Digimon Survive List: All 113 Digimons & Types

In This Guide We Will Be Listing All Of The Digimons In Digimon Survive In A Categorized Way.

First of all, before we get started with the list, we would like to make it clear that each and every digital monster in Digimon Survive can not be recruited to your team to fight for you. So we highly recommend that you use our Digimon Survive Digimon List to obtain a strong and effective team of Digimons. 
Key Takeaways
  • To build a strong team, players must recruit different Digimons through communication and answering personality questions.
  • Not all Digimons can be recruited.
  • Digimons can evolve into different forms based on player choices and progress in the game.
  • Digimons are categorized into Child, Adult, Perfect, Ultimate, Super Ultimate, and Unobtainable.
  • Examples of Child Digimons include Agumon, Betamon, and Piyomon.
  • Examples of Adult Digimons include Angemon, Garurumon, and Togemon.

How To Recruit Digimons In Digimon Survive?

Digimon Survive
A Poster Of Digimon Survive

A Digimon can be caught, then you can proceed to communicate with it to persuade him to become your ally or to receive an item from him. Although this is easier said than done as you are required to answer some personality questions to earn respect from the Digimon. The set of questions and answers is different for each Digimon.

Complete Digimon List

A Digimon In Digimon Survive
AgumonRookieReptileVaccineNature Spirits, Virus Busters, Metal Empire, Dragon’s Roar
BetamonChampionAmphibianVirusNature Spirits, Deep Savers, Dragon’s Roar
DraculmonRookieUndeadVirusDark Area, Nightmare Soldiers
FalcomonRookieAvianVaccineWind Guardians
FloramonRookieVegetationDataWind Guardians, Jungle Troopers
GabumonRookieReptileData, Vaccine, VirusNature Spirits, Virus Busters, Metal Empire
GazimonChampionMammalVirusNightmare Soldiers, Nature Spirits
GomamonRookieSea Animal, Sea BeastVaccineDeep Savers, Nature Spirits
GottsumonChampionRockDataNature Spirits, Nightmare Soldiers, Metal Empire
GuilmonRookieReptileVirusNature Spirits, Deep Savers, Metal Empire, Dragon’s Roar, Virus Busters
KunemonRookieLarvaVirusNature Spirits, Jungle Troopers
LabramonRookieBeastVaccineNature Spirits, Nightmare Soldiers
LopmonRookieAnimalDataNature Spirits
PalmonRookieVegetationData, VaccineNature Spirits, Wind Guardians, Jungle Troopers
PatamonRookieMammalData, VaccineNature Spirits, Wind Guardians, Virus Busters, Jungle Troopers, Dragon’s Roar
PiyomonRookieBirdVaccineWind Guardians, Nature Spirits, Jungle Troopers
RenamonRookieAnimalDataNightmare Soldiers, Nature Spirits, Virus Busters
Shakomon (Syakomon)RookieCrustaceanVirusDeep Savers
TentomonRookieInsectoidVaccine, Virus, DataNature Spirits, Metal Empire, Jungle Troopers
AngemonChampionAngelVaccineWind Guardians, Virus Busters
BirdramonChampionGiant BirdVaccine, DataWind Guardians, Nature Spirits
CyclomonChampionDragonVirusNature Spirits
DiatrymonChampionAncient BirdVaccineWind Guardians
DobermonChampionDemon BeastVaccine, VirusNightmare Soldiers, Nature Spirits
DokugumonChampionInsectoidVirusNature Spirits, Jungle Troopers, Nightmare Soldiers
FangmonChampionDemon BeastDataNightmare Soldiers
FlymonChampionInsectoidVirusWind Guardians, Jungle Troopers
GarurumonChampionAnimal, BeastVaccine, Data, VirusNightmare Soldiers, Virus Busters, Metal Empire, Nature Spirits
GreymonChampionDinosaurVaccineNature Spirits, Metal Empire, Virus Busters, Dragon’s Roar
GrowmonChampionDark DragonVirusNature Spirits, Metal Empire, Dragon’s Roar, Virus Busters
GuardromonChampionMachineVirus, Data, VaccineMetal Empire
IkkakumonChampionSea Animal, Sea BeastVaccineDeep Savers, Nature Spirits
KabuterimonChampionInsectoidVaccineNature Spirits, Jungle Troopers
KiwimonChampionAncient BirdDataWind Guardians
KuwagamonChampionInsectoidVirusNature Spirits, Wind Guardians, Jungle Troopers
KyubimonChampionMythical AnimalDataNightmare Soldiers, Nature Spirits, Wind Guardians, Virus Busters
LeomonChampionAnimal, Beast Humanoid, BeastkinVaccineNature Spirits, Virus Busters
MeramonChampionFlameData, VaccineNightmare Soldiers, Nature Spirits, Dragon’s Roar
NumemonChampionMolluskVirus, DataNightmare Soldiers, Metal Empire, Deep Savers
SangloupmonChampionDemon BeastVirusDark Area, Nightmare Soldiers
SeadramonChampionSea AnimalDataDeep Savers, Dragon’s Roar
ShellmonChampionSea AnimalDataDeep Savers
SiesamonChampionAnimal, Holy BeastVaccineNature Spirits
TailmonChampionAnimal, Holy BeastVaccineNature Spirits
TogemonChampionVegetationData, VirusNature Spirits, Wind Guardians, Jungle Troopers
TyranomonChampionDinosaurData, VaccineNature Spirits, Metal Empire, Dragon’s Roar, Nightmare Soldiers
TuruiemonChampionAnimalDataNature Spirits
TuskmonChampionDinosaurVirusNature Spirits
