Diablo Immortal Best Class: Ranking All 6 Classes

Our Diablo Immortal best class entails everything you need to know about the classes & which has an easier learning curve than the other.

Blizzard Entertainment has finally come out with a brand-spanking-new Diablo game after their initial announcement of the new project in late 2018. From the way we see it, Diablo Immortal is a mobile-first title with a PC version accompanying the game as well. It’s no surprise that the series has returned with all its characteristic features, and people are already asking for the Diablo Immortal best class.

Key Highlights
  • Barbarian is a great solo option and reliable in PvP with tons of crowd control options on top of being a tanky class.
  • The class is the easiest to pick up, making it a popular choice among the players.
  • Next up is the Crusader, an even tankier class that lets you block attacks and gives invincibility. It’s the best PvP class in the game.
  • Crusader only falls short of Barbarian because the class requires more time to master fully.
  • The third-best class is the Monk. It’s a damage-focused class that allows you to return to safety with a quick movement.
  • Monk gives you reasonable crowd control if you can execute the skills correctly.
  • Necromancer is also a solid class. Unlike the previous ones, this class can generate passive damage with its skills.
  • Necromancer is a mid-range class that lets you take care of any situation from a reasonable distance.
  • The next class is the Demon Hunter, a ranged marksman class that requires you to be mindful of your positioning to utilize its potential.
  • Since Demon Hunter is ranged only, it lacks in melee combat but makes up for it by giving you evasive skills to avoid danger.
  • Lastly, we have the Wizard, which can fight at close and far ranges, making it very versatile. It, however, lacks in defense.
  • Wizard also allows you to do better stun, freeze and chill effects to enemies than other classes. It also boasts a higher skill cap, but those skills come with longer cooldowns.

This guide, therefore, is going to cover all there is to know about the most noteworthy character classes in Diablo Immortal and what makes them stand out. Each class has its own set of pros and cons, so make sure you go through the written instructions diligently for the best results. 

Best Classes in Diablo Immortal

The following is our round-up of all those classes that come across as nothing short of excellent. Be sure to understand what makes them shine in the spotlight for a better understanding of how to use them. Let’s dive right into the first pick with no further ado. 

1. Barbarian 

Diablo Immortal best pvp class
The Barbarian
StyleMain AttributesPrimary SkillSkillsWeaponsArmorGems
MeleePhysicalFrenzyFurious Charge, Whirlwind, Leap, Ground StompNorth Wind and Sellena’s IronWeighted Brow, Ydama’s Cyclone, Ferocious Glae, and RockspikeChained Death and Seled’s Weakening

An unequivocal affair that’s worthy of the title of the Diablo Immortal best class is the Barbarian. This is a type of workhorse that is capable of pulling off just about everything. It’s fast in solo scenarios, reliable in PvP settings, and brings forth a ton of crowd-control options for days on end. The overall aggression of this melee class makes it a go-to option for players just looking to have fun and dish out some serious damage in a likewise tone. 

In addition, there are buffs in Diablo games that grants your party of players specific boosts for a limited period of time. Diablo Immortal—the latest entry in this iconic RPG franchise—is certainly no stranger to this mechanic. The fact that the Barbarian boasts commendable group buff qualities is flat-out convincing. 

A dungeon-crawler like this is best enjoyed with some like-minded mates, and no one is going to appreciate you more when you pass around damage or speed boosts to your whole group. Nifty little benefits such as this factor in quite substantially when you get together with your squad and start entering higher difficulties. 

Furthermore, the Barbarian is no less than a walking, talking tank. Since this is a class that’s focused on melee combat, you’re going to be taking a lot of hits. However, this character does a good job of absorbing damage and putting up one devil of a fight for the opposition. 

On the flip side, though, this also means that you’ll have to work on your defense with the Barbarian. The scenario at hand is especially true for 1v1 situation and difficult boss fights. You need to be able to get up close and personal with the opposition to dole out some semblance of damage. 

