Return To Monkey Island: How To Disguise Guybrush

Our guide will tell you how you can disguise Guybrush in Return To Monkey Island by using an Eye Patch and crafting a Mop.

Return To Monkey Island is a great point-and-click adventure game that will keep you hooked with its engaging puzzles. And one of the missions, you will have to disguise Guybrush in Return To Monkey Island by getting a mop and a magical eye patch. 

Key Takeaways
  • In one of the missions in Chapter 1 of Return To Monkey Island, you will have to disguise Guybrush, the protagonist using a magical eye patch and a mop.
  • You will have to use this disguise to enter LeChuck’s Ship, to get a job as his crew member. 
  • To get into the Disguise, you will need two items; a Mop and an Eye Patch.
  • However, to get these items, the players will need to go through a series of events and talk to a bunch of NPCs along the way.

Our guide today is all about the disguise of Guybrush to help him aboard LeChuck‘s ship. 

Finding The Items For Disguise

After you have successfully found a ship that you can board, there will be other obstacles in your way as well. It turns out that the ship belongs to LeChuck, and he has blacklisted Guybrush from his ship, so you cannot enter it without a proper disguise.

You cannot enter the ship without disguising.

When you talk to the ship’s Quartermaster called Iron Rose, you will learn that the ship needs a Swabbie. So to be eligible for that position, you will need a proper disguise so the crew members and LeChuck himself will not be able to recognize you and stop you from entering.

Disguise in Return To Monkey Island
Job opening for Swabbie

Finding A Mop 

There are a lot of steps you will need to do before you get a mop. We will discuss all of them in detail in our guide. 

The first step is to go to the Maps N More shop and speak to Wally on Low Street. When you tell him that you are looking for a mop, he will tell you that you need to go to The Scumm Bar and interact with the cook. You can ask the cook where he got the mop from.

Disguise in Return To Monkey Island
Interacting with the Cook

Now make your way to the bar and go past the three pirate leaders, and go straight into the kitchen. Then interact with the cook and go through all of his dialogue options to see how you can craft a mop yourself without buying it.

Now you need to find the Mop Handled Tree that you can use to create the mop handle. However, you will have to interact with the cook first and ask him how you can get the head of the mop. Then he will tell you the ways by which you can find the Mop Handled Tree. 

Finding The Mop Handled Tree 

Now you need to head back to Wally again and interact with him. You need to ask him about the tree which you can use to craft the handle of the mop, and he says that he will create a map for you. However, he will require a Slither Of Wood to make the map. Don’t forget to check out our guide on the bragging achievement in Return To Monkey Island and how to get it. 

mop tree
The Mop Handled Tree

To find it, you need to go to the International House Of Mojo. Before that, make sure that you have explored the shop and got the knife from there. Now head back to the Scumm Bar, and you will see that there is a new patron there. Go back to the kitchen, and by using your knife take out a slither from the mob.

However, you will be stopped from doing so; you will have to interact with the cook again. Ask him about the new customer that has just arrived. The cook will tell you that he needs a special recipe to be created.

You will need to head to the Governor’s Mansion next, going through Low Street and making your way to High Street.

Going To The Governor’s Mansion 

When you enter the mansion, you will see Carla there. You will have a little sword fight with her, and you could ask Carla about the dish. At the same time, Carla might not be able to help, and you can look in the bookcase for a book called Ingredients by Barbie LeFlay.

steps for grtting Disguise in Return To Monkey Island
Get the Ingredients book.

Upon examining the book, you will see an option where you can borrow it from Carla. However, Carla will not let you borrow the book as Guybrush still hasn’t returned the one he borrowed before. Now convincing Carla to lend you a book is a task in itself.

Let’s see how you can apologize to her. Don’t forget to check out our guide on how to save Wally in Return To Monkey Island.

How To Apologize To Carla 

Go back to Low Street and enter the International House Of Mojo. You will see a frog there, and it is a Forgiveness Frog. In casual mode, all you need to do is buy the frog and give it to her.

However, in hard mode, you need to get the Forgiveness Frog and write something on it. Using your state-of-the-art pen on the frog will help you write an apology to her. We can start with Dear Carla, but you will have a lot of options for the start of the letter as well.

