Diablo Immortal Raids: Dungeons, Rifts & Kion’s Ordeal

Raids in Diablo Immortal are one of the best methods to get tons of Loot & XP in a short time. So here are all the raids you should do.

With the release of Diablo Immortal, the Diablo series has held onto its roots and bought a lot of new content for the players. The game has six different classes that you get to level up. To level them up, you need to take part in raids in Diablo Immortal. They’re one of the best sources of exp and loot. Here we have a complete guide on Raids in Diablo Immortal. Let’s get started.

Key Highlights
  • Diablo Immortal features five raid types: Challenge Rifts, Dungeons, Elder Rifts, Helliquary Bosses, and Kion’s Ordeal.
  • Challenge Rifts unlock after reaching Westmarch and can be done solo or with a 4-player team.
  • Completing Challenge Rifts rewards Crafting Materials, Runes, Hilts, and Leaderboard prizes like Gold, Hilts, and Enigmatic Crystals.
  • Dungeon raids are repeatable events available in world zones, with 7 unique Dungeons, each offering specific Set Items as rewards.
  • Elder Rifts are randomized Dungeon raids, accessed between the Bounty Board and Challenge Rift obelisk in Westmarch. Rewards include Legendary Gems, Fading Ember, Runes, Crafting Material, EXP, and Legendary Gear.
  • To access Helliquary raids, players must complete the Bilefen’s main storyline. These raids feature three bosses: Chaos Herald Pyl, Lassal the Flame Spun, and Vitaath the Shivering Death.
  • Kion’s Ordeal is an exclusive raid for Lieutenants or Elites using Essentia, accommodating up to 48 players. Loot distribution is based on player positioning within circles around specific items.

Raids in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal has different types of Raids. You need to clear the area and kill their respective bosses in these raids. Once the area is cleared, you’ll be rewarded with loot; usually, in these raids, the players team-up. The team can be anywhere from 2 player raids to up to 48-player raids. Yes, you read that right. We’ll get on the raid with 48 players in a while. 

In Diablo Immortal, there are five different types of Raid that players can take part in. They are Challenge Rifts, Dungeons, Elder Rifts, Helliquary Bosses, and Kion’s Ordeal.

Challenge Rifts Raids

First up, we have the Challenge Rifts. Challenge Rifts are unlocked when the player unlocks Westmarch for the first time. Here the player gets access to an obelisk when they’re in the Palace Courtyard. The game has designed a Tutorial for Challenge Rift’s basics. Players get access to the tutorial early on in the game. This way, they’ll be familiar with the Raid system when they’re starting the game.

Challenge Rifts location in Diablo Immortal raids guide
Challenge Rifts are at Palace Courtyard.

Although Diablo 3 Had Challenge Rifts, in Diablo Immortal, the Challenge Rifts are quite different. For a start, in Diablo 3, the player had to use a premade character that had set items and skills. Whereas in Diablo Immortal, these raids make you clear the levels, and the difficulty of levels increases gradually.

As you push up on these levels, the fun and the challenge go up, and so do the rewards. The leaderboard for Challenge Rifts has top clearers ranked up with their rewards. This shows that if you complete that many levels, you’ll get tons of rewards for it.

At the same time, the multiplayer leaderboard has comparatively more rewards for you. So gather your clan members or your friends and hop onto the Challenge Rifts to get tons of loot.

Mechanics of Challenge Rift Riads

  • You can Raid the Challenge Rifts either solo or with up to 4 players in a group.
  • Every run you do will be completely random. It’ll have a random Zone, layout, and enemies type.
  • In each raid run, you’ll have to clear 100 levels. The Monster Combat Rating will increase at every level. To determine if a level is difficult, you’ll have to compare your rating with that of the monster. The rating of monsters in each level is fixed.
  • The progress bar fills with either killing the monsters or picking up the progress globes that are dropped by Elite Monsters. As soon as the progress bar of the level fills up, the enemies disappear, and a random Rift Guardian comes to fight you. The whole run needs to be done in 10 minutes to get a successful clear.
  • If you’re the first player on your server to complete level increments of 10, 20, or 30. then your name will be displayed. Everyone can read your name as the first clearer, and you’ll receive additional honor for clearing these levels.
  • The leaderboard will show the top Solo and Multiplayer clearers. You can check their builds, etc., and get an idea of how they got this good.


