Diablo Immortal Crossplay & Cross Progression Explained

Playing your favorite game according to your needs and desires is the biggest blessing. Diablo Immortal gives you a Crossplay option that fits your needs. Previously Diablo Immortal was only created for mobile users. After a month, Blizzard Entertainment announced a surprise PC port for its fans. While you’re at it, consider reading our Diablo Immortal Best Class guide.

Since Diablo Immortal plays like playing this game on their PC, the game developers launched a beta PC version that offers Diablo Immortal Crossplay option for its players too.

Whether at home or outdoors, players can play Diablo Immortal anywhere, anytime. Also, if you are playing the game, then with the Necromancer and Barbarian Build, you can easily attain a Max Level in Diablo Immortal and beat foes in the game easily.

Questions about the cross-platform are rising amongst players. This guide has been curated to tell you all about Diablo Immortal’s cross-platform options, including cross-play and cross-progression. Here is a complete list and conditions Diablo Immortal Server offers its players. 

Is Crossplay Supported on Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal mobile version
Diablo Immortal Crossplay on phone

Diablo Immortal now supports crossplay between the players who play on PC and players who play on mobile devices. This means players all around the world can play with other adventurous players giving them a platform to share their abilities. 

PC Crossplay Diablo Immortal
Diablo Immortal PC version

One of Blizzard’s posts stated that allying with players became convenient with the crossplay option the game offers. Players were unsure that they would lose all their possessions if they left the beta PC version, but crossplay allows you to maintain all your possessions and purchases. Also, read our Diablo Immortal PC Release Date guide. 

This gives the Diablo Immortal players a great opportunity to tailor their game experience whether they are playing on a huge gaming set or a bus. 

Cross Progression Support in Diablo Immortal

Through the Crossplay, as well as the Cross-progression feature, you can sign up on your PC and mobile. Unlike Crossplay, you need a Battle.net account on your PC, and you can play on a guest account on your mobile phone. 

Diablo Immortal Cross-progression
Cross-progression in Diablo Immortal

Having a Battle.net account, transferring between the PC and mobile will be a seamless experience for you. 

Sign Up on Battlenet

One can’t activate the cross-progression in Diablo Immortal if they don’t have a Battlenet account. The process to start the Battle.net account is simple. We have listed down the process for you. 

  • The player must boot up Diablo Immortal.
  • Open the guest account that Blizzard has already made for you.
  • Open up the Battle.net screen and log in to your player account. 
  • Add all the necessary details regarding the game.
  • Connect your mobile account to your Battle.net account. Make sure you put in the right connection because you won’t be able to remove it.
  • The player will be added to a queue of players.
  • Click on the continue button to progress further.
  • There will be a message that you can not change the account your game is connected to.
  • Click on the ‘Yes, Connect’ button.

We hope you have all the details related to Diablo Immortal and its crossplay and cross-progression features. Being a Diablo Immortal player, you will love reading more guides on mobile versions of the Diablo franchise.

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