Diablo Immortal Rite of Exile: How To Enter

Our Diablo Immortal Rite of Exile guide entails how to enter & emerge as the top 10 clan in this mode & how to increase your chances as well.

Although the status of Sanctuary is discussed in great detail in the main tale, the end-game material is not well explained. Players may enhance their gear, gems, and items through dungeons, rifts, and raids, but Blizzard tried to provide a social environment for all players.

Key Highlights
  • The Rite of Exile in Diablo Immortal is a player vs. player mode with some extra moves. This gameplay mode of Diablo Immortal involves the top 10 Dark Clans sending their eight best shadows to fight against eight immortals.
  • You can enter the Rite of Exile when your clan is among the top 10.
  • In order to be listed among the 10 Clans, you need to have strong gameplay and better performance in each cycle of conflict. The two chosen clans will be part of the 10 fights.
  • You can get the Rite of Exile if the Shadows defeat the immortals by triumphing in six wars.

The ongoing conflict between the Shadow’s Faction and the Immortals, the Cycle of Strife, is a crucial part of the Rite of Exile.

These two groups have a lengthy history. The Shadows were formed to ensure the Immortals were prepared for their duty of guarding the Sanctuary.

Cycle of Strife: Fight Between Immortals & Shadows

The Rite of Exile is linked to the Cycle of Strife after it has been unlocked, wherein the Immortals safeguard the Sanctuary, and the Shadows ensure their commitment.

The Shadows constantly challenge the Immortals, aiming to test their power. Victory in these battles allows the Shadows to replace the Immortals, resulting in the perpetual “Cycle of Strife.”

Entering the Rite of Exile

The top 10 clan positions signify the end of a conflict cycle. To make the top 10 clans in Diablo Immortal, you must perform well in each cycle. The eight best players from the top ten clans face off against the eight best Immortal players in a 10-battle Rite of Exile. Winning six battles grants the Shadow clan the Rite of Exile.

Upon success, the final stage begins, where an Immortal player becomes a giant and faces a 1v30 battle against 30 Shadow players. If the Shadows win, they replace the Immortals and select two partner clans to join them as Immortals.

Improving Clan Ranking and Accessing the Rite of Exile

Only the top 10 Dark Clans’ strongest members can challenge the Immortals. Once your clan reaches the top 10, you become eligible for the Rite of Exile.

Path of Blood

Rite of Exile path of blood
path of blood – Diablo Immortal

Shadows earn Marks for their Shadow Rank by facing tougher foes on the Path of Blood. Nuon in the Court of Whispers’ west side offers access to this compact Challenge Rift.

Unlock the Path of Blood’s extra five levels by advancing through the Shadows stages (Planning, Gathering, Showdown, and Reckoning). Conquer each floor sequentially, with a more formidable boss every fifth floor.

Diablo Immortal’s Path of Blood is ideal for testing your character’s limits. Experiment with gear and skills as you climb.

Completing each stage grants 200 Marks in Diablo Immortal’s Path of Blood. As a Shadow, tackle this task to quickly earn Marks and progress through the Initiate Rank, unlocking Contracts and The Vault.

Shadow War

shadow war diablo immortal
Shadow War Rules Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal’s PvP feature, the Cycle of Strife, includes the Shadow War. To access information about Shadow War, like the Top 10 teams, Group Brackets, and Next Battle, navigate to the menu and select “Shadows.”

Completing or winning a Shadow War can earn you prizes, possibly legendary gear, with the main reward being the opportunity to compete against a different squad in a higher bracket.

If you progress through the bracket, you become eligible for the Rite of Shadows, where Shadows can battle Immortals and potentially ascend to Immortal status faster.

Acquire Akeba’s Signet

To obtain Akeba’s Signet, Shadows Clan members who’ve accessed the Rite of Exile should participate in the Shadow Lottery. This item boosts your clan ranking, improving your chances of ranking among the top 10 clans in the Rite of Exile.

Your recruiting efforts will impact your performance against the Immortal Clan during the Rite of Exile. If you’re a Shadows Clan member, encourage others to join; you can invite members level 42 or higher using Akeba’s Signet.

Akeba’s Signet can be traded, but winning the Shadow Lottery in Diablo Immortal and completing the subsequent Shadow Mettle quest is the primary way to obtain it, necessary for joining the Shadows.

Raid The Vault

Raid the Vault – Diablo Immortal

In Diablo Immortals, the Shadows faction hosts the timed Raid the Vault event. They must loot the Immortals’ vaults, transitioning from PvE to PvP when the Immortals defend their vaults. Check the Diablo Immortal Raids guide for details.

PvE battles initiate the event, but once detected stealing, Immortals’ players try to stop access to their vaults. Before starting, players must reach Rank 3 in their faction and collect Shards of the Living Night.

Raid the Vault occurs twice daily based on your server time. Shadows players must stealthily steal from Immortals’ vaults.

Clan Changes After Rite of Exile

The top 10 clans experience hierarchy changes. Top clans become Immortals, 4-10th become shadows, and others return to being adventurers. There’s no deletion; clans revert to being Adventurer clans. Expel members below level 43 and collect 30 Akeba’s Signets to return to the Dark Clan.


The most recent installment of the well-known Diablo Franchise is Diablo Immortal. An enormous variety of activities are available in this MMORPG. Hidden Lair dungeons are accessible to explore the unknown, and players have challenging bosses to beat, such as The Tax Collector, Sandstone Golem, and Vitaath. Apart from all that drama, not many players fully grasp what Rite of Exile and Cycle of Strife are, and today’s guide is all about explaining it all.

Even tough raid monsters like Blood Rose and Lord Martanos are within your reach, despite the fact that you may Change the Difficulty to make some battles simpler.

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