Diablo Immortal: How To Change Difficulty Setting

Diablo Immortal guide on how to Change Difficulty levels by increasing hell and paragon levels after level 60 in the game.

Changing the difficulty level in Diablo Immortal requires you to experiment with some of the best builds in the game. You have to reach at least level 60 in Diablo Immortal to Change the Difficulty. There are many conditions and misunderstandings that the players are unable to understand. In this guide, we will try to clear all your misconceptions.

Key Highlights
  • There is also a system of changing difficulty levels in Diablo Immortal for players to become even more powerful
  • This, however, is only possible after achieving level 60 first, which is also considered Hell 1 difficulty.
  • When you have reached level 60, the game provides you with over four difficulties each progressively hard and only possible after achieving certain Paragon levels.
  • The four more difficulty levels are labeled as “Hell” and these are their requirements:
    • Hell 1 (Paragon level 60)
    • Hell 2 (Paragon level 130)
    • Hell 3 (Paragon level 160)
    • Hell 4 (Paragon level 300)
  • Players that are willing to play the game in even harder modes are able to farm high-tier loot more easily as they get stronger and enemies become harder.

How To Change Difficulty in Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal Rewards
XP Rewards in Diablo Immortal

If you have reached the point where you are thinking about changing the difficulty in the game, you must be a good player in the game because one must cross level 60 to adjust the difficulty. Level 60 is known as the game’s level cap. 

The players must know all the conditions and gain some strong characters to feel overpowered in the game. Once this level is reached, they can now open Diablo Immortal’s area map, where there is a skull present at the right corner of the map. 

Clicking the arrow will open up a Hell Difficulty Level chart. Choosing one of these Hell levels will allow a player in Diablo Immortal to Change the Difficulty. There are four different difficulty levels for hell. The difficulty level can be changed according to the Paragon Level in Diablo Immortal. 

Types of Hell 

Paragon Levels are directly connected to the Hell Levels and difficulty levels. We have mentioned all four levels below. 

Hell Levels
Hell Levels in Diablo Immortal
  • Hell 1: Paragon level 1 to 60 (Monster CR-390)
  • Hell 2: Paragon level 30 to 130 (Monster CR-1190)
  • Hell 3: Paragon level 90 to 120 (Monster CR-2150)
  • Hell 4: Paragon level 160 to 300 (Monster CR-3270)

Paragon Levels

If players want to progress in the game and improve their characters above Level 60, they must opt for a higher Paragon level. These characters in Diablo Immortal will keep gaining XP even if they have reached the maximum level. 

Paragon Levels
Diablo Immortal Paragon Levels

Every time they gain XP, they will earn one Paragon point and progress further in the game. In Diablo Immortal, the strengthening of characters helps to change the difficulty. Once you gain these Paragon points, you can spend them to gain new skills, bonuses, and Paragon trees. Take a look at the best Diablo Immortal Solo Classes guide. 

Raising Difficulty Level in Diablo Immortal

Players usually wonder what’s the main point of raising difficulty levels in Diablo Immortal and what is the right time to increase difficulty. Choosing a higher Hell level will improve your combat rating and the combat rating of monsters. 

If your combat rating is good enough, one should always level up the Hell difficulty. Combat rating can be checked from the stats sheet, and improving it helps gain rewards and add set items to places like Dungeon drop pools. Gear drops are also offered in higher combat ratings which help in your game progress. 

This is all about how to Change Difficulty levels in Diablo Immortal. We hope this guide has cleared all your misunderstandings. For more information regarding Diablo Immortal, read our Diablo Immortal Server guide.

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