Dislyte Achievements: Growth, Journey, Diary & More

This Dislyte Achievements will showcase all visible and hidden achievements that you can come across in the game!

Dislyte has presented players worldwide with a collection of Espers that range from all kinds of mythologies and cultures. The Espers also range from fighters, tankers, controllers, and supports, and with the elements, bosses, domains, and enemies to fight, the game is filled with end-game content! Our Dislyte Achievements guide will uncover all visible and Dislyte Hidden achievements that you can find! If you are just starting out with the game, our Dislyte Guides Wiki will help you understand the beginner content!

Key Highlights
  • More than 100 Dislyte Achievements are listed.
  • Relic-based achievements include:
    • Finishing a certain number of relic enhancements.
    • Obtaining and equipping specific types and levels of relics.
  • Esper-based achievements include:
    • Ascending and leveling espers to specific phases.
    • Leveling and upgrading espers of different types.
    • Upgrading and maxing out abilities of espers.
  • Guides are available to help players figure out which healer is best for their team and to build the best teams for clearing difficult content.

All Growth Achievements

Dislyte Growth Achievements
Growth Achievements

These growth achievements in the game will include more than 100 Dislyte Achievements, all listed below. In order to go along with Espers that will be leveled, they will also require Healers, and our Dislyte Healer Espers guide will help you figure out which healer is the best to put on your team!

Relic Based Achievements

Check out the relic-based achievements in Dislyte here:

  • Relic Enhancement IV: Finish a total of 1000 Relic Enhancements 
  • The Flawless Myth of Mui: Get a 6-star relic 2x set to +15 and equip it. 
  • The Flawless Myth of Una: Get a 6-star relic 4x Set to +15 and equip it. 
  • The Flawless Legend of Mui: Get a 5-star relic 2x set to +15 and fit it. 
  • The Flawless Legend of Una: Enhance a 5-star relic 4x set to +15 and fit it. 
  • Well Equipped III: Place 6 +15 relics to any Esper. 
  • Uncommon Treasures IV: Gain 200 5-star relics or of higher quality. 
  • Relic Enhancement I: Finish up to 50 relic enhancements. 
  • Relic Enhancement II: Finish 100 relic enhancements. 
  • Relic Enhancement III: Do 500 relic enhancements successfully. 
  • Elite Relic: Take a relic to level 9.
  • Holy Relic: Upgrade a relic to level 12 first time. 
  • Divine Relic: Upgrade a relic to level 15. 
  • Well Equipped I: Place 6 level 9 relics to any Esper
  • Well Equipped II: Place 6 level 12 relics on any Esper. 
  • Uncommon Treasures I: Get 10 5-star relics in the domains. 
  • Uncommon Treasures II: get 50 5-star relics. 
  • Uncommon Treasures III: Get 100 5-star relics in domains. 

Esper-based Achievements 

Below listed are these Esper-based achievements. Want to clear the hardest content in the game? You will most likely require a solid team, and our Dislyte Best Teams guide will help you!

