Best Diablo Immortal Set Items: All Drop Locations

This Diablo Immortal Set Drop Locations guide will showcase the role of sets, criteria, and where to find them!

What Are Set Items

Diablo Immortal Set Items Role
Set Items Role

Set Items are considered the “highest-ranking” item that players can get their hands on when they first start clearing the early game and mid-game story content. After having farmed for months and months, these set items can be availed. 

Key Highlights
  • Set Items are a secondary gear option that lets players customize their builds and buffs according to their needs. They’re usually in sets of 2, 4, or 6 pieces.
  • You’ll have to reach the end-game, have Hell I, II, and IV unlocked for the set pieces.
  • Windloft Perfection set pieces: Destructions End & Kikuras Rapids at Hell I, Forgotten Tower & Hurtling Steel at Hell II, and Mad King’s Breach & Pit of Anguish at Hell IV.
  • War Rags of Shal’Baas pieces: Forgotten Tower & Tomb of Fahir at Hell I, Pit of Anguish & Mad King’s Breach at Hell II, and Temple of Namari & Cavern of Echoes at Hell IV.
  • Vithu’s Urges pieces: Cavern of Echoes & Pit of Anguish at Hell I, Kikuras Rapids & Temple of Namar at Hell II, and Tomb of Fahir & Destruction’s End at Hell IV.
  • Untouchable Mountebank pieces: Cavern of Echoes & Forgotten Tower at Hell I, Pit of Anguish at Hell II & Mad King’s Breach, and Temple of Namar & Kikuras Rapids at Hell IV.
  • Shepherd’s Call to Wolves pieces: Tomb of Fahir at Hell I, Temple of Namari, Kikuras Rapids, Destruction’s End, and Mad King’s Breach & Forgotten Tower at Hell IV.
  • Issatar Imbued pieces: Tomb of Fahir & Destruction’s End at Hell I, Mad King’s Breach & Forgotten Tower at Hell II, and Cavern of Echoes & Pit of Anguish at Hell IV.
  • The Grace of The Flagellant pieces: Temple of Namari, Kikuras Rapids, Cavern of Echoes, Pit of Anguish, Mad King’s Breach. However, you’ll have to farm at Severed Thumb at Hell IV.
  • Feasting Baron’s Pack pieces: Destruction’s End, Tomb of Fahir, Forgotten Tower, Kikuras Rapids, Temple of Namari, and Cavern of Echoes.

Suppose Diablo Immortal players are completely out of the loop. In that case, essentially, the main role of a set item in Diablo Immortal is to act as “secondary gear” and can be equipped onto a player apart from the original gear, which will contain the main armor pieces. This “Secondary gear” can provide buffs just like the main gear and buff up the player’s overall combat abilities. 

Set items themselves will come in sets of 2/4/6, and each 2-piece set, 4 pieces, or 6-piece set will offer increased bonuses, which can greatly aid the Diablo Immortal player in the heat of a battle. The sets can also be shared between classes, though most will be suited to one or two classes each. 

Apart from that, if the player wishes, they are also free to share their set items and match them with other sets. For example, players can equip a 2-piece Issatar Imbued with a 4-piece Shepherd’s Call to Wolves, and they will not have any restrictions. 

It can help players figure out what kind of build will suit best for them, and they can min-max their perfect build, given that they farm the correct sets. If you need to know where all the bosses are located in the game, then check out our Diablo Immortal World Bosses guide!

Mechanics of Set Items 

Alongside knowing where the Diablo Immortal Set Drop Locations will be, first, players should know how the mechanics of set items work and how they essentially operate. 

Players in Diablo Immortal should keep in mind that they will be unable to farm set items upon starting in the game and even make their way through mid-game, as these pieces are considered the “end-all-be-all” gear pieces. 

They can only be obtained through the end-game bosses and dungeons, which will also require hours and hours of grinding. Alongside that, a huge role of RNG and player luck will account for the sub-stats. Players should prepare to spend most of their eng-game time in these domains if they want to perfect their builds in classes

Every week, players can access two dungeons they can find through the codex, and the dungeons will be marked with an “up arrow” indicating a drop rate of these set items. The dungeons will reset each Monday when the server resets. Read up on our Diablo Immortal Class Tier List!

There are different Hell Difficulties in Diablo Immortal that will provide the different set pieces for the buffs. 

  • Hell One will offer the Hands, Waist, and Feet piece, which can be used to empower the player even more and helo them conquer their enemies in combat. 
  • Hell Two will provide the Neckpiece, Ring one, and ring two, further buffing up the player’s overall combat abilities. 