Make sure to mention that you have lost the book In your apology letter and finish it. Also, you can look for hints on the Docks or on the Low Street to see how the rest of the letter can be written.

You can also talk to Carla and see what you can write to convince her. As soon as you have all the information you need, you just need to write everything on the Forgiveness Frog and go straight back up to Carla. Now you can get the Ingredients book from her. 

Giving The Ingredients Book To The Cook 

Go back to the bar and give the cook the Ingredients book, and he will start preparing a meal. This will distract him, and Guybrush will be able to collect the Slither of the mop by using the knife. Now go back to Maps N More and give the item to Wally to make a map for you.

going on ship using the Disguise in Return To Monkey Island
Show Iron Rose the mop

Using the map, you will be able to see the location of the tree. Additionally, you will also see a bridge and a house on the map. The first step is to go to the Governor’s Mansion or the Lookout Tower. After that, you can head to the island interior and start searching for the map.

As soon as you enter the forest, make sure to open your map to navigate easily. You will see a lot of clues, like the presence of certain plants and flowers at the start of each path. They will help you navigate, and you will be able to find your way easily. You can check out the symbols you see on your map, and you will be able to make your way through the different paths. 

However, if you are playing casual mode, you won’t see mushrooms or any flowers or even plants on your way. Soon you will be able to find the Mop Handled Tree, and you can use your knife to get a handle from it. After that exit, the forest and go left. Now you will have a lot of options to choose what head you will want on your mop. 

Different Heads For The Mop 

For the head of the mop, you will have four options and four different items that you can use. Let’s take a look at them all. 

  •  You can use the stuffed toy that you found at a Governor’s Mansion for the head. 
  •  Another great option is to use the shrunken head that you find in the International House Of Mojo. 
  •  Also, you will have an option to use the Strings that you found in the kitchen to use as a head for the mop. 
  •  Lastly, you can use the Dried Up Sponge that you can find in the shipyard. 

After finding any of the items, you just need to combine them with the handle, and you will have your very own mop. 

Getting The Eye Patch 

The first step in getting the eye patch is to go to the Museum of Pirate Lore. There you will find it lying in a display case. However, to read the numbers on the lock, you will need a Magnifier.

Get the eye patch

For that, you will need two monocles that you can find in the Maps N More shop. Visit Wally in his shop, and you will see a monocle on his desk. Make sure that he is distracted while you are sneaking away with the monocle. After that, you need to go back to the shop again and grab another monocle there.

When you have two monocles, you need to head back to the museum and use them to read the numbers on the display case. 

Finding The Locksmith 

 Now for the locksmith to create a key, you will need to give the numbers that you have read using the magnifier to the locksmith. Furthermore, don’t forget to collect some complimentary crackers that are lying in her shop as they will help you later on. 

how to get Disguise in Return To Monkey Island
Go to the Locksmith

Unlock The Display Case 

After getting the key from the locksmith, you need to head back to the museum. Before you can use the key to unlock it, you need to distract the parrot first. Just use the complimentary crackers that you got from the shop and a locksmith on the parrot. This will create a distraction, and you will be able to unlock the case and get the eye patch. 

Find The Voodoo Lady 

Now you need to go to the Low Streets and go into the House of Mojo. There you will be able to find the mysterious Voodoo Lady. Show her the eye patch, and she will ask you to bring her a plant called Bite Of Thousand Needles to her.

completing the Disguise in Return To Monkey Island
Completing the Disguise 

You can find the plant in the Forest, and it will be located near the warning sign. Take out a sample using your knife and take it back to the Voodoo Lady. She will restore the lost powers of the eye patch, and you will be able to use it for your disguise. 

Using The Items For Disguise

All you need to do now is to equip both the items, and your appearance will change drastically. When you show the mop that you have crafted to the Quartermaster, you will get hired as a Swabbie on the ship.

After getting hired on the ship, your tasks will end, and part one will be completed. 

Wrapping It Up 

With this, our guide on how to disguise Guybrush in Return To Monkey Island comes to an end. You will need both of the items if you want to get hired on the ship and go to Monkey Island. If you have any queries regarding our guide, make sure to leave them in the comment section, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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