Diablo Immortal Tips & Tricks: Combat, Gear & Leveling

This Diablo Immortal Tips and Tricks guide will showcase 30+ tips that players should know when they are starting out!

Diablo Immortal is a game that includes various classes and weaponry options. Along with combining the player’s desired armor pieces, legendary gems, and skillsets, players in Diablo Immortal can dominate the battlefield. However, it can be pretty daunting to progress through the game as a new player. Therefore, we will uncover some general tips in our Diablo Immortal Tips and Tricks guide. 

Key Highlights
  • Diablo Immortal has many systems from weapons to gears to gems to rarities and many more features which can be quite overwhelming for new players.
  • When you first start Diablo Immortal you will be asked to choose a class and there are six of them, the best classes are DPS focused.
  • For smoother gameplay, it is recommended to increase your FPS cap to 60 and also decrease the graphics by a little for smoother gameplay.
  • Each character has a different set of skills, each with different cooldowns, damage potential, buffs, and effects, and some skills can only be unlocked after reaching certain levels.
  • When you’re in combat fighting enemies, sometimes there will be orbs that will spawn which will provide you heals and movement speeds, etc.
  • You should always do dungeons and especially Elder Rift dungeons are the most necessary for receiving high-level rewards.

Diablo Immortal Tips and Tricks

These will include combat tips, gearing, leveling, currency, and several general tips that will help players become experts from complete noobs. With that, let’s get started! Make sure not to skip out on our Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter build!

General Tips & Tricks

Let’s kick off our Diablo Immortal Tips by introducing a few basic tips that we feel all players should know whether they have just started or are in the end-game, as players are bound to skip over them. There are a few solo classes that players can go for end-game content, and our Solo Class guide will cover all of that and more!

Picking Classes 

Diablo Immortal Picking a Class
Picking a Class

The first thing that players will do is choose their classes, and there are a total of 6 classes in Diablo Immortal, ranging from the Necromancer, and Barbarian, as well as the Demon Hunter, Monk, and some other classes. 

Some of the classes are focused more on DPS-based classes, which will entail the players being in the frontlines to continuously charge at enemies, come close face-to-face with them and render them useless. While others will be tanker classes and others will be ranged. If you are stuck at the Lamps Puzzle, then read the guide we have linked to and learn how to solve the nine puzzles.

Skill Cooldowns 

Diablo Immortal Skill Cooldown
Skill Cooldown

Another thing to note is that when using skills, some people may be used to having resource bars. Still, in Diablo Immortal, players will typically experience that their skills will instead cooldowns and timers. 

For this reason alone, players need to time their skills accordingly to their battles, and while some will have 4-second cooldowns, some will have 10-15 seconds, but they will be more potent skills that can obliterate enemies. 

60 FPS Gameplay 

Diablo Immortal 60 FPS Gameplay
60 FPS Gameplay

Next up, while this might be common knowledge, some players in Diablo Immortal may not know that they can play the game at 60 FPS. This does because it will render more frames per second, as the name suggests. 

This will allow for a smoother experience; with the players running around, attacking, and exploring easily, the overall immersion will be a lot better; therefore, playing 60 FPS is one of the best Diablo Immortal Tips and Tricks you can follow. 

Aiming Ease 

Following through, for players who ended up choosing the ranged classes, the best thing to do is use higher frame rates. That is because whenever they are aiming at enemies, it will become a lot easier to accurately target the mobs. 

Whether you are playing on a PC or a mobile, the aiming tactics can become a lot easier when having smoother gameplay. To decrease the load, go for decreased graphics but always keep FPS higher.

Controller Gameplay 

If you are a Diablo Immortal player, you can spice up your gaming experience and enjoy the open-world even more by implementing PS4 or Xbox controllers. 

The easiest way to connect controllers in Diablo Immortal is by going to your Bluetooth on your phone, finding your controller, and connecting it from there. After that, head over to the game, go to settings and pair it up; it might take some time to get used to the controls. 

