Diablo Immortal Hell I: Exploring In-Game Difficulties

Our Diablo Immortal Hell I guide goes through everything you need to know about the Hell I difficulty setting

Exploring the Diablo Immortal Hell I DifficultyDiablo Immortal features a massive campaign that requires you to travel to different areas of the massive open-world map. Once you have completed all quests and defeated all bosses, you will eventually reach the end of the game and get to Level 60

hell I

This is the max character level that you can reach in the main campaign of the game. Once you reach level 60, your Paragon level will be set at 0. After unlocking the Paragon level, you can complete different quests and hunt monsters to upgrade your level. The Paragon Level will then help you unlock Hell I difficulty in Diablo Immortal that you can play on.

Key Highlights
  • Diablo Immortal comes with many difficulties to choose and as the difficulty increases so does the value of rewards.
  • One of the hardest difficulties is “Hell-1” which you can get access to only after completing the main storyline.
  • Hell 1” is not the only difficult but it goes up to “Hell 2” only after you reach Paragon level 30.
  • After mastering the “Hell 2” difficulty, you can go even further to “Hell 3” after reaching Paragon level 80.
  • If you grind even more, you can go to “Hell 4” difficulty, only possible to reach after achieving Paragon level 150.
  • If you’re an even more daring player, “Hell 5” is the final difficulty which is only unlockable after reaching Paragon level 240.

Different Difficulties Based on Paragon Levels

There are a plethora of ways in which you can farm your Paragon Level. Our Diablo Immortal: Level Up Paragon Faster guide goes through the nine fastest ways in which you can quickly increase your Paragon Levels.

Once you have the necessary levels for an upgrade, you can make your way to Westmarch. Westmarch is the central hub in Diablo Immortal, and you can change your difficulty level here. You can also follow our Diablo Immortal Difficulty Setting guide for more information regarding the in-game difficulties.

Based on your Paragon Levels, you can choose between 5 difficulty levels. All these difficulty levels have their unique challenges and rewards that you can collect to improve your character further. These difficulties include;

Hell I

Hell I is the first difficulty that you can unlock after completing the main storyline of the Diablo Immortal. You can unlock the Hell I difficulty even if you have a single Paragon Level. The Hell I difficulty drops equipment and items from Paragon Level 1 to 60, and you can unlock a lot of unique items in Hell I.

These items are essential for speeding up your level farm, which can help you get to the next difficulty quickly. The monster combat level at Hell I is 390. This also ensures that if you are playing with a party, you can easily defeat these monsters and unlock the rewards.

If you want more information about combat ratings and how they work, you can consult our Diablo Immortal Combat Rating guide.

Hell II

Hell II
The Hell II Difficulty

Once you reach Paragon Level 30, you have a chance to either keep grinding the Hell I difficulty or upgrade to the Hell II difficulty in Diablo Immortal. The Hell II difficulty drops items between Paragon Levels 30 to 130.

The monster combat rating at Hell II is 1190. It means that the monster you encounter at this difficulty will take more effort to kill. However, all monsters at the level drop rare set items that make killing them worth the effort.

Hell III

Hell III
The Hell III Difficulty

The Hell III difficulty can be unlocked at Paragon Level 80, and it drops items from Level 80 to 210. The Monster Combat Rating at this level is 2150, and the improved combat rating means that you will require more teammates to finish off these monsters.

However, with the improved combat rating, the items dropped by these monsters also significantly improved. So, if you can finish off the monsters on the difficulty, you will be able to unlock items that will make your progress in the game easier.

Hell IV

Hell IV
The Hell IV Difficulty

The penultimate unlockable difficulty in Diablo Immortal is Hell IV. You can unlock Hell IV difficulty by reaching Paragon Level 150. Reaching Hell IV is extremely difficult in Diablo Immortal, and you will have to put hundreds of hours into the game to get there.

In addition to time, you will also have to build your character class with perfect precision to maximize your chances of progressing in the game. To ensure this, you can go through our Demon Hunter, Barbarian, Necromancer, Monk, and Immortal Wizard builds to make the best decisions possible.

The monster combat rating at this difficulty is 3270, which guarantees that you will have to put in more effort and get better rewards for defeating them.

Hell V

Hell V
The Hell V Difficulty

Hell V is the final difficulty in Diablo Immortal, and it can only be unlocked by reaching Paragon Level 240. This is the latest difficulty that was added to the game, and it drops equipment between Paragon Levels 240 to 600.

Very few players have made it to Level 240 since the game’s release on June 2nd, 2022. Because of this, not a lot is known about the difficulty and the rewards it drops.

However, based on Hell IV, it is easy to assume that the Monster Combat Rating will be significantly higher, and the grind required to kill them will also be more hectic.

This concludes our Diablo Immortal Hell I guide. Let us know what you think about our guide in the comments below!

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