Otherwise, you will need to retreat and let other classes do the job for you whenever possible. That is why it’s essential to learn proper defensive maneuvers with the Barbarian in order to utilize its efficiency to the full. The rest of the character’s traits are quite adroit and worth giving a shot, to say the least. 

You’ll have to choose one out of two types of primary attacks for the Barbarian.

  • The first one of the bunch is called Lacerate and is pretty reliable in most situations. This basically let’s loose an avalanche of attacks, with one part of it restoring the Barbarian’s health bar to some extent.
  • Alongside each basic attack of a class in Diablo Immortal, there exists an ultimate-grade move as well. The Barbarian’s ultimate is a profound healing and an addition of a knockback effect to its primary attack. 
  • The other major primary attack type of the Barbarian is Frenzy. As opposed to Lacerate, which is oriented toward healing, Frenzy is all about speed. Each successfully registered hit increases the speed of the rest of the attacks that are going to follow up.
  • The speed boost can stack up to a total of 5 times. Therefore, you’ll receive a 40% attack speed increase, more or less when you’re at the highest level of Frenzy.
  • Lastly, the ultimate of the latter grants you the ability to move while attacking, acquire immunity to stun attacks from enemies, and even gain a constant maximum Frenzy effect for the period of time the ultimate is active. 

Given the popularity of the class, many people are going to jump to the Barbarian as soon as they get their hands on the game. However, not all of them will be utilizing this mountain of character properly. Check out our in-depth Diablo Immortal Barbarian Build and learn the ins and outs of this robust character on the fly. 

2. Crusader

Best class Diablo Immortal
The Crusader
StyleMain AttributesSkillsWeaponsArmorGems
MeleeHybridSpinning Shield, Shield Charge, Consecration, Conjuration of Light, and Holy BannerThe Bristle and Constant ScrutinyMany-Eyed Aegis, Questor’s Mien, Questor’s Mien, Hungerfire Chiton, and Pillager’s GreavesPain of Subjugation, Defiant Soul, Seled’s Weakness, and Chained Death

The next Diablo Immortal class in line is definitely the Crusader. The Barbarian grabs the top spot just because of its reliability and ease of use. However, when it boils down to something that power gamers will grow to appreciate, the Crusader is where the real party is buzzing. 

Although the Crusader is focused on melee just like the Barbarian, the former is more proactive in keeping its defense hale and hearty. Remember how we warned you about being on the tip of your toes in case of boss fights with the Barbarian?

Well, with the Crusader at hand, you can breathe a little more comfortably knowing the robust defensive capability of the class in question. It comprises skills that boost your chances of blocking incoming attacks and even granting you invulnerability for a set period of time. 

You never know when these spells of luck can turn the tide of the battle for you, so the Crusader’s ingrained abilities are definitely appreciated. We’ll go even as far as calling it the Diablo Immortal best PvP class for the amount of depth the Crusader’s skills actually have. 

  • The “Draw and Quarter” skill move of this character class is effective in a bevy of settings. When you initiate it successfully, the Crusader summons a horse and lets you engage in horseback combat. This lasts for somewhere around six seconds while allowing you to swing your colossal sword and drag up to 8 enemies along with you. 

Similar to the Barbarian, the Crusader boasts appreciable squad-wide buffs that revamp the rest of your group’s abilities. In addition, there’s something called AoE in RPG games.

Each enemy caught in that specific area is going to get hit and possibly, get destined death delivered. Therefore, this manner of crowd control is also mediated by the Crusader effectively, so you can take this class up to difficult bouts and come out on top almost every time. 

  • One of the Crusader’s primary attacks is called Punish. This one allows you to acquire “Hardened Senses” and thereby increase the chances of blocking enemy hits. The buff-up in question can lead you to a 30% bump in block chance for two seconds. It may not seem much, but the added perk is great for higher survivability.
  • The ultimate move of Punish is pretty convincing as well. First off, it launches a series of strikes that land on all enemies in the vicinity and increases the overall damage dealt by the primary attack. Lastly, it buffs up your chances of blocking incoming attacks even more and even creates an absorbing shield around you. 

