Diablo Immortal: Essence Transfer & Inheriting Guide

How Extract Transfer works, and how you can use it to inherit and extract essence in Diablo Immortal to get the best modified legendary items.

Essence allows you to transfer the appearance, item’s name, and perk of one legendary item to another for better loadout and builds customization. For players who have played previous Diablo games, consider its transfer function similar to Kanai’s Cube. Those who are new, keep reading, and you will learn everything there is about essence in Diablo Immortal. The Essence Transfer feature is new in Diablo Immortal. It lets you utilize your old gear rather than salvage it. To reach the max level in Diablo Immortal faster, inheriting and extracting essence will be of great help.

Key Highlights
  • Diablo Immortal has a unique feature/item called “Essence” which can help you transfer your stats and effects from one legendary item to another for better builds.
  • You can only do this transfer if the two items belong to the same rarity and set, the only difference between the two should be stats and effects.
  • You can transfer essence by going to the NPC in Westmarch and the NPC goes by Zamina.
  • You also have to be aware that once the Essence from one item goes to another, the previous legendary item will be destroyed and no longer be usable.
  • Similarly as Extracting, you can try Inheriting which will transfer the stats from the destroyed one to your desired item.

Unlocking Essence Transfer 

The first thing you will need to do for transferring gears is to unlock essence transfer. When you start playing Diablo Immortal, all you will have to do is look for two legendary items of the same type and save them in your inventory.

For example, two shields or two helmets will do the trick but not a helmet and shield. If the items are not of the same type, then you will not be able to transfer essence in Diablo Immortal.

Zamina the NPC
Zamina’s Location

After that, you have to go to Zamina: a special NPC vendor. She is available in Westmarch, the main player hub, next to the Rakkis Plaza Waypoint so that you can use your Essence Transfer option.

Remember that the Essence Transfer will allow you to swap your gears’ legendary powers, and it is Diablo Immortal’s reliable system.

Essence Transfer Restrictions and Features

Although the essence system sounds pleasing, there are certain boundaries that limit this option to a good extent. Essence transfer will not be applicable on any item below the legendary status.

The item from which essence is extracted will be destroyed, meaning you can no longer use it. Both the items have to be of the same type apart from legendary status. The extracted essence can be reused multiple times, while the inherited items can be reset at any time. 

Extracting Essence 

Diablo Immortal Extract Essence
Essence Extract

After having them in the inventory, you need to approach Zamina and then navigate to the transfer menu. Choose the Extract option on the next page, and you will be able to choose one legendary item from which you want to extract the essence. Note that the items which you have stashed will not be available in this.

After unlocking essence transfer, you will now be able to extract the essence, and for that, you will need a minimum of two legendary items in the inventory of the same type so you can begin the essence extraction.

You will then see many options to extract, such as “Spirit’s Reach” and beneath it is the description of the item. The description of Spirit’s Reach mentions that the seven-sided strike will place a runic circle, and all the enemies will get stuck in it. 

Since you will not be having all the legendary items in inventory, some of the options will be in black and white, meaning that the item is not extractable.

On the other hand, if you have the required legendary items in inventory, then the option will be in golden along with the text “extractable” on the bottom right. In the image above, you can see that “Zaynula’s Last Hymn” is extractable. Therefore it is in golden with the “extractable” text while the others are in black and white.   

The essence extraction in Diablo Immortal is most effective when you find a weak legendary item but with a good perk. You can extract that item to use it on another item that has better overall stats.

The good thing about extracting the essence from legendary items in Diablo Immortal is that there are no restrictions as long as both legendary items are of the same type.

Steps for Extracting

  1. After opening the essence transfer, click extract, which then shows the extractable items. Remember to see the requirements before extracting. If you don’t have the item in inventory, then go out for a hunt.
  2. You will also have to select the required item while paying the gold required and then click “Extract.” Most of the items will be extracted for 3,000 gold. However, some items may vary, but they will have almost the same cost.
    Required Material for extraction of essence
    Material Required to extract the essence.
  3. After clicking Extract, you will see a confirmation dialogue box. Since the material from which the essence is being extracted will be destroyed, make sure your decision is final.
    Destroy material in Diablo Immortal
    Confirmation dialogue box
  4. Once you press “OK,” you will see your extract essence in inventory. It stores permanently and can transfer to any item.
    Diablo Immortal Extracted Essence
    Extracted Essence

The Cost of Extracting

However, keep in mind that extracting comes with a cost. Firstly, you will have to spend your gold to extract the essence from the legendary item. Secondly, when you extract the essence from a particular legendary item, it will be destroyed once the extraction is complete. However, the extracted essence can be reapplied several times.

It means you will not be able to use it again, so be careful while assessing the worth of each legendary item you are extracting from and to.

However, once the item is destroyed, you can use it for glowing shards which will be required in high amounts once you reach level 6 with Zamina.

Inheriting Essence 

Unlike the extraction process, inheriting essence in Diablo Immortal does not come with any cost. But for you to inherit, you will have to use the extracted essence.

Meaning you would have already paid the cost. For this, you will need to talk to Zamina, the NPC, and this time on the next screen, choose Inherit option, which will let you transfer the essence.

It is important to note that items that are inherited cannot be further extracted; therefore, save the strong items early on for the purpose of extracting rather than salvaging.

Steps of Inheriting Essence

  1. Now, rather than clicking on “Extract,” you will have to click on “Inherit.”
    Diablo Immortal: Inherit Essence
    Inherit option in Essence Transfer
  2. Then Diablo Immortal will show you the before and after name and qualities of the item. Note that the name, appearance, and legendary attribute of the item will change.
    Inheritance Before and After
    Before and After Qualities and Name
  3. The inherited item will then be shown in your inventory with a different icon. It is orange and resembles a flame to show that this item has been modified.
    Inherited Item
    Inherited Item with a unique icon

New Outlook of the Item

After selecting the legendary item to which you want to transfer the essence, remember that the name of the specific powers changes along with their appearance while accumulating all the upgrades and stats.

Inherited gear is tagged with a unique icon that lets you know its identity. So if anyone feels like it is a mistake, then the process can be reverted without any extra cost. It will also give you back the original form. It will allow you to experiment with your gears and try different combos. If they turn out to be great, then keep otherwise; just revert.

Tips for Essence 

Players who want to level up fast in Diablo Immortal should not upgrade their gears extravagantly. As upgrading will deplete your gold, you might drop new gear which is better than your old one.

Moreover, legendary items will be hard to come by in the early stages. So drop your low-level legendary item for the one which is better in stats as you level up. If the old item has a better perk, then just extract the essence.

Also, remember that essence extraction has a cost while inheriting essence is free. Once the essence is extracted, the item will destroy. Once the item is inherited, it can be reverted; therefore, keep on experimenting. 


All in all, these are the simple steps you need to know in order to extract the essence. To summarize, unlock essence transfer by having two legendary items of the same kind. Then choose whether you want to extract the essence from any item and add it to another, or you want to inherit the essence and change the item completely with a different name and quality. 

Hopefully, this guide on Diablo Immortal extract essence helped you. Now you can improve your legendary items inventory which will eventually level up your character in the most optimal way.

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