Diablo Immortal BEST Monk Build: PVP & PVE

This guide entails all you need to know about the best armors, gems, and weapons for your Monk Build in Diablo Immortal.

Our Diablo Immortal Monk Class guide will cover all you need to know about her skills, the best armors, and which legendary items to equip her with to make the most out of her. So, without further Udo, let’s get started.

Key Highlights
  • Diablo Immortal gives players many classes to play with, and if you enjoy fast-paced and versatile gameplay, the Monk class is for you.
  • When we want a Monk build that shows her peak performance, her best in-slot skills are:
    • Fists of thunder
    • Cyclone Strike
    • Wave Strike
    • Seven-sided strike
    • Mystic Strike
    • Exploding Palm
  • Each of these skills has its benefits and cooldowns but not all of these skills will be available until you reach certain levels.
  • The best pieces of armor that you can give to a Monk build are:
    • (Head Piece) Crippling Insight
    • (Chest Piece) Breath Of Incense
    • (Shoulder Piece) Discipline’s Weight
    • (Leg Piece) Path Of The Storm
  • A Monk build’s best main-hand weapon has to be: Dragon Indignation, and the best off-hand weapon is: Reaching Rebuke.

What is the Monk Class?

Monk is the most agile melee class in Diablo Immortal. With the power of One Thousand and One gods in her fists, she can deal devastating damage to her foes while remaining agile enough to get out of harm’s way at light speed. She has a plethora of attacks and skills at her disposal, which are helpful for both crowd control and single-target nuking.

Monk is the class we’ll recommend if you are a fan of fast-paced action games like Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, or Ninja Gaiden. But Monk isn’t a master in close-quarter combat with lightning speed from the start in Diablo Immortal. You need to equip her with the right gems, skills, and armor to make her your dream fighter. Why not go through our guide on Wizard Build before reading further?

Here’s a brief overview of the Monk Build: 

SkillsArmorMain Hand WeaponsOff Hand WeaopnsGemsPriority StatsVanquisher Tree FocusSurvivor Tree Focus
- Fists of Thunder
- Lightning Flux
- Cyclone Strike
- Wave Strike
- Seven-Sided Strike
- Mystic Strike
- Exploding Palm
- Crippling Insight
- Discipline’s Weight
- The First Wind
- Breath of Incense
- Resounding Soul
- Storm Spirit
- Tempest Heart
- Path of the Storm
- Dragon’s Indignation
- Unshakable Weight
- Eye of the Storm
- Reaching Rebuke
- Everlasting Torment
- Berserker’s Eye
- Power And Command
- Fervent Fang
- Lightning Core
- Seled’s Weakening
- Strength
- Vitality
- Fortitude
- Heart of Wrath
- Armor Penetration
- Judgment
- Wrath
- Life
- Damage
- Zeal
- Potency
- Precognition
- Armor
- Indestructible
- Unyielding
- Stalwart
- Life

Best Skills For Monk Build

Skills are the cornerstone of classes in Diablo Immortal. The selection of the right skills is very crucial because not having the right set of skills can ruin your overall playstyle. There are a total of 14 skills you can equip Monk with, and selecting the right ones with trial and error in-game can consume a lot of time.

Moreover, Diablo Immortal allows you to equip four skills at a time apart from a primary skill. So to save you from that hassle, let’s get started on which skills to equip your Monk with to make the most out of her in Diablo Immortal.

Fists of Thunder

Thunder Fists
Stats of Fists of Thunder

Starting off our list with one of the primary skills of Monk, Fists of Thunder. Fists of Thunder allows you to teleport to one of your selected enemies and unleash a barrage of attacks on them. Furthermore, this skill allows you to teleport again after every third hit.

This skill is extremely useful for unleashing hell upon those enemies that keep dealing damage from a distance. So this ability is not only very useful for single target nuking but also for remaining close to your enemies. Fists of Thunder is unlocked at Level 1 and has no cooldown.

