Diablo Immortal Rite of Exile: How To Enter

Our Diablo Immortal Rite of Exile guide entails how to enter & emerge as the top 10 clan in this mode & how to increase your chances as well.

What is Rite of Exile

Rite of Exile
Diablo Immortal Rite of Exile mode

Although the status of Sanctuary is discussed in great detail in the main tale, the end-game material is not well explained. Players may enhance their gear, gems, and items through dungeons, rifts, and raids, but Blizzard took the effort to provide a social environment for all players.

Key Highlights
  • The Rite of Exile in Diablo Immortal is a player vs player mode, with some extra moves. This gameplay mode of Diablo Immortal involves the top 10 Dark Clans sending their eight best shadows to fight against eight immortals.
  • You can enter the Rite of Exile as soon as your clan is one of the top 10.
  • In order to be listed amongst the 10 Clans, you need to have a strong gameplay and better performance in each cycle of conflict. The two chosen clans will be part of the 10 fights.
  • If the Shadows succeed in defeating the immortals by triumphing in six wars, you can get the Rite of Exile.

The consistent heat between the Shadows Faction and the Immortals that gives rise to conflicts is called the unending Cycle of Strife, and it is a component of the Rite of Exile.

These two sides have a protracted history together. While the Shadows were being formed to make sure the Immortals were prepared for their duty, the Immortals were given the responsibility of guarding Sanctuary.

Cycle of Strife: Fight Between Immortals & Shadows

The Rite of Exile is linked to the Cycle of Strife after it has been unlocked. If you’ve studied up on your Diablo mythology, you know that the Immortals are in charge of guarding the Sanctuary. The Shadows, on the other hand, are there to ensure that the Immortals are fulfilling their duty to protect and keep the Sanctuary.

The Immortals are constantly tested by the Shadows to keep their power in control. The Shadows who vanquished the Immortals in a fight will seize control and replace them as the new Immortals.

This has always been how people defending the Sanctuary have operated. It’s a never-ending cycle since every group of Immortals will eventually be replaced; hence the developers termed it as the Cycle of Strife.

The Immortals will keep ruling as long as they prevail in this conflict. When the Shadows defeat the Immortals, they take their place as the new Immortals. The threat posed by fresh Shadows looms enormous even while they guard Sanctuary, and no dominion is everlasting. The Cycle of Strife is what it is.

How To Enter Rite of Exile 

The top 10 positions in the clan are chosen to signify the end of a cycle of conflict. To be listed among the top 10 clans in Diablo Immortal, you must perform better in each cycle of conflict. The eight best players from each of the top ten clans will compete against the eight finest players from the immortal clan.

These two clans will engage in a total of 10 fights. The Rite of Exile refers to the entire procedure. If the Shadow clan triumphs in six wars over the immortal clan, you can get the Rite of Exile.

The last stage of destroying the immortal will start if the shadow clan succeeds in the ritual of exile. The Challenge of the Immortal competition will start if the Shadow Clans triumph in the Rite of Exile. One person in The Immortals will grow into a gigantic version of themself and receive perks to make them powerful.

The Immortal player must win a 1v30 combat against 30 Shadow players. If the Shadow Clans triumph, the victorious clans would take the place of the Immortals and would thereafter turn into Immortals. The victorious clan chooses two partner clans to become Immortal alongside them in accordance with the rules of the game.

How To Improve Clan Ranking & Enter Rite of Exile

As previously stated, only the strongest and greatest of the top 10 Dark Clans are capable of taking on the Immortals. You must be a high-level member of one of these clans in order to access the Rite of Exile. You can enter the Rite of Exile as soon as your Clan is one of the top 10.

Path of Blood

Rite of Exile path of blood
path of blood – Diablo Immortal

Shadows test their might against more challenging foes and monsters on the Path of Blood in order to earn Marks toward their Shadow Rank. Speak with Nuon on the west side of the Court of Whispers to access this arena, which is a miniature Challenge Rift in a single space. 

The Path of Blood’s extra five levels may be unlocked by continuing to advance through the Shadows stages (Planning, Gathering, Showdown, and Reckoning). Each floor must be finished in order, and every fifth floor has a boss that is far more difficult than the bosses from the preceding levels!

The Path of Blood is a fantastic approach to pushing your character to the utmost limit in Diablo Immortal. As you ascend into increasingly difficult levels, experiment with various gear and skill combinations.

