BEST Diablo Immortal Wizard Build: PVP & PVE

Looking for the best Diablo Immortal Wizard build to try out in the Sanctuary? Check out our detailed guide on what options to go for.

The Wizard is one of the best classes, Diablo Immortal, with a bevy of strengths and strong suits. However, it’s easy to miss out on what to pick for the Wizard and what to avoid. If you’re after the best Diablo Immortal PvP and PvE Wizard build out there, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide will explain all there is to know about the Wizard, how to use the fine specimen, and how to pick the best weapons laid out for the character right from the get-go. Let’s dive right into this in-depth write-up with no further ado. 

Key Highlights
  • There are six classes in Diablo Immortal in total, and one of the classes is called “Wizard,” which is one of the best for crowd-controlling enemies.
  • Wizard’s main damage dealer is her AOE attack, which is called “Magic Missile,” and her best skills are:
    • Scorch.
    • Arcane Wind.
    • Lightning Nova.
    • Teleport.
    • Meteor.
  • For a class to shine, they require proper weapons, gears, and gems, and the best weapons for the Wizard class are:
    • Main-hand weapon (Force of Harakas).
    • Off-hand weapon (Heart of the Storm).
  • Although the offense is important for a build, so is the defense, and the best Wizard gear pieces are:
    • Head Piece (Memory of Xiaoyu).
    • Chest Piece (Zann Esu Elemental Weave).
    • Legs (Riftfancer’s Stride).
  • To really boost the damage of Wizard, these are the gems she will need:
    • Everlasting Torment.
    • Lightning Core.
    • Fervant Fang.

Here’s a complete build setup for the Wizard:

Primary AttackWeaponsSkillsGemsArmorPriority StatsParagon Skills
- Magic Missile
- Ice Missile
- Force of Harakas
- Heart of the Storm
- Scorch
- Arcane Wind
- Lightning Nova
- Teleport
- Meteor
- Everlasting Torment
- Lightning Core
- Fervant Fang
- Memory of Xiaoyu
- Angmar’s Repulsive Burden
- Zann Esu Elemental Weave
- Riftdancer’s Stride
- Intelligence
- Vitality
- Fortitude
- Zeal & Baleful Trinity
- Armor & Escape Artist

Best Wizard Build In Diablo Immortal 

Diablo Immortal Wizard Build
The Wizard in Diablo Immortal

The Wizard in Diablo Immortal is a versatile class, excelling in both close-quarters and ranged combat, making it suitable for various playstyles. The Demon Hunter offers a comparable experience.

Unlike other classes, the Wizard’s multiple Area of Effect (AoE) skills, including stunning and freezing abilities, are standout features. Prolonged AoE skills consistently damage enemies within a significant radius.

In PvP situations, the Wizard’s crowd-control tactics and evasive maneuvers confuse opponents, proving effective in player-versus-player encounters.

Notable synergies exist among the Wizard’s skills. For instance, the “Ice Crystal” skill freezes enemies within its radius for 12 seconds. Combining it with the “Ray of Frost” or “Disintegrate Beam” results in a shot that damages multiple enemies simultaneously, showcasing the Wizard’s diverse skill set.

Primary Attack

The following is the best primary attack that you can make the Wizard use from day one. Primary attacks are basic moves of the class that you’ll probably be using most of the time with the Wizard for days on end. 

Magic Missile 

Magic Missle
Magic Missle
CategoryDamageUltimateUltimate Damage
Primary1,485 – 2,079Ice Missile2,525 – 3,268 per hit

The Wizard’s Magic Missile is the go-to level 1 attack, unlike Electrocute, unlocked at level 38. While Electrocute may seem flashy, it lacks the reliable impact of Magic Missile.

Magic Missile stands out for its consistent reliability, unleashing an ethereal energy missile that aims to vaporize any foe. It’s a skill shot requiring precision but ensures potent single-target damage crucial for the Wizard build.

In contrast, Electrocute’s lightning force hits multiple enemies but results in significantly less damage. The Wizard boasts more potent Area of Effect (AoE) skills, making Electrocute less preferable.

Magic Missile’s ultimate form, Ice Missile, adds a frost effect, amplifying damage and slowing enemies. This skill grants a strategic edge in one-on-one scenarios, providing time to devise creative strategies for overcoming adversaries.

Main-Hand Weapon 

Main-hand weapons are going to be pivotal to your gameplay experience in Diablo Immortal, no matter the class you’re running with. These are the most basic sources for your primary attacks and warrant the type of damage you’ll be dealing to foes for the days to come in the action RPG.