VegimonChampionVegetationVirusNature Spirits, Jungle Troopers, Wind Guardians
AndiramonUltimateHoly BeastData, VirusWind Guardians, Virus Busters, Nightmare Soldiers
AndromonUltimateAndroid, CyborgVaccine, DataMetal Empire, Virus Busters
AngewomonUltimateAngel, High Angel, ArchangelVaccineNature Spirits, Virus Busters, Wind Guardians
WendimonUltimateUndeadVirusDark Area, Nightmare Soldiers
ArchnemonUltimateDark AnimalVirusNightmare Soldiers, Jungle Troopers, Nature Spirits
Altur KabuterimonUltimateInsectoidVaccineNature Spirits
BlossomonUltimateVegetationDataWind Guardians, Jungle Troopers
Blue MeramonUltimateFlameData, Virus, VaccineNightmare Soldiers, Dragon’s Roar, Metal Empire
CerberumonUltimateDark AnimalVaccine, VirusDark Area, Nightmare Soldiers, Nature Spirits
DelumonUltimateAquatic Beast ManVaccineDeep Savers
EtemonUltimatePuppetVirusDeep Savers, Metal Empire, Nature Spirits
GarudamonUltimateBird, Birdman, Bird HumanoidVaccineWind Guardians, Virus Busters
GigadramonUltimateAndroidVirus, DataMetal Empire, Wind Guardians, Dragon’s Roar
Holy AngemonUltimateAngel, High Angel, ArchangelVaccineWind Guardians, Virus Busters, Deep Savers
JewelbeemonUltimateInsectoidVirusDark Area, Nightmare Soldiers
LilimonUltimateFairyDataWind Guardians, Nightmare Soldiers, Jungle Troopers
Marin DevimonUltimateSea AnimalVirusDeep Savers, Dark Area
MegadramonUltimateAndroid, Dark Dragon, CyborgVirusMetal Empire, Wind Guardians, Dragon’s Roar
Megalo GrowmonUltimateDark DragonVirusNature Spirits, Metal Empire, Dragon’s Roar
Mega SeadramonUltimateSea AnimalDataDeep Savers, Dragon’s Roar
MermaimonUltimateAquatic Beast ManDataDeep Savers
Metal GreymonUltimateCyborgVaccine, VirusNature Spirits, Metal Empire, Virus Busters, Dragon’s Roar
MonzaemonUltimatePuppetVaccineMetal Empire, Virus Busters
OkuwamonUltimateInsectoidVirusNature Spirits, Jungle Troopers
PanjyamonUltimateAnimalVaccine, DataNature Spirits, Virus Busters, Nightmare Soldiers
Skull GreymonUltimateCyborgVirusMetal Empire
TaomonUltimateWizardDataNightmare Soldiers, Wind Guardians, Nature Spirits, Virus Busters
TriceramonUltimateDinosaurDataNature Spirits, Nightmare Soldiers, Dragon’s Roar
VamdemonUltimateGhost, UndeadVirusNightmare Soldiers
Were GarurumonUltimateAnimal, Beastman, Beast HumanoidVaccineNightmare Soldiers, Metal Empire, Nature Spirits, Virus Busters
YatagaramonUltimateBewitching BirdVaccineNightmare Soldiers, Wind Guardians
ZudomonUltimateSea Animal, Sea BeastVaccineDeep Savers, Nature Spirits
AnubimonMegaDeity, Wizard, ShamanVaccineVirus Busters, Nightmare Soldiers
BaihumonMegaHoly BeastDataMetal Empire, Nature Spirits
Bancho StingmonMegaInsectVariable, FreeNature Spirits
BeelzebumonMegaEvil King, Evil, Demon LordVirusNightmare Soldiers, Nature Spirits, Wind Guardians, Metal Empire, Dark Area
CeresmonMegaDeityDataWind Guardians
Ceresmon MediumMegaDeityVaccineUnknown
Cherubimon (Virtue)MegaAngelVaccineVirus Busters, Wind Guardians
DinorexmonMegaDinosaurDataNature Spirits
DukemonMegaWarriorVaccineVirus Busters, Nightmare Soldiers, Dragon’s Roar
Gran KuwagamonMegaInsectoidFree, VirusNature Spirits, Jungle Troopers, Nightmare Soldiers, Wind Guardians
Herakle KabuterimonMegaInsectoidVaccine, DataNature Spirits, Jungle Troopers
HolydramonMegaHoly DragonVaccine, FreeNature Spirits, Dragon’s Roar, Virus Busters, Wind Guardians
HououmonMegaHoly BeastVaccineWind Guardians
HuanglongmonMegaHoly DragonDataUnknown
Marin AngemonMegaPixieVaccine, VirusDeep Savers, Virus Busters
Metal GarurumonMegaAndroid, CyborgData, VaccineMetal Empire, Nature Spirits, Virus Busters
Metal SeadramonMegaAndroid, CyborgDataDeep Savers, Metal Empire, Dragon’s Roar
MugendramonMegaMachine, CyborgVirusMetal Empire
PiemonMegaWizardVirusNightmare Soldiers
PinochimonMegaPuppetVirusWind Guardians, Jungle Troopers, Metal Empire
PlesiomonMegaDragon, PlesiosaurDataDeep Savers, Dragon’s Roar
PlutomonMegaDeity, ShamanVirusShaman
QinglongmonMegaHoly DragonVaccineUnknown
RosemonMegaPixie, FairyDataWind Guardians, Nightmare Soldiers, Jungle Troopers
Saber LeomonMegaAncient AnimalDataNature Spirits
SakuyamonMegaDeity, Shaman, WizardDataNightmare Soldiers, Wind Guardians, Nature Spirits, Virus Busters
Sakuyamon: Miko ModeMegaDeity, Shaman, WizardDataUnknown
SeraphimonMegaAngel, Seraph Angel, SeraphVaccineWind Guardians, Virus Busters
SpinomonMegaDinosaurVirusNature Spirits, Dragon's Roar
War GreymonMegaDragon, DragonkinVaccineMetal Empire, Virus Busters, Nature Spirits, Dragon's Roar
ValdurmonMegaHoly BirdVaccineWind Guardians
VoltobautamonMegaDemon ManVirusNightmare Soldiers
XuanwumonMegaBeastVaccineWind Guardians
ZhuqiaomonMegaBirdVirusNightmare Soldiers, Wind Guardians
OmegamonMegaWarrior, Holy Knight, Holy WarriorVaccineMetal Empire, Virus Busters, Nightmare Soldiers, Dragon’s Roar

