Diablo Immortal Ming Shan: Location & Strategy

In this article I mentioned the location of Ming Shan and boss strategy for players to defeat him easily.

Ming Shan, also known as The Devoted, is an elite enemy in Diablo Immortal. Players can find Ming Shan at Mount Zavain, and after defeating him, you unlock an achievement (Defeated type of Achievement) called “The Devoted” for Mount Zavain.

Key Takeaways

Finding Ming Shan:

  • Locate Ming Shan by going to the Zakarum Cemetery Waypoint.
  • Head to the Western side of Sanctified Earth Monastery to find the boss.

Defeating Ming Shan:

  • Ming Shan’s versatile attacks can stun your movement.
  • Watch out for Flare, Flying Kick, Punch Combo, and Fireball attack patterns.
  • Dodge low-damage attacks; seize the right moment to counter.
  • Defeating Ming Shan yields “Enchanted Dust” for gear and weapon upgrades

Completing this achievement grants you various rewards and item drops. Most Diablo players get confused about Ming Shan’s location and lack strategies to defeat him. But don’t worry; I will discuss Ming Shan’s location clearly and tips for you to defeat the elite monster easily.

Location Of Ming Shan

Here the path I would recommend you to locate Ming Shan (The Devoted):

  1. Use the Zakarum Cemetery Waypoint to reach the zone.
  2. Head east from the waypoint to reach the Sanctified Earth Monastery.
  3. You’ll find yourself in a mid-sized circular area centered around an idol.
  4. Ming Shan is located in the Western Part of the Sanctified Earth Monastery.

However, I think some players experience difficulty in spawning Ming Shan. This may be due to higher game difficulty settings, which lower the chances of Ming Shan spawning. If you’re having trouble, try changing the difficulty to Hell 1, as players with Hell 2 and Hell 3 difficulty settings often face spawning issues. Ming Shan should hopefully spawn at the Devoted Location within 30 minutes.

Remember that unique Elites like Ming Shan can be rare, and if you can’t find him initially, I recommend returning to the same area later.

Ming Shan
Location of Ming Shan in Diablo Immortal

Boss Fight Strategy

To successfully defeat Ming Shan The Devoted, follow the steps I have mentioned below:

General Battle Tips:

  • Ming Shan resembles the Monk class and employs a similar fighting style.
  • His attacks consist of punches and dashes, with occasional ranged attacks.
  • The purple dome around him doesn’t damage or buff him, so you can safely engage him within it.

Special Attacks:

  1. Flare:
    • Watch for Ming Shan charging up before he fires a flare in 360 degrees.
    • Recognize the charging pattern and move away to avoid taking significant damage.
  2. Flying Kick:
    • Be cautious of Ming Shan’s Flying Kick attack, which has a long range.
    • It has a charge time, making it somewhat predictable, but it’s challenging to dodge, so be prepared to move quickly.
  3. Punch Combo:
    • Ming Shan uses a Punch Combo that involves three punches followed by a fireball.
    • This attack can deal substantial damage, so try to avoid getting hit by dodging or using defensive abilities.
  4. Fireball:
    • Ming Shan can launch Fireball attacks.
    • These are purple fireballs with a small splash radius and medium range.
    • Keep your distance and sidestep to avoid them.

General Strategy:

Ming Shan
Battle against Ming Shan

Here’s the general strategy that I would suggest you to fight the boss:

  • Stay mobile and be prepared to dodge or use defensive abilities when Ming Shan charges his powerful attacks.
  • Learning the attack patterns and recognizing the charging animations is crucial to avoid taking unnecessary damage.
  • Keep an eye on your health and use healing abilities or potions as needed to survive the encounter.
  • Ming Shan’s attacks are straightforward, so with practice and patience, you can defeat him by adapting to his moves and avoiding his specials.
Ming Shan
Fighting against Ming Shan in Diablo Immortal

Rewards After Defeating Ming Shan

Defeating Ming Shan, The Devoted rewards players with various valuable items that can enhance their character’s progression. I’ve listed below the rewards you receive after defeating Ming Shan:

  1. Enchanted Dust: Enchanted Dust is a valuable resource used for upgrading your primary gear and weapons at the Blacksmith. It plays a crucial role in enhancing your character’s power.
  2. Gold: Gold is the primary currency and is essential for various in-game activities, including upgrading gear, purchasing items, and more.
  3. Basic Gear: Players also receive basic gear as part of their rewards. This gear can be used to improve your character’s equipment and stats.
  4. Hilts: You can claim 40 Hilt rewards through the Codex. To access these rewards, navigate to the achievements section, go to Exploration, and check out the rewards in the Mount Zavain category.

Defeating bosses is not only fun but rewarding, too. There are tons of bosses available throughout the game that you can find and eliminate. Ming Shan is one of such bosses that can be found at Mount Zavain, and defeating it is really worth it. 

In this guide, we have discussed how you can find Ming Shan easily. However, you would need to lower the difficulty so that monster would not take much time to spawn. Furthermore, we have mentioned all of Ming Shan’s special attack patterns you should know while fighting him. Knowing his special attacks will help you defeat the monster with ease. You will also get several rewards too after eliminating them.  

There are tons of Diablo Immortal Bosses to fight, such as Vitaath boss, Ancient Nightmare, and Zaerhud. That said, If you are new to Diablo Immortal world, read our beginner guide.

Other than fighting bosses, you can do several other interesting things too; you can check out Diablo Immortal Clans, collect Best Gems and do all side quests. While you are at it, you must read our Diablo Immortal Tips and Tricks guide.   

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