It’s quite evident from here on out that you need to have a sporty main-hand weapon in order to develop a high-class Wizard build in this game. Therefore, the following main-hand weapon is what you should be striving to acquire as part of your build. 

Force Of Harakas 

Diablo Immortal Wizard build
Force of Harakas
Weapon SlotMain Hand 
Effect10% Damage buff to Magic Missile

Force of Harakas is an exceptionally robust main-hand weapon that you, as a Wizard main, should be looking to acquire as soon as possible. Since this is a legendary weapon, you will need to reach at least level 55 in order for your character to equip it. This menacing armament sports a cool design, not to mention its added buffs. 

Speaking of which, the best primary attack of the Wizard—Magic Missile—is accompanied quite nicely by Force of Harakas. Apparently, a 20% damage buff is applied to the latter when you have this weapon in your main hand. In addition, a buff called Magic Bullet Injury is also taken up 10%. 

There’s just no reason that you should be missing out on a weapon as tip-top as the one in question. Magic Missile is something that you have to use with the Wizard regardless of whether you’re at level 1 or level 60—it’s just that good. Therefore, something that consolidates Magic Missile is nothing to sleep on.

Off-Hand Weapon

Although nowhere near as powerful as your main-hand weapon, off-hand armaments in Diablo Immortal are exceptionally reliable and come in handy when you need to pin your enemy down and apply to suppress pressure. However, off-hand weapons don’t always have a move set of their own. 

Instead, they can oftentimes act as buffs for your main-hand weapon or even your primary attacks. Taking an example from the Diablo Immortal Crusader build, the off-hand weapon slot is reserved for shields only, with the main-hand section dedicated to accommodating frontline armaments.

You will need the convenience offered by off-hand weapons to help you achieve a high standard with your sorcerer in this fine dungeon-crawler, so you’re truly getting nowhere without them. The following therefore is what you should be striving to acquire as part of your build.

Heart Of The Storm

Heart of the Storm
Heart of the Storm
Weapon SlotOff Hand 
EffectIce Armor transforms into Storm Armor and damages closeby enemies

The Heart of the Storm off-hand weapon features passive effects. It isn’t something that you can use to dish out a full move set. As opposed to that, this armament will transform the Ice Armor skill, if you’re deciding to go with that, into something called Storm Armor

This fortunate metamorphosis can often change the shape of the game for you, making it clear that your enemies are in for some serious trouble. Storm Armor is consistent when it boils down to damaging enemies. Not only does it do the latter, but you also get a 10% buff in Ice Armor’s base damage. 

If you’re going with the Ice Armor skill instead of some other top options, we highly encourage you to don Heart of the Storm and watch how things change for the better in your regard. Being a legendary-class item, you will need to level up the character to 55 in order to wield it. 

Best Skills 

Apart from the primary attack of the Wizard, each class in Diablo Immortal comprises a handful of skills to accommodate the player in battle. These are usually used with short gaps in-between and cannot be spammed as any of the primary attacks in the game can be. The reason for this is quite simple.

Skills are more powerful than primary attacks—some of them are outright earth-shattering—and have to be used respectfully.

To avoid making the game too much of a child’s play, it’s typical of RPG games to comprise cooldown times for secondary skills of a character class. The Wizard in Diablo Immortal is no exception.

As iterated earlier, these are certainly a level above than primary attacks in terms of raw power, and you’ll definitely require their service to topple beasts and overcome human players. 

The following is our cherry-picked collection of the best skills that you should use with the Wizard. Doing so is bound to get you one step closer to formulating the ultimate Diablo Immortal PvE Wizard build.  


Skill TypeBasic
Level Requirement1
Cooldown9 Seconds
EffectLaunch an orb of fire to damage and knock away enemies. The burning trail will deal damage for 6 seconds.

Starting off the bout is Scorch—an utterly reliable skill move that hurtles a blast of flame toward your enemy, knocking them back and dealing a fair amount of damage. Not only that but Scorch will continue to bring the pain for a little over 6 seconds once it successfully registers and lands on the foe. 

The cooldown time for this major Wizard skill is just about 9 seconds, which shouldn’t be too much trouble. Scorch can be used in multiple situations. No matter if you’re surrounded by a host of enemies or it’s a singular major boss that you need to take, let this raging orb loose and watch how it turns the tide of the battle for you.

Arcane Wind

Diablo Immortal Wizard Build
Arcane Wind
Skill TypeBasic
Level Requirement1
Cooldown9 Seconds
EffectLaunch a wind blast to deal damage and push away enemies. A longer charge increases the range and damage. Burning enemies will face 50% buffed damage.

