Digimon Survive Easter Eggs [All 7 References]

Our Digimon Survive Easter Eggs lists all the seven references that players may or may not have missed while playing the game.

Throughout your journey in the world of Digimon Survive, you will come across plenty of Easter Eggs, which you might miss out on. In this guide, we have mentioned some of the best Digimon Survive Easter Eggs that adept fans of the anime were thrilled to see included in the game.

Key Highlights
  • There are 7 Easter Eggs that players can look out for while playing Digimon Survive.
  • Snow In Spring: The game starts with a camping trip gone wrong due to an unexpected snowstorm, similar to the opening of the Digital Gate in Digimon Adventure.
  • Partners: The second Easter egg relates to the partners in the game, similar to the first encounter between Tai and Koromon in Digimon Adventure.
  • Meramon’s Movement Action: Meramon’s movement animation in the game is similar to his running in Episode 4 of Digimon Adventure.
  • We’re On An Island: The cast finds themselves on a strange island, similar to Tai and his group in the first episode of Digimon Adventure.
  • (Un)familiar Woman: A white-haired woman in the game is similar to Arukenimon in Digimon Adventure 02.
  • Dark Evolution: Lopmon’s dark and ominous Digivolution in Part 5 is a reference to the original Digimon anime.
  • Artificial Objects In A World With No Humans: The world of Digimon Survive is full of strange, artificial objects, similar to the Digital World throughout the franchise.

Snow In Spring

Digimon survive eggs easter

This game starts off with a camping trip that goes tragically wrong, quite similar to how the original anime did it. Our main characters find themselves in a precarious situation when, despite the fact that this time of year is known for having relatively mild weather, they are forced to seek shelter in an unfamiliar tunnel due to an unexpected snowstorm.

This bears a striking resemblance to the storm that accompanied the opening of the Digital Gate at the beginning of Digimon Adventure, which likewise led to a group of children being trapped in a world filled with monsters.

The thinning of the protective layer that separates the worlds in Digimon Adventure is signaled by a multitude of unexplainable occurrences, such as the imminent arrival of shady characters, the occurrence of sudden flooding, and temperature changes that are completely out of sync with the season that is currently taking place.


The second Digimon Survive Easter Eggs is related or loosely related to the partners that you see in the game. Another striking correspondence to the anime is the manner through which Takuma encounters his partner, Koromon.

Takuma observes Koromon and finds him with a mix of friendliness and curiosity, immediately standing himself out from the other monsters that came across to that point. Koromon’s cordiality warms Takuma quickly, and it has been anticipating him at length, though it fails to recollect. 

Those of you who have watched and have been following since the original and first episode of Digimon Adventure would immediately correlate Takuma and Tai’s first encounter to their partners’. However, it is worth mentioning that Tai’s Koromon was significantly more active and friendly when they first met.

Meramon’s Movement Action

Meramon’s movement animation in Digimon Survive, in which he runs with his arms extended behind him, is comparable to the way wherein he runs in Episode 4 of Digimon Adventure, during which he makes his way down the mountain and across the desert in order to attack the DigiDestined. This is a less significant connection, but it is still interesting to note.

It’s fascinating to note that he appreciates it in negotiating when the player behaves like a huge eater, maybe alluding to the fact that he serves as a chef in the Digimon World games.

Secondly, note that he is also the one who runs the restaurant business on behalf of someone else in both the original Digimon World and the Digimon World: Next Order.

We’re On An Island?!

The fourth Digimon Survive Easter Eggs concerns an island, or at least the concept of it. To their surprise and dismay, they see that the landscape is greatly varied from the one in their world after climbing a radio tower towards the end of part 3.

The cast of Digimon Survive unearths that they are now on a strange island, just as Tai and his contemporaries discovered during the first episode of Digimon Adventure.

The resulting panic and dismay are steered in a more serious way than it was in the anime, and in fact, this serves as a bummer to the spirit of the cast. Nonetheless, this extract is very much paralleled with the anime. 

(Un)familiar Woman

To anyone of you who has seen Arukenimon in Digimon Adventure 02 or the Digimon, Ghost game will know the white-haired woman Kaito accused of kidnapping in Part 3 straight away comes off as dubious.

As the game progresses further, the chapter later demonstrates her shocking resemblance to Arukenimon’s human form is unquestionably fortuitous. The admirers of Adventure 02 certainly are dubious when they watch these striking and startling similarities. Anyways her partner Mummymon will make an exciting appearance subsequently in Survive’s plot.

Dark Evolution

digimon-survive-easter eggs

The Dark Evolution Digimon Survive Easter Eggs is yet another menacing referral to the indigenous Digimon anime that occurs in Part 5 when Lopmon experiences a dark and ominous Digivolution. This happens when Shuuji comes across the fact that Wendigomon is uncontrollable; his utmost jolliness immediately whirls to dismay and alarm.

Anyhow, Shuuji is annihilated by his partner and does not survive, contrasting to Tai, who pulled through his conflict with Skullgreymon in Digimon Adventure, and Takato, who also pulled through his confrontation with Megidramon in Digimon Tamers.

Once they are overcome by the conflict, Lopmon vanishes into the smog, leaving no sign whatsoever of one or the other.

Artificial Objects In A World With No Humans

The strange dissimilarity of the natural world with odd, bizarre, artificial things is an incessant highlight of the Digital World throughout the entire franchise. This new game does not disappoint, and it is absolutely as good as the expectations anime fans have developed for it.

The counteractive world of Digimon Survive is full of odd, bizarre things, namely deserted theme parks, Cable Cars traversing up untouched mountains, and demolished homes. This place should feel very much reminiscent of anime to franchise fans.

Digimon Survive is a present to the Digimon fandom in a multitude of ways and particularly respects the original Adventure anime.

Final Words

The fact that Digimon Survive contains a number of callbacks to the series’ canon has made fans quite thrilled. They report that when playing the game with all of these Digimon Survive Easter Eggs, they get a strong sense of familiarity and comfort. Therefore, do what we instruct you, have an open mind, and pay attention with both your eyes and your hearing because you are about to see something very extraordinary.

The other world of Digimon Survive is rich with aspects such as these, including cable cars that climb up untamed, unspoiled mountains, empty amusement parks, and dilapidated buildings with plumbing that works for some reason despite its obvious state of disrepair. Those who have followed the series up to this point ought to feel quite at home here.

Digimon Survival Game is the first of its kind in the franchise, and a lot of people who have not played a Digimon Game since the 90s or early 2000s or those who are looking to play a Digimon Game for the first time, and those who are big fans of previous games may not know what to expect in this new version. 

Because every Digimon Game is different and exists within its own box, so to speak. These different games have different continuity for what a Digimon even is, and each of them comes with its mechanical story and even genre. 

In terms of gameplay, there are two segments, the first of which is tactical RPG gameplay. And there is a story segment that acts as an interactive visual novel of sorts, developed by Hyde and published by Bandai Namco. Digimon Survive is accessible on X|S, Xbox One, Switch, PS4, PC, and Xbox Series

The title itself takes a lot of inspiration from the first season of the Digimon adventure anime, where a group of students at a summer camp gets transported to some odd world inhabited by mysterious creatures. 

However, the difference, in this case, is that Digimon is not just a monster that exists in the digital world; instead, these strange, ethereal creatures will quite literally kill you if given a chance.

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