Diablo Immortal Ming Shan: Location & Strategy

In this article we mentioned the location of Ming Shan and boss strategy for players to defeat him easily.

Ming Shan, also known as The Devoted, is an elite enemy in Diablo Immortal. Players can find Ming Shan at Mount Zavain, and after defeating him, you unlock an achievement (Defeated type of Achievement) called “The Devoted” for Mount Zavain.

Key Highlights
  • In Diablo Immortal, you will find many bosses. Some of these are easy, but some that are challenging belong to the Elite Enemy category.
  • One of those Elite Enemies is Ming Shan, which you can find by going to the Zakarum Cemetery Waypoint.
  • You then need to head to the Western side of Sanctified Earth Monastery, where you will find the boss.
  • If you defeat this boss, you will unlock the achievement called “The Devoted,” which will award you with many rewards.
  • This boss is quite versatile and it also occasionally will throw some things on you which will stun your movement for some seconds.
  • Some of the attack patterns of Ming Shan are:
    • Flare
    • Flying Kick
    • Punch Combo
    • Fireball
  • To defeat the boss, it’s as simple as it gets, you should avoid most of his attacks which don’t deal that much damage, and also look for the right opportunity to lay out attacks.
  • After defeating the boss, you will receive the most needed item for upgrades called “Enchanted dust” which is used on gears and weapons.

Completing this achievement grants you various rewards and item drops. Most Diablo players get confused about Ming Shan’s location and lack strategies to defeat him. But don’t worry; we will discuss Ming Shan’s location clearly and tips for you to defeat the elite monster easily.

Location Of Ming Shan

Before you learn about defeating the monster, you should know where he resides at Mount Zavain. Fortunately, reaching the location of The Devoted is quite easy; you just need to find the correct way point. Use Zakarum Cemetery Waypoint to reach the zone; after that, head to the east to arrive at the sanctified Earth Monastery.

Now you are in the Mid-Sized circular area, which is located around an idol in the center. There you will find the monster Ming Shan in the Western Part of the Sanctified Earth Monastery. This is the fasted way to reach and easy way to react at the location of Ming Shan ( The Devoted) in Diablo Immortal.

Ming Shan
Location of Ming Shan in Diablo Immortal

Now that you know how to find Ming Shan, some players still face difficulties in spawning the monster in Diablo Immortal. Players wait for several hours for the elite monster to spawn, but still, he doesn’t spawn. That is mostly because the players that have higher game difficulty lower the chances of spawning in Ming Shan.

However, if you also struggle to spawn him, then try lowering your difficulty. It has been seen players with Hell 2 and Hell 3 difficulty mostly face the spawning issue. The solution to the problem is to change the difficulty to Hell 1.

Hopefully, Ming Shan will spawn at the Devoted Location within 30 minutes. Keep in mind that unique Elites are quite rare, and sometimes players can’t even find them in their listed location. So if you can’t find him the first time, try coming back to the same area later.

Boss Fight Strategy

After waiting a while, you will see the monster Ming Shan spawn. Players will notice a “New Event” Notification on their screen, and a side quest called “Defeat Ming Shan The Devoted” will be seen in your quests list. Furthermore, the brief description will be something like this ” By the darkness of Zavain, a monster is being lifted, Defeat Ming Shan.”

Ming Shan
Battle against Ming Shan

In Hell 1 difficulty, you see the monster, Ming Shan, The devoted, and he will be having health around 192. Moreover, players will notice that this enemy is similar to Monk Class; along with that, his fighting style and movement are also resembling. When you fight him, you will see that most of his attacks consist of punches and dashes. However, the monster has a purple dome around him, but it is not of much use, as it doesn’t do any damage or even buffs to The Devoted Himself.

Ming Shan
Fighting against Ming Shan in Diablo Immortal

Ming Shan also periodically throws some stuff at players and slows or blocks the movement for a few seconds. Players need to be careful about this attack; in particular, the best thing would be for players to dodge these attacks. Furthermore, his attacks are simple, and most of the attacks don’t do much damage to the players.

Special Attacks

 However, Ming Shan special attacks are sort of dangerous if you don’t play your cards right. Players need to be extra careful about these attacks and recognize their patterns. Winning the fight against Ming Shan would be easy once you learn about his special attacks and fight accordingly. Below we have mentioned all of his attack patterns.


One of the dangerous attacks that Ming Shan do is when the monster charges up and fires out a flare in 360 degrees. Players should notice the charging pattern and then avoid the attack, or it will cost them a lot of HP.

Flying Kick

Players should keep in mind that Ming Shan can even make a Flying kick attack. It just takes a little time to charge, and the attack has a long range. Moreover, it is almost very hard to dodge the Flying Kick attack.

Punch Combo

This is also a key attack of the elite purple monster, and he throws three punches which end with a fireball. The attacks cause a lot of damage to the players.


Ming Shan can also make a Fireball attack. The monster attacks you with a little purple fireball, which has a small splash radius and medium range. 

Rewards After Defeating Ming Shan

Similar to other games, when you defeat an elite enemy, you get rewarded with various rewards in Diablo Immortal. Just like that, when you eliminate Ming Shan, you receive valuable rewards in the game, which greatly help you. Below we have mentioned all the rewards you get after defeating Elite monster Ming Shan in Diablo Immortal.

Enchanted Dust

After eliminating the monster, you receive Enchanted Dust. It is considered the second best item to upgrade, as it is used for leveling up your primary gears and weapons at Blacksmith.


It is probably the most common currency in Diablo Immortal. Along with that, players need to have it as they can to upgrade their gear, which will improve their character’s power.

Players also receive basic gear too when they defeat Ming Shan. Not only that, players can now claim 40 hilts rewards through Codex. All they need to do is go to achievements, then Exploration; after that, check out Mount Zavain.  


Defeating bosses in Diablo Immortal is not only fun but rewarding too. There are tons of bosses available throughout the game that you can find and eliminate. Ming Shan is one of such bosses that can find at Mount Zavain, and defeating it is really worth it. 

In this guide, we have discussed how you can find Ming Shan easily. However, you would need to lower the difficulty so that monster would not take much time to spawn. Furthermore, we have mentioned all of Ming Shan’s special attack patterns that you should know while fighting him. Knowing his special attacks will help you defeat the monster with ease. You will also get several rewards too after eliminating them.  

Other Tips

There are tons of Diablo Immortal Bosses to fight, such as Vitaath boss, Ancient Nightmare, and Zaerhud. With that being said, today we will discuss everything about Purple Elite monster Ming Shan in Diablo Immortal. If you are new to Diablo Immortal world must read our Beginners guide.

Other than fighting bosses, you can do several other interesting things too; you can check out Diablo Immortal Clans, collect Best Gems and do all side quests. While you are at it, you must read our Diablo Immortal Tips and Tricks guide.   

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