As mentioned before, Challenge Rifts have 2 leaderboards, which are Solo Leaderboard and Multiplayer Leaderboard.

Solo Leaderboard

Solo Leaderboard has slots for 1000 individuals. Here, the player’s highest clearing level appears on the leaderboard, meaning one slot per player. The leader board categories are divided into six brackets that have different rewards. 

The solo leaderboard resets at 3 AM Server time every Monday. The rewards for the top 1000 players are sent to them by mail. Want your name to get on the Solo Leaderboard? Read through our Best Solo Classes guide to understand the build and playstyle. This way, you’ll be able to win tons of rewards in Challenge Rifts.

Players RankGold RewardHilts Reward
1-10100,000 Gold500 Hilts
11-10090,000 Gold400 Hilts
101-30080,000 Gold350 Hilts
301-50070,000 Gold300 Hilts
501-70060,000 Gold250 Hilts
701-100050,000 Gold200 Hilts

Multiplayer Leaderboard

The Multiplayer Leaderboard has spots for the top 10 teams of 2-player, 3-player, or even 4-player teams. A player can appear in different spots as part of their team. But they’ll get the reward for their highest clearing. 

On the first day of every month, Multiplayer Challenge Rift Raid’s rank resets at 3 Am server time. The rewards are sent to the top 10 team members by mail.

Compared to the Solo Leaderboard, the rewards in Multiplayer are more valuable. That is because of the Enigmatic Crystal. Compared to other sources of Enigmatic Crystal, this one is the most abundant, and because of it, the multiplayer leaderboard is quite competitive. 

Multiplayer RankHilts RewardEnigmatic Crystal Reward
11000 Hilts200 Enigamtic Crystals
2900 Hilts180 Enigamtic Crystals
3850 Hilts170 Enigamtic Crystals
4800 Hilts160 Enigamtic Crystals
5750 Hilts150 Enigmatic Crystals
6700 Hilts140 Enigamtic Crystals
7650 Hilts130 Enigamtic Crystals
8600 Hilts120 Enigamtic Crystals
9550 Hilts110 Enigamtic Crystals
10500 Hilts100 Enigamtic Crystals


You get Crafting Materials, Runes, and Hilts as a reward when you complete a level for the first time. This way, you can complete easy levels in less than 3 minutes to upgrade your equipment. Other than that, Challenge Rift Raids in Diablo Immortal have tons of Gold, Hilts, and Enigmatic Crystals as rewards for placement in the Leaderboards.

Dungeon Raids

Dungeons in Diablo immortal are available in many World Zones that you come across during the game’s campaign. One good thing about the dungeons is that once you have completed them, you can repeat them as much as you want. You’ll get to re-explore the Dungeons as objectives in different quests of Immortal Daily Quests, Bounty Board, and Shadow Contracts.

For now, Diablo Immortal has seven dungeons, each with a unique design and strategy to clear. Some of these Dungeons pay tribute to the Blood-ridden battles of past Diablo games. In contrast, other Dungeons have lands and monsters that weren’t known before.

The Dungeons are designed for your power level. If you feel like any of these is too hard for you, check out the Jeweler or the Blacksmith to check for available upgrades. But remember, the difficulty of dungeons gets much harder once you unlock the Hell difficulties.


Set Items can only be obtained as a reward from the Dungeons. They are for players’ secondary slots such as Amulet, Belt, Boots, Gloves, and Rings. You need to reach Max level for Set Items to drop. Read through our Max Level guide on tips to level up faster. In Hell 1, only a few items are available. To unlock every slot and equip full sets, you’ll need to go to Hell 2 and above.

Every dungeon has specific Set Items that the player gets as part of the normal loot pool. It is not guaranteed that you’ll get these items as the drop. So you’ll have to farm these dungeons to get full sets.

Using Codex is a great method to check which Dungeon is offering a Double drop of Set Items. The Double Drop event rotates between all dungeons, allowing you to get better drop rates on all set items. Read through our guide of Diablo Immortal Set Items to better understand them.

7 Dungeons in Diablo Immortal

As we’ve mentioned before, there are a total of 7 Dungeons in Diablo Immortal as of writing this guide. Some of these dungeons are a tribute to most blood-ridden battles of former Diablo Games, or they are completely new. 