Criteria For Getting Set Items 

Apart from knowing just how exactly these pieces might work, Diablo Immortal players should also know the criteria for acquiring and equipping these pieces. Players can’t just grab the sets whenever they desire and use them in combat. 

  • Firstly, these Diablo immortals set pieces will only be equitable once the player has reached the end-game. It means farming their way through the early-game and mid-game content, which can take a couple of weeks to even a couple of months if you are a casual player. 
  • Players also need to take note of the fact that these set items will be heavily dependable on RNG aspects. This means that every time they go to the farm a dungeon and are looking for a specific piece, they will have to pray and hope they can get their hands on their desired pieces. 
  • Next, players must have Hell one and Hell two unlocked to get the waist, neck, feet, and ring pieces. Without these pieces, the set bonuses can’t be acquired, and the sets in Diablo Immortal themselves will be rendered useless. 
  • There is a Hell IV difficulty that will hold two pieces from each set; therefore, if any player wishes to equip a 6/6 set-piece, they will have to wait quite a bit. 

With that, let’s look at where these Diablo Immortal rare gear Set Drop Locations will be! 

All Set Locations

Moving on, there are eight main sets that players can get their hands on, and after equipping them, they can be reassured that they will be dually buffed up and be able to dominate any enemy in combat. 

Windloft Perfection 

Diablo Immortal Windloft Perfection
Windloft Perfection

Starting things off with the Windloft Perfection set, players can get the 2-piece set, 4 or 6-piece set based on their Diablo Immortal builds preferences. If you are planning to main as a monk, then take help from our Diablo Immortal Monk Build!

  • The 2-piece set will provide the player with “Thousand Winds,” which will essentially increase their overall movement speed by a total of 15%, allowing the player to charge up to their enemies and render them useless. However, if the player takes damage, they will go out of the Thousand Winds mode for 3 seconds. 
  • The 4 piece bonus will enhance the player’s overall damage output whenever they are present on the battlefield by 20% whenever they are in the Thousand Winds mode. It means that they become all the more powerful whenever they are in the arena and can take on enemies as they desire. 
  • Lastly, the 6-piece complete set will provide the players using Windloft Perfection with a shield that will protect them from incoming attacks from the enemy’s end for a total of 5 times the entire time that a Thousand Winds is activated. Apart from that, this shield will be unattainable unless 40 seconds are over. 

Set Location 

Considering there are 6 main pieces, below listed is the armor slot as well as the locations where they can be found: 

  • Wisdom’s Edge piece will be worn as a neck and can be farmed at the Forgotten Tower at Hell two difficulties. 
  • Fairfleet will be placed into the Ring one slot and can be found at the Mad King’s Breach at Hell four difficulty. 
  • Foulfleet will be the Ring two pieces, and players can get the Diablo Immortal Windloft Perfection Set Drop Locations at Pit of Anguish at hell four difficulty. 
  • Hurtling Steel will be worn on hands and can be found at the Tomb of Fahir at difficulty Hell two. 
  • Whipcrack piece can be adorned on the waist, and players can find them at Destructions End at Hell. 
  • Lastly, the Stump-stir piece can be farmed at the Kikuras Rapids dungeon at Hell one difficulty and will protect the feet. 

War Rags of Shal’Baas 

Diablo Immortal War Rags of Shal'Baas
War Rags of Shal’Baas

Next up, the War Rags of Shal’Baas set can empower the players in battles even more with these bonuses: 

  • The 2 bonus will enhance the overall attack damage by a total of 15%, including the normal attack, which means that anytime the player unleashes normal attacks, they will be powered up. 
  • The 4 pieces set bonus will offer the player the ability to launch their normal attacks, and the more the player attacks, the more their attack speed will increase, and the max limit for this will be 25%, which gives them ample time to obliterate foes. 
  • The 6-piece set bonus will grant the player the ability to have a chance at having their attack speed slowly increased; however, it is not guaranteed, and the set bonus itself can only be activated every 30 seconds. For those wondering how to get to the Hidden Lair, our Diablo Immortal Hidden Lair guide will help you out!