  • A Shimmering Heart III: Ascend a shimmer esper to phase III. 
  • A Shimmering Heart IV: Take a shimmer esper to phase IV. 
  • A Shimmering Heart V: Take a shimmer Esper to phase 5 for the first time. 
  • A Shimmering Heart VI: Bring a Shimmer Esper to phase 6 first time. 
  • Esper Promotion I: Level 10 espers to level 10
  • Esper Promotion II: Take 50 espers to level 20
  • Esper Promotion III: Ascend 10 espers to level 30
  • A Shimmering Heart I: Upgrade a shimmer Esper to phase one.
  • A Shimmering Heart II: Ascend a shimmer esper to phase 2. 
  • A Flowing Heart I: Take a flow esper to phase one. 
  • A Flowing Heart II: Upgrade a flow Esper to phase two
  • A Flowing Heart III: Upgrade a flow esper to phase 3.
  • A Flowing Heart IV: Ascend a flow esper to phase 4. 
  • A Flowing Heart V: Upgrade a flow esper to phase 5
  • A Flowing Heart VI: Level up a flow esper to phase 6. 
  • A Windswept Heart I: Ascend a wind esper to phase one. 
  • A Windswept Heart II: Level a wind esper to phase two. 
  • A Windswept Heart III: Level a wind esper to phase three. 
  • A Windswept Heart IV: Upgrade up a wind-atunned esper to phase four. 
  • A Windswept Heart V: Level up a wind esper to phase five. 
  • A Windswept Heart VI: Level up a wind esper to ascension six. 
  • A Fiery Heart I: Level up an inferno esper to phase one. 
  • A Fiery Heart II: Ascend an inferno esper to phase two. 
  • A Fiery Heart III: Take an inferno esper to phase three. 
  • A Fiery Heart IV: Upgrade any one inferno esper to phase 4. 
  • A Fiery Heart V: Level an inferno esper to phase 5. 
  • A Fiery Heart VI: Upgrade an inferno-based esper to phase 6. 
  • New Heights Beginner: Level up an esper’s ability once. 
  • New Heights finisher: Max out anyone Esper’s abilities. 
  • Power Overwhelming I: Fully upgrade a 3-star esper
  • Power Overwhelming II: Max out a 4-star esper. 
  • Power Overwhelming III: Max out a 5-star esper. 
  • Power Overwhelming IV: Fully upgrade a 6-star esper. 
  • The breakthrough I: Upgrade an Esper’s star from 3 to 4. 
  • Breakthrough II: Ascend an Esper to five-star from four-star. 
  • Breakthrough III: Upgrade an Esper’s star promotion from 5 to 6. 
  • Advanced Promotion: Upgrade an Esper from 3 to 4 stars. 
  • New Heights I: Level an esper’s ability 5 times. 
  • New Heights II: Level any esper’s ability 10 times. 
  • New Heights III: Upgrade Esper’s abilities 20 times. 
  • New Heights IV: Upgrade Esper’s abilities 50 times. 
  • Ultimate Mastery I: Completely upgrade one of Esper’s abilities. 
  • The Resonator I: Complete 5 Esper Resonances successfully. 
  • The Resonator II: Complete 10 esper resonances. 
  • Esper Promotion IV: Level 30 espers to level 40
  • Esper Promotion V: Ascend 3 espers to level 50
  • Esper Promotion VI: Take 10 Espers to level 60
  • Advanced Promotion II: Ascend Espers 3 to 4 stars a total of 20 times. 
  • Advanced Promotion III: Take any Esper to 4 stars 50 times. 
  • Superior Promotion I: Take an Esper to 5 stars from 4 stars 10 times. 
  • Superior Promotion II: Promote up Espers to 5 stars 20 times. 
  • Ultimate Promotion I: Take Espers to 6 stars from 5 stars 5 times. 
  • Ultimate Promotion II: Ascend Espers to 6 stars 10 times. 
  • Ultimate Mastery II: Max up abilities of 3 Espers. 
  • Ultimate Mastery III: Fully upgrade abilities of 5 Espers. 
  • Ultimate Mastery IV: Upgrade abilities of 10 Espers. 
  • For ages I: Fully upgrade an Esper, including their level, ascension, and resonance. 
  • For The Ages II: Upgrade up to 3 Epic Espers fully. 
  • For The Ages III: Upgrade 5 Espers fully. 
  • The Resonator III: Increase 20 Esper’s Resonances. 
  • The Resonator IV: Enhance 50 Esper’s full resonances. 
  • Communion With The Gods: Resonate 10 Espers 6 times in total. 

Course-based Achievements

Completing courses in Dislyte will grant these achievements: 

  • Full-fledged: Finish up the course plan. 
  • Sonic Miracle Challenger: Complete the Sonic Miracle course. 
  • Ritual Miracle Challenger: Finish the Ritual Miracle course. 
  • Point War Champion: Finish up the Point War course fully. 
  • Counting Stars: Finish off with the Star Promotion course fully. 

Esper Upgrade-based Achievements

These are all the Espers in the game and their achievements listed:

  • The Legend of Ares: Fully upgrade Lewis Esper. 
  • The Legend of Odin: Completely upgrade Raven Esper. 
  • The Legend of Ra: Fully upgrade Narmer. 
  • The Legend of Nezha: Enhance Nezha’s overall ascension. 
  • The Legend of Loki: Finish up Triki’s full level-ups. 
  • The Legend of Hades: Completely upgrade Hyde. 
  • The Legend of Poseidon: Look into completing Biondina’s level-ups. 
  • The Legend of Njord: Max out Gabrielle’s ascensions. 
  • The Legend of Sif: Increase up Sally’s ascensions. 
  • The Legend of Shu: Fully upgrade Esper Unas. 
  • The Legend of Apollo: Increase Lucas’ level fully. 
  • The Legend of The Queen Mother: Upgrade Jin Yuyao fully. 
  • The Legend of Sun Wukong: Fully upgrade up Sun Wukong. 
  • The Legend of Nut: Increase Tiye’s resonances, levels, and ascensions fully. 
  • The Legend of Isis: Increase up Cecilia’s ascensions. 
  • The Legend of Thor: Fully level up Thor Esper. 
  • The Legend of Hera: Max out Hera Esper in Dislyte. 
  • The Legend of The Sphinx: Upgrade up Tevor fully. 
  • The Legend of Gaia: Level up Sienna’s ascensions and resonances. 
  • The Legend of Osiris: Fully upgrade Ollie Esper. 
  • The Legend of Geb: Max out Esper Ahmed, including his resonances.  

Journey Achievements 

Dislyte Journey Achievements
Journey Achievements

Next up, let’s wander deeper into the journey achievements you can find. If you manage to get your hands on Triki as an Esper, then make sure to check out our Dislyte Triki guide!