The 7 Dungeons that you can raid in Diablo Immortal are:

Mad King’s Breach

It is the first Dungeon that players can raid in Diablo Immortal. It is located at the end of the 2nd World Zone, known as Ashwold Cemetery. The Mad King’s Breach Dungeon is considered one of the best places to farm exp and items.

Mad King's Breach in Diablo Immortal Raids Guide
Mad King’s Breach’s location.

The dungeon consists of two levels, with a boss of their own. You’ll have to defeat them before you can fight The Skeleton King. A great way to get extra experience in this dungeon is by maintaining the Massacre Bonus. 

To enter the dungeon, you need to be at least level 10. It has 15 battle points. And the good thing is that in just a 3-5 minutes run, and you’ll get a high exp and lot.

Here, you can get the following Set Items as rewards


  • Istaar At Rest (Hell II +)


  • Shepherd and Mother (Hell IV +)
  • Fairfleet (Hell IV+)


  • Dozen Strikes of Shal’baas (Hell II+)


  • Mountebank’s Bravado (Hell I+)


  • Torn Sole (Hell I+)

Forgotten Tower

Forgotten Tower is the second Dungeon that you get to raid in Diablo Immortal. It is the final area in Dark Wood that you have to clear before you can transition to the Shassar Sea. This is one of the Dungeons that is a rework of old Diablo Games. The Forgotten Tower Dungeon is reworked from Diablo 2, a classic that is not forgotten at all.

Forgotten Tower dungeon in Diablo Immortal
Location of Forgotten Tower Dungeon.

Most players love clearing this dungeon because it has a one-floor layout. The dungeon is filled with monsters, so getting to 100 Massacre Bonus is no big thing in it.

Forgotten Tower Dungeon has a quest of its own. If you’re able to kill a certain amount of enemies before the timer ends, you’ll be rewarded with up to 5 bonus chests. It is all the more reason to join a clan and team up in Diablo Immortal and raid the dungeon.

For the dungeon, level 20 is required. And it usually takes anywhere from 3-5 minutes to clear the Dungeon. The Forgotten Tower has 15 battle points, and it rewards with high exp and loot.

Here, you can get the following Set Items as rewards


  • Wisdom’s Edge (Hell II +)


  • The Prisoner (Hell IV +)
  • Shepherd and Father (Hell IV+)


  • Issatar’s Open Hand (Hell II+)


  • Storm-Tack of Shal’baas (Hell I+)


  • Mountebank’s Slyness (Hell I+)

Tomb of Fahir

The tomb of Fahir is a massive dungeon compared to others. It takes you on an adventure in the Shassar Sea world. If you want to raid it quickly in Diablo immortal, pick up a movement skill. Because to clear the Dungeon, you’ll find yourself running here and there for its objectives. The Treasure Chests in this dungeon are spread all over the dungeon. The Dungeon is filled with unique boss fights and encounters. 

Diablo Immortal, Dungeon raid to tomb of Farahir.
Tomb of Farahir’s location.

The Dungeon requires level 28 to clear it. Has 20 Battle points. Although it has treasure chests spread around, in terms of loot and exp, it doesn’t have much.

Here, you can get the following Set Items as rewards


  • Shepherd and Architech (Hell II +)


  • Shameless Urge (Hell IV +)
  • The Turnkey (Hell IV+)


  • Hurtling Steel (Hell II+)


  • Issatar Contained (Hell I+)


  • Wind-tords of Shal’baas (Hell I+)

Destruction’s End

At the end of Zoltun Kulle’s Library region is the Dungeon named Destruction’s End. If you’ve played Diablo 2, then we’ve got good news, you get to meet Baal from Diablo 2 here. But you have to trap him in the Soul Shard. The Dungeon has many stops, but you won’t lose the way.

Destruction's End's location in Diablo immortal Raids guide.
Destruction’s End’s Entrance.

A minimum level of 35 is required to clear the Dungeon. It, too, has 20 Battle Points. One thing disappointing about this dungeon is that it doesn’t reward any high exp or loot.

