Diablo Immortal Lassal: Boss Fight, Location & Rewards

Our Diablo Immortal Lassal raid boss fight guide lists the location, boss fight strategy, attacks & rewards that you unlock in the game.

The first raid you may take part in Diablo Immortal will be up against Lassal the Flame-spun. Similar to other games, a raid is enormous eight-player combat where your team faces off against the powerful World bosses.

While playing Raid in Diablo Immortal, everyone is competing for their own interests, and the top three players receive a bonus Chest of Glory that contains additional treasures.

Our main goal is to defeat Lassal on the typical 1-Skull level. Because you can’t actually back your comrades in battle in Diablo Immortal, raids are a little different. 

During the raid, you will need to look after yourself and control the three potions that you have in limited supply.

If you’re a novice player afraid to enter the intense world of raiding, follow our advice and allow yourself to remain alive for the entirety of the raid. 

Key Highlights
  • Make sure you have joined a raid party that has players with decent combat ratings before heading into it.
  • You should have at least an 1100 Battle Rating. For levels one and two of the fight, 420 and 1250 Battle Ratings are recommended, respectively.
  • The boss has four different phases, each with its strengths and techniques.
  • To access the boss fight player must have completed the Bilefen Zone questline and the Helliquary introductory quest.
  • To activate the Lassal Flame-Spun raid, go to Westmarch’s Einfrinn Tree. In the middle of the West March, Helliquary is where you can activate the raid.
  • In the first phase of the fight, concentrate on striking and avoiding it and conserve the items/resources.
  • When the boss summons Slagspitters, you need to kill them immediately.
  • Position yourselves according to your classes. There should be a ranged character at a distance while a melee character is at close range.
  • In the starting phases, coordinate with your teammates and let them revive you so you can preserve resurrecting stone for yourself. 
  • Use your one free revive at phase 3 or 4 exclusively.
  • At phase one, Lassal will remain at one location and throw various slashes, punches, and ground attacks.
  • In phase two, Lassal will start to jump randomly and summon Slagsitters.
  • In phase three, he will start using the Big Explosion attacks. Use the giant boulders he summons as cover.
  • At phase four, Lassal will start randomly using all of his preceding assaults, making it the most challenging.
  • The rewards you get for completing the raid are Mystery Equipment, Gold, Some Scoriae, and a Chest of Glory for the top 3 players.

Lassal the Flame-spun Raid Requirements

Lassal – Diablo Immortal

Lassal the Flame-spun’s fight won’t be simple because the boss is quite powerful. Make sure you join a raid that comprises people with a decent and recommended combat rating as this is a raid battle. Also, ensure that you are leveled up adequately and have excellent combat ratings that tick all the boxes for the defense and offense ratings. 

Ideally, your combat rating should be at least 1100 for this encounter, and it can be anywhere between 1250 and 1300. For level one of the fight, a combat rating of at least 420 is advised, and for level two, a combat rating of 1250. The difficulty in taking down the monster also stems from the fact that it has four distinct phases, each with its own attacks and techniques.

Lassal the Flame-spun Boss Location

Players can access the Lassal Helliquary Raid if they have completed the Bilefen zone questline and the Helliquary introductory quest. To achieve it, proceed to Westmarch’s Einfrinn Tree, where a Demon Portal leading to Lassal’s Sanctum may be used.

By doing it, you’ll be sent to Lassal’s Sanctum, where you may confront him and, hopefully, defeat him. The Helliquary, the flaming tree in the middle of Westmarch, is where you may activate the Lassal the Flame-spun raid.

Lassal the Flame-spun Boss Fight Tips

We have listed a few useful tips that will get you clear the raid boss fight provided you have enough combat rating. These tips may look obvious but most players take these hints lightly and their mistake wipes the whole squad during the fourth phase of the raid boss fight in Diablo Immortal.

Don’t Overspend Your Resources

The first phase of the battle is the simplest. If Lassal performs its leap attack, concentrate on striking and avoiding it. If your character has the required stats for the raid, this step should be simple. That is why you must not spend half or all of your resources during the first phase of the raid boss fight and conserve the items to be used at the later phases or stages.

Kill Slagspitters As Soon As Possible

When the boss summons the notorious Slagspitters, you must focus fire as a team on them and get rid of these creatures as soon as possible. Otherwise, the focus can be very distracting during the phase and you are likely to take more hits than you should. 

Also, they may continuously harm your group, and if Lassal hits you when your HP is low, you will die and will become a burden for your teammate to revive you or use the stone to revive yourself.

Use Your Class Wisely

The most important part of the Lassal Raid is playing the class roles. If you are using a melee or ranged class, then utilize strategies and positioning according. A melee class will be more susceptible to physical damage as compared to a ranged one. 

That is why we recommend you to always place yourself in the best possible location depending on the class you are running with while doing the Lassal raid in Diablo Immortal. If you are a distant class, stay far away, and if you are a melee character, position yourself close to and away from the molten fractures of the boss.

Let Your Teammates Revive You

During the first two phases of the boss fight, coordinate with your teammates to manage the field and revive you. That is because you need to save the resurrecting stone for yourself during the third or the fourth phase of the raid boss fight.

Save Resurrection Stone For Phase 4

Since you are allowed to expend one free revive throughout the raid, both with and without the help of an ally. Use this exclusively in phases 3 or 4, and do it as little and as often as feasible. During the simpler stages, ask your ally to revive you.