Set Location 

These 6 pieces of the set will have these Diablo Immortal Set Drop Locations

  • The Burning Heart of Shal’baas piece adorned on the neck can be found in the Pit of Anguish at Hell two. 
  • The Resting Fangs of Shal’baas piece will be used as the first ring piece worn on the finger and farmed at the Temple of Namari at Hell four difficulty. 
  • The Braided Serpent of Shal’baas pieces can act as the ring two option, and players in Diablo Immortal will be able to find them at the Cavern of Echoes by playing the dungeon at the fourth-highest difficulty. 
  • A Dozen Strikes of Shal’baas set time can be farmed at the Mad king’s Breach by going into the dungeon and setting the difficulty at hell two. The piece itself will be adorned on the hands. 
  • For Diablo Immortal players that want to have their waists protected, make sure to farm out the Forgotten Tower dungeons at Hell one to gain a chance to get these pieces. 
  • Lastly, players can come across the Wind-trods of Shal’baas piece when they enter the Tomb of Fahir raid at Hell one difficulty. 

Vithu’s Urges 

Diablo Immortal Vithu's Urges
Vithu’s Urges

Let’s keep going with our Diablo Immortal gear Set Drop Locations guide by introducing the Vithu’s Urges set. 

  • The 2 piece set will enhance the duration of any buffs or skill power-ups that have been applied to the player. It can include the normal attack, skill, or ultimate buffs by a total f 30%, making the player all the more powerful. 
  • The 4 piece set will essentially enhance the attack speed by 30% for 3 seconds anytime the player unleashes their skill. With the attack speed increase, the player can charge up to the opponent and continue to attack them. 
  • The complete set bonus will introduce a radius of Apotheosis for a total of 10 seconds, which will offer a 15% Life Drain to you and any other party members present on the battlefield. This skill will only come active when the player is being buffed. For complete newbies in the game, the Diablo Immortal Tips and Tricks guide is a must-read!

Set Location 

With these set pieces, they can be found in the locations listed below: 

  • Awakener’s Urge can be equipped and acquired at the Kikuras Rapids after farming for a while, and players need to farm it at Hell two difficulty. 
  • Shameless Urge will be the Ring one being adorned on the finger, and Diablo Immortal players can come across it when they are farming the Tomb of Fahir at Hell four difficulty. 
  • Modest Urge will be found at the Destruction’s End, and players need to fight the enemies in the dungeon at Hell four difficulty. The piece will be the Ring Two and will again be worn on the finger. 
  • For guarding your hands, go for the Luminary’s Urge piece, which the players can come across at the Temple of Namari at Hell two difficulty. 
  • To properly protect your waist, go hunting for the Exemplar’s Urge pieces, and hope that when you are in combat in the Cavern of Echoes at Hell one difficulty, the dungeon is merciful to you. 
  • Beacon’s Urge will be located at the pit of Anguish, and it will be worn on the feet after unlocking the Hell one difficulty of the dungeon. 

Untouchable Mountebank 

Diablo Immortal Untouchable Mountebank
Untouchable Mountebank

The next piece that we would like to discuss is the Untouchable Mountebank set, which will yet again offer up 6 pieces: 

  • The 2w piece set will essentially give the player a strong shield that will surround them every time they take an attack launched against them. The shield can be summoned on a 20% chance and will absorb damage based on 20% of your max HP. 
  • The 4 piece set will enhance the overall shield damage absorption by a total of 33%, equating to your max HPm and the player’s mobility will not be affected by this shield. 
  • The 6-piece will offer a 25% chance of exploding your shield, which will cause damage to enemies. 

Set Location 

To know the Diablo Immortal Untouchable MountebankSet Drop Locations of the Untouchable Mountebank set, it is all listed below: 

  • To get the Mountebank’s Flourish piece, go to the Cavern of Echoes at hell one and grab the neck piece. 
  • The Mountebank’s Misdirection piece will be worn on the ring one, and it can be found at the Temple of Namari at hell four difficulties. 
  • Mountebank’s Marvel set item can be acquired after farming the Kikuras Rapids dungeon at Hell Four difficulty. 
  • Head over to the Pit of Anguish at level two for the handpieces and farm the Mountebank’s Shirking pieces. 
  • If Diablo Immortal players want to get their hands on the Mountebank’s Bravado piece, go to the Mad King’s Breach and find the waist piece. 
  • Lastly, Mountebank’s Slyness piece can be found at the Forgotten Tower at Hell one.

Shepherd’s Call to Wolves 

Diablo Immortal Shepherd's Call to Wolves
Shepherd’s Call to Wolves

Next up, Shepherd’s Call to Wolves set offers up these bonuses: 

  • The 2 pieces will increase the spell summon damage output by 15%. 
  • The 4 piece set will enhance the crit rate by 3% every time the players in Diablo Immortal use a summon. 
  • The 6-piece set will allow the player to cast their summon onto enemies, and after that, they will enter a state of Frenzy for 10 seconds every time it lands a critical hit. It will enhance the damage output and attack speed by 100%. 

