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Digimon Survive is a visual novel and tactical role-playing game with survival aspects. During their spring vacation, Takuma and his pals, who are attending a historical studies camp, decide to visit a nearby temple. However, as they continue their exploration, they encounter Kormon and find a group of their students being attacked by a Digimon. Our Digimon Survive Walkthrough will guide you through all your issues and help you return to your home world.

Takuma and his friends realize they’re on a different planet and must find their way home whilst Koromon evolves to Agumon to frighten the Digimon! Your decisions will affect the game and might lead to one of the game’s numerous endings, like in other interactive story games.

Basics Of The Game

Digimon Survive
Basics Of The Game (Image By: eXputer)

It can be fairly overwhelming to understand the basics of a game when you first start it. Thus new players need to know all about them. Our Digimon Survive Wiki page could be useful for new players who are not familiar with them. The primary benefit of understanding these is that progress will be more rapid and straightforward!


DS Interface
Routes (Image By: eXputer)

As the game progresses, you must choose one of four possible routes in Digimon Survive. But finding the best route for your playstyle could be difficult if you’re not experienced. To learn everything and make the right choices, you should read the Wiki guides in our Digimon Survive Walkthrough.

All The Digimons

Digimons (Image By: eXputer)

You can’t recruit every single Digimon to battle for you on your squad. Hence you should pick the best ones and keep them on your team. However, if you don’t know anything about them, you will end up making a bad team. We’ll tell you all about them on our Digimon Survive Wiki Page to help prevent that, and we assume our Wiki will be useful for you.


Digimon Digivolution

Digivolution is the process of Digimon evolving, which grants them a benefit or an advantage. They gain even more strength. As a result, enhancing their fighting abilities and help players build even more. When Digivolution initially happens, certain Digimon may entirely change their appearance, while others may only resemble a more mature version of their base-level selves. Our Walkthrough will go into detail about it so it’ll be easy for you to understand.

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