Dislyte 12-8: Best Strategy & Espers To Beat Siegfried

Siegfried from Dislyte 12-8 is considered the hardest boss in the game & our guide entails the best strategy and espers to beat the boss.

Siegfried from Dislyte 12-8 can easily be considered the hardest boss in Dislyte, being even tougher if you are playing in hard mode. But don’t worry as we have prepared this guide to inform you of how to defeat Siegfried with ease. If you are still new to the game then consider reading our Dislyte guide for beginners.

Key Highlights
  • Siegfried is a difficult boss in Dislyte Chapters 12-8.
  • Siegfried has two phases, human form, and transformed form.
  • He has high health and attack power, but slow speed.
  • His abilities include Ironbands, Ultraviolet, Corrupting Vortex (human form) Unluck, Savage Thorns, and Venomed Intoxication (transformed form).
  • The best Espers to use against Siegfried are Mona, Gabrielle, Asenath, Ye Suhua, and a powerful DPS Esper.
  • Using support characters and equipping the best relics will help you in this fight, strategic thinking is highly recommended.

Dislyte Best Strategy & Espers To Beat Siegfried

Dislyte tries to set itself apart from other Gacha RPGs by being one of the most unique, stylish-looking Gacha RPGs you have ever seen. Dislyte allows players to create an endless amount of team formations with hundred of battle-ready heroes or espers. And speaking of espers, consider reading our Jacob, Tang Xuan, and Tang Yun build guides.

In this guide, we are focusing on espers that are free to use and not part of the battle pass so everyone can make use of this guide. So without further ado, let us start our guide on how to defeat Siegfried from Dislyte 12-8 in hard difficulty. Before reading further, why not go through our Dislyte Esper Fusion and Helper Esper guides?

Siegfried From Chapter 12-8

12-8 hard
Dislyte 12-8 hard mode

Let’s start our guide by first talking about Siegfried himself, his attributes, and his abilities. A lot of people find Siegfried annoying because of the amount of damage Siegfried does and his abilities can be devastating for some Espers. Aside from this, Siegfried also has 2 phases. Many people also consider him overpowered for a boss in chapter 12-8 thus granting him the title of the hardest boss in Dislyte. Also, consider reading Dislyte Ripples and Divine Waves guides.

Siegfried Attributes

C. Rate30%
C. Damage115%

With massive health and devastating attack power. Siegfried can be a real challenge for most players depending on their team formation. Fortunately, his speed is pretty slow so players can use that to their advantage.

Siegfried Abilities

As we said before that Siegfried has two phases. The boss has a human form and a transformed form. Siegfried’s abilities get upgraded in his second phase. Information about both his first-phase and second-phase abilities is given below.

Siegfried (Human)

Dislyte 12-8
Siegfried (Human)

This is the first phase of the boss fight. Siegfried’s abilities are 

  • Ironbands
  • Ultraviolet
  • Corrupting Vortex

The Ironbands ability deals damage to the target and prolongs all debuffs on the target by 1 turn.

The Ultraviolet ability deals damage to the target and aside from that, it also inflicts defense down for 2 turns leaving your character susceptible to some extra damage. The attack also reduces your character’s maximum HP. The maximum health debuff will last with your character for 4 turns.

The Corrupting Vortex ability is an AoE attack and quite an attack to look out for. It deals damage to all characters and inflicts poison for 2 turns. Aside from that, this attack also inflicts bonus damage based on the amount of HP lost by the character.

Siegfried (Transformed)

Dislyte 12-8
Siegfried (Transformed)

Once you’ve survived the first phase, then comes the real challenge of this boss fight, giving Siegfried a complete makeover with wings. In the second phase, Siegfried starts focusing his attacks on the character that has the lowest health. The abilities of Siegfried’s second phase are 

  • Unluck
  • Savage Thorns
  • Venomed Intoxication

The Unluck ability deals damage to the character that has the lowest health remaining and it prolongs all debuffs by 1 turn while dispelling all buffs on the character.

The Savage Thorns ability is quite devastating and one to look out for because it damages every character in your team and it inflicts defense down and buff blocker for 2 turns. If that wasn’t enough, It also attacks the character that has the lowest remaining HP 3 times.

The Venomed Intoxication ability inflicts poison for 2 turns and damages every character in your team 3 times.

Best Espers To Use Against Siegfried

Now don’t let Siegfried’s devastating abilities discourage you. We are here to guide you through each step on how to defeat this boss. Since Dislyte features turn-based combat. It expects players to think strategically and make the appropriate decisions for them to succeed. 

It might be tempting to equip your most powerful DPS characters to end the fight quickly because DPS characters inflict very high damage but we would recommend against that because this fight requires you to be smart, using support characters that can heal and apply buffs to your team is highly recommended.

Equipping your Espers with the best relics can also enhance their maximum capacity, consider reading our Dislyte Relic guide. The espers we would recommend using to fight Siegfried are

  • Mona
  • Gabrielle
  • Asenath
  • Ye Suhua
  • Your most upgraded DPS Esper (any is fine)

Before starting the Dislyte 12-8 stage, you will see that the game will recommend you a team formation based on the Espers you have acquired. We would suggest just ignoring that.

