Diablo Immortal Legendary Gear: Farming Guide

This Diablo Immortal How To Get Legendary Gear guide will showcase the best ways to farm legendary pieces for players!

Diablo Immortal offers players the ability to select gear ranging from common to rare to legendary gear, which will include weapons as well as a plethora of armor options, which not only look incredibly stylish, but it also helps them gain victory during battle. Our Diablo Immortal How To Get Legendary Gear guide will uncover a few fast and efficient ways to farm the legendary gear while also covering the best weapon options for players!

Key Highlights
  • One of the best rarities for gears in Diablo Immortal has to be Legendary Gear which also requires effort.
  • There are many ways to obtain Legendary Gears in Diablo Immortal, such as:
    • You can get legendary gear from the “Rarities and Antiques” shop, and it costs gold to purchase them, but you have to be lucky.
    • You can buy the Battle Pass, which will give you a Legendary Off-hand weapon when you reach level 10.
    • One of the best ways to get Legendary gear is by finding and completing dungeons that range in difficulty.
  • If you want to guarantee to have Legendary gear, you can complete the challenges in Challenge Rift. It progressively gets hard and increases the value of rewards too.

For players that are entirely new to the game, our Wiki will give you all the information you need to know about it!

Farming Legendary Gear 

Let’s start by diving deeper into the most efficient way to farm legendary gear in Diablo Immortal and how it can make players incredibly strong in combat! 

Hilts Traders 

Diablo Immortal Hilts Trader
Hilts Trader

The first thing we would like to mention is “Hilts Traders,” and hilts are essentially a valuable currency that you can trade with a certain trader to get your hands on legendary items. Players can earn these hilts through the Battle pass, completing quests, and several other in-game earning methods. 

When you approach the Hilts Trader, it will open up a pop-up screen that will showcase a few items that the trader will be able to sell to the player. Right on top, the player will come across an item known as “Mystery Legendary Item,” which will be sold to them by exchanging a couple of hilts. 

The legendary item cannot be pre-selected and will be completely random, and it will reset every week while it allows players to purchase one mystery item per week. 

Rarities And Antiquities 

Diablo Immortal Rarities and Antiquities
Rarities and Antiquities

The next way players in Diablo Immortal can get their hands on legendary gear is through the Rarities and Antiqiuites exchange shop, which will offer a bunch of items, and players can purchase said items. 

The shop itself does not take hilts or any kind of special currency; rather, it will take simple Gold, and it can be used to purchase one of four items up for sale: 

  • Mystery Weapon 
  • Mystery Primary Armor 
  • Mystery Secondary Armor 
  • Mystery Jewelry 

While most of the drops will be common items, there is a chance that players might be able to get their hands on legendary gear that they might have never encountered before. 

Players can purchase only 25 of each item daily, meaning they can purchase 100 total weapons, primary, secondary armor, and jewelry pieces and then figure out if they get lucky. 

Battle Pass 

Diablo Immortal Battle Pass
Battle Pass

Next up, Battle Pass drops! Everyone knows by now that a battle pass in any game is a sure-fire way to gain extra loot, resources, and level-up materials, but once every 10 or 20 levels, the battle pass will drop some rare or even legendary items. 

The same can be truly said for Diablo Immortal as well, as when players reach level 10 in the Battle Pass, they will be able to receive a free Mystery Legendary Off-hand weapon. It will be able to aid them in taking down other enemies in battle while also boosting their performance. 

While there was a lot of confusion about whether the level 10 drop was for pay-to-win or free-to-play players, it’s been made pretty clear that it’s a free-to-play friendly drop, and anyone who reaches rank ten can get the legendary weapon. 


Diablo Immortal Warbands

If players need to figure out a quick way on Diablo Immortal How To Get Legendary Gear, they are highly advised to join a Warband, which is essentially just a group whereby players can join. Together, do quests and enjoy the experience of the game!

Upon joining the Warband, there will be a place known as the “Warband Stash,” with several legendary pieces of gear that players can access. It is incredibly suitable for free-to-play players and helps them become stronger while being in the beginning stages of the game. 