No matter the use case, the Crusader is fit for taking on players in PvP and farming in-game resources to level up and become more decked out than ever.

3. Monk

Best class in Diablo Immortal
The Monk
StyleMain AttributesSkillsWeaponsArmorGems
MeleePhysicalMystic Strike, Seven-Sided Strike, Inner Sanctuary, and Exploding PalmDragon’s Indignation,  Reaching Rebuke, and Breath of IncenseCrippling Insight and Discipline’s WeightBlood-Soaked Jade and Unity Crystal

The Monk ranks as the third-best class in the game from what we can gather. This is yet another melee-type character that knows how to dole out heaps of damage and recede to safe states whenever the need arises. This is an exceptionally flexible class that comes with a range of crowd-control options. 

  • For instance, the Cyclone Strike skill of the Monk pulls in heaps of enemies and allows you to execute the hard-hitting AoE move of the character class. This measures up to a match-deciding affair when pulled off the right way. Moreover, the Monk’s combat moves and just about everything else is perfect for PvP settings.

This makes the character the best Diablo Immortal class to boot, given how well-grounded their moveset actually is. In addition to just buffing up players in your squad, it’s even possible to shield your mates when you’ve got the Monk by your side. 

However, when compared to some of the other classes on this list, this one does come off as a bit more difficult to use. The skill rotation involved with the Monk can make you vulnerable if you fail to execute the moveset the right way.

This is especially true in situations where you get stunned by human players in Player vs Player (PvP) settings. However, what compensates for this occurrence are the relatively low cooldown times for the Monk’s various skills. The first major move that this character class can perform for you is called Deadly Reach

  • In Deadly Reach, the Monk draws out several attack lines and targets multiple enemies at once. It’s pretty effective in situations when you’re surrounded by heaps of baddies and just want to be able to deal with them quickly. Moreover, the ultimate move associated with Deadly Reach is no less than a doozy either. 
  • As for the other main attack type of the Monk, we’ve got the Fist of Thunder to dish out surreal damage. This attack unleashes a plethora of hard-hitting blows while teleporting the character to an enemy. In addition, as soon as you land the third hit of the skill, you’re able to teleport again.
    • In this unique way, you can target different foes while still keeping the damage tied to a single enemy at once. The ultimate move of the Fist of Thunder, on the other hand, lets you glide to enemies on every single hit rather than the third hit.
  • Apart from that, whenever you down a baddie, you create a thunderstorm that will knock your foes down and damage them to a reasonable extent as well. When pulled off right, the Monk not only looks cool but comes across as a hefty utilitarian character class as well.

For everything that the Monk is capable of, we recommend you to give it a shot and decide for yourself whether this melee class is the one for you. Broadly speaking, the character in question isn’t as easy to employ as, say, the Barbarian, for instance, but once you start getting the hang of the Monk, you’re in for a real treat. 

4. Necromancer

Diablo Immortal best class
The Necromancer
StyleMain AttributesSkillsWeaponsArmorGems
SummoningMagicalBone Spikes, Command Golem, Corpse Explosion, and Corpse LanceAccounting for Weakness and Baleful Trinity Hideous Dawning  Lone Preserver, Ever-Grasping Vestments, and Rozhin’s KeeningChained Death, Zwenson’s Haunting, and Pain of Subjugation

The next Diablo Immortal class is undeniably the Necromancer. Don’t think of this character as a regular wizard since the type of magic they perform on the go is a lot darker than what usual wizardry is capable of. In case you weren’t aware before, Necromancy is the act of communicating with the dead.

And that is exactly what the Necromancer does for you in-game. Not only is this class great at just about everything—may it be a likeness to PvP, PvE, or AoE situations—but is also capable of generating a source of passive damage to your enemies.

That is to say, the Necromancer specializes in awakening the dead and making them function as useful corpses. Along those lines, this class can execute a variety of skill moves, with walking corpses being one of them being Corpse Explosion. The latter is a substantial Area of Effect (AoE) move with appreciable damage stats.