Here, you can get the following Set Items as rewards


  • The Subjugator (Hell II +)


  • Modest Urge (Hell IV +)


  • Shepherd and Beastmaster (Hell II+)


  • Whipcrack (Hell I+)


  • Issatar The Brute (Hell I+)

Kikuras Rapid

Kikuras Rapid is a Dungeon that you encounter in Bilefen, and it is a unique Diablo Immortal raiding experience you’ll have. That is because you get to slay demons in this dungeon on a raft. But be careful of the end because, in the end, you’ll have to fight a barrage of fire.

Enterance to Kikuras Rapid Dungeon in DIablo Immortal
Location to Kikuras Rapid dungeon’s entrance.

This dungeon is a good experience in Diablo Immortal as it is unique and enjoyable. To Raid Kikuras Rapid in Diablo Immortal, you’ll need to be level 40 at least. It has 20 Battle points. It offers moderate exp and loots even though it takes longer to get through it.

Here, you can get the following Set Items as rewards


  • Awakener’s Urge (Hell II +)


  • Broken Palm (Hell IV +)
  • Mountebank’s Marvel (Hell IV+)


  • The Mailed Fist (Hell II+)


  • Shepherd and Begetter (Hell I+)


  • Stum-Stir (Hell I+)

Temple of Namari

In the Bilefen region, you get to raid two Dungeons. First was the Kikuras Rapids, and the second was the Temple of Namari. Although compared to other dungeons, this one is a lot smaller, and you’ll have to fight four bosses in a row. That’s not all; after fighting these bosses, you have to fight the final boss of Temple of Namari, that is the Sargoth. Fighting with four bosses back to back seems a lot, but it’s not so hard a task as you’ll get Health Globes as the drop. 

Dungeon, Temple of namari's Enterance in diablo Immortal.
Temple of Namari’s Entrance.

The raid loot in Temple of Namari in Diablo Immortal isn’t so great when you consider the difficulty level. So the area is a great opportunity to test your skills by fighting four bosses in a row. Like the Kikuras Rapids, you need to be level 40 to clear the Temple of Namari. It, too, has 20 Battle Points.

Here, you can get the following Set Items as rewards


  • Cut Throat (Hell II +)


  • Mountebank’s Misdirection (Hell IV +)
  • Resting Fangs of Shal’baas (Hell IV+)


  • Luminary’s Urge (Hell II+)


  • The Gaoler (Hell I+)


  • Shepherd and Leader (Hell I+)

Carven of Echoes

The Carven of Echos is a great dungeon to explore at the end of the Frozen Tundra region. The Dungeon pays tribute to the Diablo 3 as it lets you fight a boss using Blood Maw and Rime mechanics from Diablo 3. From here onwards, you have to fight some monsters to get to the final boss of the Dungeon, Glacial Colossus.

Carven of Echo's enterance to raid in Diablo Immortal
Entrance to Carven of Echo.

The Dungeon isn’t only great for its looks, and it gives enormous sums of exp and loot too. It requires you to have a level 50 player. And it has only 15 Battle Points.

Here, you can get the following Set Items as rewards


  • Mountebank’s Flourish (Hell II +)


  • Issatar Undone (Hell IV +)
  • Braided Serpent of Shal’baas (Hell IV+)


  • Bloody Hand (Hell II+)


  • Exemplar’s Urge(Hell I+)


  • Wind The Tyrant (Hell I+)

Pit of Anguish

Pit of Anguish is the 7th and final Dungeon that you get to raid in Diablo Immortal at the time of writing. You get to clear this dungeon in the final world zone; that is, Realm of Damnation. The Dungeon is filled with Abussal Gargantuans spawning pools. At one particular pit, you’ll have to battle demonic cultivators. Not only that, you’ll have to fight a boss fight with the most blood in the game, hence the name ‘Pit of Anguish’.

Enterance to the Dungeon, Pit of Anguish in diablo immortal.
Pit of Anguish’s entrance.

To raid the Dungeon in Diablo Immortal, you need to be at least level 56. It gives Moderate exp and loot, but the fighting experience is worth it. It has 20 battle points.

