Diablo Immortal Best Gem [Legendary Gems Ranked]

This Diablo Immortal Best Gems guide will showcase some of the best legendary gems that players can benefit from in combat!

Players can use gems to receive certain amounts of buffs, including attack speed and attack damage output, as well as some of them being healing gems. These Gems can be stacked and used in battle to take over opponents, and these gems are pretty easy to find. With that, let’s get started! Make sure not to miss out on our Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter build!

Key Highlights
  • Gems is a system in Diablo Immortal where players can own these in different rarities and use them to increase stats and provide various buffs.
  • There are many gems to choose from in Diablo Immortal but the best ones are:
    • Power and Command
    • The Hunger
    • Lightning Core
    • Battleguard
    • Fervent Fang
    • Cutthroat’s Grin
  • Most of these gems are craftable but getting those materials is extremely rare and there are other ways to obtain Legendary gems.
  • All of these gems are best for certain classes, some of these gems will be game-changing in the “DPS” class but some gems may not be as good in the “Tank” class.
  • Although these gems have good stats at no advancements, you can increase their levels further to make them even stronger.

Power and Command 

Diablo Immortal Power and Command
Power and Command

The first gem that we would like to cover is the Power and Command, an S-ranked gem by the Diablo Immortal player base. The sole reason for that is how it can support players in the overall gameplay. 

With this gem in hand, players in Diablo Immortal will be able to experience that their overall resonance will be enhanced by 30. With that, their combat rating will also be increased by 12, giving them the chance to go all-in towards their enemies, and become even stronger than before. 

Apart from that, the main aim of the gem is to alternate its states for a total of 9 seconds, and during these state changes, players will gain an enhanced primary attack damage output by a total of 8%. Anytime the player uses any other kind of skills and ultimates, its overall damage will also be increased by 8%. 

There is a reason that the Power and Command are included in the Diablo Immortal Best Gems list. It can aid the Crusader mains and the Monks in Diablo immortal and the Demon Hunters, Necromancer mains, and wizard players. 

The Hunger 

Diablo Immortal The Hunger
The Hunger

The next important Diablo Immortal gem that players can go for is The Hunger, whose main focus will be placed on enhancing the player’s overall resonance by a total of 30, which makes them a beast altogether in battle. When you add up the +12 combat rating, the player in Diablo immortal practically becomes a god. 

As for the main use of The Hunger, anytime it is equipped on the player, it will be able to heal back a certain amount of HP equivalent to 40% of its overall base damage.

With that, anytime the player can obliterate enemies, they will be able to gain an additional 567 life, making them survive for longer on the battlefield. 

The small side effect of using this gem is that this effect will only occur once every 20 seconds, and therefore players will need to figure out how they want to strategize their rotation with this gem in combat.

The recommended classes in Diablo Immortal that this gem works perfectly on are the Wizard and Monks classes. 

Lightning Core 

Diablo Immortal Lightning Core
Lightning Core

As for Diablo Immortal Gems, we simply can’t forget to include Lightning Core. First, it will increase Diablo Immortal players’ resonance and combat rating by 30 and 12, respectively. 

Now that that’s out of the way, whenever the player uses his legendary gem, anytime the player unleashes their normal attacks, they will experience slowly being charged up and gaining electro energy. Over time, it will start to fill up, and once the player is full-charged, it will unleash chain lightning upon launching your next primary attack. 

This will deal a total of 90% base attack as an additional attack, all the while also inflicting enemies with 1134 extra damage, which will obliterate them. The chain lightning will continue to electrocute the enemies and make them die out fast.

This gem can work splendidly with Diablo Immortal Crusader build, Barbarian class, Monks, Necromancer, Wizard, and Demon Hunter classes. 


Diablo Immortal Battleguard

The next gem that can not be skipped is Battleguard since it can provide the player the kind of support they need and the buff they need to dominate the battlefield and fend off the toughest of bosses

When the battlefield is in full use, it will buff up the resonance by 30 and combat rating by 12, as we mentioned before. But with that, it will also be able to work in a way whereby it will essentially measure enemies attacking you from an overall radius of 3 yards. 

Any enemy present in the 3-yard radius within the Battleguard will deal 8% decreased physical/melee damage to players present in the radius, which will help you survive for longer periods. Survival is crucial for Diablo Immortal players, especially when reaching the end of a tougher battle. 

Getting hold of a part of these Diablo Immortal Gems is by going to the Apprentice Jeweler and simply crafting it.

Fervant Fang 

Diablo Immortal Fervent Fang
Fervent Fang

Yet another viable option for gems in Diablo Immortal includes the Fervant Fang, which is mostly ranked as an A-ranked gem. While it was also enhanced the usual resonance by 30 and rating for the player’s combat by 12, it will also have many other uses in combat, which can be seen below. 

The Fervant fang will operate in the arena because it will work anytime the player will charge up to the enemy and attack them. The opponent will continue to take in increased damage, starting by taking 0.8% extra damage, and it can go to a total of 0.8 x 10% whenever it reaches 10 stacks. 