You can even reorient your skeletons to focus on a single type of enemy with the Necromancer, making it exceptionally handy to take on bosses from a good distance. This is definitely not the case with the Barbarian, where you have to become a tank yourself and get too close to comfort with stage bosses. 

A versatile class such as this can be employed in a comprehensive variety of situations, given that you know how to use the Necromancer effectively. This is a mid-range character that’s able to deal damage to your enemies from a reasonable distance and isn’t afraid to get up close and personal either.

  • There’s another highly appreciated skill move of the Necromancer called Bonewall that primarily functions as a robust crowd control set of attacks. The Bonewall basically lets you cast a zone where each involved enemy will be deeply affected as per your convenience. 

Looking at this character from a general perspective, this is a class that has strong support skills for your group and a ton of crowd control options for taking down large squads of enemies.

Due to the fact that the Necromancer can make skeletons emerge from the ground and create an army of dead soldiers at will, you can expect a good defense from this character class as well. Your various summons is bound to take in damage intended for you and create a wall between the Necromancer and the enemies.

  • In addition, the class has its own defensive skill called Bone Armor which does a terrific job of giving you great defensive stats and making sure you survive when things get rough and tough.

However, with all of the above being said and done, there are a couple of shortcomings associated with the Necromancer worth mentioning. 

One of these is mobility. If not the slowest, the Necromancer is one of the slower characters in the game. Moreover, there’s this constant reliance on corpses to be able to execute the better part of this character’s skill moves. If there are no corpses, you’ll be sized down in functionality.

Still, the Necromancer is still the best class for solo ventures and everything of the like. All that this class offers is highly recommended to try out in the game’s single-player campaign, but don’t hesitate to take things online either. There’s just a lot that the Necromancer offers on a day-to-day basis.   

5. Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter
The Demon Hunter
StyleMain AttributesSkillsWeaponsArmorGems
DPSRanged and PhysicalKnockback Shot, Daring Swing, Multishot, and Rain of VengeanceThe Hungerer and FlamespiteCowl of Focused Hatred, Bombardment’s Toll, and Petahm’s Secret ArsenalBerserker’s Eye and Power & Command

The Demon Hunter is a fairly commendable class in Diablo Immortal, although not without its fair share of downsides. In essence, think of the Demon Hunter as an expert marksman who can snipe enemy players from a substantial distance. This negates the need to get into close combat right from the get-go.

However, while many would think that the Demon Hunter wouldn’t be able to do anything up close, but the truth is the exact opposite. Some skills of this fine character class are sure-fire enough to get you out of tricky close combat situations, so you can definitely rely on it for most scenarios. 

In addition, the Demon Hunter boasts great flexibility. It is able to evade the line of fire without breaking a sweat and is also adamant about getting back to the enemy in an equal measure. That is to say, and this character class happens to be one of the hardest-hitting player types in the game. What accompanies the toughness is the consistency of this class.

  • The Demon Hunter can be regarded to dish out a constant flurry of damage without pause, all the while maintaining a safe distance from its foes. This is reason enough to deem it the best single target damage dealer.
  • Another facet that makes us call the Demon Hunter an excellent class is how it is able to dodge out of the way of enemy attacks while still keeping pressure on them and hurtling shots their way. No other class can boast a quality like this, and we’re tempted to see how the character performs in 1 vs 1, boss fight settings.

Evidently, from what we can tell already, the very fact that you’re evading the forthcoming onslaught of the stage boss and dealing damage to it all in the same instance is quite compelling. Talk about rolling out of the way of boss mechanics while still whittling down the health bar of the great enemy. 

One of the major off-putting factors that may prevent some players from picking up the Demon Hunter is its defensive and damage-absorbing capabilities. This class isn’t tough and will go down when things start getting a bit too out of hand. 

Therefore, you need to bring your A-game to the table when you’re going to fight other players in PvP. with the Demon Hunter. This isn’t a class that you can learn everything about in your first couple of matches. If you’re fairly new to RPGs, we would even suggest trying a different class before getting to the Demon Hunter. 

