Digimon Survive: How To Recruit, Questions & Answers

Our guide covers the steps to recruit Digimon and all Digimons that you can recruit.

Digimon Survive is a strategy game, and filling your roster via Digimon Survive Recruitment is an important part of this game. You begin the game by recruiting Agumon, but as the game progresses, you will need more than just Agumon to win.

By recruiting Digimon, you will have more powerful allies in your team. Having a strong team means that you can dominate the battle easily. However, recruiting Digimon is not an easy task, so we have covered everything you need to do or know to recruit Digimon. Also, consider reading our Digimon Rearise Tier List.

When To Begin Digimon Survive Recruitment?

when to recruit digimon
When To Begin Digimon Survive Recruitment?

Once you start playing Digimon Survive, you will experience the main characters going to the Digital World. After finishing the story prologue, you will enter part 1 of the game, and here you will experience the free battle for the first time. Free Battle will be unlocked, and you will start exploring the school building.

The free battle will not just be the time where you will experience the free battle but also the time where you will start recruiting other Digimons. Highlighting the free battle option at this point will make a Digimon appear at the bottom of the screen. Make sure to revisit these locations, as Digimon may change or grow. 

Steps For Digimon Survive Recruitment

Recruiting Digimon is not a simple and straightforward task; you need to follow the steps given below to have more Digimons on your team.

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Steps For Digimon Survive Recruitment

Talk To Enemy Digimon

Once you are in a battle, you can choose the speak option instead of the attack or move option. You should talk to enemy Digimon here instead of talking to your party member. The purpose of the conversation is to have Digimon by your side. You should start a conversation to put Digimon in a good mood to have them on your side.

Answer Digimon’s Questions

Now onwards, Digimon will start asking you a variety of questions. You might have encountered this type of conversation in the Persona series. It is time for you to reply to Digimon in a way that you think he will like. If you accurately reply to Digimon in a way he prefers, the friendship bar will increase by two spaces. However, if the answer is just fine, the bar will fill in one space. 

Fill The Friendship Bar

The conversation with Digimon will show a bar over the Digimon. This bar fluctuates with your answers. The more favorably you reply to Digimon, the more the bar will increase. Once the bar crosses the middle line, you will get a chance to ask Digimon for something. You can either ask him for some item or be a part of your team. 

If you are not able to cross the middle line, Digimon will get a stat boost in return to use against you for the rest of the fight. In some cases, even if you fill the friendship bar by having a good conversation with Digimon, they can still say no to joining your team. It will not be wrong to say that the choice to join your team is completely on Digimon. 

Chance Of Recruitment

You will also be able to see a percentage chance of whether Digimon will join your team or not. If you see a low recruitment chance, it is better for you to order just one item. Moreover, the strength of Digimon is also a factor that plays a part in recruitment.

The stronger the Digimon, the lower will be the chance of recruitment. However, you can always level up your stat and try for the stronger Digimon. Note that this percentage chance is not just for recruitment but also for ordering items. 

Which Digimons Can Be Recruited?

There is a variety of Digimons in the game, so we have prepared a list of Digimons that you do not need to recruit and the ones you can recruit.

Partner Digimons

Following is a list of partner Digimons you do not need to recruit. 

  • Falcon
  • Labramon
  • Palmao
  • Agumon
  • Kunemon

Digmons That You Can Recruit

Following is the list of all Digimons you can recruit, along with the best possible answers you should give to these Digimons.

digimon survive recruitment
Digmons That You Can Recruit


QuestionsBest Answers
Have you ever told a lie?Once, for a friend.
Someday I will run this joint!Let me work for you!
What is the most important thing for you? Myself
Why are the leaves green?Can’t say, really.


You can find this Digimon in the forest near the school.

QuestionsBest Answers
Have you ever told a lie? Never
I don’t care how tough you are; I won’t lose!Cool, so energetic!
What do you do for fun?Marking
Whenever I encounter a scary monster, I start apologizing. Strange, right?You’re a scared cat.


You can find this Digimon in the forest near the school.

Go ahead, try to guess what I think of you! That I’m cool?
Next! what do you think would be a good prank?A trap?
Boy, you’re a tough guy, aren’t you?! I bet you would lose if we took it down. Definitely would.
I don’t feel very well; Someone help me…Pfft, ha ha ha, kidding! I got you?! Wow, you scared me!
Hey, what kind of food do you like?Love me some meat!


This Digimon can be found in the school or in the forest next to the school.

QuestionsBest Answers
Don’t you think every day is so boring?Let’s do something
Hey, what kind of food do you like?Love me some meat!
Looking at innocent monsters really puts your heart at ease, doesn’t it?Yeah
Is wanting quiet time for yourself a crime? You should go for it


You can find this Digimon in the school or in the forest next to the school to begin the process of recruitment in Digimon Survive. 

QuestionsBest Answers
I don’t feel so good… Someone help me… Pfft, ha ha ha, kidding! I got you?! I’m glad you’re fine.
Go ahead… Try to guess what I think of you!That I’m quiet?
What do you think would be a good prank? A trap?


Monster’s ActionsBest Moves
The monster seems interested in what the humans are saying.Talk to him slowly.
The monster just stays there.Gesture.
The monster is looking in fascinated confusion.Grin and wave


QuestionsBest Answers
You are not a fragile-looking thing. Are you eating a lot of meat?You look strong!
Did you know? Taking a nap after stuffing your face is the best!Yes, the best!
I will pulverize you! Gwaahahahaha!cool, difficult
I don’t want to do anything but fun stuff! You too, right?You know your stuff!


QuestionsBest Answers
Arrrgh! Graaaaargh! Anyone just stands in my way!Let it simmer down.
I will pulverize you! Gwaahahahaha!Terrifying! But I will win.
You are not a fragile-looking thing. Are you eating a lot of meat? I eat everything!
Uurrgh… Waiting makes me want to go crazy!I know what you mean.


QuestionsBest Answers
The monster looks away as if boredThrow something
The monster seems to be begging eagerly.Give him candy.
The monster looks perplexed at the sight of a human.Walk around.


You can obtain this Digimon by purchasing the game in its first month.


You must fill your roster to dominate the fights, and it is only possible by recruiting more Digimons. We have covered all the steps that you need to know to master the recruitment process in Digimon Survive. The list of the Digimons that you can recruit is also mentioned in the guide. If you follow the steps in the guide carefully, you will be good to recruit more Digimons and make your team stronger. 

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