Diablo Immortal Lost Pages: Shassar & Zoltun Kulle Quests

The Lost Pages are integral components during the Zoltun Kulle quest line in Diablo Immortal so let's look at its locations and guide.

The Zoltun Kulle quest chain involves the player uncovering the secrets and solvable puzzles buried in the confines of the Library of Zoltun Kulle. These puzzles can be tricky and quite deceiving at times. The quest is then further branched out into Kulle’s Secret Chamber world event. It is here where you find the task of discovering the Lost Pages needed to access the tome portals in Diablo Immortal.

Key Highlights
  • You will find many quests to do in Diablo Immortal and one of which is the “Zoltun Kulle” which has many puzzles in the quest.
  • This quest can be found at the “Library of Zoltun Kulle” which is filled with traps and dungeons and also Hidden Lairs spawn there occasionally.
  • You can find the entrance to this library through Shassar Sea which can be completed after the quest “Shassar” and you must be level 40 minimum.
  • Lost pages are also a mechanism in Diablo Immortal which can be found scattered in “The Library of Zoltun Kulle” and it can trigger boss fights.
  • The lost pages are spawned differently around the library so it is recommended to have a movement speed buff to get all of them.

This entire quest to unlock the event is a step-by-step process. We will be providing a brief introduction to the Library of Zoltun Kulle and the main quest, as well as walking you through how to farm these Lost Pages. Before we begin, be sure to check out our Diablo Immortal Tips & Tricks guide.

Library of Zoltun Kulle Overview

Diablo Immortal Zoltun Kulle Library
The Library of Zoltun Kulle serves as one of the primary locations in the game, with a massive labyrinth of corridors.

This Library is located in the sandy deserts of Kehjistan. The creator of this massive infrastructure is an NPC named Zoltun Kulle. Moreover, the entire place is filled with traps and demons lurking amidst it.

It should be noted that the original Zoltun Kulle is nowhere to be found. Instead, players will notice there is a clone of him safeguarding the Library and its deepest treasures and artifacts.

So caution is heavily advised as players walk into this area of the game. There are also occasions when players may visit this location for other purposes. Since this Library also contains Hidden Lairs, which act like the mini-dungeons found across the game. Besides that, there are also many hidden collectibles found here.

The entrance to this location is found in the Shassar Sea zone. It is coincidentally unlocked by the completing Shassar quest chain. The recommended character level for this area is 35-42. In addition to the main quests, you will also drop by the location to complete some of the Side Quests.

Zoltun Kulle Library Quests 

There are a couple of important quests that place in the Library of Zoltun Kulle in Diablo Immortal. There is the Shassar Sea storyline which only makes this location accessible for you.

Most importantly, there is an entire quest dedicated to Zoltun Kulle and his character in Diablo Immortal. We are going to take a quick look at the essential details of these quests. After completing them, players can then unlock the event so they can venture deep into the archives and hunt down the Lost Pages.

Both of these quests are the main ones, so they are unmissable. Meanwhile, be sure to check out our complete guide on the Server List.

Shassar Sea Sendoff Storyline Quest

This quest involves you discovering the Library for the First time. Players will be tasked to follow the escort of the Scholar named Peth. He will lead you toward the Zoltun Kulle Library at the end of the quest.

But before that happens, players should keep in mind the key objectives of the quest. These are relatively simple and will only require you to save Peth from an attack at Sereth Outpost.

Afterward, players can then follow Peth again, but this time he will unlock the Library for you. By using an incantation spell, he will break open the seal guarding the entrance to Zoltun Kulle’s Library.

However, before you get too thrilled, your character must be above Level 35. This is because these zones are jam-packed with various enemies and other minor activities. So we highly suggest that you double-check if your gear and level are compatible enough.

If you feel like you are mildly under-leveled and are not in the mood to grind some extra levels, then be sure to check out this guide on How to Change the Difficulty.

Library of Zoltun Kulle Storyline Quest

This is quite a lengthy quest, but we will try to break it down as quickly as possible. You will start right after the Shassar Sea questline. You will want to enter the library and face 12 Phantoms which should not be too hard to defeat. Afterward, you will face a mini-boss called the Curator.

Upon defeating the Curator, talk to him, and he will guide you towards a Statue. It will be located in the main hall of the Library, but first, you will have to clear heaps of enemies. They should not be too hard. Once again, talk with the curator and interact with the statue pedestal to get your next objective.

