Diablo Immortal Crusader: Gear, Skills & Weapons 

This Diablo Immortal Crusader Guide will showcase the recommended skillset, armor pieces, weapons, and gems in combat!

The Crusader class in Diablo Immortal is typically geared toward players that want to carry the other party members and want to act as the “tank” of the group. The class is described as such because of the heavy armor that it adorns and the way it can absorb tons of damage without letting any HP get depleted. The Diablo Immortal players who want to go for the class should know that it is an excellent choice simply because they will be able to conquer both solo-class and group raids.

Key Highlights
  • Diablo Immortal being an RPG has many classes for players to choose and they have their own specific names rather than identified as “Tank” or “DPS” class.
  • Crusader is one of the classes in Diablo Immortal and this class role is to be a Tank which can dominate both PvP and PvE content.
  • You can only have four main skills on a Crusader class, the skills being:
    • Condemn
    • Judgment
    • Consecration
    • Draw and Quarter
  • After skills, gearing is also an important system to follow. The best gear for Crusader class is:
    • Head Piece (Sudden Vallation)
    • Chest Piece (Besieger)
    • Shoulder Piece (Sivket’s Advantage)
    • Leg Piece (Bladed Lambeau)
  • Once you have properly fixed the defense, weapons are also important and the best weapons for a Crusader’s class are:
    • Closing Jaws
    • Zaynula’s Last Hymn

The Crusader Class

Whether it is PvE or PvP content, it will become a joke for all Crusader mains simply because they will never take any sort of damage. 

They are also infamous for the amount of damage they can output. With their overall AoE damage combined with the party buffs they provide, the Crusader class is among the best, both in gameplay and mobility guarding aspects while in tough combat.

They can reign over the toughest foes without needing to put in much effort, therefore are always vital for end-game content. This is where our Diablo Immortal Crusader tips jump in, so with that, let’s get started!

Skills For Crusader

As for the skills that come into question, players will use four to five main skills whenever they are maining as a Crusader. Though there are fewer skills, these skills themselves are on the more potent end and are sure to take over enemies on the battlefield. 


Diablo Immortal Condemn
Condemn Skill

The first skill that Diablo Immortal players will want to invest in is Condemn which promises to help you tank every kind of enemy attack, all the while being able to decimate enemies whenever you are in combat.

This allows the player to achieve victory faster and ensures that no opponents can deplete their HP. 

The main essence of the skill itself is that whenever it is cast down, Crusader mains will be granted the ability to gather energy whereby they will have enough in themselves to cast out a massive explosion.

This will explode on nearby opponents in a radius of a few feet and deal 5259 damage to them. 

The effect takes place after three seconds of being active, during which the player will be busy simply gathering enough energy to make sure that the explosion will be devastating.

Whenever Condemn is cast again, the blast will be unleashed in fewer than 3 seconds, obliterating opponents even faster. 

The only caveat is that it will deal a bit less damage simply due to the early explosion being dealt with them, and the radius of the second damage will also be decreased.

The cooldown for the skill is set to 9 seconds, and the skill is itself a “damage-based” skill used for combat purposes. 


Diablo Immortal Judgement
Judgement Skill

The next skill that will be greatly helpful for the Crusader build is Judgement, which will essentially work in a way whereby it will be passed on judgment to foes that are present near it in a select radius.

The judgment will be the cause of them taking in a total of 2524 damage output, which is pretty potent in and of itself. 

With that, it will also apply the “Slow” debuff on them for 3 seconds, which will cause the opponents to achieve slow movement and attack speed by 50%, making it even easier for Diablo Immortal players to jump in and gain dominance over their foes. 

After the judgment has been placed down and a few seconds have passed, the middle of the radius will explode out, and enemies will take in 1953 damage to any unfortunate enemies close to the middle. 

Enemies will also be stunned for 3 seconds, making them even more vulnerable so that players can go all in and continue to pierce and slash through them to kill them off with ease.

The cooldown is set to 12 seconds, and the skill type is controlled rather than simply focusing on being damage dealing skill. 


Diablo Immortal Consecration
Consecration Skill

Moving on, perhaps the Diablo Immortal Crusader Guide won’t be complete without this one particular skill, which will be the Consecration.

The main aim of the skill is to buff up the player’s overall performance whenever they are in the arena trying to kill down enemies that would otherwise be tough to face. 

With the skill in hand, whenever it is activated, players such as Crusaders will be able to cause Consecration to occur to the ground that is around them, and it will cause opponents to take in 12168 damage, which is potent enough whereby they will be killed off instantly. 