The next skill that tempts us to mention it in this guide is called Arcane Wind. Simply put, the latter and Scorch together are a match made in heaven, complimenting each other in a way that’s significantly beneficial for the player. After all, this is a game where creative combinations are very much welcome.

Apart from what the Arcane Wind skill can do to your enemies, try using Scorch on an enemy first and then send Arcane Wind their way. In this case, the latter will deal 50% more damage as compared to its base damage stats. If this isn’t utterly desirable, we’re not sure what is. 

Combining the potency of Scorch to burn your enemies and leaving them on fire with the tart gust of wind of the Arcane Wind is a deadly mix-up that Wizard players are encouraged to implement. There’s the knockback effect of the skill as well, not to mention the increase in range as you hold down the attack button and charge it up.

The controls of Arcane Wind are directional, meaning that you will have to aim the attack yourself before you let it fly. Make sure you’re predictive enough to spot enemies out and make the jump on them before they do. As mentioned earlier, the Wizard has its fair share of skill shots, and this is just one of the few too many.  

Lightning Nova

Diablo Immortal Wizard build
Lightning Nova
Skill TypeBasic
Level Requirement3
Cooldown6 Seconds
EffectThrow 10 lightning balls to deal damage outward and upon their return. Only 6 hits per target. More than 2 hits on a target will only do 30% damage.

Lightning Nova is another must-have skill that you should have equipped out of the three different skill moves you’re allowed to have in-game. This unique attack unlocks early on when you’re just starting out with your build, so you shouldn’t struggle too much to get to grips with it. 

This is one of the many crowd-control skills that our sorcery-oriented character boasts. Unlike the previous two skills that focused on moving in a single direction, Lightning Nova covers all axes around you. It basically blurts out 10 high-energy lightning balls from your position and hits enemies in whatever direction they’re standing in. 

When you’re surrounded by a plethora of baddies from north, south, east, and west, pop out Lightning Nova and observe how things take a drastic turn. The good part is that the balls of lightning ejected from the Wizard do not think of themselves as embarking on a one-way road. 

They come back to the sorcerer as well, dealing an equal amount of damage as they did on their way out. A few limitations regarding the skill revolve around a total of 6 hits per target and that 2 hits and beyond on one target aren’t going to deal damage over 30% of the total skill’s damage output. Still pretty worthy, to be fair and frank. 


Skill TypeBasic
Level Requirement15
Cooldown15 Seconds
EffectTeleport in front with max 3 charges.

Putting an end to the main skills to use for a tip-top Wizard build in Diablo Immortal is Teleport. When you’ve got all of the above for attack and offense, why not pack a defensive measure for rainy times in the Sanctuary as well? Teleport makes the Wizard do exactly what you think it would.

It allows this special character class to warp into a portal and come out into the dimension of the living almost instantaneously. This makes our Wizard dash forward at a great speed, thereby pushing out top levels of mobility and letting the class become rapidly agile. 

In situations where you have to flee for your life, no other skill will come in handy other than Teleport. It’s something that curated toward dangerous situations and the ability to be able to think on your feet. You definitely have to equip something like this in your arsenal to get closer to the best Diablo Immortal PvP Wizard build there is.

Skill For High-Level Wizard Build: Meteor 

Skill TypeBasic
Level Requirement41
Cooldown9 Seconds
EffectCall a meteor to deal damage and stun all enemies for 3 seconds. The affected area is scorched and burns enemies for 6 seconds.

We genuinely wanted to include Meteor on this list right from the start, but its exceedingly high requirement of player level barred us from doing so. This is a skill that unlocks at level 41, which is quite far from what a mere beginner can manage in the first couple of days of the game. 

Meteor is simply the bigger, nastier version of Scorch. It has the same cooldown time of 9 seconds, but certainly a truckload of more damage than the latter. Instead of sending out a fireball, the Wizard summons a red-hot meteor from the sky that drives into your enemies and leaves them flabbergasted in its wake.  

As soon as you get your hands on Meteor, swap it with Scorch right away and you’ll have all of your skills perfectly sorted and ready to roll with. Let’s get on with the next section of the Wizard build in Diablo Immortal and see what’s next. 

Best Gems

Gems in Diablo Immortal function as add-ons that serve to power up your skills, gear, weapons, and other attributes. Without these pieces of potent energy, you can never sustain a high level of build for any of your classes in this fine-action RPG, let alone the Wizard. You can locate gems in a wide variety of places in the Sanctuary, ranging from finding them in hidden lairs to making relevant purchases in the in-game market. 

