Diablo Immortal: How To Join Shadow Lottery Clan

This Shadow Lottery guide will showcase the role of shadow clans, and how to get in, and rank up!

Diablo Immortal is a game filled with rich lore, blood, and gore, and amongst these hell-like entities lies two factions: the Immortals and Shadows. Both of them deem important to the progress and gameplay aspect. In my  Shadow Lottery guide, I will showcase how to get into the Faction, invite other shadows, and what to do once you are in! 

Key Takeaways
  • Shadows and Immortals are the game’s two main factions.
  • Joining the Shadows requires being level 43 or higher and completing the Bilefen quest line.
  • The Shadow Lottery occurs at 12, 6, or 9 PM according to your server time.
  • Enter the Shadow Lottery at Westmarch Tavern by interacting with the Mysterious Patron.
  • Complete three main Shadow Mettle quest objectives: Path of The Blood, Master Vault Raider, and Ancient Champions.
  • As clan rank increases, unlock Dark House daily quests: Complete a Contract, Raid The Vault, and Participate in a Battleground.
  • Top 10 Dark Houses engage in the Rite of Exile PvP battle every few weeks, with the winner advancing to Immortals.
  • Shadow Clans can trigger the Cycle of Strife, overthrowing an Immortal clan to assume control.

What is Shadows Faction 

In Diablo Immortal, players encounter two main factions: Immortals and Shadow Factions. Joining a Faction requires completing quests and maintaining house rankings. Players can invite friends or other players to their servers and focus on improving their Shadow ranks. These clans can have up to 100 players and can rank up through quests.

PvP battles determine the top 10 Shadow Lottery clans, with the winner becoming the Immortal clan. Factions are crucial for player progress, and joining one is a solid choice. The Immortals are another important Faction in the game, offering players opportunities to achieve the highest rank.

How To Get In Shadow Lottery 

To enter the Shadow Lottery, players must be at least level 43 in their chosen class and have completed the Bilefen Questline. Based on my gameplay experience, the Shadow Lottery occurs at three different times: 12 PM, 6 PM, and 9 PM, following the recommended server time. Players can apply during these hours for Faction benefits. Application time lasts for one hour, so if a player misses it, they must wait for the next server time.

To apply, go to the Westmarch region and find the Tavern. Inside, locate the NPC “Mysterious Patron” in one corner. Choose the “Prove Yourself” option to join the Shadow Lottery.

Diablo Immortal Mysterious Patron
Mysterious Patron


Getting Selected

Diablo Immortal Shadow Lottery Winner Mail
Shadow Lottery Winner

If you get selected on first-try, then your in-game mail will ping, and you can access it by going to the settings or in your inventory. From there, you will see a mail labeled as “Shadow Lottery Invitation,” indicating that you have won and are in. 

Here’s the thing, though there is no pity system, and neither is there a guarantee that you will for sure get in the Lottery in Diablo Immortal. The most you can do at the time is to wait over and over and apply again until you finally get selected. 

Another Way To Join 

If you don’t feel like going through all that trouble only to get rejected, then I have another way you can get into the Shadow Faction is by asking another player already part of the Shadow Faction to invite you. 

The only way they can do it is to sacrifice an Akeba’s Signet to invite you, and you will be in! For players wanting to experiment with the Monk class, our Diablo Immortal Monk Build will surely help you out!

Shadow Mettle Quest 

Diablo Immortal Shadow Mettle Quest
Shadow Mettle

Once you are admitted inside the Shadow Lottery clan of Diablo immortal, you want to make your way back to West march, and from there, find the NPC again, after which you will be able to exhaust her dialogue. From there, you will be able to gain access to the Shadow mettle Quest, which will have three main objectives to complete. 

Path of The Blood 

To start your first quest, open up your map, and try to find the “Court of Whispers” located there. Diablo Immortal players can either go on foot yet again or fast-travel to the location. 

When you arrive at the place, keep walking until you come across a person known as “Nuon,” another NPC. talking to Nuon will grant you your first objective. They will ask you to kill off enemies arriving in three waves. 

Put in all your strength and defeat these tougher foes, take them down, and ensure that none survive. These enemies will range from easier opponents and tougher foes, and you will have to slash and pierce through them or use your magic incantations based on the Diablo immortal class you choose. 

Master Vault Raider Objective 

In Diablo Immortal, find Master Vault Raider, who will assign you a quest: steal 25 Essentias from a chamber he leads you to. Inside the chamber, defeat enemies within a time limit. If the alarms sound, you’ve failed and must retry the quest. Gear up for high damage output to succeed and earn rewards and EXP points.

