Digimon Survive Greymon: How To Get & Attacks

In this guide we will look into all the important things you should know about Greymon before playing.

Who Is Greymon In Digimon Survive?

Greymon's stats
important stats about Greymon

Basically, Greymon is a dinosaur in the Digimon Survive arc. Greymon’s cranial skin ends up becoming so tough that it resembles a rhinoceros beetle. It is a very hostile Digimon with an extremely dangerous weapon-like body coated in razor-sharp claws and enormous horns.

Key Highlights
  • To progress through the game, players must use their partner’s strengths and make choices that will allow them to Digivolve into a higher power.
  • Greymon is a powerful and cool-looking dinosaur Digimon with a tough cranial skin, razor-sharp claws, and enormous horns.
  • Players can encounter multiple choice questions throughout the visual novel sections of the game, and their answers will alter their Karma, which will determine the form of their companion Digimon.
  • Players can gain different types of Karma points, such as moral (empathy, collaboration), justice (fairness, equity), and power (self-interest, ambition) and align their karma accordingly to achieve the desired outcome, which is to get Greymon.

Greymon looks extremely cool but be warned, and the bark is as strong as the bite! It is incredibly intelligent if you can tame it, that is. There is probably not another Digimon as powerful as it, making Greymon a must-have for all players. So now that you know what it is like, let’s look into how to get Greymon.

The Choices You Need To Get Greymon

You already know the basics of how to go about the visual novel style of Digimon Survive. However, if you are a new player who is unsure about it, no issue; we will explain it to you. Basically, think of it as an action roleplay game that meets a choose your own adventure game.

So what will happen is that you will encounter multiple choice questions all across the visual novel sections of Digimon Survive. You might be thinking, what is the point of that? Here is the deal the answers you choose can alter your overall Karma. Why, you may ask? Well, they are directly related to the decisions you can make.

So, every choice you make will actively decide your future. We can not stress this part enough! Hence, your companion Digimon morphs into one of three distinct forms depending on the activities that you perform during the story. So, you will want to be sure that you are selecting the right answers. Hence, players will get the outcome they desire.

Aligning Your Karma

As you can imagine, karma plays a pivotal part in the game. Digimon Survive’s Karma system enables developers to create their distinctive characteristics based on the numerous choices they must make during the epic tale.

Interestingly, they occur through interactions or situations. Each move they make will result in a particular form of karma. 

Essentially, Digimon is a manifestation of the player’s psyche. All of this is a kind of risky circumstance, and the bond between the Digimon like Greymon and their human companions is put to the test. Because of this, the development of your Digimon will be greatly influenced by every decision you make.

So if you want Greymon to evolve in Digimon Survive, you will have to use Karma. But the thing is, you can actually gain three different types of Karma points. So what are these three types of Karma? And how can you get them?

  • Moral: Those who make decisions based on empathy, collaboration, and peace are given the Moral attribute.
  • Harmony: Those who make decisions based on fairness and sacrifice are given the Harmony attribute. 
  • Wrathful: Those who make decisions based on objective criteria are given the Wrathful attribute.

So now you might be wondering which of this karma you would need for Greymon in the Digimon Survive game. Well, you will need a lot of moral karma. Yes, you heard that right. You better start working on your empathy and collaborative skills! 

The Evolution From Agumon To Greymon

evolution of greymon
Greymon”s Evolution

In order for Agumon to unleash the epic form of themselves, you will align your karma on the side of Moral. After doing that, Agumon will evolve into Greymon.

Yes, it is, in fact, that simple and straightforward. What is interesting to note and important to remember is that later on, when you progress farther in the game, you will be able to choose this option once more. So if you missed it the first time, do not worry!

Well, now that you know about the evolution process, let’s now look into some of the cool moves you will be able to unlock. Trust us, after reading the new moves you will be able to do, you will want Greymon sooner rather than later.

Greymon’s Attacks In Digimon Survive

all of greymon move
Digimon Survive: Greymon’s moves.
Nova Blast (Mega Flame)It emits flames that reach extremely high temperatures or shoots flames out of its mouth to burn everything in front of it to a crisp.
Great Horns Attack (Great Antler)It impales the adversary with its horns.
Fire WallIt sends forth a wall of flame that is encroaching.
Great Horn BashIt is very similar to “Great Horn Attack.”
Horn Impulse It attacks many enemies with its horn as it charges at them.
Tail WhipIt will involve using the tail to attack the enemy. Feared by enemies and very funny to watch.
Bite FireIt will include ejecting multiple little balls of fire from its mouth.
Grey toothIncludes bitting enemy 
Great ToothIt is very similar to “Grey Tooth”.
Tail CrashIt includes slamming into the adversary with its tail.

We hope our guide was helpful in giving you insight into Greymon from Digimon Survive.

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