The only way to get this particular Diablo Immortal gem is through random drops, and the player simply needs to pray that their RNG luck is good. The piece itself is a two-star legendary and can work impeccably with classes in Diablo Immortal such as the Crusaders, Monks, Necromancers, Wizards, Barbarians, and even the Demon Hunter. 

Cutthroat’s Grin 

Diablo Immortal Cutthroat's Grin
Cutthroat’s Grin

Another impeccable legendary gem is the Cutthroat’s Grin, which is made to buff up the player’s overall performance whenever they are present on the battlefield and make sure that they will gain victory no matter the circumstances. For that reason alone, Cutthroat’s Grin can be classified in the Diablo Immortal Best Gems categories. 

With it in the player’s arsenal, Diablo Immortal players will gain the ability to get an 8% increased crit rate, which will allow them to go face-to-face with their deadliest foes, and critical land hit after a critical hit. This effect can only be triggered when the player takes the opponent by surprise and attacks them from behind, kicking them down. 

The gem itself can be found using a recipe, and by venturing over to the Apprentice Jeweler, players can craft it at hand and use it in combat.

Zod Stone 

Diablo Immortal Zod Stone
Zod Stone

Players might recognize the Zod Stone as being one of the most famous legendary gems that they can get hands-on since it can help the player take over their worst enemy by making the entire battle a joke. It will still provide the same amount of resonance of an extra 15 and increase combat rating by 8. 

It will also do the job of essentially buffing up the player’s performance whenever they are faced with enemies that might feel like hell to face. The way the Zod Stone operates is that it will offer an increase inf the skill duration by a total of 16%, which means that the player in Diablo Immortal can cast it repeatedly without needing to feel like their damage output is below average. 

Least to say, though the Zod Stone might not be the most overpowered legendary gem in Diablo immortal, it certainly gets the job done. Players can find and equip it once they come across the Apprentice Jeweler and craft it there. 

Chained Death 

Diablo Immortal Chained Death
Chained Death

As we mentioned before, there is already a legendary gem that provides the same type of buff that the Chained Death will. However, we still feel like it should be included in the Diablo Immortal Best Gems because of its overall usage. 

Apart from increasing resonance by 15 and rating the player by 8, it will also provide the player with a certain buff whereby they will intake any kind of damage that they will inflict on their enemies at a 1.50% multiplier. This means that the enemy will lose their HP a lot quicker since they will take in increased damage from the player’s end. 

This effect comes into play anytime the normal attacks are unleashed. With a total of 3 stacks, the enemy can take the 1.50% increased damage for a total of 3 times throughout the legendary gem’s passive

It will work well with classes that include Demon Hunters, Monks, Wizards, Barbarians, Crusaders, and Necromancers. Amongst these classes, here is our rendition of the Best Diablo Immortal Classes!

Seled’s Weakening 

Diablo Immortal Seled's Weakening
Seled’s Weakening

Now that we are coming to a close with our list, Seled’s Weakening can also be yet another excellent piece to the puzzle by enhancing the player’s stats and how they can take on the enemies in battle. 

With it being a one-star Diablo Immortal legendary gem, players will become an absolute menace to the enemies they will face. It can provide a 6% increased overall damage output for 60 seconds anytime the player murders off an elite boss or opponent in combat. 

This allows them to focus on single-targeting weaker enemies that may not have a large health pool and can easily be killed with a few hits. The gem may not be the best In Diablo Immortal, but it works exceptionally well for Demon Hunter, Crusaders, and Diablo Immortal Barbarian classes.

Trickshot Gem 

Diablo Immortal Trickshot Gem
Trickshot Gem

Another solid choice that Diablo Immortal players can go for is the Trickshot Gem, which will offer up the same bonuses for the player’s overall resonance and combat ratings as mentioned before. 

With that thought, it will also allow players to strategize their combat skills even more simply because casting the skills now will take 8% less energy. This conserves the energy output, but it will also ensure the player can cast them repeatedly, which is crucial for taking out bosses and elite enemies. 

This gem in itself is not the highest-ranked, but it is still tons better than other legendary gems presented to the players. It is mostly catered to Crusader classes and is made to be used for the Barbarian and Wizard classes. 

Blood-Soaked Jade 

Now, we would like to give a bit of attention to some five-star Diablo Immortal Gems, which will be some of the Best Gems In Diablo Immortal. one of the first that will be mentioned is known as “Blood-soaked Jade.” 

The way that Blood-soaked jade works are that upon being acquired and used in combat, it will simply enhance the overall damage output for the player by 8%. It will also increase the player’s overall movement speed by 10%, allowing them to zoom through the battlefield and obliterate the enemies so that victory will be well within their grasp. 

Bottled Hope 

Another solid option for the gems includes Bottled Hope, which will work in different ways to buff up the player on the battlefield, all the while being able to take control of their enemies without any difficulties. 

With Bottled Hope, the main DPS in Diablo Immortal can hope to become even stronger by being able to be buffed up anytime they unleash attacks by being able to experience a movement speed of 8% for a total of 6 seconds. With that, we will wrap up with our Diablo Immortal Gems; let us know what you think! Are you stuck on one of the lamp quests? Why not take help from our Diablo Immortal Lamp Puzzle guide.

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