Here, you can get the following Set Items as rewards


  • Buring Heart of Shal’baas (Hell II +)


  • Foulfleet (Hell IV +)
  • Issatar Enraged (Hell IV+)


  • Mountebank’s Shirking (Hell II+)


  • Open Gut (Hell I+)


  • Beacon’s Urge (Hell I+)

Elder Rifts Raids

Elder Rifts are a type of raid in Diablo Immortal that lets you tear through hordes of monsters. These dungeons are randomized, so there’s a chance of getting big rewards. To enter Elder Rifts, you’ll have to travel to the Northwest corner of Westmartch. There, between the Bounty Board and Challenge Rift obelisk, is the entrance to Elder Rifts.

Elder Rift raids location in DIablo Immortal.
Location to Elder Rifts in Diablo Immortal.

Elder Rifts are a great source to earn Legendary loot and experience. And you get to enhance them using Rare Crest or Legendary Crest. This way, you’ll earn Runes and Legendary Gems.

Mechanics of Challenge Rift Riads in Diablo Immortal

  • Elder Rifts are free to enter. You can continuously raid Elder Rifts in Diablo Immortal without any restriction. 
  • While raiding these Rifts, there’s no time limit. Your progress bar will fill when you slay enemies and collect globes dropped by Elites.
  • The whole experience is random. The map, Rift Guardian, mob type, and even pylons are generated randomly.
  • Elder Rifts are consistent with your difficulty as you get stronger. That is because the monster’s Combat Rating scales with your players.
  • To get Legendary Gem as a drop, you’ll have to put on Rare Crest and Legendary Crest. You’ll have to put on crest even if your raid-mates put it on, as it won’t affect your drop rates.
  • For every Crest used in Elder Rifts, you’ll get one Fading Ember. Here, you’ll get Fading Ember if your friends use Crest. You can only get a maximum of 210 Fading Ember every week.
  • Elder Rifts take anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes of raiding to complete.
  • With Daedessa’s Blessing, the Immortals and Adventurers get three chests every day by completing Elder RIfts. These chests have Asprint Keys and a chance to get a Rare Crest. The Shadows will get a buff if the immortals fail to clear Kion’s Ordeal in 24 hours.


The Bosses in Elder Rifts raids are similar to those in the Challenge Rift. But compared to those in Elder Rifts, the Challenge Rift bosses are harder to defeat. Defeating a boss drops a chest with Legendary Gems, Fading Ember, Runes, and the loot that you’ve obtained during the Elder Rift raid.


While discussing rewards, here’s what you can get while clearing Elder RIfts. If you want to obtain Legendary Gems, Fading Ember, or Runes, then Elder Rifts are the primary source for that. Although, you can get tons of Crafting material, exp, and legendary Gear if you do it right. Read through Diablo Immortal Best Legendary Gems to check out which one you want.

The Howler’s Call is a powerful gem if you want to clear enemies’ hordes in front of you. At the same time, the Sleeping Bite spreads poison everywhere in the room to clear them of enemies. Both of these can be found in Elder Rifts by raiding them in Diablo Immortal.

You can use up to 10 Legendary Crests at once. But it doesn’t mean that you can go with 9 Crests. You can either go with 1, 2, 3, or 10 Legendary Crests. The benefit of going with 10 Legendary Crests are loot and extra Fading Ember. With a full party, your whole raiding party will get 40 Fading Ember in one run.

This is only applicable for Legendary Crests, and it doesn’t work with Rare Crests. With Rare Crests, you can use 1, 2, or at max, 3 for every Elder Rift. If you want to get the extra Fading Ember on every run, you might want to go through our How to Find & Use Legendary Crests guide of Diablo Immortal. 

Helliquary Raids

Diablo Immortal is the first game to get Helliquary raids. If you want to increase your character’s Combat Rating, then that’s where you need to go. In the beginning, the Helliquary quests are easy, so it’s easier to get Combat Rating and level up. It all becomes hard later on. To better understand Combat Rating, check out The Definitive Combat Rating Guide.

You can solo level up the Helliquary by obtaining one Scoria through battle pass quests. Or, you can obtain Scoria with battle pass Raid Activity by teaming up with eight players in Diablo Immortal. This way, you can level up faster.

Getting Helliquary

To get Helliquary raids in Diablo Immortal, you’ll have to complete Bilefen’s main storyline. Sandro the Mouth will send you to Westmarch to Deckard Cain’s Workshop. There, in a secret room, Rayoc will assign you Chaos Herald Pyl as the first Demonic Target. Rayoc will teach you the basics of Helliquary.

