Diablo Immortal: Captain Azmir New Challenge Bug

When you approach to talk to Captain Azmir as part of a quest's objective he simply doesn't respond and this halts your quest and its progression.

Captain Azmir as he appears in Diablo Immortal. You’ll encounter Captain Azmir in a quest called “A New Challenge” where he supposedly stands still and does nothing to progress the mission. The blizzard hasn’t yet responded to this bug. However, let’s try to resolve this bug.

Key Takeaways
  • Captain Azmir is an NPC that you will encounter at one of the end-game quests and the given task is also no hassle.
  • Players are facing a bug where when they interact with the NPC, he will get bugged and give one-line answers.
  • The issue has been made aware of by Blizzard and they are working on it.
  • As of now, you have to wait for Blizzard to work on it as there is no other solution.

What is the Captain Azmir Bug ?

Diablo Immortal is divided into two parts, like MMO RPGs. One of these is the one that contains the main story quest that you complete to progress the main story. The other is the end-game content that the players can complete after the main quests have ended. 

To progress in the end-game quest “A New Challenge” in Diablo Immortal, you need to speak with Captain Azmir. Despite the seemingly straightforward task, attempting to interact with him yields only a generic, irrelevant one-line response, with no progress toward the next objective.

Now, this has the players wondering about what it is. Is it a bug? Is the quest not in the game yet? Can you do something to resolve the issue? Continue reading through the guide, and by the end of it, all your questions will be answered. 

How Does Captain Azmir Bug Occur?

Once you have completed the main quests of the game and have reached level 60 in the game, the next thing you will have to achieve is that you will have to get to the new Hell 1 difficulty. After all, it is done; you will unlock the “A New Challenge” quest.

The quest’s description is very simple, as I have discussed earlier. It is asking the player to go talk to Captain Azmir. Captain Azmir is an NPC who is located in the second zone of Diablo Immortal, and this zone is called Ashwold Cemetery

Moreover, Based on my experience, the zone is unlocked instantly after completing the tutorial. Captain Azmir is located simply standing there and doing nothing; when you approach him, he does not respond in any way. Why is this happening? Let us discuss that now.

Is there Any Fix To Captain Azmir Bug ?

If the Captain Azmir situation is indeed a bug, then I am afraid I can not be sure when it will be fixed as I have mentioned earlier that as of writing the guide, Blizzard has not responded to the situation. 

Furthermore, you can check out the Blizzard Forums. More and more people are reporting the exact same thing, so that you might get a response very soon. The players will still have to wait to know more if it is simply content that was added earlier into the game by mistake.

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