Lightning Flux (Ultimate Ability)

In Diablo Immortal, the difference between a normal skill and a primary skill is that primary skills allow you to perform ultimate abilities. Ultimate abilities are basically an enhanced, deadlier version of the primary skill that can give you an edge when the odds are against you.

Lightning flux not only enhances the Fists of Thunder but also allows you to teleport after every single strike. On top of that, your every strike will generate a thunderstorm which not only deals extra damage but also knocks the enemies away. In addition to that, Lightning flux puts a barrier around the Monk, which absorbs damage equivalent to 20% of your base HP. 

Just like any ultimate ability, Lightning Flux should be activated when your back is against the wall because Lightning Flux can only be activated when your Ultimate Bar is Full. Moreover, Lightning Flux is activated for a limited time only. There is a 12-second countdown on your enhanced fists and a 3-second countdown on your shield.

Cyclone Strike

Strikes of Cyclone
Stats of Cyclone Strik

The second skill on our list is a normal skill called Cyclone Strike. Cyclone strike generates a maelstrom of wind which deals a great AOE damage to surrounding enemies and knocks them away. Furthermore, Cyclone Strike can be made even more devastating by combining it with other skills such as Exploding Palm.

The damage to Cyclone Strike increases the longer you charge it. Cyclone Strike is available for use as soon as you begin the game at Level one, with a cooldown of 12 seconds.

Wave Strike

Strike of Energy
Stats of Wave Strike

The third skill we’ll recommend for the Monk build in Diablo Immortal is the Wave Strike. Wave Strike is an AOE attack that pulls the enemy in the attack’s radius towards the Monk and unleashes a wave of energy dealing explosive damage to enemies. This is another skill that is very useful for crowd control.

Similar to Cyclone Strike, Wave Strike also deals more damage the longer you charge it. Wave Strike has a cooldown of 9 seconds and is unlocked at Level 3.

Seven-Sided Strike

Strike from Seven Sides
Stats of Seven-Sided Strike

Continuing our best skills list for Monk, the fourth skill we’ll recommend is the Seven-Sided Strike. This is one of Monk’s best skills because not only it’s very useful for AOE damage and crowd control, but also for dealing high damage to a single target. Seven-Sided Strike allows the Monk to dash quickly between nearby enemies, and strike them seven times each, dealing damage on every hit.

In addition to that, Monk will remain invulnerable throughout her attack animation, making it another great skill to turn the tables when you are in a pinch. Seven-Sided Strike is unlocked at Level 8 and has a cooldown of 12 seconds.

Mystic Strike

otherwordlyy strike
Stats of Mystic Strike

The next Monk skill we are showcasing is the Mystic Strike. Mystic Strike is a dash attack that Monk can use not only to get out of harm’s way instantly but also for dealing damage to enemies due to the spirit left behind by the dash. The spirit pulls all the enemies in its path and deals great damage to them.

The mystic strike is the best mobility skill you can use for Monk’s build in Diablo Immortal. The distance covered by the dash is 4.5 yards. Additionally, like other skills, Mystic Strike has three chargers. It has a cooldown of 12 seconds and is unlocked at level 15.

Exploding Palm

Palm of Explosion
Stats of Exploding Palm

The sixth and final ability we recommend for the Monk build in Diablo immortal is the Exploding Palm Skill. It’s the type of attack that deals enemy damage for a while, even after you are done with the attack. Exploding Palm causes your enemies to bleed damage for 5 seconds. Exploding Palm has a total of 2 charges.

What makes exploding palm so good is that as your enemies die to bleed damage, they’ll explode, causing damage to nearby enemies. This is an extremely deadly AOE attack because those explosions can lead to a chain reaction, wiping out most of the nearby enemies in a single attack by this skill. The catch to the explosions is that starting from the second explosion, enemies will only receive damage equivalent to 30% of base damage.

This is Monk’s best AOE attack for wiping out a large crowd of enemies with low heath. Furthermore, Exploding Palm can be made even deadlier by combining this skill with skills like Cyclone strike, Wave Strike, and Seven-Sided Strikes. This is an early-mid game level skill unlocking at Level 28. Additionally, it has a cooldown of 6 seconds.

