Diablo Immortal Crusader: Gear, Skills & Weapons 

This Diablo Immortal Crusader Guide will showcase the recommended skillset, armor pieces, weapons, and gems in combat!

The Crusader class in Diablo Immortal is typically geared toward players that want to carry the other party members and want to act as the “tank” of the group. The class is described as such because of the heavy armor that it adorns and the way it can absorb tons of damage without letting any HP get depleted. The Diablo Immortal players who want to go for the class should know that it is an excellent choice simply because they will be able to conquer both solo-class and group raids.

Key Highlights
  • Crusader is one of the classes in Diablo Immortal and this class role is to be a Tank which can dominate both PvP and PvE content.
  • You can only have four main skills in a Crusader class, the skills being:
    • Condemn
    • Judgment
    • Consecration
    • Draw and Quarter
  • After skills, gearing is also an important system to follow. The best gear for Crusader class is:
    • Head Piece (Sudden Vallation)
    • Chest Piece (Besieger)
    • Shoulder Piece (Sivket’s Advantage)
    • Leg Piece (Bladed Lambeau)
  • Once you have properly fixed the defence, weapons are also important, and the best weapons for a Crusader’s class are:
    • Closing Jaws
    • Zaynula’s Last Hymn

The Crusader Class

Crusaders in Diablo Immortal are tough cookies. They hardly get hurt in PvE or PvP battles and can deal a lot of damage. They’re great at taking on big groups of enemies and boosting their party’s strength. In tough fights, they shine, making them essential for the endgame. Let’s dive into some simple Diablo Immortal Crusader tips!

Skills For Crusader

As for the skills that come into question, players will use four to five main skills whenever they are maining as a Crusader. Though there are fewer skills, these skills themselves are on the more potent end and are sure to take over enemies on the battlefield. 

Here are all the skills for the Crusader Class: 

Skill NameEffectCooldownWeapon Name
CondemnGather energy and unleash a massive explosion on nearby opponents, dealing 5259 damage after 3 seconds.9 secondsClosing Jaws (Main-hand), Zaynula’s Last Hymn (Off-hand)
JudgmentPass judgment on foes, dealing 2524 damage and applying a "Slow" debuff for 3 seconds. Explodes after, stunning enemies.12 seconds
ConsecrationBuffs overall performance, causing enemies to take 12168 damage over 6 seconds with a "Slow" debuff.15 seconds
Draw and QuarterCall a war horse, gaining 65% movement speed for 6 seconds. Unable to melee attack, but can deal 1703 damage with holy chains.16 seconds


Diablo Immortal Condemn
Condemn Skill

The first skill to invest in is Condemn. It turns you into a tank, allowing you to withstand enemy attacks while swiftly defeating them in combat.

When activated, Condemn lets Crusaders gather energy to unleash a massive explosion after three seconds. This explosion deals 5259 damage to nearby enemies within a few feet. Casting Condemn again triggers a quicker explosion, but with slightly reduced damage and a smaller radius.

The skill has a 9-second cooldown and is designed for combat, dealing damage to opponents.


Diablo Immortal Judgement
Judgement Skill

Another valuable skill for the Crusader build in Diablo Immortal is Judgement. This skill passes judgment on nearby foes within a radius, dealing 2524 damage and applying a ‘Slow’ debuff for 3 seconds, reducing opponents’ movement and attack speed by 50%.

After a few seconds, the center of the radius explodes, dealing 1953 damage to nearby enemies and stunning them for 3 seconds. This skill has a 12-second cooldown and is more focused on control rather than just dealing damage


Diablo Immortal Consecration
Consecration Skill

One skill we can’t overlook is Consecration. This skill boosts overall performance in battles, making it a must-have.

When activated, Crusaders can create Consecration on the ground around them, dealing a hefty 12168 damage to nearby enemies over 6 seconds, often leading to instant kills. It also applies a ‘Slow’ debuff, reducing enemy movement by 30%.

While it may not suit all playstyles, Consecration is vital for end-game content. This damage-based skill is valuable in both PvP and PvE battles, rendering opponents helpless. It has a short 15-second cooldown

Just like the Crusader, there are other classes that players can go for; therefore, make sure to not miss out on our Diablo Immortal Best Class Guide!

Draw and Quarter 

Diablo Immortal Draw and Quarter
Draw and Quarter Skill

Lastly, we have Draw and Quarter, a skill that conjures a war horse for enhanced movement speed, granting a 65% boost. Players can swiftly approach enemies and strike them down with the horse.

The horse remains for 6 seconds, so players should choose their targets wisely to maximize its effectiveness. During these 6 seconds, players can’t perform melee attacks, but they can use the skill to deal 1703 damage to enemies, aided by holy chains for faster kills.

This skill has a 16-second cooldown and is buff-based.


Now that the skills are done and over with, we will be moving on to the potential gear, specifically armor pieces that players will want to use. The armor pieces will be able to protect them, and since the Crusader is aimed to be a tank-class, it fits perfectly into the Diablo Immortal Crusader build. 


Diablo Immortal Besieger

Let’s start with the Besieger chest piece, which not only looks impressive but also provides excellent protection for Crusader players, especially against stomach hits. It grants an additional 88 Willpower, along with a bonus of 32 Fortitude and another 32 Willpower after upgrades.

Its magical properties reduce incoming damage by 12%. As for its legendary passive, it enhances the Draw and Quarter skill, enabling it to call down a bombardment that deals 731 damage to enemies, swiftly eliminating them.

Pain of Subjugation 

As for the sockets that the Besieger piece will be using, it is a Pain of Subjugation. When activated, it will offer an 8% damage output increase to opponents that have been debuffed with the “control-loss” debuff. And with that, it will also decrease the intaken damage by players by 3%. 