The skill’s effect will take place over 6 seconds; therefore, while it may not suit the playstyle of some players who are maining as Crusaders, it will still prove to be pretty vital for actual end-game content. The skill can also cause “Slow” debuff to be applied to them, causing enemies to slow down by 30%. 

With the skill being a damage-based one, it is normally used both for PvP and PvE battles, rendering any opponents useless in their wake, and it has a short cooldown of 15 seconds.

Just like the Crusader, there are other classes that players can go for; therefore, make sure to not miss out on our Diablo Immortal Best Class Guide!

Draw and Quarter 

Diablo Immortal Draw and Quarter
Draw and Quarter Skill

Now, the last skill that we would like to mention is Draw and Quarter, which will be simply used to call out a war horse out of thin hair, and after getting on top of it, players can gain enhanced movement speed by a total of 65%. This can allow players to get even closer to their enemies and smack them with the horse. 

The horse will disappear after 6 seconds, so Diablo Immortal players need to be careful about the enemies they want to target and use it effectively to take out the highest numbers of enemies. 

For those 6 seconds, players will be unable to unleash any kind of melee damage, but this is because their main attack has been replaced with the skill, which will allow them to strike down their opponents and deal 1703 damage. With the help of holy chains, the enemies can be murdered even quicker. 

The skill has a 16-second cooldown and is a buff-based one. 


Now that the skills are done and over with, we will be moving on to the potential gear, specifically armor pieces that players will want to use. The armor pieces will be able to protect them, and since the Crusader is aimed to be a tank-class, it fits perfectly into the Diablo Immortal Crusader build. 


Diablo Immortal Besieger

The first piece of gear that we would like to mention is Besieger, which will essentially be adorned on the stomach as it is a chest piece, and not only does it look stunning, it will be able to protect Crusader players from any stomach hits. 

While the player is wearing it, they will gain 88 extra Willpower, alongside also getting a bonus of 32 Fortitude and yet again another extra 32 Willpower after the Chest piece has had some upgrades done to it. With its magic, it can reduce the amount of damage that the player will take in by 12%. 

For its legendary passive, it will buff up the Draw and Quarter skill for players in Diablo Immortal by allowing it to call down bombardment, which will unleash a total of 731 damage unto enemies and murder them off. 

Pain of Subjugation 

As for the sockets that the Besieger piece will be using, it is a Pain of Subjugation. When activated, it will offer an 8% damage output increase to opponents that have been debuffed with the “control-loss” debuff. And with that, it will also decrease the intaken damage by players by 3%. 

Sudden Vallation 

Diablo Immortal Sudden Vallation
Sudden Vallation

Subsequently, the next gear that players will want to go for is Sudden Vallation, which will be worn on the head, preventing players in Diablo Immortal from taking any kind of damage from headshots that they receive. 

After being upgraded to rank 5, it will gain 40 extra Strength and 40 Vitality apart from the 30 base Strength stat. This makes it a lot easier for the player to support themselves while they are on the battlefield, but it also gives them the ability to attack and bombard opponents near them. 

With its magic in hand, the player’s overall accuracy rating is buffed up by 18%, which essentially means that their attacks will always be directed towards foes and chop a solid chunk of their HP instantly. 

Ca’arsen’s Invigoration 

When mentioning the gems being used in the Diablo Immortal Crusader Guide, Ca’arsen’s Invigoration proves to be immensely useful when dealing with opponents in battle. The primary attack speed is 6%, which allows the player to simply go into the arena and obliterate foes. 

Sivket’s Advantage

Diablo Immortal Sivket's Advantage
Sivket’s Advantage

Yet another viable option for gear pieces is the Sivket’s Advantage which is essentially supposed to be a shoulder piece, stopping any attacks unleashed at the shoulder blades. This is especially important as a gear piece to be worn in battle so that no amount of injury can be taken that could potentially hurt the Crusader main. 

While the shoulder piece is being worn in combat, both in PvE and PvP, players will gain 40 Willpower and 40 Fortitude, which is pretty important for staying strong while being in the heat of the battle.

Alongside that, players will also gain an attack speed bonus of 6%, which is vital when taking out enemies faster. 

With the legendary passive, the skill “Draw and Quarter” will further enhance the duration of the skill by a total of 30%, allowing the skill to kill off more enemies in its surrounding radius. The skill is also pretty broken on its own; however, it becomes even more deadly with this buff. 

Chained Death 

Sockets recommended for this particular gear piece include Chained Death, which will first give the player 20% of the base attributes of all socketed items.