Legendary Items / Armor Pieces

Just like any RPGs, Armour pieces in Diablo immortal aren’t just for fashion. These Armour pieces not only endow additional buff to your character but selecting the right armor piece can enhance your skills even further.

You start off the game with common or rare items, but as you progress through the game, you’ll get your hands on Legendary items as well. These Legendary items, like common or rare items, are put into the primary items slots.

Here are some of the best Legendary armor pieces you can put on Monk in Diablo Immortal. Before reading further, why not go through our Essence Transfer and learn about modifying legendary items.

Head Piece 

paralysing insight
Stats of Crippling Insight

Kicking off our list of armor pieces, the first armor piece we’ll recommend equipping Monk with is Crippling Insight. The reason we chose Crippling Insight as our recommended Headpiece is its ability to enhance Exploding Palm even further.

Equipping Crippling Insight will grant an additional charge to Exploding Palm Skill. On top of that, Crippling Insight also decreases the cooldown for Exploding Palm by 10%. This headpiece is absolutely essential for you if you want to make the best crowd control skill of the game even deadlier.

First Shoulder Piece

Weight of Authority
Stats of Discipline’s Weight

The first shoulder piece we’ll recommend for the Monk Class in Diablo Immortal is Discipline’s Weight. Discipline’s Weight allows you to enhance one of Monk’s best skills, Seven-Sided Strike.

This shoulder piece increases the damage dealt by Seven-Sided Strikes by 10%. Apart from that, Discipline’s Weight also decreases the cooldown of Seven-Sided Strikes by 10% as well. So this armor piece is highly recommended if you use Seven-Sided Strike a lot.

Second Shoulder Piece

The first breeze
Stats of The First Wind

Another should piece we’d recommend for Monk Build in Diablo Immortal is The First Wind. This armor piece is a nice alternative to Discipline’s Weight if you cant get your hands on it. Another thing about it is that the way it enhances Seven-Sided Strikes is a little different from Discipline’s Weight.

The First Wind will temporarily raise your damage by 3.5% for every strike you land during the Seven-Sided Strikes. Furthermore, just like Discipline’s Weight, it reduces the cooldown of Seven-Sided Strike by 10%.

First Chest Piece 

Incense Breath
Stats of Breath of Incense

Breath of Incense is, without a doubt, the best chest piece for Monk in Diablo Immortal. This reddish-black piece of armor can enhance two of the best skills Monk has. Breath of Incense enhances Seven-Sided Strike and Exploding Palm.

The reason it’s the best chest piece for Monk is that it will enable a Seven-Sided Strike to cause an Exploding Palm explosion every time you kill an enemy with that skill. In other words, combining this armor with the Seven-Sided Strike skill allows you to unleash hell upon your enemies. Moreover, Breath of Incense reduces the cooldown of Exploding Palm by 10%.

Second Chest Piece

Colossal Soul
Stats of Resounding Soul

The second piece we recommend for Monk’s build is Resounding Soul. This armor piece enhances the Wave Strike skill. This is the best possible armor you can get for Monk if you use the Wave Strike Skill a lot because, unlike Breath of Incense, it only enhances one skill and does it considerably.

Resounding Soul increases the damage dealt by Wave strike by 10%. Additionally, it also reduces the cooldown of Wave Strike by 10%.

Third Chest Piece

Spirit of Storm
Stats of Storm Spirit-

Storm Spirit is the third chest piece we’ll recommend for your Monk’s Build in Diablo Immortal. Just like Resounding Soul, this skill also enhances one of the best Monk’s skills considerably. Storm Spirit is what you should use if you want to enhance further Cyclone strike, which is one of the best AOE skills Monk can acquire.

Storm Spirit allows you to generate a much more powerful tornado that continuously damages all the nearby enemies. In addition to that, Storm Spirit increases the damage dealt by Cyclone Strike by 10%.

