while moving, grants immunity to stun attacks, and maintains a constant maximum Frenzy effect while active.

Given the popularity of the class, many people are going to jump to the Barbarian as soon as they get their hands on the game. However, not all of them will be utilizing this mountain of character properly. Check out our in-depth Diablo Immortal Barbarian Build and learn the ins and outs of this robust character on the fly. 

2. Crusader

Best class Diablo Immortal
The Crusader
Style Main Attributes Skills Weapons Armor Gems
Melee Hybrid Spinning Shield, Shield Charge, Consecration, Conjuration of Light, and Holy Banner The Bristle and Constant Scrutiny Many-Eyed Aegis, Questor’s Mien, Questor’s Mien, Hungerfire Chiton, and Pillager’s Greaves Pain of Subjugation, Defiant Soul, Seled’s Weakness, and Chained Death

The Crusader class is a formidable and versatile choice for players who enjoy melee combat and strong defensive capabilities. Here are some key attributes and skills of the Crusader class:


  • Style: Melee
  • Main Attributes: Physical

Skills: The Crusader possesses a range of skills, including “Draw and Quarter” and “Punish,” which make it excel in both offense and defense. “Draw and Quarter” allows the Crusader to summon a horse and engage in horseback combat, dragging up to 8 enemies along with them. This skill is effective in various situations and provides crowd control.

Ultimate Move: The Crusader’s ultimate move unleashes a series of strikes that deal increased damage to nearby enemies. It also boosts block chances and creates an absorbing shield for additional defense, making the Crusader a formidable force in combat.

Playstyle: The Crusader is known for its strong defensive capabilities, with skills like “Hardened Senses” increasing block chances, enhancing survivability. It also provides squad-wide buffs that improve the abilities of your group members, making it a valuable asset in team play.

Recommendation: The Crusader is an excellent choice for players who enjoy melee combat and prefer a class with robust defensive capabilities. Its versatility allows it to excel in boss fights, PvP battles, and resource farming, making it a favorite among power gamers. If you value both offense and defense in your gameplay style, the Crusader class in Diablo Immortal is worth trying out.

3. Monk

Best class in Diablo Immortal
The Monk
Style Main Attributes Skills Weapons Armor Gems
Melee Physical Mystic Strike, Seven-Sided Strike, Inner Sanctuary, and Exploding Palm Dragon’s Indignation,  Reaching Rebuke, and Breath of Incense Crippling Insight and Discipline’s Weight Blood-Soaked Jade and Unity Crystal

The Monk class offers a unique and versatile gameplay experience. Here’s a summary of the Monk’s key attributes and skills:


  • Style: Melee
  • Main Attributes: Physical

Skills: The Monk possesses a range of skills, including Cyclone Strike, Deadly Reach, and Fist of Thunder, making it proficient in both crowd control and high damage output. Cyclone Strike can pull in multiple enemies, setting them up for powerful area-of-effect attacks. Deadly Reach allows the Monk to target multiple enemies simultaneously, making it effective in situations with many foes. Fist of Thunder delivers heavy blows and teleportation abilities, offering flexibility in combat.

Ultimate Moves: The Monk’s ultimate moves, associated with Deadly Reach and Fist of Thunder, provide additional benefits. Deadly Reach’s ultimate move creates a thunderstorm upon defeating an enemy, damaging and knocking down nearby foes. Fist of Thunder’s ultimate move allows the Monk to glide to enemies with each hit, enhancing mobility and combat efficiency.

Playstyle: The Monk excels in both PvP and PvE scenarios due to its versatile combat skills. It can provide buffs to teammates and protect them, adding a supportive aspect to its role. However, mastering the Monk may require practice, as its complex skill rotation can leave you vulnerable if not executed correctly. The Monk’s shorter skill cooldowns help compensate for its complexity.

Recommendation: While the Monk may not be as straightforward to play as some other classes, it offers a rewarding and unique gameplay experience. If you enjoy melee combat, high damage output, and the challenge of mastering complex skill rotations, the Monk could be an excellent choice for you. Give it a try and see if it fits your preferred playstyle in Diablo Immortal.

