Diablo Immortal Zaerhud: Location & Bossfight

This guide discusses the location and bossfight of Zaerhud in Diablo Immortal.

Zaerhud in Diablo Immortal is a Super Unique Elite class Monster. You will encounter Zaerhud as part of the “Defeat Zaerhud” side quest. Zaerhud appears in the form of a giant bear who shares a striking resemblance to Corrupter Mauler and Kodi.

Key Takeaways
  • In Diablo Immortal, there’s a category of bosses labeled “Elite,” including Zaerhud.
  • Dark Wood, on the northern side of Khanduras, is the primary spawn point for Zaerhud.
  • To locate Zaerhud, check the “Dark Wood” text with three trees, focusing on the second tree’s location.
  • Elite enemies like Zaerhud spawn at specific times and respawn every thirty minutes if defeated.
  • Zaerhud’s attack patterns include Ice Beam and Death Spawn.
  • To defeat Zaerhud efficiently, use a ranged-focused character since most of its attacks are melee.

Zaerhud In Diablo Immortal

Unbridled fury
Dark WoodDeath Spawn, Ice BeamEnchanted Dust, Random Equipment, Gold

Zaerhud is an Elite class opponent, which means that he is very tough to beat and has specific spawn timings as well, at least from what I witnessed after battling him several times. What makes Zaerhud stand out from the rest of the Elite opponents is its class. There are four types of classes in Diablo Immortal, and their rates of spawns decrease in order of Champions, Rare, Ancient, and lastly Unique.

Location Of Zaerhud 

I found out that Zaerhud spawns just near the second tree. The location of Zaerhud is marked on the map below. 

Diablo Immortal Map
Zaerhud Location on Diablo Immortal’s map

In order to differentiate the second tree from the rest, I have also attached the image of the tree below as well, so you can reach the desired location correctly.

2nd Tree
The image of the Tree where Zaerhud will spawn

In order to reach The Dark Woods, all you need to do is open the map and just click on where The Dark Wood is. You will then be able to navigate to this area. The closest waypoint to The Dark Wood is the Tree of Inifuss Waypoint.

Zaerhud Spawn Timings

Zaerhud, a Unique Elite monster, follows specific spawn timings, not random.

Here’s my tip on how you can calculate Zaerhud’s spawn times:

  1. There is a 30-minute cooldown after each player kills Zaerhud.
  2. If Zaerhud is present, you can defeat and collect your reward.
  3. If Zaerhud is not present, you’ll need to wait for a 30-minute cooldown.

To know when Zaerhud spawns, keep an eye out for these signals I’ve highlighted below:

  1. A “New Event” notification.
  2. A left-side prompt saying, “Defeat Zaerhud.”

Zaerhud is a silver bear with a purple aura. However, be cautious as there is another similar monster named “Arag” with identical HP and appearance. To distinguish them:

  1. Check the name on the health bar.
  2. Look at the “Wanted Quest” on the screen. It will say “Defeat Zaerhud” for Zaerhud and “Kill Arag” for Arag.

Both monsters spawn at the same time, so it’s crucial to verify their names before engaging in battle.

Zaerhud Boss Fight Attacks & Best Strategy

Unbridled fury
Zaerhud bossfight

The biggest problem is probably Zaerhud’s health bar, which will only be a problem if you are a low-level character. Other than that, his attack pattern isn’t that complex and can be dodged easily.

I’ve discussed the attacks you need to watch out for below:

Ice Beam

Beams of ice
Zaerhud’ Ice Beam attack

The first is a growl attack; Zaerhud will growl at you two times, and on his second growl, he will summon an Ice Beam from the sky. Small circles will appear, which will show where the Ice Beam will fall.

These Ice Beams will not only cause base damage but will inflict chill status on your character as well. After his Ice Beam attack, he will stomp on the ground and just attack you with his hands periodically.

Death Spawn

After you take out Zaerhud, small slimes will emerge from his corpse. These slimes need to be eliminated since they are a part of the boss fight, and unless and until you kill them, I found out the hard way that you won’t be able to receive your reward.


Upon defeating Zaerhud, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Enchanted Dust
  • Random Equipment 
  • Gold

Furthermore, taking down Zaerhud will unlock The Dark Wood exploration achievement as well.

This concludes my guide on Diablo Immortal’s Zaerhud. Let us know what you think about my guide in the comments below.

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