Combat Tips & Tricks

Diablo Immortal’s basic and advanced combat tips and tricks are something that players should not underestimate. Learning these all will help out struggling newer players in the game.


When it comes to skills, there will be one primary skill that will never have any kind of cooldown, meaning that it can be used. However, four others skills can all be swapped out and replaced. 

These four skills will also have their own set of cooldowns; therefore, players need to be more mindful of when they use them. Lastly, there are also ultimate skills that will be charged and then unleashed upon enemies. 

Different Requirements for Skills 

Diablo Immortal Keep Moving
Keep Moving

These skills that we mentioned before will also have certain requirements; some of them can only be used when players come close to opponents. 

Apart from that, other skills will only be used when players are at a certain distance from the enemies. In contrast, others will need to be charged up and use stamina or energy to be cast out, or some will also require players to keep moving on the battlefield to use it. 

Fight From Behind 

Diablo Immortal Fight From Behind
Fight From Behind

Another tip to keep in mind is that whenever you are on the battlefield, while some people may tell you to always stay in front of the enemy and attack their front side, the best thing that you can do is to stay behind and attack them. This allows Diablo Immortal players to catch the enemy off guard and be vulnerable, then abuse the opportunity and render them useless. 

Close or Far? 

While this tip may not be the best Diablo Immortal Tips and Tricks, it surely is obvious. Whenever you are maining as a ranged class in Diablo Immortal, it is obvious to stay at a distance so that you do not get hurt by enemies. 

However, if you are a player using a melee DPS class, then it is also quite self-explanatory to get as close and personal to enemies so that you can obliterate them. 

Keep Moving 

Next up, players should know that whenever they are in the heat of a battle against the toughest enemies, the best thing to do is never stop in one place. This is a sure-fire way to get yourself killed by consistently being attacked. 

However, one way to combat getting killed is to keep moving in the arena and consistently unleash attacks so that the player can never know where you are, and you can kill them off. 

Collecting Orbs 

Diablo Immortal Collecting Orbs
Collecting Orbs

Another thing Diablo Immortal newer players might not know is that there are several different orbs while fighting foes. Collect the red orbs to regenerate a certain amount of HP and stay alive. Collect blue orbs for leveling experience. 

Using the white orbs will grant the player increased overall movement speed, while yellow orbs will infuse electricity in you, and the purple orbs will grant you a cooldown refresh for you to cast your skills. 


Whenever players level up a bit, they will come across “Shrines,” which will essentially be found in the open world when you explore new areas. These shrines can come in handy whenever in battle, as they can offer various buffs. 

These buffs can help you become even stronger in combat, and these can include empowerment buffs and skill cooldown buffs. 

Elder Rift Tips & Tricks

Subsequently, if you are completely unaware of the Rift system in Diablo Immortal, then you might be a newer player or one that hasn’t explored enough yet. 

What is Elder Rift 

Diablo Immortal Elder Rifts
Elder Rifts

In the simplest terms, the Elder Rift is essentially a dungeon that players can farm when they reach a certain level, and it will entail fighting in the dungeon repeatedly until you get to achieve the rewards. 

Elder Rifts are the best way to get your hands on legendary gems and embers, which are all crucial items in the game to progress through the end-game. 

Time-gated Dungeon 

If you wonder if the entire dungeon farming is easy or not, the first thing to note is the time-gated aspect. Since the dungeon itself is not endless, it will be capped at a 5-minute raid dungeon fight. 

During these five minutes, enemies will continue to spawn one after the other, and Diablo Immortal players need to fight it repeatedly to get through it and gain the legendary gems and other rewards. 

Upgrading Rifts 

Next up, there are certain ways to upgrade your rifts, mostly through the help of items known as “Rare Crests” and “Legendary Crests,” and over time, the dungeons can become even stronger. 

Essentially the main aim of using the rare and legendary crests in upgrading is to modify the overall outlook of the dungeon and difficulty levels. This is done to challenge yourself and track your progress in the dungeons. 

