Diablo Immortal Legendary Crests: How To Find & Use

Legendary Crests are important to use for a few activities to get better rewards so let's discuss how to obtain them in Diablo Immortal.

What are Legendary Crests

Crests in Diablo Immortal
The Legendary crests can enhance your loot potential in Diablo Immortal.

The crests are items that can increase the drop rate of rare gear like Runes and Legendary Armor Sets. This also means you can farm the Best Gems with ease while these items are enabled. As of now, there are only two kinds of obtainable crests: The Rare Crest and the Legendary Crest.

Key Highlights
  • The Crests in Diablo Immortal are used to help in modifying or enhancing the gameplay.
  • There are two kinds of Obtainable crests in Diablo Immortal which include Rare Crest and Legendary Crest
  • You can find Legendary crests via The in-game store and can purchase it with premium currency known as the Eternal Orbs. You can also buy them from the Merchants and even get them as a battle pass.
  • The players can use Legendary crests in Diablo Immortal for increasing their overall Combat ratings and potency of their character. It can also help in influencing the battles in your party’s favor.

These items were only discovered just a few days ago in the community. Blizzard had not advertised these in their gameplay trailers or interviews on the game. Crests can either modify or enhance the gameplay in some way. Generally, they function as boosters for people who look to gain an advantage over the economy of the game.

In hindsight, these are pay-to-win products claimed within the in-game store. Players using these items can win over the luck factor into play during most activities. With these boosters activated, you will not have to worry about farming for every Set Item or discovering any of the concealed Secrets found within Diablo Immortal.

Recently, these items are causing quite a bit of divided debate in the community of Diablo Immortal. We will get to that later on but for now, let us look at how you can exactly obtain these boosters and where to use them.

How to Find Legendary Crests

There are quite different ways to obtain the Legendary crests. The majority of the players try to purchase them from the in-game item store. However, these items are highly accessible to Free-to-play users too.

Players can earn the currency to purchase them from other means of the game by completing other aspects. You can join the special clans like the Shadow Lottery Clan or the Dark Clan for extra gains in Gold. So there is no need to worry as you can acquire them through other methods which are the following:

  • The in-game store
  • Merchants
  • Battle pass Rewards

We will go over each of these techniques so you can easily learn how to find loads of these Legendary Crests throughout Diablo Immortal. Most of these are conventional ways to find these items as not every player wants to spend real currency to purchase and use these helpful boosters.

Purchasing Legendary Crests via The In-Game Store

Diablo Immortal eternal orbs
One of the in-game currencies that can be used mainly in the purchasable item store is the eternal orbs

You can buy legendary crests through the item shop of Diablo Immortal. The shop uses a unique type of premium currency known as the Eternal Orbs.

Unfortunately, these orbs can only be bought by spending real money. It is completely optional since like we said you can buy crests from other vendors and mechanics. We suggest you spend these orbs wisely. Your primary purchase should be the crests since they are helpful for farming high-end loot in the late game.

You can buy the orbs directly through their separate amounts in the currency tab of the menu. There is also another option to purchase various bundles. These Bundles not just contain Eternal Orbs but also several types of cosmetics, crests, and gems used to build and customize your character.

How to Buy Legendary Crests from Merchants

Diablo Immortal Crest Vendors
The legendary crests can be bought from a couple of Vendors in the world of Diablo Immortal

There are two vendors found in the game who sell Legendary crests in exchange for currencies. The following two NPCs are the Hilts Trader and Crest merchant.

Hilts Trader: This is essentially the merchant for Free-to-Play users. You can buy 2 ordinary crests and most importantly, 1 Legendary Crest per month. The Hilts Trader NPC can be located in the northern part of the Westmarch region. You can use the ‘Hilts’ currency to trade and buy things from him.

Sometimes, the Hilts Trader will have random limited-time deals where you can buy even more Crests. So we highly suggest you check back often on what he has in stock for you.