Next, the game will ask you to find a Three Runes, with the first one of those obtained from a puzzle. This just so happens to be the exact puzzle we have covered in a separate guide for it. It is the nine Lamps Puzzles in Diablo Immortal. We highly recommend you check it out to receive a complete walkthrough on how to solve it.

The Second rune can be obtained by defeating Grimaldi the Flaming Soul. This fight is mildly challenging, but it should be pretty easy, especially if you have Area-of-Effect skills.

Lastly, the Third rune should be nearby to pick up and inspect. You will then be noted to adjust some mirrors so you can reflect a beam of light onto the runes. From here on, the quest should be simple enough as it entails you to follow the curator.

As well as perform various other tasks that should not be a problem if you have the patience. Be sure to check this guide for the Best Solo Classes of Diablo Immortal to help you out later in the quest.

What Are Lost Pages

Diablo Immortal Lost Pages
The Lost pages are very valuable pieces of loot to collect in the world of Diablo Immortal.

The Lost pages are just one of the few rewards players can farm in the Library of Zoltun Kulle. These items are simply shiny pages scattered about the entirety of the Library zones.

These pages can be collected only as a part of the Kulle’s Hidden Chamber event. This special event is only available once you have completed the fairly lengthy Zoltun Kulle story quest we talked about above.

So the reason why these pages are so popular and the most-wanted items in the community right now is because of the rewards they can offer you. Players can gather five lost pages to craft a portal tome. These tomes allow you to access a portal into one of the zones to fight a Hydra or Sandstorm Golem.

It is a completely risk/reward situation, but ultimately you will be rewarded heavily for defeating these bosses. The rewards can range from the Best Gems to the most badass Legendary armor pieces.

Lost Pages Locations & Farming Guide

Diablo Immortal Kulles Secret Chamber1
Participating in this event spawns the objectives and Lost Pages needed to create the portal tomes.

Aside from the quests, the library’s main focus is the Zoltun Kulle Chamber event in Diablo Immortal. You will be able to initiate the hunt for Lost Pages by activating this event. We have provided a location map of the Lost Pages found within the Library, and the route is simple enough.

You will have to make a continuous loop through the rooms of the area. Players will preferably want to use every movement speed buff and area-of-effect spells in their arsenal.

We are looking to check every room for any lost pages to collect them as fast as possible. We have found that using builds like the Crusader build, Necromancer, and Demon Hunter builds in Diablo Immortal work super well here. The wide range of their attack spells and buffs provide speedy clear of enemy hordes.

The lost pages do not have a pre-determined location. They can be randomly spawned at different instances of the map but most commonly in the rooms as depicted in our map above.

They can be picked up by other players on the server who are doing the same activity so be wary of them. However, you should not face any trouble collecting these whatsoever with the strategy we explained.

Portal Tomes & Boss fights Explanation

Diablo Immortal Tome boss
Stepping inside a portal tome will lead you to fight a dangerous boss for rich loot.

The portal tomes can be activated as soon as you pick up five lost pages. These portals will essentially allow players to be teleported to Raid level bosses to fight. They only include the Hydra and Sandstorm Golem.

These bosses are designed around raid mechanics. They have multiple phases and require precise teamwork execution. These boss fights are very similar to Vitaath and the Ancient Nightmare fights in Diablo Immortal.

It is important to note that these bosses can be fought with party members. However, they also need to have a portal tome in their inventory ready to be used to teleport them with you. There will also be instances of random players on the server joining you to fight these bosses. You can do the same and vice versa to get free rewards.

Builds like the Monk build will excel greatly here due to their single-target nuking skills. We also do not recommend newer players of Diablo Immortal who completed the introductory Zoltun Kulle quest to attempt these fights.

As long as you properly synergize your attacks with your team and watch your positioning on the battlefield, the bosses will go down pretty easily, and you will be heavily rewarded for your efforts. The rewards are extremely worth it because they include Gems, Enchanted Dust, Legendary armor, and other useful materials.

This wraps our Lost Pages and Zoltun Kulle Quest guide for Diablo Immortal. If you have further questions about this guide, let us know in the comments box below!

Final Words

Diablo Immortal is the latest successor to the critically acclaimed Diablo franchise. The game boasts a sprawling progression system with dungeon crawler-like gameplay. There is a variety of tough bosses to overcome, such as Tax Collector and the Blood Rose. The game has six different classes ranging from the likes of the tanky Barbarian Build to the glass cannon Wizard build. Most importantly, it has unique quests which culminate into precious rewards. One such is the Zoltun Kulle quest chain and its Lost Pages found within Diablo Immortal.

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