Fourth Chest Piece 

Heart of Tempest
Stats of Tempest Heart

Tempest Heart is a good alternative if you cant get your hands on Storm Spirit and vice versa. The main change Tempest Heart brings to Cyclone Strike is also different from Storm Spirit. Unlike Storm Spirit, instead of generating a storm, Tempest Heart allows you to become the storm itself.

The vortex you become will pull in enemies and knock them all away, dealing massive damage to them. Additionally, just like Storm Spirit, Tempest’s Heart reduces the Cyclone Stike’s cooldown by 10%.

Leg Piece 

Storm's Path
Stats of Path of the Storm

The Leg piece we’ll recommend for the Monk’s Build in Diablo Immortal is Path of the Storm. This is another armor piece that enhances Cyclone Strike a lot. Path of the Storm reduces the damage you take by 20% while using Cyclone Strike.

Furthermore, Path of The Storm also reduces the cooldown of Cyclone Strike by 10%. What we’ll recommend here is that if you want to go for a full Cyclone build for Monk, equipping Storm Spirit or Tempest’s Heart with Path of The storm is your best option in becoming the ultimate storm ruler.

Best Weapons for Monk Build in Diablo Immortal

In Diablo Immortal, you can equip your character with two weapons at the same time. One is the main hand weapon, and the other is the off-hand weapon. Aside from skills, weapons are what you will be using while fighting enemies, so having the right weapons in both hands can make a huge difference in life and death situations.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at the best weapons you can obtain for Monk in Diablo Immortal.

Main Hand – Dragon’s Indignation

Resentment of Dragon
Stats of Dragon’s Indignation

Dragon Indignation is our recommendation for the Main Hand if Seven-Sided Strike is your go-to skill or your entire build mostly enhances Seven-Sided Strike.

Using Dragon’s Indignation as your main hand weapon will allow you to inflict enemies with burn damage while performing the Seven-Sided Strike. Additionally, this weapon decreases the Seven-Sided strike’s cooldown by 10%

Main Hand – Unshakable Weight

Unwavering Weight
Stats of Unshakable Weight

For those who have built Monk with armors and gems that are used for enhancing the Wave strike, Unshakable Weight should be your choice of weapon for the main hand in Diablo Immortal. Unshakable weight increases the range of Wave Strike by 10%. Furthermore, it increases the damage inflicted by Wave Strike by 10%.

Off Hand – Eye of the Storm

Storm's Eye
Stats of Eye of the Storm

Eye of the storm is the best Off-hand weapon for Monk if the armor pieces you have equipped enhance the Cyclone Strike skill. As mentioned above, Cyclone Strike is one of the best AOE skills Monk can use, and Eye of The Storm further increases its radius by 20%, turning this skill into a cataclysmic AOE attack.

Eye of The Storm is a must-have if you have Storm’s Spirit or Tempest’s Heart and Path of the Storm equipped.

Off Hand – Reaching Rebuke

Reaching Chastise
Stats of Reaching Rebuke

A highly recommended Off-Hand weapon if you want to make Monk’s best AOE attack even more disastrous. Having Reaching Rebuke equipped, Exploding Palm will launch you at a location and will let you strike down your opponents with a gigantic hand.

This weapon increases the base damage equivalent to 10% of Exploding Palm’s base damage. The catch to this enhancement is that this weapon will increase the cooldown.

Gems For Monk Build

In addition to armors and weapons, you can further enhance your damage output or defense by equipping gems. These gems can provide various buffs to your various stats like movement speed, attack speed, defense, offense, and more. Here are some of the best gems in Diablo Immortal you can equip to enhance further your Monk Class in Diablo Immortal.

Keep in mind the percentages used here are for Rank one of these gems, so these percentages can further increase as you upgrade them.

Everlasting Torment

The first gem we’ll recommend putting on Monk is Everlasting Torment. This is an extremely useful gem for making your critical hits even deadlier. Your critical hits will inflict agony, dealing damage equivalent to 10% of your base damage.