You’ll have to get to Challenge Rift 6 to kill Chaos Heral Pyl. The boss drops Pyl’s Flowing Chaos as the Legendary item drop. Take it to Rayco at Deckard Cain’s Workshop. Rayco will guide you and tell you to seal it into Helliquary. Next, talk to the Bounty Quartermaster to receive the first Scoria.

Then, Rayoc will take you to Charsi Blacksmith to teach you about Scoria Refinement. When you refine Scoria to hellfire Scoria for 100 Gold, you’ll be able to upgrade Helliquary from level 1 to 2. When you return to Rayoc, the quest ends, and it sets Lassal as your next demonic target.

Although Lassal, The Flame spun, unlocks at Helliquary Level 2, it’s impossible to kill him as he is a high-level boss. So you’ll have to take the Game’s recommended Combat Rating as your guide and attempt to kill Lassal when you’re ready for it.

Level up Helliquary

You should increase the Helliquary level to increase the Combat Rating you get. At the start, you’ll get 2 Combat Rating, but that number increases as you get to higher levels. For the first level, it requires 1 Hellfire Scoria, but that number increases gradually. You’ll have to complete Daily Battle Pass Quests that reward 1 Scoria and Battle Pass Raid Activity that rewards 10 Scoria per boss. This way, you won’t fall behind other players when it comes to Scoria.

Bosses in Helliquary 

At the time of writing the guide, there are a total of 3 bosses available. The first one is Chaos Herald Pyl which you get to defeat in the quest. Then Lassal the Flame Spun, which unlocks at Helliquary level 2. The Final boss, Vitaath, the Shivering Death, unlocks at Helliquary level 20.

There are talks among the game’s devs to add more bosses in the near future. It can be that the devs revamp the Helliquary level requirement structure for them too. Okay, let’s get to a brief intro to the bosses and how to defeat them.

Chaos Herald Pyl

Chaos Herald Pyl has moderate difficulty as a boss. Even then, you can beat him in a solo fight without a raiding party in Diablo Immortal. He doesn’t have any one-shot mechanics you need to worry about. But the four special attacks can deal tons of damage if not dodged.

Special Item: Pyl’s Flowing Chaos 

Pyl will sometimes use a ground attack with three spikes trail radiating from him. Keep an eye on it to avoid taking damage. You’ll see that Pyl spawns multiple Demon Warrior waves during the fight. You’ll have to get rid of them first and then focus on Pyl.

When you see that Pyl is raising his staff, take a health potion charge to avoid getting killed by it. And Pyl spawns multiple fire circles on the ground. You need to stay away from them as they deal significant damage if you’re close to them.

Lassal, the Flame Spun

Chaos Herald Pyl is nothing in front of Lassal. Although Lassal unlocks right after you get to Helliquary Level 2, you should get to the game-recommended Combat Rating to fight Lassal. Lassal has a total of 4 phases. To take him out, you need to get a raid party in Diablo immortal.

Special Item: Flame-Twisted Claw

Phase 1

During Phase 1, Lassal is quite easy to defeat. He does a basic attack with a 180-degree cone attack. Keep your distance, and you’ll defeat him in no time.

Phase 2

In Phase 2, the previous phase’s attacks continue. And if you have a powerful raid group, it won’t be long before you get to Phase 3.

If you stay in phase 2 for 20 seconds or more, 4 Slagspitters and 6 Demon Warriors spawn. You’ll need to defeat the Slagspitters, one on each corner, and then take on the remaining Demon Warriors and Lassal.

Phase 3

If you evaded the Slagspitters and Demon Warriors in Phase 2, they’d spawn now. Lassal adds two attacks to his roaster and uses them to try to kill you. He creates three boulders and collides them into one molten Boulder. During his second attack, he moves to the center and charges up. When this happens, hide behind the Molten Boulder to save yourself. Phase 3 is easy to take care of if you know what you’re doing.

Phase 4

In phase 4, Lassal goes against all rules and uses all of his attacks. Be sure to avoid all of these attacks. If you’ve survived well enough until now, now’s the time to use Health Potion and revives your party-mates.

Vitaath, The Shivering Death 

Vitaath The Shivering Death is the final boss in Helliquary Raids in Diablo Immortal that you need to take down. To fight her, you need to come prepared.