Now, we will be proceeding to list all of the Digimons that we know of currently. We also will like to make it clear that this list might not be complete as the game has just been released, and the list can be altered as the game is explored more and the way the game progresses. 

Also, you should know that sometimes your Digimon might evolve into some other alternative forms. The evolution of the Digimons depends on how you progress through the game and what type of choices you make.

Now we will proceed further with our guide by listing all of the Digimons in Digimon Survive. However, you should also be informed that we will be listing the Digimon in categories as the following:

  • Child Digimons 
  • Adult Digimons
  • Perfect Digimons 
  • Ultimate Digimons
  • Super Ultimate Digimons
  • Unobtainable Digimons

Child Digimons

The Child Digimons or also known as the Rookie Digimons or Stage 1 Digimons, are the weakest and the base form of the Digimons that are usually the cutest in their looks. Now we will be listing all of the Child Digimons in Digimon Survive:

  • Agumon ( Agumon is an evolved form of Koromon that evolves during the tutorial )
  • Betamon
  • Draculmon
  • Falcomon
  • Floramon
  • Gabumon
  • Gazimon
  • Gomamon
  • Gottsumon
  • Guilmon
  • Kunemon
  • Labramon
  • Lopmon
  • Palmon
  • Patamon
  • Piyomon
  • Renamon
  • Shakomon
  • Tentomon