While warbands may not drop the highest rarity pieces of gear, they will still be incredibly worth it nonetheless, mostly because newer players will use any kind of strong gear to level up no matter the rarity. 


Diablo Immortal Dungeons

One of the most obvious ways to farm legendary gear is through Dungeons. In Diablo, players can unlock and gain access to multiple dungeons; if you are unaware of what a dungeon is, it is a domain full of enemies, ranging from different difficulty levels of enemies you need to defeat to gain rewards. 

The dungeons will be able to grant players legendary gear, especially if players are smart enough to schedule the dungeon playtime during a day with the weekly bonus or increased drop rates for certain pieces of gear. 

While dungeon farming may be time-consuming, it is still pretty worth it in the end, considering it will give players a chance to get the legendary gear of their dreams. While we are on the topic of discussing legendary gear, check out our Wizard Class Legendary Items guide!

Challenge Rifts 

Diablo Immortal Challenge Rifts
Challenge Rifts

The next way that players can gain a chance to grab Legendary pieces of gear in Diablo Immortal is by attending the Challenge Rifts. Most players will be able to get their very first legendary gear by completing the challenge rift at any kind of difficulty for the first time, allowing them to gain the experience of owning a legendary item. 

Challenge rifts will essentially have different difficulty levels, and upon completion, such as completing challenge levels 1-10, will give players a chance for anyone legendary item to drop. The same can be said for drops ranging from level 1 to level 200, but it is based on the player’s current build and strength. 

The stronger the player gets, the harder the level they will be able to attempt and the higher the chance of getting the legendary drop. 


Diablo Immortal Bestiaries

Another way to potentially get a few legendary gear pieces over time is through the Bestiary, which will make players go farming and hunting monsters such as unique, rare, and many common monsters. After collecting various orbs, players can trade them in for rewards, giving them a chance to get legendary gear. 

Best Overall Legendary Weapons 

Diablo Immortal Legendary Weapons
Legendary Weapons

Now that we have gotten to know just how players can access legendary gear let’s take a look at some of the choices that players can make for their Legendary weapon options in Diablo Immortal, considering weaponry is one of the main aspects of legendary gear. 

Eager Maelstrom 

First of all, we have the Eager Maelstrom, which will be a legendary main-hand weapon. The barbarian class will take advantage of it, using it in combat and ambushing any opponents in front of them. 

Whenever the weapon has been wielded, it will increase the overall radius of a whirlwind, which will suck more enemies. However, there is one side effect that will cause the movement speed of the whirlwind to decrease slightly. If you want to know how to get your hands on charms in-game, our Charms guide will tell you methods to farm them!

The Bristle 

Next up, let’s discuss The Bristle, which is yet another main-hand weapon that will be a weapon that can be used by Crusader mains in Diablo Immortal. The weapon will be slotted into the Main-hand option to be used as the main source of damage against foes present on the battlefield. 

The weapon will have one main affected skill, known as Sacred Fire, and it will allow players to swirl around waves covered with flame and fire, absolutely obliterating enemies while also causing severe burns. 

Breath of Winter 

As for the Breath of Winter, it will come in handy considering it is yet another legendary gear piece that can be found through the seven ways in Diablo Immortal How To Get Legendary Gear, and it will come in handy for Demon Hunter mains. The demon hunter players will take the weapon in their hands and go out to decimate enemies with ease. 

With the weapon skill “Multishot,” players will be granted the opportunity to launch out arrows that will one by one be imbued with ice so that they can chill enemies with ice. 

Dragon’s Indignation 

Moving on, the last weapon will be Dragon’s Indignation, which will be one of the best options for Monk mains and can help players dominate their enemies while fitting in the player’s main hand. 

The affected skill will be a Seven-Sided Strike, which will allow the player to burn enemies while in the arena. With that, we will wrap up our Legendary Gear guide. If you want a detailed guide about all potential legendary items in-game, including gems, armor, weapons, and much more, then our Legendary Items Farming guide will surely be a worthwhile read!

Guide and Photo Credits: DMDiabloImmortal on Youtube

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