Special Item: Frozen Wing of the Shivering Death

Before fighting her, you need to take care of numerous frozen Ice Clan Shaman, Warriors, and Impalers as they break free. To avoid unwanted death, we recommend moving on to the platform. Once all the Ice Clan enemies are killed, the actual fight begins.

Vitaath, like Lassal, The Flame Spun has 4 Phases in the fight. All of them are equally hard, so you need to be careful when fighting her—facing a problem defeating Vitaath? Check out our detailed guide on How to Defeat Vitaath Boss.

Phase 1

In the Beginning, Vitaath does basic attacks and three unique attacks. The first one is an AoE cone-shaped swipe. The second attack is in a straight line, and it causes knockback. At the same time, the third attack is firing out large ice circles. These skills deal massive damage, but they can be dodged.

Phase 2

During the second phase, Vitaath teleports to the center and flies up. She is immune to attacks while she flies. You’ll have to fight an army of Chilling Constructs, Frozen Shades, and Ice Clones of Vitaath. Kill these Ice Clones, and you can take on Vitaath quickly. Other mobs will die to AoE damage in the fight.

When Vitaath comes down, she uses Phase 1’s attacks. Use the same strategy as in Phase 1 to defeat her.

Phase 3

In Phase 3, Vitaath adds two new attacks to her arsenal. The first attack is a quick-moving set of ice waves that deal massive damage. The direction of these ice waves is random. The only way to tell if she’s doing this attack is when she pulls her sword in. When it happens, you run away.

In the second attack, she flies up, and a snowflake icon on the ground displays with radial trails. The trails don’t give an accurate representation of the ice waves, so you need to run far away.

Phase 4

In the 4th phase, Vitaath again teleports to the center of the platform. Here, she casts an AoE attack that will knock back everyone in your raid party. Then, ice shards rain in two successive waves. It all is in addition to the previous phases’ attacks. 

If anyone in your team is down, you need to revive them right away because Vitaath won’t give you time to revive them. You need to take your time in the phase and focus on staying alive. Once you’ve successfully taken her down, you’ll be rewarded with Frozen Wing of the Shivering Death Special Item.

Kion’s Ordeal

Kion’s Ordeal is an Immortal Exclusive Riad in Diablo Immortal. In the raid, a total of 48 players join a raid and take on four bosses in one raid. 

Entering Kion’s Ordeal Raid

Kion’s Ordeal is unlocked by spending Essentia. The upper immortals, any one of the 4 Lieutenants, can unlock this raid by spending Essentia. Not all Immortals can enter Kion’s Ordeal. You must either be The Immortal, one of the Lieutenants, or the Elite to enter the raid. You need to become an Immortal Faster in Diablo Immortal to participate in these raids.

As you enter Kion’s Ordeal, you’re in a room with four portals. Each of these portals is directed towards a different Tormentor. A 12-player party can enter through one portal. Here, you need to organize three parties of 4 players per Tormentor and get ready to fight.

Choosing the highest difficulty allows you to raid multiple times a day. This way, you’ll be able to increase the Dominance Rewards. 


One thing to know before you start your fight is that when you kill a tormentor, the rest of the Tormentors deal more damage. So, the key is to kill them all simultaneously. Keep an eye on their HP, and when all of their HP is low, defeat them. Communication is the key here. You can assign each group of 12 players a leader, and that leader commands them to attack or to back away.

Loot Distribution

Once you’ve completed the raid, you’ll return to the main room to distribute the loot. For that, you need to tap on the crystal. Once a certain amount of players have done so, the distribution begins.

Getting loot in Kion's Ordeal raid system in Diablo Immortal.
You’ll have to stand in circles to get a chance to win the loot.

The loot is divided into different circles. If you want to roll on a piece of loot, stand in the circle around it. You can inspect the loot before deciding which one to roll on, tap on the magnifying glass in front of the loot.

If you think you have enough loot and want to help new players, you can decide not to stand in any circle too. Anyways, once the timer ends, the roll happens, and you can check who got the loot. One thing to keep in mind is that Kion’s Ordeal has the best loot in the game. For that, you’ll have to get to Immortal in Diablo Immortal and take part in the raid.

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