Mona (Artemis)

Dislyte 12-8
Mona (Artemis)

She is a strong DPS character and also a decent support character, she fights well against multiple enemies. The chances for her to land critical hits are reasonable. Her abilities are 

  • Moonshot
  • Hunter’s Mark
  • Lunar Hail
  • Captain

The Moonshot ability strikes an enemy and deals damage equal to 130% of the attack power. You gain an additional turn if the ability kills the enemy.

The Hunter’s Mark strikes all enemies, dealing damage equal to 70% of the attack power and it restores your health equal to 30% of the total damage dealt. It takes 3 turns to cool down.

The Lunar Hail ability attacks all enemies 4 times, It deals total damage equal to 115% of the attack power. Damage from this attack is also increased by 30% upon a critical hit. It takes 3 turns to cooldown.

The Captain ability increases your ally’s attack power by 24%.


Dislyte 12-8

She is a support Esper and also a decent DPS. She is an absolute must-have if you wish to defeat Siegfried. Her abilities are 

  • Wavebreaker
  • Broadside
  • Rush
  • Captain

The Wavebreaker ability deals damage equal to 140% of your attack power. It also offers an additional 0.45% of attack power by SPD.

The Broadside ability attacks all enemies 3 times. It deals total damage equal to 80% of attack power. And every hit has a 50% chance of inflicting defense down for 2 turns, It takes 3 turns to cooldown.

The Rush ability increases the defense of every Esper on your team for 2 turns and it deals damage equal to 105% attack power to all the enemies while also inflicting an attack down debuff on enemies for 2 turns. It takes 4 or 5 turns to cooldown.

The Captain ability increases your ally’s health by 30%

For more information about Gabrielle, consider reading our Dislyte Gabriella guide which will inform you of the best build, recommended relics, and generally everything related to Gabrielle.


Support character Asenath

Another Esper who is a must-have if you wish to defeat Siegfried is Asenath. Asenath is a support Esper and she is extremely useful in PvE. Her abilities are 

  • Flower of Resentment
  • Dancing Buds
  • Lotus Steps
  • Captain

The Flower of Resentment ability deals damage equal to 120% of your attack power to the enemy. There’s also a 60% chance of dispelling a buff from the enemy.

The Dancing Bud ability heals your team by 10% of their maximum HP, also 80% of Nefertem’s attack power. Aside from that, it grants recovery for 1 turn. It takes 3 turns to cooldown.

The Lotus Steps ability is extremely useful. It increases your team AP by 25% and grants you the Lotus Mark. Each triggered Lotus Mark increases your AP by 20%.

The Captain ability increases your ally defense in Ritual and Sonic miracles by 30%.

Ye Suhua

Support character
Ye Suhua

She is extremely useful in both PvP and PvE. She is a support Esper who can shield an ally. Unlike all other Esper on this list, Ye Suhua only has 3 abilities. The abilities are

  • Stardust
  • Astral Guardian
  • Star Dancer

The Stardust ability attacks an enemy, dealing damage equal to 130% of the attack power and a 70% chance of inflicting the attack down debuff for 2 turns.

The Astral Guardian ability heals an ally for 30% of their maximum health and it also grants them Invincibility for 1 turn. It takes 3 turns to cool down.

The Star Dancer ability grants your entire team attack up and defense up buffs for 2 turns. Its cooldown is 3 turns.

Best Strategy To Defeat Siegfried In Dislyte

Formation of the team
Team formation

Now you know everything there is to know about Siegfried and you have acquired the recommended Espers. Now it’s time for the actual boss fight. We would recommend being at least level 60 before you start the chapter 12-8 stage. First thing first, we would recommend you to play on manual instead of auto because you don’t want the game’s AI to use up your ability cooldowns.

After defeating the small enemies that fight you before Siegfried. You now need to use your support espers to buff your team, defense up, increase your AP, give invincibility to your DPS character, and use your 5th DPS character to inflict damage on Siegfried. Once it’s Siegfried’s turn to attack then the damage inflicted on your team should be negligible due to all the buffs on your team.

Once you have your buffs activated then focus on attacking. Now don’t waste your buff abilities, only use them when needed. Players should be able to breeze through the first phase of Siegfried. The real challenge of the Dislyte 12-8 stage exists in the second phase.

Siegfried Second phase

Now in this phase, he will mainly target the Espers that have the lowest HP but the strategy remains the same. You need to keep your buffs activated at all times otherwise Siegfried is going to hit hard. Use Asenaths Lotus Step ability as it will give your team the Lotus Mark.

The Lotus Mark makes even the strongest attacks of Siegfried do low damage. And don’t forget to heal your characters, and keep your team at maximum health whenever possible. Remember, Siegried has the Savage Thorns ability which can buff block your characters so don’t waste your buffs if you are buff blocked.

It will take some time to fully deplete Siegfried’s health so keep on with it and don’t abandon the strategy, especially if you feel like you can do some extra damage now to finish the fight early.

That concludes our guide on Dislyte chapter 12-8 on hard mode. Dislyte is available now on PC, Mac, and Mobile. Do let us know what you think about the game in the commend section below.

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