The following are some of the best gems in Diablo Immortal, both normal and legendary, that you should prioritize when looking to build a high-class Diablo Immortal PvP and PvE Wizard build

Everlasting Torment

Everlasting Torment
Everlasting Torment
Gem TypeLegendary
Combat Rating+8
Base EffectCritical hits cause agony, which does 16.7% base damage + 202 per second for 3 seconds. The effect lasts for 6 seconds on each enemy.

One of the best legendary-status gems in Diablo Immortal for your Wizard build is Everlasting Torment, guaranteeing exactly what its name implies for your enemies on a day-to-day basis. First off, it applies a number of first-rate buffs to your Wizard that systematically makes the character better as a whole.

Therefore, you’re not focusing on a single attribute with this gem here, but rather affecting a swath of statistics and bumping up their functionality piece by piece. One of its most formidable buffs is how it allows the Wizard to deal a ton of damage after a successful critical hit. 

Lightning Core 

Diablo Immortal Wizard build
Lightning Core
Gem TypeLegendary
Combat Rating+12
Base EffectBuild up electrical energy through Primary Attacks and movement. Once charged, unleash chain lightning with your next Primary Attack, inflicting 90% base damage + 1,134 to nearby enemies. 

The Lightning Core revamps your base attributes by a factor of 1.5% and adds one full ton to your offense and defense ratings. In addition to that, this legendary gem is great for when you’re chaining your attacks and focusing on groups of enemies instead of a single target.

That way, you automatically increase the amount of damage you take. However, some of the other attributes of the Lightning Core, such as a moderate increase in your attack power make the gem desirable for boss fights nonetheless.  

Fervant Fang 

Diablo Immortal Wizard build
Fervant Fang
Gem TypeLegendary
Combat Rating+12
Base EffectWhen you deal damage to an enemy, that specific enemy takes 0.80% more damage, stacking up to a maximum of 8% increased damage at 10 stacks.

Don’t think of this last legendary gem as a slouch—it’s no less than a workhorse either. Instead, it’s rather terrific for when you’re going up against bosses and other hard-hitting singular targets. In instances like those, you definitely need all the firepower you can get and Fervant Fang is out there supplying you with just that.

This gem can be easily obtained by purchasing the Diablo Immortal Battle Pass. You don’t have to grind for this piece of equipment that way, although you will need to shell out some bucks for it.

Now that we’ve gone through the best primary attack, skills, and gems that you should prioritize using with the Wizard, let us get on with the most robust pieces of armor you should keep your eyes peeled for.  

Armor Pieces 

The Wizard, similar to all other character classes in Diablo Immortal, has to don armor in order to keep death at bay. When you’re out on the battlefield going toe-to-toe against ancient deities and creatures of unknown manner, you need to have your defense statistics at a fairly commendable level to come out on top in hefty situations.

Besides, the Wizard is more or less a “glass cannon” in Diablo Immortal, capable of dishing out tons of damage but shattering into pieces at the slightest of threats. The latter might be a stretch, but you get the point, don’t you? Now, different parts of the body will have individual armor pieces. 

For instance, there are helms for the head while body armor for the chest. The following comprises a list of the best armor pieces to create the best Wizard build in Diablo Immortal in chronological order, starting from the head and ending with the legs. Let’s get started without any further delay. 

Memory Of Xiaoyu 

Memory of Xiaoyu
Memory of Xiaoyu
Armor SlotHead
Affected SkillScorch
Base EffectScorch summons four flaming orbs that damage and burn nearby enemies.

Starting off this affair with a bang is the legendary-class Memory of Xiaoyu headpiece for the Wizard, guaranteeing top-of-the-line specifications simply like no other. One of the main special abilities that this armor equipment provides to its players revolves around the aforementioned Scorch skill.

In retrospect, the latter projects a single ball of fire from the hands of the Wizard, causing a fair amount of menace to the opposing party. However, when you’ve got Memory of Xiaoyu equipped, Scorch will push out four flaming orbs that surround the Wizard.

Whenever an enemy comes in close proximity to the player, the orbs will do nothing but self-destruct, thereby causing a cluster of negative influences on the unfortunate foe. Moreover, the armor piece also pulls down the cooldown time of the skill at hand by a factor of 10%, which is nothing less than duly appreciated.

Angmar’s Repulsive Burden

Diablo Immortal Wizard build
Angmar’s Repulsive Burden
Armor SlotShoulder
Affected SkillScorch
Base EffectScorch knocks enemies away.