Set Location 

To get your hands on these pieces, check out the locations below: 

  • The Shepherd and Architech piece being worn on the neck can be farmed at the Tomb of Fahir at difficulty one. 
  • The Shepherd and mother item will be worn on ring one and found at the Mad King’s Breach at level 4 difficulty. 
  • The Shepherd and father set-piece can be acquired after going into the Forgotten Tower and fighting the enemy at a hell of four difficulties. 
  • To get your hands on the Shepherd and Beastmaster pieces, go into the Destruction’s End dungeon, and farm the handpieces. 
  • For Diablo Immortal players that want to guard their waists, they can look into getting the Shepherd and Begetter piece from the Kikuras Rapids dungeon. 
  • Head into the Temple of Namari and find the Shepherd and Leader items. With Vitaath being one of the harder bosses in the game, our Diablo Immortal Vitaath Boss guide will be a life-saver for you!

Issatar Imbued Set 

Diablo Immortal Issatar Imbued
Issatar Imbued Set

Players are recommended to farm the Issatar Imbued set once they reach the end game and benefit from the below bonuses: 

  • The 2 set bonus will increase movement speed for 2 seconds every time an opponent is murdered. 
  • In the four-piece set, for every 5% of the base movement speed that is buffed, the overall damage will be enhanced by 2.5%. 
  • The 6 pieces set will give the player a chance to gain a “Soul Orb” around them for 10 seconds, which will unleash 263 damage anytime it crosses a foe.

Set Location 

If you want to know the Diablo Immortal Istaar Imbued gear Set Drop Locations, then keep reading! 

  • Issatar at Rest can be acquired by farmed at the Mad King’s Breach at Hell two and will be protecting the neck. 
  • Issatar Undone will be found at Cavern of Echoes by fighting enemies at Hell four difficulty and will be worn as a ring. 
  • Another ring by the name of Issatar Enraged can be acquired at the Pit of Anguish at Hell four.
  • Get your hands on the handpiece by going to the Forgotten Tower at Hell two. 
  • The waist piece, also known as the Issatar Contained item, can be acquired at the Tomb of Fahir at Hell one. 
  • Finally, the Issatar the Brute item can be found at the Destruction’s End at Hell one. 

The Grace of The Flagellant 

Diablo Immortal Set Drop Locations
Grace of The Flagellant

For players in Diablo Immortal wanting to get the Grace of The Flagellant, take a look at the bonuses first: 

  • The 2 pieces will increase all types of damage output by 15%. 
  • The four-piece will cause a bonus of 287 damage to be released whenever you attack an enemy 5 times. 
  • Six pieces will allow the player to gain a 4% chance to rain down a lightning strike, unleashing 1724 damage output. 

Set Location 

The Diablo Immortal Grace of The Flagellant Set Drop Locations are as follows: 

  • Cut Throat piece is at the Temple of Namari and will be the neck piece. 
  • After fighting, the foes at Severed Thumb at Hell four will provide the player with Severed Thumb. 
  • The Broken Palm item piece will act as the ring two and can be acquired at Kikuras Rapids. 
  • The Bloody Handpiece can be equipped after going into the Cavern of Echoes dungeon. 
  • The Open Gut item will be found at the Pit of the Anguish area. 
  • Torn Soul item pieces can be found at Mad King’s Breach. If you are a player who wants to solo through the end-game, then our Diablo Immortal Solo Classes guide will be worth your while!

Feasting Baron’s Pack 

Diablo Immortal Set Drop Locations
Feasting Baron

Let’s finish off the things with the final set: 

  • The 2 pieces are set to offer up an increase in the duration of the skills that will cause enemies to lose control by 30%. 
  • The 4 set bonus will enhance damage intake in opponents by 15%. 
  • Six pieces placed together will unleash an ice nova anytime an enemy is killed off. 

Set Location 

If you intend to use this set, then this is where to find the pieces: 

  • The Subjugator worn on the neck will be found at the Destruction’s End. 
  • The Turnkey being adorned on the finger will be found in the Tomb of Fahir.
  • The Prisoner piece will be acquired at the Forgotten Tower and worn on the finger. 
  • The Mailed Fist set piece will protect the hands and can be found at the Kikuras Rapids dungeon. 
  • The Gaoler can be equipped after getting it at the Temple of Namari and worn on the waist. 
  • The Tyrant piece will be obtained at the Cavern of Echoes dungeon and protect the feet. 

With that, we will wrap up with our Diablo Immortal gear Set Drop Locations guide; we hope you enjoyed it! 

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