Sudden Vallation 

Diablo Immortal Sudden Vallation
Sudden Vallation

Next up is Sudden Vallation, a headgear that shields players in Diablo Immortal from headshot damage. When upgraded to rank 5, it gains an additional 40 Strength and 40 Vitality on top of the base 30 Strength, making it easier for players to stand strong in battle and launch attacks on nearby foes.

Its magic boosts the player’s overall accuracy rating by 18%, ensuring that their attacks consistently hit their mark, swiftly cutting down their opponents’ HP.

Ca’arsen’s Invigoration 

When mentioning the gems being used in the Diablo Immortal Crusader Guide, Ca’arsen’s Invigoration proves to be immensely useful when dealing with opponents in battle. The primary attack speed is 6%, which allows the player to simply go into the arena and obliterate foes. 

Sivket’s Advantage

Diablo Immortal Sivket's Advantage
Sivket’s Advantage

Another excellent gear option is Sivket’s Advantage, a shoulder piece that provides protection for the shoulder blades, ensuring Crusader mains remain unharmed in battle.

While wearing this shoulder piece in both PvE and PvP combat, players gain 40 Willpower and 40 Fortitude, essential for resilience in the heat of battle. Additionally, they receive a 6% attack speed bonus, allowing them to dispatch enemies more swiftly.

With its legendary passive, the skill ‘Draw and Quarter’ gains a 30% duration increase, enabling it to eliminate more enemies within its radius. This already potent skill becomes even deadlier with this enhancement.

Chained Death 

Sockets recommended for this particular gear piece include Chained Death, which will first give the player 20% of the base attributes of all socketed items.

It will also prove important for Crusader, as it will buff damage output by 1.50% and allow it to attack up to 3 enemies. While we are on the topic of Crusaders, why not reach out to our Diablo Immortal Necromancer Build!

Bladed Iambeau 

Diablo Immortal Bladed Iambeau
Bladed Iambeau

Enter the Bladed Iambeau, an essential part of your arsenal that safeguards your legs, allowing you to stay on your feet and continue engaging foes. This leg gear provides both Willpower and Fortitude, each with a boost of 32, making you a formidable force in combat.

Your opponents will fear your presence and struggle to harm you. When its magic is invoked, the life regeneration of Crusader mains increases by 3%. Additionally, the gear enhances the Draw and Quarter skill further by enabling the mount to become a steed, setting the ground ablaze and continuously burning enemies, though it won’t pull them closer.

Trickshot Gem 

For the advised gems, players can equip and use the Trickshot gem, which can come in pretty handy in combat, as it will grant the player to be the ability to cast their skills a lot more often as it will take up 13% less energy, which is why it is a part of the Diablo Immortal Crusader Build. Players will also take 3% less damage with the gem. 

Weapons For Crusader 

The final category that we would like to cover is the main-hand and off-hand weapons that Diablo Immortal players will want to equip. Players must choose their weapons carefully since they can make or break their build Diablo Immortal Crusader setup. Check out our Diablo Immortal Server guide to find the best server fit for you!

Closing Jaws 

Diablo Immortal Closing Jaws
Closing Jaws

For the main-hand weapon, Closing Jaws is a solid choice for both early and mid-game phases. However, as players progress into the end-game, they may want to consider upgrading to a more powerful weapon.

Closing Jaws provides players with 93 Willpower, 40 Strength, and 40 Vitality. It also enhances damage dealt to demons by 12%, which proves valuable when facing elite enemies and cutting through their defenses.

Lightning Core 

For the main gem used for the Closing Jaws, the recommended one is Lightning Core. It will essentially allow players to cast down chain lightning unto unsuspecting and vulnerable enemies, which will cause them to intake 80% damage and 729 bonus damage from the player’s end. For more classes, read up on our Diablo Immortal Barbarian Build!

Zaynula’s Last Hymn

Diablo Immortal Zaynula's Last Hymn
Zaynula’s Last Hymn

Last but not least, the Zaynula’s Last Hymn is the off-hand weapon that is advised for travelers in combat. With it being in the player’s hand, they can gain 35 Fortitude, 32 Strength, and 32 extra Vitality. The overall damage being dealt with Elite enemies will be increased by 12%. 

The skill known as “Consecration,” which we mentioned before, will also get buffed as it will now slow down the opponent’s movement speed by 30%. 

Zod Stone 

For the gem, nothing can replace the Zod Stone since it will make the player an absolute beast to be feared by all foes and increase the skill damage output by 10%.

It also buffs the duration of these ultimates by a whopping 26%, making them last longer and be even more deadly to enemies. 

Attributes for Crusader Build

When acquiring new gear for your Crusader build in Diablo Immortal, it’s important to note that the stats on the gear are randomly generated. Among these stats, the attribute scores play a crucial role. You can access these attributes at the top of the gear info panel, which appears when you select any equipment. There are five attributes that impact your Crusader Build: Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Vitality, and Fortitude.

However, not all attributes are equally important for the Crusader build. It’s advisable to prioritize Strength, Vitality, and Fortitude while minimizing investment in Intelligence and Willpower. Focusing on these three attributes will also enhance your Combat Rating.

Strength takes precedence as it significantly boosts the damage dealt by all Crusader skills. Melee classes like Crusader benefit greatly from investing in Strength. Intelligence is better suited for classes like Wizard, so it holds little relevance for the Crusader Build.

Vitality and Fortitude are essential attributes to invest in. Vitality increases your Life Stat, allowing you to withstand more damage without losing substantial HP. Fortitude significantly boosts your Armor stat and Armor Durability, reducing damage from enemy attacks. Strengthening both of these stats makes the Crusader an excellent Tank, with a combination of Strength and high Armor.

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