Diablo Immortal Tax Collector: Location & Boss Fight

The Tax Collector boss during the Haunted Carriage Event can prove to be a challenge so let's look at how to defeat him in Diablo Immortal.

The Tax Collector is the main boss fight of the Haunted Carriage event. He visually resembles a Brute Knight who carries dual cleavers. This boss emerges from the carriage after the first phase and has about 20 million Health. So, judging just from this information, I highly suggest finding a populated server to fight him.

This will be especially helpful since you will want to farm this boss fight repeatedly. This boss has a chance to drop some of the best armor pieces of the game. These armor pieces are extremely valuable if you are looking to grind your character to the Max level of Diablo Immortal.

Key Takeaways
  • Tax Collector boss is distinct with 20 million HP, making it the main boss requiring a large group to defeat.
  • Activate the Haunted Carriage event between 9 am and 11 pm at Ashwold Cemetery to face this boss.
  • You’ll need around 15 players, with some focused on support and most on DPS, to defeat the boss.
  • Despite its difficulty, the Tax Collector offers high-tier loot quickly, making it beneficial for character progression.

Preferably, you want the Tax Collector to be surrounded by players to melt his health bar down quickly. I will go over the exact strategy later on in the guide. But most classes should do fine against him. I suggest the Diablo Immortal Crusader class as it provides beneficial damage buffs and support for your teammates.

The Haunted Carriage Event

Diablo Immortal Haunted Carriage
The haunted carriage event carries Tax Collector and his spoils of war

Before players can take on the Tax Collector, first comes his event. The Haunted carriage event takes place in the Ashwold Cemetry area. It runs between 9 am and 11 pm (server time), which is roughly two hours.

Here’s what you need to know about this event:

  1. Location: The event takes place in the Ashwold Cemetery area.
  2. Time: The event runs between 9 am and 11 pm (server time), approximately two hours.
  3. Notification: Players will receive a notification when the event is preparing to start in the zone.
  4. Participation: To join the Tax Collector Hunt, simply click on the “Agree to Join” option.
  5. Server-wide Participation: This event is open to players from all over the server. You can expect around 10 to 15 players fighting alongside you to provide optimal DPS during the carriage and boss fight.
  6. Server Change: If there are not enough players in your current lobby, it’s advisable to change servers quickly to find a more populated lobby for an easier time in the event.

During the event, you will escort the Haunted Carriage through the area while battling undead soldiers. These soldiers are generally considered trash mobs and can be cleared quickly. Continue clearing enemies as you progress, and eventually, the carriage will reach its destination in The Ossuary.

Haunted Carriage Event Starting Location

Location of Haunted carriage
The starting location of the Haunted carriage event is the Ashwold Manor

As I previously discussed, the event takes place in Ashwold Cemetery.

Here’s how to start the event from its starting location:

  1. Navigate to the Eastern Gardens Waypoint: Make your way to the Eastern Gardens Waypoint located in the Ashwold Cemetery region.
  2. Recommended Level: It’s advisable to tackle this world event after you’ve completed the main story of the game. By this time, you should aim to have reached Paragon 60, which is the endgame level cap.
  3. Prompt Notification: Once you arrive at the Eastern Gardens Waypoint, you should receive a prompt indicating that the ‘Haunted Carriage’ event is available. Click “OK” on the prompt to begin participating in the Haunted Carriage event in Diablo Immortal.
  4. Auto-Navigation: The game will then auto-navigate you toward the location of the carriage.
  5. Player Tactics: Ideally, players should also use their mounts and travel directly to the carriage location to save time. You may also notice skilled players in your vicinity using the same tactics to efficiently reach the event’s starting point.

Tax Collector Boss Fight

Diablo Immortal Tax Collector
The Haunted Carriage event’s final phase is the fight against The Tax Collector.

Players will gradually follow the carriage and defend themselves against soldiers; however, once the carriage reaches its final destination. They will soon face the towering giant that is the Tax Collector.

Here’s a strategy to help you succeed in this boss encounter:

  1. Preparation: Treat the Tax Collector boss fight with the same level of difficulty as a raid boss. Ensure you have your best gear and abilities equipped to stand a chance against his attacks.
  2. Teamwork: This is a cooperative event, so you’ll have many other players fighting alongside you. Coordinate with your team to bring down the boss efficiently.
  3. Reward Mechanics: You don’t need to be the one to land the final hit to receive rewards from this event. It’s a cooperative activity, so contributing with damage is enough.

Basic Strategy:

  • Constant Damage: The Tax Collector requires significant damage to defeat. Continuously use your highest damaging abilities on him.
  • Area-of-Effect Skills: Utilize area-of-effect skills to maximize damage.
  • Proper Positioning: Position yourself correctly during the fight. Support class players should focus on providing buffs to mitigate the boss’s attacks.
  • Trash Mobs: Occasionally, you’ll encounter additional enemies during the fight. Decide whether to focus your DPS on the Tax Collector or the trash mobs based on your team’s needs.
  • Team Support: Monitor your team’s performance. Help clear enemies if necessary, but ensure you deal enough damage to stun the boss repeatedly.

By following these strategies and working together with your team, you can defeat the Tax Collector in a matter of minutes. If you find the fight challenging, you also have the option to adjust the difficulty setting in Diablo Immortal to make it more manageable.

Tax Collector Boss Fight Rewards

Haunted carriage event rewards
The Tax Collector has a chance to drop legendary endgame armor with useful materials.

The Haunted Carriage Event is one of the best ways to farm the Enchanted Dust in Diablo Immortal. These are specifically the upgrade materials needed to enhance your legendary armaments. These materials also boost the armor’s primary attributes, which are incredibly useful.

Once you successfully defeat the Tax Collector, everyone can collect the rewards who participated in the event. However, you will find yourself in high demand for these materials very soon in the endgame. This is because you only receive a few enchanted dusts in the base difficulty level.

This concludes my in-depth walkthrough on the Tax Collector boss fight in Diablo Immortal. I hope it helps you comfortably defeat the boss and farm it at thundering speed. If you have any further questions feel free to ask them in the comments box below!

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