4. Necromancer

Diablo Immortal best class
The Necromancer
Style Main Attributes Skills Weapons Armor Gems
Summoning Magical Bone Spikes, Command Golem, Corpse Explosion, and Corpse Lance Accounting for Weakness and Baleful Trinity  Hideous Dawning  Lone Preserver, Ever-Grasping Vestments, and Rozhin’s Keening Chained Death, Zwenson’s Haunting, and Pain of Subjugation

The next Diablo Immortal class is the Necromancer, specializing in darker magic known as Necromancy, which involves communicating with the dead. This class excels in various scenarios, including PvP, PvE, and AoE situations, and can generate passive damage to enemies by reanimating corpses.

One of the Necromancer’s skills, Corpse Explosion, is a powerful Area of Effect (AoE) move with substantial damage. You can also direct your skeletons to target specific types of enemies, making it effective against bosses from a safe distance. This mid-range class can adapt to a wide range of situations, making it a versatile choice for players who master its abilities.

The Necromancer class in Diablo Immortal boasts a powerful crowd control ability called Bonewall, which affects enemies within a designated zone. It excels in providing support to your group and handling large groups of enemies.

This class’s ability to summon skeletons for defense creates a protective barrier, allowing you to absorb damage intended for you. Additionally, Bone Armor provides strong defensive stats to help you survive tough situations.

However, the Necromancer has some limitations, including slow mobility and a reliance on corpses to execute many of its skills. Despite these drawbacks, the Necromancer is the best class for solo play and offers a versatile set of abilities suitable for both single-player and online gameplay.

5. Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter
The Demon Hunter
Style Main Attributes Skills Weapons Armor Gems
DPS Ranged and Physical Knockback Shot, Daring Swing, Multishot, and Rain of Vengeance The Hungerer and Flamespite Cowl of Focused Hatred, Bombardment’s Toll, and Petahm’s Secret Arsenal Berserker’s Eye and Power & Command

The Demon Hunter class in Diablo Immortal excels as a long-range marksman, capable of dealing damage from a safe distance. It can handle both ranged combat and close-quarters situations effectively.

This class offers great flexibility, allowing you to evade enemy attacks while consistently dealing damage. It’s known for its constant and high single-target damage output, making it one of the best for this role.

The Demon Hunter’s ability to dodge enemy attacks while maintaining pressure on foes sets it apart from other classes. This makes it a compelling choice for 1 vs 1 and boss fight scenarios.

However, the class has lower defensive capabilities and can be vulnerable when overwhelmed. It requires skill and proper positioning, making it a challenging choice for newcomers to RPGs. The Demon Hunter’s build diversity is limited due to its early access to the powerful “MultiShot” skill.

Overall, if you enjoy playing as a ranged character who prefers to keep a safe distance from enemies, the Demon Hunter is an excellent choice, especially for experienced RPG players familiar with the Diablo series.

6. Wizard 

The Wizard
The Wizard
Style Main Attributes Skills Weapons Armor Gems
Control and DPS Ranged and Magical Magic Missile, Ray of Frost, Scorch, Ice Crystal, and Meteor Force of Harakas and Azakalor’s Fire Memory of Xiaoyu, Angmar’s Repulsive Burden, Starcaller’s Drapery, and Time-Warped Cloth Trickshot Gem, Fervent Fang, and Zwenson’s Haunting

The Wizard class in Diablo Immortal stands out as the most versatile, offering a hybrid of close-quarters and ranged combat options. It excels in both scenarios and provides various attack variants.

Unlike other classes, the Wizard possesses several Area of Effect (AoE) skills that can deal damage to multiple enemies simultaneously. These skills include stunning, freezing, and chilling options, making it effective for crowd control and consistent damage output.

In PvP, the Wizard can confuse and hinder human players, either by freezing or stunning them, or forcing them to evade, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

The Wizard’s skills are synergistic, such as the “Ice Crystal,” which, when hit with specific abilities, splits the fire and damages multiple enemies.

However, the Wizard has a high skill cap, longer cooldowns, and lower endurance, making it susceptible to quick defeat if not played defensively. It’s advisable to adopt a defensive strategy and be cautious in PvP, similar to how you would play the Demon Hunter.

Overall, the Wizard’s versatility and powerful AoE skills make it a compelling choice for players who enjoy both close and ranged combat.

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