Diablo Immortal Demon Gates: Location & Rewards

Our detailed guide on the Demon Gates in Diablo Immortal tells you everything you need to know about the event requirements and rewards.

Diablo Immortal features an in-game event known as the Demon Gates. These are special places that occur merely three times a day. If players partake in these events they can acquire some of the Best Items and Loot in the game. Therefore, today let’s discuss everything there is to know about the Diablo Immortal Demon Gates.

Key Takeaways
  • The Demon Gates event has three plays per-day limit, but they give you a chance at getting legendary loot.
  • They spawn in random locations within the Realm of Damnation at specific times.
  • To start the Demon Gates event, you’ll need a party of three players, be level 56 or higher, and your game difficulty set to Hell.
  • You can get the Hell difficulty by reaching level 60 and completing the campaign.
  • When you trigger the Demon Gates, a wave of enemies will spawn, which you have to clear within 20 minutes and get to the next gate.
  • The 20-minute timer starts at each gate, and you’ll have to complete three gates to complete the event.
  • The most challenging part of Demon Gates is Maliduce, a demon with a total of 1.03M health.
  • After you’ve finished three Demon Gates, you’ll be on a cooldown before attempting it again.

What Are Demon Gates In Diablo Immortal?

Demon Gates spawn in the Realm of Damnation at random locations.
Notifications alert players when a Demon Gate spawns nearby.
Enchanted Dust
Legendary sets and
Achievement: Demon Gate (achieved
after defeating a Demon three times)

Although the Demon Gates has a limit of 3 plays per day, it might be one of your only few chances of obtaining legendary loot. When you need a steady source of Enchanted Dust and loot at a certain point in the game, you can always come back to this event to replenish your resources.

The story behind the Demon gates is that they are portals created by Skarn to bring his demonic forces to the Realm of Damnation. The story of Skarn as the main antagonist of the game is revealed as the game progresses. To complete the event, you must defeat Skarn’s forces in time and close the Demon Gates. 

To know more about Skarn and his fight read our Diablo Immortal Skarn guide and learn about the Helliquary location and boss fight.

Demon Gates Locations

As for now, there is no concrete pattern as to when and where these Demonic portals (Demon Gates) spawn. All we can say for sure is that the Demon Gates spawn in the Realm of Damnation. Within the realm itself, these gates spawn at a specific time at completely random locations.

As we all know the players will eventually figure out the pattern behind their spawn mechanism, but there has been no luck thus far. For more information on zone events and hidden lairs try reading our Diablo Immortal secrets guide.

However, to make things easier for you the developers have added a notification system. It means that whenever you are in the Realm of Damnation and a Demonic Gate Spawns near you will get a notification about the spawn.

That was all about the location of the Demon Gates in Diablo Immortal let’s move on to the requirements and rewards for the event.

Demon Gates Requirements

The Realm of Damnation has a character level requirement of 56. This means you can’t enter the area unless you are character level 56 or above. Also, note that if you want to unlock zone events then you have to change your game difficulty level to Hell, and to do that you must reach level 60 and complete the campaign.

So, once you have the required character level and you have finished the campaign, then you can go ahead and participate in the Demon Gates zone event.

Activation of the Demon Gates
Three players are required to activate the demon Gates in Diablo immortal.

Another requirement to play the zone event is that you must have a party of three players. If you are planning on completing the event solo, then be warned that you cannot start the event unless you have two friends or random players with you.

Demon Gates Events 

Here are the details of the mobs that spawn from activating the Demon Gates in Diablo Immortal. As you and your friends get to the location of the Demon Gates on the map you will be prompted to interact with the gates. It will trigger the event and spawn a wave of enemies.

You will now have a total of twenty minutes to defeat the wave of enemies and get to the next gate. The most notable of these spawned demons is the Maliduce which will have a health of 1.03M.

Maliduce in Diablo Immortal
The Demon Maliduce spawned from activating the Demon Gates.

Taking down the Maliduce will be the most challenging part of the event. So, we would recommend that you complete this event with a well-balanced party of friends. While you are at it you should also consider reading our guide on the Necromancer Build in Diablo Immortal.  Hopefully, it will help you in your battles. 

Once you defeat the wave of mobs you will now have to get to the next nearby Demon Gate and activate it within the given twenty minutes. Activating the second gate will reset your timer and spawn another wave of demons. Repeat the same process and get to the third and last gate. It will then complete your Demons Gate zone event.

How To Reactivate The Event

Once you are done with the event you can complete it again two more times once the gates randomly spawn for the second and third time. After you have completed the event three times you will be put on cooldown before you can participate again.

Keep in mind that each gate will count as individual event participation. You cannot participate again if you have completed three individual gates.

Demon Gate Zone Event Rewards

There are many rewards for completing the Demons Gate zone events. Some of the rarer drops include Enchanted Dust, Legendary sets and Legendary gear, Hilts, and bonus awards for completing the three Demon Gates. There is also an achievement called the Demon Gate that can be achieved after defeating a Demon three times.

To know more about item sets and their drop locations you should read our Diablo Immortal set drop locations guide.

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