Each step that is completed awards 200 Marks while playing Path of Blood in Diablo Immortal. Do this task as soon as you turn into a Shadow to earn some fast Marks and advance through the Initiate Rank swiftly to access Contracts and The Vault.

Shadow War

shadow war diablo immortal
Shadow War Rules Diablo Immortal

The Cycle of Strife, a PvP feature in the game, includes Diablo Immortal Shadow War. You can see a whole chunk of information on Shadow of War if you open your menu and select Shadows, such as Top 10 teams, Group Brackets, and Next Battle. 

You do receive prizes that might include legendary equipment when you finish or win a Shadow War. The primary prize, however, has been pushed up the bracket to compete against a different squad. 

You will be qualified to join the Top 10 teams that can enter Rite of Shadows if you miraculously manage to make it through the full bracket. In this game option, the Shadows can engage in combat with Immortals and perhaps advance to Immortal status more quickly.

Acquire Akeba’s Signet

Suppose you have played Diablo Immortal and have accessed the Rite of Exile as well. In that case, it goes without saying that clan members who are also Shadows must join the Shadow Lottery again in order to receive an Akeba’s Signet. The item basically improves your clan ranking and gives you an edge in coming in the top 10 clans for Rite of Exile. 

The stronger your recruitment efforts are, the better your chances will be against the Immortal Clan during the Rite of Exile.

Assuming you are a member of the Shadows Clan, in that case, you will need to ask others to join as well. Fortunately, there is a way to invite others without making them wait. A member must be level 42 or above to be invited to join a clan using the Akeba’s Signet, an item that grants this ability.

Akeba’s Signet may be traded, although the sole in-game activity that leads to its acquisition is the Shadow Mettle quest. However, the only way to get Akeba’s Signet, which is required to join the Shadows, is to win the Shadow Lottery in Diablo Immortal and complete the subsequent Shadow Mettle quest.

Raid The Vault

Raid the Vault – Diablo Immortal

In Diablo Immortals, the Shadows faction has a special, timed event called Raid the Vault. They must plunder the vaults of the Immortals group they are fighting. When the Immortals return to protect their vault, Raid the Vault transitions from a PvE to a PvP event. While you’re at it, consider reading the Diablo Immortal Raids guide.

PvE battles against guards of the vault open the event. The Immortals’ players will try their best not to let you access or enter their vault, though, after the alarm is raised after you’re detected stealing. After that, the raid game mode will be transitioned into the PvP mode from PvE.

Before beginning the raid, you must fulfill a few conditions. In order to participate in the Raid event, players must first meet the pre-requisite of reaching at least Rank 3 in their faction. Otherwise, there is no chance of participation. 

Secondly, you need to get Shards of the Living Night, which you may get through finishing Shadow Contracts.

According to your server time, Raid the Vault is held twice daily, from 12 pm to 2 pm and 7 pm to 9 pm. All Shadows players participating in this event must steal from the Immortals’ vault without being discovered.

What Happens To Your Clan After Rite of Exile

If you are a clan leader or just a member of it, the clans who come in the top 10 go under a transition that affects the overall hierarchy of the clan in Diablo Immortal. That is why assuming if you are on the Immortal side, and if your clan comes in the top 10, then you become Immortals, while clans coming at 4-10th top positions become shadows. 

Moreover, players who come after the 10th clan become adventurers again. So, will your clan will be deleted if it comes at 11th position or later? Well, no. There is no deletion since the clans revert to being Adventurer clans. You can try your luck in the next Shadow lottery or wait and see whether your clan receives an invitation from the winning immortal clan.

The sole requirement is that you expel everyone who is lower than level 43. If your clan possessed five signets, though, you could convert everyone to a shadow. The Clan changes to the Adventurer Clan, and in order to return to the Dark Clan, members must collect 30 Akeba’s Signets.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the Rite of Exile Diablo Immortal. Did you happen to come in the top 10 clans yet? Have you acquired Akeba’s Signet yet? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.


The most recent installment of the well-known Diablo Franchise is Diablo Immortal. An enormous variety of activities are available in this MMORPG. Hidden Lair dungeons are accessible to explore the unknown, and players have challenging bosses to beat, such as The Tax Collector, Sandstone Golem, and Vitaath. Apart from all that drama, not many players fully grasp what Rite of Exile and Cycle of Strife are, and our today’s guide is all about explaining it all.

Even tough raid monsters like Blood Rose and Lord Martanos are within your reach. Despite the fact that you may Change the Difficulty to make some battles simpler.

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