  • It’ll be required to acknowledge the proper positioning of a gunman like this so you’re not caught in the rampage of attacks blurted out by your foes. Now obviously, you won’t find the Demon Hunter hard at all when you’re just starting out with it.
  • It’ll only be until you reach the later stages in the game that you start to realize how difficult this class can truly get. Still, there’s a high reward too that this particular class entails beyond the high risk. And we’re certain that many players are willing to go that route nonetheless.

You also don’t get a ton of build diversity with the Demon Hunter because, frankly speaking, you already unlock what happens to be one of the best AoE skills in Diablo Immortal right at level 1. You got that right. MultiShot” is arguably the most robust skill available to employ in the title, more than any other skill of any other class.

If you’ve had your fair share of run-ins with RPGs like Diablo and are also a fan of the whole series, don’t miss out on all the generous offerings of the Demon Hunter. This ranged character class is perfect for those who like to keep away from the thick of the battle and fight in their own comfort zone. 

6. Wizard 

The Wizard
The Wizard
StyleMain AttributesSkillsWeaponsArmorGems
Control and DPSRanged and MagicalMagic Missile, Ray of Frost, Scorch, Ice Crystal, and MeteorForce of Harakas and Azakalor’s FireMemory of Xiaoyu, Angmar’s Repulsive Burden, Starcaller’s Drapery, and Time-Warped ClothTrickshot Gem, Fervent Fang, and Zwenson’s Haunting

The final character that’s worthy of being called the best class Diablo Immortal is the Wizard. This one is a novel hybrid of both close-quarters and ranged combat, so you’re genuinely looking at the most versatile class in the game here with tons of different options to go for. 

As opposed to the rest of the different character classes in Diablo Immortal, the Wizard boasts several Area of Effect skills. It hurtles projectiles toward the way of your enemies and doesn’t hesitate to get down to business with them up close as well. Moreover, this one features great crowd-control moves and attack variants as well.

  • One of the Wizard’s most profound abilities includes multiple stun, freeze, and even chill options that lock groups of enemies in place and allow you to dish out a ton of damage accordingly. The long-lasting AoE skills push out consistent damage and constrict them to a large damage zone for their doom.

If we were to focus on the PvP side of things, the Wizard is excellent at confusing human players and preventing them from utilizing their options. You’re either gonna stun or freeze them in place or force them to evade the line of fire and make them an easy target afterward. This does sound quite compelling, doesn’t it? 

Some of the skills that the Wizard features are quite synergetic as well.

  • For instance, there’s this move that this class exclusively owns called “Ice Crystal.” You cast it over an area where it hangs around for 12 seconds and freezes anyone who falls in the vicinity.
  • If you were to happen to hit this supernatural crystal with either the Wizard’s Ray of Frost or Disintegrate Beam, your fire would split up into multiple directions after passing through the crystal. This would go on to damage multiple enemies at once, so this is indeed a nice touch of synergy with the Wizard’s skills. 

Although this tip-top class has the highest skill cap out of all other classes, the cooldown times of the skill moves are also significantly higher. On top of that comes the low endurance of the Wizard, meaning that the character will go down easily if you’re not careful enough, especially in PvP.

That is why we would recommend you to rely on a defensive strategy with the Wizard, so you’re not caught in the web of attacks hurled your way by your enemies. The Wizard needs to be utilized in a somewhat similar manner as the Demon Hunter, so do keep that in mind before diving right into this nifty character class.  

What Are Classes in Diablo Immortal? 

Classes in any RPG refer to a specific type of character that comes with its own unique moveset, abilities, and build. Different types of classes are usually present in role-playing titles to bring forth variety and depth in the game. Diablo Immortal, being at the pinnacle of the RPG genre, is no exception. It features a total of six different character classes that you can choose from, and these go by the names of: 

  • Barbarian
  • Crusader
  • Monk
  • Necromancer
  • Demon Hunter
  • Wizard

The way that these characters fight is distinct, and you’re not going to find any substantial similarities among these classes. This is especially true when you’re changing the paradigm from one special class type to the other. That is to say; there are distinct separations within classes as well. For instance, the Barbarian is strictly a melee class focused on close-quarters combat. 