Adult Digimons

Game Play
Game Play Of Digimon Survive

Now, the Adult Digimons, also known as the Stage 2 Digimons are a lot stronger than the Stage 1 Digimons. However, they are not as cunning in their looks as the Stage 1 Digimons. Now let us proceed further by listing all of the Adult Digimons in Digimon Survive:

  • Angemon
  • Birdramon
  • Cyclomon
  • Deltamon
  • Diatrymon
  • Dobermon
  • Dokugumon
  • Fangmon
  • Flymon
  • Garurumon
  • Greymon (one of Agumon’s evolutions during Chapter 1 boss battle)
  • Growmon
  • Guardromon
  • Ikkakumon
  • Kabuterimon
  • Kiwimon
  • Kuwagamon
  • Kyubimon
  • Leomon
  • Meramon
  • Numemon
  • Sangloupmon
  • Seadramon
  • Shellmon
  • Siesamon
  • Tailmon
  • Togemon
  • Tyranomon ( This Digimon is an evolved form of the Agumon. The evolution is discovered during the boss battle of chapter 1 )
  • Turuiemon
  • Tuskmon
  • Vegimon
  • Wendimon

Perfect Digimons

The Perfect Digimons are the perfection of the regular Adult Digimons that lack in some areas. Now let us proceed further with our Digimon Survive Digimon List by listing all of the Perfect Digimons:

  • Andiramon 
  • Andromon
  • Angewomon
  • Archnemon
  • Altur Kabuterimon
  • Blossomon
  • Blue Meramon
  • Cerberumon
  • Delumon
  • Etemon
  • Garudamon
  • Gigadramon
  • Holy Angemon
  • Jewelbeemon
  • Lilimon
  • Marin Devimon
  • Megadramon
  • Megalo Growmon
  • Mega Seadramon
  • Mermaimon
  • Metal Greymon
  • Monzaemon
  • Okuwamon
  • Panjyamon
  • Skull Greymon
  • Taomon
  • Triceramon
  • Vamdemon
  • Were Garurumon
  • Yatagaramon
  • Zudomon

Ultimate Digimons

The Ultimate Digimons is the final level that any Digimon can reach and is regarded as one of the most powerful Digimons that mean business. Such monstrosities in Digimon Survive are as the following:

  • Anubimon
  • Baihumon
  • Bancho Stingmon
  • Beelzebumon
  • Ceresmon
  • Ceresmon Medium
  • Cherubimon (Virtue)
  • Dinorexmon
  • Dukemon
  • Gran Kuwagamon
  • Herakle Kabuterimon
  • Holydramon
  • Hououmon
  • Huanglongmon
  • Marin Angemon
  • Metal Garurumon
  • Metal Seadramon
  • Mugendramon
  • Piemon
  • Pinochimon
  • Plesiomon
  • Plutomon
  • Qinglongmon
  • Rosemon
  • Saber Leomon
  • Sakuyamon
  • Sakuyamon: Miko Mode
  • Seraphimon
  • Spinomon
  • War Greymon
  • Valdurmon
  • Voltobautamon
  • Xuanwumon
  • Zhuqiaomon

Super Ultimate Digimons

The Omegamon In Digimon Survive

The Digimons that are honored as the Super Ultimate Digimons are typically the most extreme and powerful form of an Ultimate Digimon or a fusion of multiple strong-willed Digimons. Such Digimons are not very game friendly as they can decide a battle by themselves and rely only on their brute strength. Unfortunately, currently, there is only one Super Ultimate Digimon in the game, and that one monstrosity is:

  • Omegamon

Un-Obtainable Digimons

As we have mentioned, some Digimons can not be obtained in the game. However, you will face them in battles and most definitely want them. Such Digimons in our Digimon Survive Digimon List are:

  • Koromon ( The moment you acquire he evolves, so you can not play with him )
  • Bakemon ( A Digimon that is like an ancient myth and can be seen on cave paintings )
  • Huanglongmon ( Is only available in Ruin Mode )
  • Jijimon

With the Digimon Survive Digimon List being complete, we bring the guide to an end. In our guide, we listed each of the Digimons in Digimon Survive, including every category that is currently available in the game. However, as the game evolves, there will be new Digimons which we will hopefully cover in another guide in the future.

However, as for now, if you feel that we have missed any of the Digimons in Digimon Survive, then please let us know through the comment section down below.

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