Angmar’s Repulsive Burden is what you should be wearing as your shoulder piece for the Wizard. This legendary armor equipment not only increases the damage of Scorch, which is basically the most reliable skill our beloved sorcerer has at their disposal but also adds a nice touch of knockback effect to it.

You will require a hefty amount of level-ups to actually wield Angmar’s Repulsive Burden though if you’re looking to get yourself the ultimate Diablo Immortal PvP & PvE Wizard build. The needed level for this armor piece is 55, so you do need to get grinding for a fair bit to reap the benefits of this shoulder piece. 

Zann Esu Elemental Weave

Diablo Immortal Wizard build
Zann Esu Elemental Weave
Armor SlotChest
Affected SkillLightning Nova
Base EffectLightning Nova throws balls of Chilling Ice.

Continuing the array of the best armor pieces for the Wizard around is the Zann Esu Elemental Weave. It’s exclusively available for the Wizard class and accommodates the aforementioned Lightning Nova skill profoundly. Other than that, this chest piece features a generous number of attribute boosts as well. 

Coming back to the raison d’etre of the Zann Esu Elemental Weave, donning this equipment makes Lightning Nova generates orbs of chill-inducing ice. This not only damages enemies but slows them down as well, allowing you to take your time in finishing the foe however you want. 

Moreover, if you’re fond of using Lightning Nova time and time again, we’re happy to report that the Zann Esu Elemental Weave evens waives off 10% from the overall cooldown time of the skill. However, similar to how things are with Angmar’s Repulsive Burden, you will need to reach a level of 55 to equip this armor piece. 

Riftdancer’s Stride

Riftdancer's Stride
Riftdancer’s Stride
Armor SlotLegs
Affected SkillTeleport
Base EffectTeleport aims at a position that damages nearby enemies.

Next comes Riftdancer Stride, making your legs more robust than ever. This is one of the most thoughtful pieces of armor that the Wizard can ever equip for itself, making the character class more mobile and diligent than ever. It tends to the aforementioned Teleport skill and increases its overall functionality by leaps and bounds. 

First off, this legendary armor piece applies the same status effect as other like-minded and respective equipment does—the damage of the skill is increased by 10%. In addition to that, you will now be able to damage your foes even more due to the addition of a target-based system of the Teleport skill.

That is to say, the area you arrive in after teleporting to a specific place with this power move will be targeted. Then, said section will be heavily affected, thereby damaging enemies in the vicinity and giving you nothing but the cherry on top. Yet again, you will need your Wizard to be at level 55 to be able to wield the Riftdancer Stride.

Best Attributes For Wizard Build 

In Diablo Immortal, there are five attributes that affect your Combat Rating by +1. You can check your Combat Rating in your inventory under “More Attributes.” Your damage output varies depending on the Combat Rating of the monsters you encounter, and this becomes especially challenging after reaching level 60.

For both PvP and PvE scenarios, focus on maximizing the Intelligence attribute for your Wizard Build. Intelligence is the primary attribute for this class, and it directly increases your damage. Prioritize Intelligence, Vitality, and Fortitude while minimizing investment in melee attributes like Willpower and Strength, which aren’t beneficial for spellcasting classes like the Wizard.

Invest heavily in Fortitude to boost your Armor Stat and Armor Penetration, enhancing your survivability and damage output. Vitality increases your Life bar, while Willpower provides Potency and Resistance, along with extended durations for your attack and debuff abilities and reduced debuff durations.

Strength doesn’t significantly impact spellcasting classes, so it’s not a priority. Use Essence Transfer in Diablo Immortal to incorporate the best attributes you acquire into your gear for optimal performance.

Best Paragon Skills For Wizard Build 

For Paragon Skill trees, Survivor and Vanquisher will benefit your Wizard Build the most in Diablo Immortal. Both of these abilities will help you in Armor Penetration as well as damage.

Your attack power will increase significantly, and if you decide to invest in Zeal, your Combat Rating will improve drastically as well. Try pairing it with Baleful Trinity. This will allow you to become an expert Soulfire damage dealer.

Survivor tree has skills like Armor and Escape Artist that can help you a lot. I’m boosting the time when in combat. Using these skills you can get out of difficult situations stealthily.

Do let us know whether you were successfully able to create this exceptionally balanced Wizard build using the guidelines illustrated above. And don’t forget to change the difficulty setting of Diablo Immortal if things ever get out of hand. As always, eXputer wishes you good luck!  

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