Berserker’s Eye

Berserker’s Eye in Diablo Immortal is very much like the Marika or Radagon’s Sorseals in Elden Ring. This gem not only increases the damage you inflict but also increases the damage you receive as well. The damage output is increased by 5.5%, and intake damage is increased by 6%.

Power And Command

Power and Command enable you to change states every 9 seconds. This is an extremely useful gem for boosting all the primary and normal skills you have equipped. The power increase for primary and normal skills is 8% for both. Furthermore, at a higher rank, this gem will allow you to dispel harmful effects from yourself. 

Fervent Fang

Another gem that can be a pretty viable option for the players main-ing the Monk class of Diablo Immortal is Fervant Fang. Fervant Fang allows you to deal higher damage the more you attack using her. So this is a pretty good gem if you are struggling with a boss fight.

The increase in damage dealt after equipping Fervant Fang is 0.8%. As you deal further damage, this percentage will keep rising until the damage you’ve dealt reach its maximum limit, which is 8%.

Additionally, your overall damage dealt with Elite Bosses is increased by 6% as well, making it a must-have gem for bosses. Speaking of bosses, why not go through our guide on Diablo Immortal Vitaath Bossfight and learn about the best strategy to defeat it.

Lightning Core

One of the best gems you can have to deal explosive damage to enemies and for wiping out entire crowds is Lightning Core. This is a type of gem that slowly charges up with your primary attacks, and once fully charge, you will be able to release an electrifying chain lightning attack with damage equivalent to 90% of your base damage.

The catch here is that it has a very low activation chance and cannot occur more than once every 20 seconds.

Seled’s Weakening

Another gem you should have on your Monk build in Diablo Immortal is Seled’s Weakening. Seled’s Weakening gives you a 6% damage boost of 60 seconds every time you kill an Elite mob.

The strategy here is you should focus on Elite mobs during your fights and then use Seled’s blessing to wipe out the rest of the crowd.

Best Stats for Diablo Immortal Monk

Monk belongs to one of the most overpowered classes dealing in offense, this is why many players prefer using this build in Diablo Immortal’s PvP battles. The more you invest in Monk’s skills, the more damaging his physical attacks would be. 

Strength is the stat you should focus mainly on as Monk’s attacks can take out a huge chunk of the enemy’s health points especially when leveled up. Invest as much as you can in the strength skills of Monk to make it through the intense battles of Diablo Immortal. Strength controls the damage output of Monk’s attacks and this attribute can greatly increase your Combat Rating in Diablo Immortal.

But keep the holy warrior’s health in check by investing in vitality and fortitude. Investing in these stats will help you keep the HP of Monk on par with other stats in Diablo Immortal. You don’t need to invest much in Intelligence stat.

Fortitude stat of the Monk can help build bulk and you can break the defense of others in PvP and PvE in Diablo Immortal by Armor Penetration. Vitality, on the other hand, will add more Life Energy and the Monks will keep on battling even after their defense is damaged or dispelled. 

Paragon Skills for Monk Build

For you Monk Build, the best Paragon trees would be Vanquisher and Survivor in Diablo Immortal. The Paragon system along with the infernal difficulty level unlocks once you reach level 60. You further improve your Monk Build through the Paragon skills in Diablo Immortal.

When you reach level 60, focus on investing your Paragon points in the following skills from the Vanquisher Tree.

  • Heart of Wrath
  • Armor Penetration
  • Judgment 
  • Wrath 
  • Life
  • Damage 
  • Zeal 
  • Potency 

For the Survivor tree, invest mainly in the skills mentioned below.

  • Precognition
  • Armor
  • Indestructible 
  • Unyielding
  • Stalwart
  • Life

Your first five Paragon points should be invested in the Damage node. Doing so will give you a whopping +75 bonus damage. The next points should be spent on the Zeal node. This will increase your attack speed as you progress in the battle.

This wraps up our guide on the best skills, armors, and gems for Monk Build. Let us know what you think about our guide in the comments below.

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