It will also prove important for Crusader, as it will buff damage output by 1.50% and allow it to attack up to 3 enemies. While we are on the topic of Crusaders, why not reach out to our Diablo Immortal Necromancer Build!

Bladed Iambeau 

Diablo Immortal Bladed Iambeau
Bladed Iambeau

With the Bladed Iambeau being in the player’s arsenal, they will be able to focus on being under the guard of leg gear to stand on their feet and not get knocked out. The legs being protected will also grant the player the ability to continue moving around and murdering foes. 

When the Bladed Iambeau is being worn, players will gain both Willpower and Fortitude in figures of 32, making them even more dangerous in combat.

Opponents will be scared of them and will not be in a position to hurt players. When the magic is used, the life regeneration of Crusade mains will be enhanced by 3%. 

Once again, the Draw and Quarter skill are enhanced even more than it needs to be, as the gear piece will offer up the mount’s ability to become a steed, which will set the ground on fire, and you can imagine what happens next. It continuously burns enemies, but it will not drag down opponents. 

Trickshot Gem 

For the advised gems, players can equip and use the Trickshot gem, which can come in pretty handy in combat, as it will grant the player to be the ability to cast their skills a lot more often as it will take up 13% less energy, which is why it is a part of the Diablo Immortal Crusader Build. Players will also take 3% less damage with the gem. 

Weapons For Crusader 

The final category that we would like to cover is the main-hand and off-hand weapons that Diablo Immortal players will want to equip. Players must choose their weapons carefully since they can make or break their build Diablo Immortal Crusader setup. Check out our Diablo Immortal Server guide to find the best server fit for you!

Closing Jaws 

Diablo Immortal Closing Jaws
Closing Jaws

The main-hand weapon recommended for the players in Diablo Immortal is probably going to be Closing Jaws for both the early and mid-game.

However, please keep in mind that as players continue to progress through the end-game, they will most probably want to switch out for a stronger weapon. 

As far as the weapon itself is concerned, it will grant the player 93 Willpower, 40 Strength, and 40 Vitality. With that, the damage being dealt with demons will also be boosted up by 12%, making it all the easier to come face-to-face with elite enemies and pierce through them. 

Lightning Core 

For the main gem used for the Closing Jaws, the recommended one is Lightning Core. It will essentially allow players to cast down chain lightning unto unsuspecting and vulnerable enemies, which will cause them to intake 80% damage and 729 bonus damage from the player’s end. For more classes, read up on our Diablo Immortal Barbarian Build!

Zaynula’s Last Hymn

Diablo Immortal Zaynula's Last Hymn
Zaynula’s Last Hymn

Last but not least, the Zaynula’s Last Hymn is the off-hand weapon that is advised for travelers in combat. With it being in the player’s hand, they can gain 35 Fortitude, 32 Strength, and 32 extra Vitality. The overall damage being dealt with Elite enemies will be increased by 12%. 

The skill known as “Consecration,” which we mentioned before, will also get buffed as it will now slow down the opponent’s movement speed by 30%. 

Zod Stone 

For the gem, nothing can replace the Zod Stone since it will make the player an absolute beast to be feared by all foes and increase the skill damage output by 10%.

It also buffs the duration of these ultimates by a whopping 26%, making them last longer and be even more deadly to enemies. 

Attributes for Crusader Build

Whenever you get any new gear for your Crusader build in Diablo Immortal, the stats it would possess would be randomly generated. The attribute scores are the most important part of these stats.

You can access them by navigating to the top of the info panel. The panel will appear when you select any kind of equipment. There are five attributes that will affect your Crusader Build’s capabilities. They are Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Vitality, and Fortitude.

However, you don’t need to invest skill points in every single one of them. Some attributes are more important than others when it comes to Crusader build in Diablo Immortal. You should focus more on Strength, Vitality, and Fortitude. Intelligence and Willpower are not that important so you can ignore them. These skills will ultimately effect your Combat Rating as well.

Strength should be your first priority. Melee classes like Crusader should invest most of their points in Strength. Intelligence attribute is best for classes like Wizard in Diablo Immortal however it has no use for the Crusader Build. Investing in Strength will increase the damage dealt with all of the skills of the Crusader class.

Vitality and Fortitude are also the attributes you should invest your skill points in. Vitality will improve your Life Stat, this will allow you to last for a long time and take more damage without losing great chunks of your HP.

Fortitude will greatly increase your Armor stat and Armor Durability. So you won’t get a lot of damage from the enemy attacks. Both of these stats will make Crusader the perfect Tank as you’ll have leveled up both Strength and Armor.

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