Diablo Immortal: Captain Azmir New Challenge Bug

When you approach to talk to Captain Azmir as part of a quest's objective he simply doesn't respond and this halts your quest and its progression.

Diablo Immortal is the latest installment in the Diablo franchise. The game features many world bosses and legendary items. Our topic for today is the Captain Azmir bug in Diablo Immortal that occurs during the “A New Challenge” Quest.

There are six classes in the game. These are Barbarian, Crusader, Monk, Wizard, Demon Hunter, and Necromancer. You can pick the one that suits your playstyle, or you can check out our Diablo Immortal All Classes Tier List.

Diablo Immortal also has a Transmog system, and the game has been part of plenty of controversies. Before you jump into Diablo Immortal, make sure that you and your friends are all playing on the best possible server; for more on this, check out our Diablo Immortal Servers List.

For people who are interested in the game’s placement in the franchise chronologically, then Diablo Immortal takes place between the events of Diablo II and III. It takes place in the year 1270. The character that the players’ control is someone who is allied with what remains of Horadrim.

The game may end up exploring some pivotal and impactful moments in the franchise’s lore, as it has been indicated that it might go beyond the intended 1270 timeframe. It has been confirmed, though, that it will not extend over the timeframe of Diablo III and Diablo IV.

What is the Captain Azmir Bug in Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal Captain Azmir bug quest halted
Captain Azmir as he appears in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is divided into two parts, like MMO RPGs. One of these is the one that contains the main story quest that you complete to progress the main story. The other is the end-game content that the players can complete after the main quests have ended. 

One of the end-game quests called “A New Challenge” requires you to talk to Captain Azmir to progress further. It seems like a very minimal task, and you should have no problem doing it and gaining the next objective.

However, when you go ahead and try to interact and talk with Captain Azmir in Diablo Immortal, you simply get no relevant response. He just says a basic one-line response that is irrelevant to your current objective, and then nothing happens.

Now, this has the players wondering about what it is. Is it a bug? Is the quest not in the game yet? Can you do something to resolve the issue? Continue reading through our guide, and by the end of it, all your questions will be answered. 

How Does Captain Azmir Bug Occur?

Once you have completed the main quests of the game and have reached level 60 in the game, the next thing you will have to achieve is that you will have to get to the new Hell 1 difficulty. After all, it is done; you will unlock the “A New Challenge” quest.

The quest’s description is very simple, as we have discussed earlier. It is asking the player to go talk to Captain Azmir. Captain Azmir is an NPC who is located in the second zone of Diablo Immortal, and this zone is called Ashwold Cemetery

Moreover, as you probably already know, the zone is unlocked instantly after completing the tutorial. Captain Azmir is located simply standing there and doing nothing; when you approach him, he does not respond in any way. Why is this happening? Let us discuss that now.

Why Does It Happen With Captain Azmir?

We can’t say for sure why any of it is happening, as Blizzard has been silent about the situation thus far. We have two theories as to why it might be happening. 

The first theory is pretty logical and very likely. Diablo Immortal is a live-service free-to-play game. In most games like Diablo Immortal, developers continuously update and add high-quality content. That is what might be going on with Captain Azmir. 

In addition, it is very possible that the quest is still being worked on. If that is the case, then the player will have to wait for the quest to be properly integrated into the game, and you can’t do anything about it until then. 

This being a new quest that will arrive with a bunch of other new quests will also explain why Blizzard has been silent. They might have just unintentionally put the quest in the game earlier than the intended date.

The other theory that we have is even more likely than the first one. We think that it simply might just be a bug. If that is the case, the players will just have to wait for a fix. 

Is there Any Fix To Captain Azmir Bug in Diablo Immortal?

If the Captain Azmir situation is indeed a bug, then we are afraid we can not be sure when it will be fixed as we have mentioned earlier that as of writing the guide, Blizzard has not responded to the situation. 

Furthermore, you can check out the Blizzard Forums. More and more people are reporting the exact same thing, so that we might get a response very soon. The players will still have to wait to know more if it is simply content that was added earlier into the game by mistake.


And that wraps up all the information that is present on the situation regarding Captain Azmir in Diablo Immortal as of now.

Diablo Immortal has received very mixed responses from the fans. Most people do think that the game is very well made, but the best parts of it are locked behind microtransactions that the game very much encourages players to buy.

In addition, the microtransactions are just one of the many controversies that the game keeps getting itself into. It feels like there is a new Diablo Immortal controversy every week.  

Diablo Immortal should keep you busy with fast-paced demon-stomping action while you wait for Diablo IV. This is a live service game, so it will most likely not run out of content for a very long time. 

Furthermore, Diablo Immortal is the first game in the franchise that was developed for mobile devices. Blizzard probably wanted a game from one of their legendary franchises on the mobile gaming market. 

The game was also not developed solely by Blizzard. Diablo Immortal was developed in a partnership between Blizzard and the very popular mobile game developer NetEase

Most mobile gamers use their phones for gaming because you can game while traveling. This is not going to be possible with Diablo Immortal unless you have a wireless connection on your person, as Diablo Immortal is an online-only game and can’t be played offline.

What do you think about Diablo Immortal? Is it a worthy addition to the series? Are the microtransactions outrageous? Is the gameplay satisfactory and has the Diablo charm? Are you disappointed as a series veteran? Let us know all about your thoughts on the game in the comments section below.

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