Since phase 4 sends Lassal into a frenzy and makes it start using its attack quickly, it will be best to deal with damage during the phase and terminate the fight right away because your revive will be easily disrupted by the Lassal’s attacks who lose his cool during the fourth phase of the boss fight. After the combat is over, you can raise your dead companions.

How To Defeat Lassal the Flame-spun In Diablo Immortal

Due to the four-phase boss battle with Lassal the Flame-Spun, the Diablo Immortal Lassal Helliquary Raid may be fairly challenging, but any player with the necessary combat rating and little guidance can complete it. 

That is why we have listed all the attack patterns of boss that he will throw at your squad so that you can learn the raid boss’s movesets in advance and equip yourself to handle the situation better.

Phase 1

Lassal Attacks – Diablo Immortal

Lassal will primarily remain in one location and attack several players throughout its first phase. It will use a variety of slashes, punches, ground attacks, and other techniques. Then it will begin to hop about. After you have reduced Lassal’s health by around 20% or 25%, it will take place. The commencement of the second phase is indicated by this.

The goal of the first phase is to slow him down enough to send him into the second phase while dodging his assaults as much as you can to save your health and resources.

He launches himself into the air, illuminating a circle on the ground where he will settle and inflict harm on people in his immediate vicinity. It is the first of his assaults.

Lassal ground pound – Diablo Immortal

He will then launch a small AOE cyclone that does significant damage ahead as his second strike. Stay behind him as much as you can to avoid it during this phase because it is instantly activated as his claw lights up and isn’t very well telegraphed.

With the exception of covering 170 degrees in front of him and doing significant damage, the third strike is similar to the prior one. Stay behind him as much as you can to prevent it and deplete his health while keeping yourself safe.

Phase 2

Lassal spawning minions – Diablo Immortal

As was already established, it will begin randomly jumping at every player in an effort to knock them over. The leap radius is visible on the ground; take this as a cue to leave the area.

Do keep in mind that these jumps happen quickly, so you’ll need to move quickly to avoid getting hit by them.

He will now start summoning Slagspitters, which can overpower you with their sheer number, in phase two, along with comparable assaults as in phase one. Before returning your attention to Lassal, we advise concentrating on getting rid of them.

Take out all the summoned monsters swiftly and return your attention to Lassal. He will also summon Demon Warriors to help him, although they aren’t as lethal as the Slagspitters. To finally move him into the third phase, keep injuring him whenever you can.

Phase 3

Lassal flame ground pound attack – Diablo Immortal

Lassal will generate minions in this phase, however, there is a significant probability it did so earlier in the second phase as well. However, if you didn’t fight them before, you most certainly will now. However, despite how annoying they are, you need to watch out for their fire blast attack. When it starts to charge up, hide behind the rocks to avoid being hit by the attack since it covers the entire region.

Lassal will start employing the Big Explosion attack in phase three, which is indicated by him lifting his palm and conjuring a powerful volcanic explosion. When you are marked on the ground, move to avoid being attacked.

Lassal will next call out three boulders, which he will combine into one. When he performs the Big Explosion attack, utilize them as cover and avoid stepping between them while he does so.

As there is a lot going on during this phase that might easily result in your death, it is important to pay close attention to your surroundings, and telegraph attacks, and look for opportunities to counter in order to gradually reduce Lassal’s health. You will then go on to the final stage.

Phase 4

Lassal three combo hit attack – Diablo Immortal

The most challenging stage is this one since Lassal will employ all of its previous attack patterns as he did so during the first three phases of the raid boss fight in Diablo Immortal.

Lassal will lose his composure in phase four and start randomly repeating all of the preceding assaults at you, but that’s not all. Additionally, he will apply the Fire Circle Debuff to two members of your party, which will cause a small region of fire damage to erupt around them.

Use all of the previous tactics to protect yourself from harm and to block his strikes whenever you can. You may also use the boulders he summons to shelter you from harm while you wait for an opportunity or to heal your party members.

A pro tip we would like to give you is to bring Crusaders build and Barbarian build players at the front because both are excellent for full-frontal assault during this Raid boss fight in Diablo Immortal. Also, we think these two classes are the best when it comes to withstanding more melee damage than other classes in the game. 

Finally, you will prevail in this battle if you only keep the boss’s attack patterns we have entailed above. If you keep these things in mind and keep attacking him, then the boss will go down easily.

Also, depending on the difficulty setting you are using, you will receive a different reward for clearing the eight-player raid mission.

Lassal the Flame-spun Raid Boss Rewards

Lassal defeated – Diablo Immortal

Players who beat Lassal will be rewarded according to the level they did it at. The awards you obtain for defeating Lassal the Flame-spun are listed below, according to your level. 

Additionally, players can add Flame-Twisted Claws to their Helliquary, which gives them +30 Combat Rating and 10% more Attack Speed in Challenge Rifts only. Also, consider reading our Diablo Immortal Cycle Turn Chest guide.

Raid Difficulty Level 1 Rewards

  1. Chest of Glory – For the top 3 Players only
  2. Gold
  3. 10 Scoria
  4. 10 Scoria – Warband Raid
  5. Mystery Equipment

Raid Difficulty Level 2 Rewards

  • Chest of Glory – For the top 3 Players only
  • Gold
  • 15 Scoria
  • 15 Scoria – Warband Raid
  • Mystery Equipment

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Lassal the Flame-spun raid boss in Diablo Immortal. Did you manage to find the right 8-player team and defeat the boss? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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