Buying Crests 

Diablo Immortal Rift farming Tips and Tricks are something you should learn in the early game. If you are running low on crests needed to upgrade the dungeons, you can easily head over to the Hilt Merchant. 

From there, players can purchase more crests, ranging from a certain amount of the rare and legendary crests that were mentioned before 

Fight in Groups 

To get done with the Elder rift dungeons faster and gain more rewards and kill chains, fight in groups instead of fighting one enemy at a time. Fighting single-target enemies is a lot tougher to cap out the time than crowd-control enemies. 

Apart from that, also ensure that you bring a character that will be able to take out enemies in a shorter period, such as a melee unit or a crowd-control class. 

Leveling Tips & Tricks 

When it comes to leveling up faster, learning the best Diablo Immortal leveling Tips and Tricks might be most useful for absolute beginners. 


Diablo Immortal Quest Locked
Quest Locked

When Diablo Immortal players are first progressing through the early game, there will come across certain quests whereby they will not be allowed to access them simply because they are too low level and under-geared. 

To combat this, they will need to grind and farm some leveling EXP which will help them get stronger, which is required to fight tougher battles and progress even more. 

Level Barriers 

Apart from being quest-locked, there is a high chance that players can end up being dungeon locked. This means that whenever there are certain dungeons or boss raids that the player needs to farm, there is a possibility that they will not be able to access the higher levels. 

This might seem obvious, but the reason these level barriers exist is so that the player does not enter into a dungeon that is too difficult for them and get wrecked in combat.

Daily Bounties 

Diablo Immortal Daily Bounties
Daily Bounties

Every game will have some form of commissions or daily bounties, which requires the gamers in Diablo Immortal to log in every day and complete these quests to keep the players coming back. 

Apart from logging in every day, these bounties will have players go out in the open world, face tougher enemies, kill them off, and reward them, which will also grant them leveling EXP. 

Elite Mobs 

Yet another viable way players can gain EXP in Diablo Immortal is to explore for a bit while they are free from quests and try to come across as many elite mobs as possible. 

These elite mobs will be roaming freely, and whenever they are aggravated, they will continue to attack the player. The player will have the opportunity to charge at them and pierce through them enough to kill them off to gain even more leveling EXP. 

Elder Rift 

Whenever you are entering an Elder Rift to go farming the dungeon, always make sure to look out for mobs that are all in crowd-control instead of looking for single-target enemies. 

Players will typically want to go for chain kills mobs in Diablo Immortal, which means that the more enemies they kill, the higher the multiplier will be for the rewards. Therefore the higher the leveling EXP you will gain. 

Codex Entries 

Apart from farming dungeons and elite mobs, another easy way for players to get leveling EXP in Diablo Immortal is by completing tasks listed in the codex entries or the adventurer’s handbooks. 

These will include the battle passes, activities, and open-world quests that will all grant various rewards, including the leveling EXP bonuses, which can greatly aid you in getting stronger all the quicker. Our Crusader Guide will showcase a build that will help Crusader mains conquer the battlefield!

Gear Tips & Tricks

The next thing that we would like to mention is a few gear-related Diablo Immortal Tips and Tricks, which can help players gear up and get ready to take on the toughest battles. 

Gear Score 

Diablo Immortal Gear Score
Gear Score

Whenever players want to upgrade their Diablo Immortal gear, most of the time, they will want to look for a small “green arrow” on their chosen upgrades, which will ensure that their pieces have better stats. 

But more often than not, there is a chance that the actual gear score might be a bit on the lower end than your equipped weapon; however, the sub-stats will increase the overall damage output; therefore, choose carefully. 

Check Stats 

Before slapping any weapon in Diablo Immortal that you have available, make sure that the weapon is suitable for your class and that its stats match with the damage output you are aiming for. 

Don’t go for any stat, do a bit of research to make sure that you choose the proper gear and build for your Diablo Immortal class to dominate your opponents and render them useless. Players might need to use Essence Transfer in order to progress through the game, so you might find our Essence Transfer Guide helpful!

