Diablo Immortal Cycle Turn Chest: Cost & Rewards

How to get Cycle Turn Chest in Diablo Immortal, cost and rewards.

Diablo Immortal is the first free-to-play RPG mobile game by Blizzard. MMO element is launched for the first time in the Diablo game. Fantastic new features and elements are waiting to mesmerize you in this new game. If you are new, going through the Diablo Immortal beginner guide will help you immensely. Our guide will explain every aspect of Cycle turn chest Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal comes with unique classes like Barbarian, Monk, and Demon Hunter. Also, we have other classes like Crusader, Wizard and Necromancer. Each class is excellent and offers a few advantages over the others. However, knowing your class’s primary stat will make your progress in Diablo Immortal efficient.

 Knowing every stat is vital because each stat has its own purpose, and you can prioritize each one according to your character. Similarly, you can level up is essential, and you can level up using XP points that can be earned by killing the monsters.

Let’s move on to Cycle turn chest Diablo Immortal without further delay. Firstly, we will expound on getting this chest. Then we will tell you about the cost. After that, we will elaborate on the incredible rewards that Cycle Turn’s chest offers. Also, check out our guides like Diablo Immortal Ruins of Corvus, and Diablo Immortal Light All 9 Lamps At Once guide.

Cycle turn chest Diablo Immoral
Get The Cycle Turn Chest

Where To Buy Cycle’s Turn Chest in Diablo Immortal

You may want to pick up Cycle Turns chest to add firepower to your character. After passing through Hordes of Ravenous Fetishes in Bilefen, you will be presented with the opportunity of joining the Shadow faction.

A mysterious order keep the Immortal in excellent shape. If you are worthy enough to join, this shadowy band of assassins can become your home away from home. Cycle turn chest Diablo Immortal provides unique items to those with knowledge of conflict between Shadows and Immortals.  

You can get Cycle turn chest Diablo Immortal from Lieutenant Fizriah in Westmarch. It can be found near the Immortal Overlook waypoint. However, the chest only becomes available after defeating an Immortal in a Shadow war. Meanwhile, go through our guides like Diablo Immortal Rite of Exile, and Diablo Immortal Best Class.

In other words, if you are a member of Shadows, you will be able to get the chest when Immortals are overthrown. Also, you will receive a notification in the game when it’s available. Now, let’s move toward explaining the cost.

Cost Of Cycle’s Turn Chest

Diablo Immortal Cycle turn chest will cost you 50 Hilts. However, you have a limitation of buying only one a day. There are mainly two ways of acquiring Hilts. One is through the Battle Pass, and the other is completing various daily tasks the game offers. while you are at it, go through our guides like Diablo Immortal Legendary Items Farming and Diablo Immortal Raids.

Rewards Of Cycle’s Turn Chest

Cycle turn chest Diablo Immortal
Rewards Of Cycle Turn Chest

Rewards are sent to inventory immediately whenever Diablo Immortal Cycle turn chest is granted. You are briefed about them through a notification that flashes on your screen. However, if you miss them, check your bag of tricks. You will find them there. Moreover, you will receive one of the following rewards. Before that check out our guides like Essence Transfer Guide and Diablo Immortal Max Level.

  • 1 x Reforge Stone
  • 1 x Simple Charm
  • 1 x Normal Gem
  • 1 x Echo Crystal
  • 200 x Hilts

This wraps up the guide. We explained every aspect of Diablo Immortal Cycle Turn Chest. Now, you know everything about how to get the chest. Also, we elaborated on the cost and rewards of this chest. Hope we have clarified all your confusion. If you have questions or feedback, please post them in the comments below.

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