Diablo Immortal: How To Increase Potency [3 Best Ways]

Potency in Diablo Immortal is an important attribute if your classes use debuff abilities. Read our guide & learn more about Potency.

Potency is one of the secondary attributes in Diablo Immortal. Other Secondary attributes are Armor, Armor Penetration, Defense Rating, Offense Rating, and Resistance.z The Secondary Attributes come into action when the required conditions of these attributes are met. Potency is the debuff that your place inflicts on bosses, mobs, or other players. In other words, it governs how long your debuffs will be inflicted on enemies. While fighting with an enemy, when you use a skill, the system compares your potency level with the enemy’s resistance level.

Key Takeaways
  • Diablo Immortal comes with many attributes other than Resistance and Armor, one of those is Potency which is a debuff.
  • Potency’s main objective is to increase the duration of debuffs applied on enemies which can greatly increase your damage output.
  • Key debuffs (weakened, damage status, crowd control) are crucial for winning tough battles.
  • There are many ways to increase Potency that by:
    • Increasing WillPower attribute
    • Gain more Paragon points
    • Use items for a temporary boost
  • Potency is really good for scenarios in PvP fights and hard boss fights.
Potency in Diablo Immortal is a secondary attribute.
Potency is one of the 6 Secondary Attributes in Diablo Immortal.

With a higher Potency than the enemy’s resistance, you’ll inflict debuffs that will last longer on enemies. It doesn’t matter whether they’re bosses or other players. But, if your potency is lower than the enemy’s resistance, then it will be a disadvantage for you. Because when you use debuffs on enemies, they won’t be as effective. So you’ll need to have a higher potency to fight bosses or other players.

With a higher Potency, you’ll debuff the Crowd Control, Damage Status, and Weaking effects. These debuffs will last for longer durations compared to equal or low Potency.

Best Ways To Increase Potency 

There are three methods through which the player can increase their Potency. These methods include increasing Willpower, Paragon Abilities, and getting Items.


To increase Potency in Diablo Immortal, I would suggest you to increase the Primary attribute ‘Willpower’. Willpower increases both Potency and Resistance. The Combat Rating increases by 1 of all Classes when you increase Willpower. With Combat Power, the Potency or Resistance increases by 0.1.

With some class builds, you won’t be interested in increasing your potency. Then you can use Willpower to increase your Resistance. That way, if you face an enemy with higher Potency, your higher Resistance will be able to counter it.

Paragon Abilities

Paragon abilities also increase the Potency of a player. When the player reaches level 60, the level cap, their levels stop increasing. This is where the endgame or Hell mode begins. After that, as the player gains exp, the levels will stay 60, but Paragon levels start to increase.

Here the player can allocate their Paragon Points to persistent attributes. These Paragon Attributes increase your Potency.


Items in Diablo Immortal increase the player’s stats. They will boost your stats as long as you’ve equipped these items. When you unequip them, the boose they provide will be gone.

Some items increase Potency in Diablo Immortal. Equipping them will increase your Potency. This boost will be as you’d normally increase Potency with the above methods I have mentioned.

Why is Potency Important

Potency enhances the size of Debuffs on enemies. I experienced that If you’re in a PVP fight, the Debuff size can increase by as much as 50%. Or, if you’re fighting against mobs, the duration increases by up to 99%. Such as, if you use Crowd Control abilities on enemies, then the debuffs of CC will last for a longer time on them. Potent effects such as Chill, Crowd Control, Poison, and Stun are enhanced with a higher Potency.

Potency in Diablo Immortal is useful for Monk Class.
potency increase methods Diablo Immortal

That is why Potency is important for the Monk class, as it will fit well with the AOE attacks of the Monk. As the Monk relies on using a lot of CC abilities, it will be a better investment. As with Potency’s higher debuffs, you’ll be able to take out enemies effectively.

Potency is a useful secondary attribute in Diablo Immortal. Increasing it will increase your player’s ability to apply lower debuffs on enemies. Which, in the case of PVP, is up to 50%, and in the case of mobs and bosses, it is as high as 99%.

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