On the other end of the spectrum, the Demon Hunter is a ranged class that’s adept at dishing out damage from afar. You don’t have to get so up close and personal with your enemies using classes like the Necromancer or the Wizard. Now, usually, confusion stirs when you’re just about to begin your adventure in the game and are compelled to choose one out of all the various class options present before you. 

In instances like those, people ask for the class that’s best at everything, so they can have the most success in playing the RPG both online and offline. For a class to be literally “good,” it needs to have strong attack and defense statistics with attacks comprising wide reach. The cherry on top can be ease-of-use, but that entirely depends on the type of class in question. 

As for the matter of Diablo Immortal, the scenario is no different. You have to pick one out of the six different classes available at your disposal and carry on with it for the rest of the game. When such an ultimatum is imposed upon the player, a wise decision needs to be taken. That is why we’ve put together this article on the Diablo Immortal Classes for your convenience, so you can pick whatever class suits you best.

 However, it’s definitely worth taking the time out and mentioning an important bit of information regarding the various character classes in Diablo Immortal. It’s nothing but surefire that no class is essentially bad in the game—it’s just a matter of preferences. Each class, whether it’s the Necromancer or the Crusader, is capable of being played in its unique way. Afterward, it would go on to have accomplishments that no other class possibly can. 

That is why we strongly encourage you to try every class before committing to one. That would definitely make you realize your strengths and what you genuinely want from a class in Diablo Immortal. Categorically, what makes us put the emphasis on this is the very fact that each character in the game has something special to offer, so we don’t want you to miss out on any of the title’s fun. 

Besides, we’re pretty sure you’re not all caught up on the best part surrounding this scenario. The developers, Blizzard Entertainment, had already announced prior to the game’s release an exciting new feature that would change the way we look at picking classes in Diablo Immortal.

An imminent update would install a functionality in the action RPG that would allow us to change our class once a month. 

Now, you would think to yourself that this isn’t too game-changing simply because you would still have to progress your newly changed class and get it back to the level of your former class.

Fortunately, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Blizzard will make sure that the levels, stats, and other relative elements of the class carry over to your new class when you make the change.

In this manner, you can effortlessly try out all the classes without having to grind them all over again. With that said, we cannot wait for you to determine the best class in Diablo Immortal yourself, and let us know which one is it down in the comments section.

Our Take 

Blizzard Entertainment has gone on a special route with its latest dungeon-crawling RPG. The most recent entry to release for the Diablo franchise packs all the bells and whistles for mobile users and PC gamers alike, so the developers have truly manifested higher levels than what the company was previously stuck to.

The much-anticipated hack-and-slash title was announced at BlizzCon 2018. Word on the upcoming RPG was scant for a significant while until the developers finally made the reveal last month for Immortal, thereby setting in stone an inevitable PC and mobile release for the game. 

Some of the most prominent characteristics running the title’s bloodline include procedurally generated levels where no stage feels the same, but you’re not shifting gears too substantially either. On top of that comes the diverse class system of Diablo, where players are compelled to choose one out of many character classes to play the game with.

The same is the game with the latest entry in this tip-top RPG franchise. Ever since the game’s release, enthusiasts and roguelike fanatics have been introduced to all the different classes of the game, including the BarbarianNecromancer, and Demon Hunter. With that said, a mere name doesn’t necessitate how well that specific class can turn out to be.

People have been asking left and right for the best classes in Diablo Immortal, considering the versatile array of enticing options available at the disposal of players.

We’ve penned down the most robust character classes present for us in the title, so you shouldn’t be worried about picking anyone unworthy now. Do let us know down in the comments section which class you finally decided to go with then.

As always, eXputer wishes you good luck!

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