Diablo Immortal: Level Up Paragon Faster [9 Methods]

Understanding the Diablo Immortal Paragon Level system is vital if you want to keep improving your character. Find out more in this guide!

In mFrom the best class system out there to various activities such as discovering hidden lairs and side quests, Diablo Immortal has a lot to offer. Many RPG games tend to have a leveling system. But once you reach the max level, that seems to be it for leveling unless you start an NG+ of some sort.

Key Takeaways
  • Paragon levels at 60 grant character-specific points.
  • Two Paragon trees initially; more unlock every 50 levels.
  • Invest points wisely; no resets. World Paragon system impacts leveling speed.
  • Quick leveling through daily rewards (First kill, Free daily).
  • Helliquary bosses 2x/week and Factions speed up leveling.
  • Zone events (Bilefan, Haunted Carriage) and Library of Zoltun Kulle offer fast XP.
  • XP gain through daily bounties, dungeon runs, and Kulle’s hidden chamber.

Paragon Level System Explained

The paragon level system provides players with something to look forward to even after they’ve capped out on their character’s max level after they’re done dealing with various enemies such as the Tax Collector and Vitaath. There are various methods of increasing your paragon level, and there are also many things to consider while leveling up, such as the world paragon level.

The concept of this endgame leveling system was introduced in Diablo 3 and has been carried over to Diablo Immortal as well. However, it is slightly more confusing with the various paragon trees and the world leveling system.

To fully understand the Paragon system, there are three main things that I want you to understand:

  • Paragon Levels
  • Paragon Trees
  • Paragon World System

Therefore, let’s take a look at each of these individually. 

Paragon Levels

Diablo Immortal Paragon Levels is essentially the leveling system upon reaching the max character level, 60. Once you reach level 60, you begin at paragon level 0, and your XP bar goes from yellow to green. From here onwards, any XP that you gain goes towards your Paragon Level.

Leveling up earns paragon points for character bonuses and specialization skills. Use points only on the character that earned them; they aren’t transferable between characters on the same account. Learn more about potency in our Diablo Immortal Potency guide.

Paragon levels are something that you only need to worry about when you’re in the endgame. If you’re only just getting started then consider checking out our top tips to getting started: Diablo Immortal Tips & Tricks: Combat, Gear & Leveling.

Paragon Trees

Diablo Immortal Paragon Level Trees
Diablo Immortal – Paragon Trees

Once you’ve gotten used to the Diablo Immortal Paragon leveling system, you’ll need to actually spend the points that you earn. These points can be spent on the various Paragon trees in the game. There are 6 in total as of now, with plans for 4 more being added later. Based on my gameplay experience, each Paragon Tree gets unlocked after every 50 paragon levels, but you get 2 to start off with.

I have listed down each tree and when it gets unlocked:

Paragon Tree Paragon Level Required
Survivor 1
Vanquisher 1
Treasure Hunter 50
Gladiator 100
Soldier 150
Mastermind 150

You can invest up to 100 points in each Paragon tree. There are individual nodes that provide you with unique skills and buffs. But do be mindful of which nodes you invest in, as there is no way to respec or reset your Paragon Trees. Therefore, I would suggest you to do your research and choose wisely. Especially considering that it can take a lot to level up in this game.

These Paragon Trees are further divided into specialization skills and persistent attributes:

Specialization Skills: Buffs that only apply when the respective Paragon tree is active. You can activate the tree through the main tree menu by selecting the diamond shape at the bottom of each tree. These specialization skills are showcased as square-shaped nodes in the paragon tree. It is worth noting that you can only activate one tree at a time.

Persistent Attributes: These are the buffs that are always applied. These do not depend on which Paragon Tree is active at the time. Persistent Attributes are the circle-shaped nodes.

On top of that, the various trees provide their own form of abilities. Here I am providing you a general overview of which tree provides what:

Paragon Tree Abilities
Survivor Defensive abilities such as higher block chances at critical HP or surviving lethal blows at 1HP
Vanquisher Offensive Berserker abilities that allow you to increase your damage output upon defeating enemies.
Treasure Hunter Looting abilities that increase your chances of getting rare items from enemies.
Gladiator Tanky abilities, great for PvP builds.
Soldier Cooperation abilities that help the entire party, such as heals or other radiating buffs.
Mastermind Diversity abilities that give buffs based on the various classes in your party.

Paragon World System / Server Paragon Level

Diablo Immortal Paragon Levels World System
Diablo Immortal – Server Level

The Paragon World System in Diablo Immortal can be a bit confusing. It’s designed to help less active players stay competitive. Each server has a World Paragon Level, affecting your XP gain based on your Paragon level compared to the world level. I was surprised to know that If you’re below it, you level up faster, but if you’re above it, leveling slows down. The world level increases by two each day, so keep an eye on it to optimize your progress.

How To Increase Paragon Levels 

Once you understand the complex Diablo Immortal Paragon Level system, you can move on to increasing your own levels. Here are the various methods that you can use to level up. Ideally, you want to do these activities daily to increase your chances of leveling up quickly.

Kill of the Day And Daily Rewards

Whenever you log onto the game the next day, you will have two rewards that are waiting for you. These will be the first kill of the day that you can get by killing any enemy. The second reward will be the free daily reward that you can get by simply opening the shop and claiming it. This will hardly take 1 minute.

If you’re struggling with the enemies and want to know about the difficulty settings, consider reading: Diablo Immortal changing Difficulty Setting.

Weekly Helliquary Bosses

Unfortunately, this is something that you can only do twice per week. But if you have not already, you should kill the Helliquary Bosses. Doing so the first time around will grant you a combat rating boost. In total, killing these bosses should only take up to 15 minutes.

Daily Activity Rewards

These activities can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. You will be required to earn 120 battle pass points and then get the reward from the codex, which can be one charm, one scoria, and 300 platinum. These tasks can be completed passively while you work on your other tasks

Cycle of Strife Activities

It includes you ranking up your faction, which can give you lots of powerful rewards. For immortals, doing something like the dailies like defending the vault can be beneficial. 

As for the Shadows, contracts, assembly, or raiding the vault can be quite good. These activities are PvP or PvE based and can take up to 60 minutes.

Zone Events

Not all zone events are equal, but there are a few that you should look out for. These are the PvP arena in Bilefan, the Haunted Carriage in Ashwold Cemetery, and the Ancient Nightmare in Mount Zavain.

Kulle’s Hidden Chambers

It is an event that takes place in the Library of Zolton Kulle. You are tasked to find 5 lost pages in Diablo Immortal and can get various rewards and valuable resources for upgrading your gear.


In my experience, this is perhaps one of the lesser fruitful methods out there, but you can complete up to 8 bounties per day and get decent XP.


This is something that you can do after you’ve exhausted all other methods. In my opinion, Dungeons are a great way to level up your paragon level and can be done in 5-10 minutes.

XP Farming

XP Farming location Diablo Immortal
Diablo Immortal – Library of Zolton Kulle

If you’re looking for the best XP Farming place, then it will have to be the Library of Zolton Kulle. This is the same as the Hidden Chambers event. But essentially, you can come here to kill many monsters, gather the pages, enter a portal in the same area and loot the chests, and a lot more. 

If you do most of these activities, then you will have a good chance of leveling up your paragon level.

With that, you know everything there is to know about the Diablo Immortal Paragon Level system. It is something that has been carried over from the previous Diablo games.

However, it has some confusing bits, such as the leveling caps. Regardless, there is a lot of grind ahead if you want to unlock all the cool trees, and we wish you the best of luck in doing so!

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