Ancient Champions 

Last but not least, the third objective you will get will be accessed after you go into the Tavern in Westmarch again, and once you go in, the Mysterious Patron will lead you back into a domain where you will need to kill off some more foes.

The enemies themselves are known as Ancient Champions, and they are rather on the tougher side. So, ensure you keep fighting them with all your might and render them useless. 

After you are done, you will gain the Akeba’s Signet, which you will have to present to the Mysterious Patron to prove your worth. This directly ties back into the “Prove Yourself” option that can be selected when you first meet Mysterious Patron in the Tavern. With that, you will be in!

Shadow Clan Quests 

Now that the player becomes a shadow, what next step should they take? Well, I have explored some certain number of quests and activities for the players to progress the Shadow Lottery clan in Diablo Immortal. In order to actually find and enter the Shadows, you need to be part of a clan, and our Diablo Immortal Clan Guide will tell you just how to find the perfect one!

Rank Increase 

Diablo Immortal Rank Increase
Rank Increase

In my opinion, the first thing that players in the Shadow clan can do is to enhance and level up their rank, which not only makes them all the more popular but also helps them recruit new members to grow their rewards. Don’t miss out on our Diablo Immortal Side Quests guide in order to fully progress to the end-game!

As payers progress through the clan levels, they will go from being an Initiate, Apprentice, Watcher, Hunter, Blade, Phantom, Unseen, and Whisper ranks, with the Initiate being the lowest rank and the Whisper being the highest rank.

I have listed down the Shadow Lottery ranks below in the with concise descriptions:

Initiate ranks (1% damage and defense buff per rank)

    • Initiate one: +1% damage, +1% defense
    • Initiate two: +2% damage, +2% defense
    • Initiate three: +3% damage, +3% defense
    • Initiate four: +4% damage, +4% defense

Apprentice ranks (5% damage and personal resistance buff per rank)

    • Apprentice one: +5% damage, +5% resistance
    • Apprentice two: +6% damage, +6% resistance
    • Apprentice three: +7% damage, +7% resistance
    • Apprentice four: +8% damage, +8% resistance

Watcher ranks (9% damage and defense buff per rank)

    • Watcher one: +9% damage, +9% defense
    • Watcher two: +10% damage, +10% defense
    • Watcher three: +11% damage, +11% defense
    • Watcher four: +12% damage, +12% defense

Hunter ranks (13-16% damage and resistance buff per rank)

    • Hunter one: +13% damage, +13% resistance
    • Hunter two: +14% damage, +14% resistance
    • Hunter three: +15% damage, +15% resistance
    • Hunter four: +16% damage, +16% resistance

Blade ranks (17-20% damage and defense buff per rank)

    • Blade one: +17% damage, +17% defense
    • Blade two: +18% damage, +18% defense
    • Blade three: +19% damage, +19% defense
    • Blade four: +20% damage, +20% defense

Phantom ranks (21-23% damage and resistance buff per rank)

    • Phantom one: +21% damage, +21% resistance
    • Phantom two: +22% damage, +22% resistance
    • Phantom three: +23% damage, +23% resistance

Unseen and Whisper ranks (Highest tiers with maximum buffs)

Dark House Quests and Clan 

Diablo Immortal Dark House Daily Quests
Dark House Daily Quests

Once the players have ranked up adequately, their Dark House will be fully formed and ready to go, and to bump up the overall rank of your Dark House in Diablo Immortal, you will have a few daily quests that players can do. I have listed down these quests for you: 

  • Complete a Contract
  • Raid The Vault 
  • Participate in a Battleground 

Essentially these quests are daily commissions or “club commissions” that reward the players with clan points, and every few clan points, a level will be increased. This will make your clan more powerful and increase its popularity. For players that want to level up faster, our Diablo Immortal Tips and Tricks guide!

PvP Battles and Rite of Exile 

Diablo Immortal Rite of Exile Battle
Rite of Exile

After the player gets into a clan, they will work their way up the popularity chart, and when they are popular and strong enough, every few weeks or so, there will be a huge PvP battle that will take place between the top 10 ranking Dark Houses

The battles are gruesome and tough, and only the strongest will win. I was surprised to know that If your clan is in one of those that do end up winning, then you are immediately promoted to being an Immortal clan member. The clan members will stick as a group until the cycle renews, which goes on forever. 

Diablo Immortal Cycle of Strife
Cycle of Strife

After getting to a certain strong progress point in the clan, the shadow clan will be allowed to start the Cycle of Strife, a ritual or a battle whereby you overthrow an Immortal clan and take them over. With that, I will wrap up with our Diablo immortal Shadow Lottery guide, and I hope you liked it! For Wizard mains, our Diablo Immortal Wizard Guide will showcase all gear and gems needed!

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