Digimon Survive Digivolve: Evolve Stages & Types

This Digimon Survive Digivolve guide will showcase everything that players need to know about Digivolution!

What Is Digivolution 

Digimon Digivolution

Players in Digimon Survive who have just started playing the game might or might not be familiar with the concept of Digivolution; therefore, let’s take a deeper dive into it. 

Key Highlights
  • Digivolution in Digimon Survive is the process of evolving a player’s Digimon, giving them a powerup or buff to make them stronger in combat and aid in player builds
  • Digivolution can cause a Digimon to change appearance or gain different abilities
  • Digivolution typically has 4 stages: Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, and Mega
  • Different Digimons are available at different stages, with a variety of options for players to choose from

In simple terms, Digivolution in Digimon is given the term to the process of evolving the player’s Digimon in a way whereby they are given a buff or a powerup. With that, they become all the more powerful, becoming stronger in combat and providing increased aid in players’ builds. 

They can take on a proper role, and some digimons might completely change their appearance when Digivolution first occurs, while others might just look like a mature form of their base-level self. 

The names of the Digimons will also most likely change, and they gain different abilities, catering to players as per their preferences. Also, a worthwhile read: Pokemon Fan Games That Everyone Should Try.

Stages Of Digivolution

Digimon Stages of Digivolution
Stages of Digivolution

Most of Digimon Survive Digivolve for Digimons feature 4 main stages compared to the typical six stages that the earlier games feature. The four stages are as follows: 

  • Rookie Digimon, essentially “Child digimons” that are base-level and are pretty much rookies, as the name suggests. 
  • Champion Digimons are known as “Adult digimons,” which means that they have been upgraded to a certain aspect and are now stronger than before. 
  • Ultimate Digimons are also named “Perfect Digimons” Though they aren’t the highest tier evolved digimons, they are still pretty damn powerful in builds. 
  • Mega Digimons or “Ultimate Digimons” is the highest ranking Digimons for the game. 

Digimons Available 

Below listed are the digimons that are available for play and their stages. 

Child Digimons

The Child Digimons that players can get their hands on include that of Tentomon, Renamon, Shakomon, Piyomon, Palman, Patamon, Labramon, Lopmon, Kunemon, Gottsumon, Guilmon, Gazimon, Gomamon, Floramon, Gabumon, Falcomon, Betamon, Draculmon, and Agumon. 

Adult Digimons 

As for the Adult Digimons will include Wendimon, Tuskmon, Vegimon, Tyranomon, Turuiemon, Togemon, Tailmon, Shellmon, Siesamon, Sangloupmon, Seadramon, Leomon, Meramon, Numemon, Kiwimon, Kuwagamon, and Kyubimon. 

Ikkakumon, Growmon, Guardromon, Greymon, Garurumon, Fangmon, Flymon, Angemon, Cyclamen, Birdramon, Deltamon, Dobermon, Diatrymon, and Dokugomon. 

Ultimate Digimons 

Next up, let’s look at the Ultimate Digimons in Digimon Survive players can get. These include the Zhuqiaomon, Voltobautamon, Xuanwumon, Valdurmon, War Greymon, Spinomon, Seraphimon, Sakuyamon, and Saber Leomon, Rosemon, Qinglongmon, Plesiomon, Plutomon, Pinochimon, Piemon. 

The next batch includes Mugendramon, Metal Garurumon, Metal Seadramon, Marin Angemon, Huanglongmon, Hououmon, Holydramon, Herakle Kabuterimon, Gran Kuwagamon, Dinorexmon, Dukemon, Cherubimon, Ceresmon Medium, Ceresmon, Beelzebumon, Bancho Stingmon, Baihumon, and Anubimon. 

Perfect Digimons 

Last but not least, these are the Adult Digimons available. Zudomon, Yatagaramon, Vamdemon, Were Garurumon, Taomon, Triceramon, Panjyamon, Skull Greymon, Monzaemon, Okuwamon, Metal Greymon, Mega Seadramon, Mermaimon, Megalo Growmon, Megadramon, and the Marin Devimon are included. 

The Lilimon, Holy Angemon, Jewelbeemon, Garudamon, Gigadramon, Delumon, Etemon, Blue Meramon, Cerberumon, Blossomon, Archnemon, Altur Kabuterimon, Angewomon, Andiramon, and Andromon. 

Ways To Evolve Digimons 

Now, players in Digimon Survive will typically figure out pretty early on that there will be two main ways through which they can evolve their Digimons. One of the main ways that players can get their hands on these Digimons is simply by playing the game. 

This means that players will naturally need to actually play the game and progress through the storyline to gain more knowledge and experience about how the entire gameplay aspect works. Throughout these storylines that the player is completing, they will also encounter a few Digimons that they will get in their arsenal and become stronger through the storyline. 

Another way of evolving these Digimons is through evolution materials, which players will need to farm for, and we will cover later on. 

Players can befriend certain Digimons like Agumon, Labramon, and Falcomon when experiencing the entire questline. 

Mature Enlightenment Slab 

Digimon Mature Enlightenment Slab
Mature Enlightenment Slab

Next up, this one might be a bit confusing, but just bear with us here. There will be certain Digimons in Digimon Survive that players can recruit when they play through the story, and they will evolve as you move along. The main thing to note is that once a Digimon has evolved, it cannot be reverted to its prior state. 

The final stage will be achieved by using the upgrade material, which is essentially known as the Mature Enlightenment Slab, which is used to upgrade any Digimon of your choice (given that it falls under the criteria of usage of the slab); it will evolve it to a Champion level Digimon. 

However, players should know that there will be certain Digimons that won’t be upgradable with the slabs, such as the Agumon, since he is story-connected. On the other hand, let’s say players choose the Gazimon Digimon and want to upgrade it to its Champion version, the Sangloupmon; they will need to use the Enlightenment Slab on it, and then further upgrade it. 

The Mature Enlightenment Slab itself can be encountered through certain boss fights, through playing the storyline, or simply in Shrines. With that, we will wrap up our Digimon Survive Digivolve guide! 

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