Diablo Immortal Lassal: Boss Fight, Location & Rewards

My Diablo Immortal Lassal raid boss fight guide lists the location, boss fight strategy, attacks & rewards that you unlock in the game.

The first raid you may take part in Diablo Immortal will be up against Lassal the Flame-spun. Similar to other games, a raid is enormous eight-player combat where your team faces off against the powerful World bosses. In my opinion, everyone competes for their own interests while playing Raid in Diablo Immortal. It is because the top three players receive a bonus Chest of Glory that contains additional treasures.

The main goal here is to defeat Lassal on the typical 1-Skull level. Because you can’t actually back your comrades in battle in Diablo Immortal, raids are a little different. During the raid, you will need to look after yourself and control the three potions that you have in limited supply.

If you’re a novice player afraid to enter the intense world of raiding, follow my advice and allow yourself to remain alive for the entirety of the raid. 

Key Highlights

Here are my preparations for the Lassal Flame-Spun raid in Diablo Immortal:

    • Join a raid party with decent combat ratings. Recommended Battle Ratings: 1100 for level one, 420 for level two, and 1250 for the final fight.
    • To access the raid, complete the Bilefen Zone questline and Helliquary introductory quest. Activate the raid at Westmarch’s Einfrinn Tree.
    • Eliminate Slagspitters when summoned.
    • Coordinate positions based on ranged or melee classes. Use teammate revives in early phases, save your stone for later.
    • Boss has four phases, each with unique abilities. Focus on boss in the first phase, save resources.
    • Phase one: Avoid slashes, punches, and ground attacks.
    • Phase two: Lassal jumps randomly, summons Slagsitters.
    • Phase three: Beware of Big Explosion attacks, use boulders for cover.
    • Phase four: Lassal uses all previous attacks, making it the toughest.
    • Rewards include Mystery Equipment, Gold, Scoriae, and Chest of Glory for top 3 players.

Lassal the Flame-spun Raid Requirements

Lassal – Diablo Immortal

From what I experienced, Lassal the Flame-spun’s fight is not simple because the boss is quite powerful. Make sure you join a raid that comprises people with a decent and recommended combat rating as this is a raid battle. Also, ensure that you are leveled up adequately and have excellent combat ratings that tick all the boxes for the defense and offense ratings. 

Ideally, your combat rating should be at least 1100 for this encounter, and it can be anywhere between 1250 and 1300. For level one of the fight, a combat rating of at least 420 is advised, and for level two, a combat rating of 1250. The difficulty in taking down the monster also stems from the fact that it has four distinct phases, each with its own attacks and techniques.

Lassal the Flame-spun Boss Location

Players can access the Lassal Helliquary Raid if they have completed the Bilefen zone questline and the Helliquary introductory quest. To achieve it, proceed to Westmarch’s Einfrinn Tree, where a Demon Portal leading to Lassal’s Sanctum may be used.

By doing it, you’ll be sent to Lassal’s Sanctum, where you may confront him and, hopefully, defeat him. The Helliquary, the flaming tree in the middle of Westmarch, is where you may activate the Lassal the Flame-spun raid.

Lassal the Flame-spun Boss Fight Tips

I have listed a few useful tips that will get you clear the raid boss fight provided you have enough combat rating. These tips may look obvious but most players take these hints lightly and their mistake wipes the whole squad during the fourth phase of the raid boss fight in Diablo Immortal.

Tips for Lassal the Flame-spun Boss Fight:

  1. Manage Resources: Save your resources during the first phase of the raid boss fight. Don’t use them all, as you’ll need them later in the battle.
  2. Deal with Slagspitters: Focus on eliminating Slagspitters as soon as they appear. They can be a distraction and cause additional damage if left unchecked.
  3. Class Strategy: Play to your class’s strengths and weaknesses. If you’re a melee class, position yourself wisely to minimize physical damage. Ranged classes should stay at a distance.
  4. Teamwork for Revives: Coordinate with your teammates to manage revives during the initial phases. Save resurrection stones for phases 3 or 4.
  5. Reserve Resurrection Stone: Keep your resurrection stone for phase 4, where Lassal becomes more aggressive and can disrupt revives with its attacks. Use it sparingly and strategically.

How To Defeat Lassal the Flame-spun In Diablo Immortal

Due to the four-phase boss battle with Lassal the Flame-Spun, I felt that the Diablo Immortal Lassal Helliquary Raid was fairly challenging, but any player with the necessary combat rating and little guidance can complete it. 

That is why I have listed all the attack patterns of boss that he will throw at your squad so that you can learn the raid boss’s movesets in advance and equip yourself to handle the situation better.

Phase 1

Lassal Attacks – Diablo Immortal
  • Lassal uses various attacks like slashes, punches, and ground attacks.
  • When Lassal leaps into the air, a circle on the ground marks where he will land and deal damage.
  • Dodge his attacks and focus on reducing his health to trigger the second phase.
Lassal ground pound – Diablo Immortal

Phase 2

Lassal spawning minions – Diablo Immortal

I learned the hard way that it will begin randomly jumping at every player in an effort to knock them over.

  • Lassal will start jumping at players to knock them over, indicated by a visible leap radius on the ground. Move quickly to avoid these.
  • He summons Slagspitters and Demon Warriors. Prioritize eliminating Slagspitters.
  • Keep injuring Lassal to progress to the third phase.

Phase 3

Lassal flame ground pound attack – Diablo Immortal
  • Lassal generates minions, including those with a fire blast attack. Hide behind rocks to avoid their attacks.
  • Watch out for Lassal’s Big Explosion attack; move when marked on the ground.
  • Utilize boulders as cover during Big Explosion.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings and telegraphed attacks while gradually reducing Lassal’s health.

Phase 4

Lassal three combo hit attack – Diablo Immortal
  • Lassal combines previous attack patterns from the first three phases.
  • Applies Fire Circle Debuff to two party members, causing small region fire damage. Stay cautious.
  • Use boulders for cover and healing party members.
  • Keep attacking, follow attack patterns, and Lassal will go down.

A pro tip I would like to give you is to bring Crusaders build and Barbarian build players at the front because both are excellent for full-frontal assault during this Raid boss fight in Diablo Immortal. Also, I think these two classes are the best when it comes to resisting more melee damage than other classes in the game. 

Lassal the Flame-spun Raid Boss Rewards

Lassal defeated – Diablo Immortal

Players who beat Lassal will be rewarded according to the level they did it at. The awards you obtain for defeating Lassal the Flame-spun are listed below, according to your level. Additionally, players can add Flame-Twisted Claws to their Helliquary, which gives them +30 Combat Rating and 10% more Attack Speed in Challenge Rifts only.

Also, consider reading our Diablo Immortal Cycle Turn Chest guide.

Raid Difficulty Level 1 Rewards

  1. Chest of Glory – For the top 3 Players only
  2. Gold
  3. 10 Scoria
  4. 10 Scoria – Warband Raid
  5. Mystery Equipment

Raid Difficulty Level 2 Rewards

  • Chest of Glory – For the top 3 Players only
  • Gold
  • 15 Scoria
  • 15 Scoria – Warband Raid
  • Mystery Equipment

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Lassal the Flame-spun raid boss in Diablo Immortal. Did you manage to find the right 8-player team and defeat the boss? Let me know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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