Crest Merchant: The vendor is almost identical to the shop. The crest merchant trades legendary crests but only with eternal orbs purchased from real money. The Crest Merchant can be closely located to the Elder Rift activity in the zone of WestMarch.

The only real difference between the merchant and the Shop menu is that you can sometimes have a chance to buy crests at a lower cost or maybe the rare type crests too.

Receiving Crests from the Battle Pass

Diablo Immortal Battlepass
The in-game battle pass has excellent value to provide great items for progressing in it

The Battle pass of Diablo Immortal functions similarly to progressive passes of other live service games. The battle pass can be unlocked once the player finishes the Ashwold Cemetery of the main story.

The battle pass can be leveled up by completing certain activities to gain points in it. There is a total of 99 Tiers in the battle pass and each tier offers varied rewards including the legendary crests.

Legendary crests can be obtained from the battle pass both in the free tiers as well as the Empowered Pass. The latter is the paid version of the battle pass and unlocks premium rewards to be accessed. However, should you need Crests right straight away and in larger quantity, we recommend you to buy them from the Shop.

How to Use Legendary Crests 

Diablo Immortal Elder Rifts
The majority of players use the legendary crests in raid-like activities called the Elder Rifts of Diablo Immortal

In most MMORPGs, there are the raids which are your core end-game activities to accomplish. But most of the time, there are also similar activities for players looking to get legendary loot in quick succession.

The Challenge Rifts provide a series of increasingly tough levels that progressively provide better and better high-tier rewards. Clearing each level will significantly improve your chances of getting more sweet loot. This makes the Challenge Rifts an essential aspect to get better Combat Ratings in Diablo Immortal for your character.

It also means with higher quality materials in your inventory, you will have more chances to increase your overall Potency in Diablo Immortal of your character.

The Legendary crests can be applied to the Elder Rifts via its activity menu. The normal Crests apply a single modifier and slightly increase your rune drop chances. Meanwhile, the legendary Crests will apply two modifiers that greatly influence the battles in your party’s favor.

Most importantly, You will be guaranteed to receive a legendary gem drop to use or sell in the game. So it is not even a matter of question but to simply use the legendary crests whenever possible during Rift events.

The Feedback on Legendary Crests from Players

The legendary crests are mainly seen as a means of micro-transactions from the community of Diablo Immortal. Although it is completely your own choice to purchase these in-store items.

These items are highly considered in the forbidden territory of ‘Pay-to-Win’ by numerous fans of the game. Went as far as to hold petitions and outrages against the feature towards Blizzard and NetEase. We suggest only using these items as the last option to maximize your character to its highest level.

Go as far as to use them whenever you tackle rifts at the highest base level cap. It will ensure you get legendary loot and materials to easily “Min-Max” your preferred character.

This concludes our detailed guide on the Legendary Crests found throughout Diablo Immortal as well as the ways you can seek to obtain these items for yourself. Let us know if you have any questions related to the guide in the comments below!

Other Tips

Diablo Immortal is the latest entry to the renowned Diablo Franchise. It is an MMORPG that has a massive array of activities. You can discover Hidden Lair dungeons There are World bosses to overcome like the Tax Collector and Sandstone Golem.

You can even challenge powerful raid bosses like Vitaath, Blood Rose, and Lord Martanos. Even though you have the option to Change the Difficulty to make these fights easier.

Blizzard and NetEase developed Diablo Immortal and the game is solely designed for your mobile devices. Players can accessibly grind to the Max level in Diablo Immortal on the go without worries or hesitations to stop you.

The game features a total of six Different Classes for you to choose which include the Crusader, Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Necromancer, Monk, and Wizard. You can learn even more about each of their kits, builds and skills in our Diablo Immortal classes tier list.

The game introduces you to multiple mechanics during its opening hours. You can Join Clans in Diablo Immortal to help you on your journey. There are also a variety of Side Quests to tackle and complete throughout the game. We also have a fully detailed Wiki on Diablo Immortal.

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