Primary Stats

Diablo Immortal Class Stats
Class Stats

Each class will have its primary stat that they will scale off, and their damage will also scale off that particular stat. Their damage will scale off of Strength for the melee-based classes such as the Demon Hunter

However, if you are a player who will go for a magic-based class that casts spells, then ensure that you invest points into Intelligence since that is the stat on which the damage will be based. 

Gear Upgrades 

As a newer player in Diablo Immortal, players will most often than not be okay with using under-level gear since they are just starting, and the mobs aren’t all that difficult to face. 

However, as you start progressing and get to mid-game, it is crucial to start farming for upgrade materials and the amount of gold required to get your gear up to standard and provide a solid amount of damage. 

Equip Gems 

Apart from leveling up your gear, another thing to note is that at some point in the game, you will start collecting gems, rare and legendary gems that will provide a certain amount of buffs that will deem crucial for progress. 

Without these gems, the gear will not be able to perform as well as it can; therefore, always ensure to use gems to your advantage. While we are on the topic of gems, why not check out our Diablo Immortal Best Gems Guide!

Enslotting Gems 

If you are a bit unsure about how to slot gems into weapons, the easiest way to know is that each gem will have a specific color and a different description, making it easy to determine which weapon it will suit best. 

There will also be sockets that will also have specific colors. Each gem will fit perfectly into its allocated socket, whose specific color will be fully determined. 

Legendary Gems 

With that, there will be one-star, two-star, and five-star gems that players in Diablo Immortal can come across, which will range from being normal gems to legendary gems. 

As the name suggests, the legendary gems in Diablo Immortal are superior and rarer, but once the players get their hands on them, they will also provide the highest amount of buffs; therefore, try your best to farm for legendaries. 

Apprentice Jeweler 

Apart from that, many people will also have queries about where to craft or upgrade the normal gems, and the answer to that is the Apprentice Jeweler, a vendor that can provide upgrade gems. 

The jeweler itself can also be used as a crafting station to get the mighty gems in your arsenal, which can then greatly aid you in taking down the worst bosses and elite enemies in combat. 

Keeping Gems You Don’t Need 

One major mistake that players will make is getting rid of the gems that they feel they do not require at any certain time, which means that they get rid of potential upgrade fodders. 

Always keep these gems with you, whether you need them or not, as you can feed them into legendary or rare gems to upgrade them. Players might forget these basic Diablo Immortal gear Tips and Tricks; therefore, adhere to them! 

Recommended Builds 

If Diablo Immortal gamers are stuck not knowing what the best build to go for their selected classes, whether to go for a PvP or PvE based build, then there is a section known as “Recommended Builds” that players can go for. 

These will showcase the type of weapon to choose, the gear to invest in, the gems to equip, and what materials are needed for the set classes. 

Currency Tips & Tricks

We will come to an end with our Diablo Immortal currency Tips and Tricks, and we would like to talk a bit about the different types of currencies available in the game. 


Diablo Immortal Hilts

To get your hands on Hilts on Diablo Immortal, players will need to go to a hilt vendor located in the open-world area, and upon reaching the vendor itself, players will gain a chance to purchase the hilts. 

These hilts themselves will come in handy to getting crests for the rift dungeons as well as gems such as rare and legendary gems. 

Eternal Orbs 

Diablo Immortal Eternal Orbs
Eternal Orbs

Now, Eternal orbs in Diablo Immortal are more or less for players that are looking to play the game long-term and want actually to invest in solid gear as well as cosmetics. 

Essentially the main aim of using these eternal orbs is to pay actual money to get cards/gems in order to get gear and cosmetics. 


This one is pretty self-explanatory, as gold is used to upgrade skills, upgrade gems, and basically for buying many items. It is a pretty universal form of currency and is accepted everywhere in the game.

With that, we will wrap up with our Diablo Immortal Tips and Tricks. Let us know what you think! If you are a complete newbie, then follow our Diablo Immortal Max Level guide!

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