  • Esper of the people: Gain 50 friends in total. 
  • Be a giver III: Hand out friendship points 500 times. 
  • A friend indeed II: Take help from Helper Espers 10 times. 
  • A friend indeed III: Take help from Helper Espers 50 times. 
  • Esper of the people I: Gain one friend
  • Esper of the People II: Gain 10 friends. 
  • Be a giver I: Hand out friendship points a total of 5 times. 
  • Be a giver II: Give out friendship points 100 times. 
  • A friend indeed I: Use Helper Espers once. 
  • An Advancing Squad I: Achieve squad-level 10 
  • An Advancing Squad II: Get to squad level 20 
  • An Advancing Squad III: Get to squad level 30
  • An Advancing Squad IV: Gain squad-level 40
  • An Advancing Squad V: Gain squad-level 50

Sign In Achievements 

These are the Dislyte Achievements that players will get if they sign in consistently. When people do sign in, they will mostly face issues with domains like the Sonic Miracle, however, our Dislyte Sonic Miracle guide will help you obliterate the bosses in it in no time!

  • Free Denizen: Sign-in daily for a total of 365 days. 
  • In the Know: Sign-in customary for a total of 1000 days. 
  • A familiar face: Sign in every day for 30 days. 
  • An advancing squad VI: Get up to Squad Level 60. 
  • Grandis Explorer: Sign in every day for 21 days. 
  • A Familiar Face Week: Sign-in daily for 7 days. 

Echo-based Achievements 

  • Golden Journey- Echo IV: Echo 500 times in the Echo chamber. 
  • Befriend the Legends II: Gain 5 legendaries from Echo.
  • Befriend the Legends III: Gain 10 legendaries from Echo. 
  • Befriend the Epic Heroes III: Gain 20 Epics from the Echo chamber. 
  • Sounds of Yore III: Get a legendary Shimmer esper from Echo. 
  • Lucky Stars Legendary: Gain 2 legendaries from the “Spin X10” cards. 
  • Lucky stars Epic: Gain 4 Epic espers or more from the Spin x10 cards. 
  • Golden Journey Echo I: Spin records 10 times
  • Golden Journey Echo II: Use gold records 100 times 
  • Golden Journey Echo III: Use gold records 200 times 
  • Befriend The Legends I: Gain one legendary from a gold record
  • Befriend the Epic Heroes I: Use gold cards to get 2 epics. 
  • Befriend the Epic Heroes II: Use gold cards to gain 10 epic espers. 
  • Sounds of Yore I: Use records to get a rare shimmer. 
  • Sounds of Yore II: Use records to get an Epic shimmer. 
  • Lucky Stars Rare: Get 10 Rare Espers from the Spin x10. 

Gold-based Achievements

Whenever Dislyte players use any gold or stamina, below listed are the achievements that they will gain: 

  • In the Lap of Luxury I: Use up 100000 gold 
  • In the Lap of Luxury II: Use up 500000 gold 
  • In the Lap of Luxury III: Consume 1000000 gold 
  • In the Lap of Luxury IV: Use 5M gold
  • In the Lap of Luxury V: Use 10M gold 
  • Master of Patience I: Use up 1000 stamina
  • Master of Patience II: Use up 2000 stamina 
  • Master of Patience III: Use up 5000 stamina bars
  • Master of Patience IV: Use up 10000 stamina bars.
  •  Master of Patience V: Use up 20000 stamina. 

Diary Achievements 

Dislyte Diary Achievements
Diary Achievements

Next, we will mention the Dislyte Achievements players will get in the “Diary Section.” 

  • Godhood IV: Unlock Careers for 10 espers. 
  • Godhood V: Unlock Careers for 20 espers. 
  • Godhood VI: Unlock careers for 30 espers. 
  • Mount Olympus I: Get 3 legendary espers of different elements. 
  • Esper ascensions III: Get 15 espers to phase three. 
  • Esper ascension V: Get 5 espers to phase 4.
  • Esper Ascension VI: Upgrade 10 espers to phase 6. 
  • A living myth II: Get 3 espers to 6 stars. 
  • A living myth III: Get 5 espers to 6 stars. 
  • A living myth IV: Get 10 espers to 6 stars. 
  • Godhood I: Open up careers for one Esper
  • Godhood II: Open up careers for 3 espers. 
  • Godhood III: Open up careers for 5 espers. 
  • Mount Olympus II: Get your hands on 5 epic espers
  • Mount Olympus III: Get your hands on 10 rare espers.
  • A true legend: Get a legendary for the first time
  • Esper ascension I: Upgrade 5 espers up to phase three. 
  • Esper Ascension II: Upgrade 10 espers up to phase 3. 
  • Esper Ascension IV: Upgrade 3 espers to phase four. 
  • A living myth I: Get a 6-star esper. 

Mission-based Achievements 

For every mission or bounty that Dislyte players complete, they will get certain achievements:

  • Beginning the hunter IV: Finish off 100 Bounty Missions. 
  • Adept Hunter III: Completed 10 epic bounties. 
  • Adept hunter IV: Complete 50 epic bounties. 
  • Master hunter II: Complete 5 legendary bounties. 
  • Master hunter III: Complete 20 legendary bounties. 
  • Master Hunter IV: Complete 50 legendary bounties. 
  • Beginning the Hunt I: Finish 10 Bounties. 
  • Beginning the hunt II: Finish 30 bounties. 
  • Beginning the hunt III: Finish 50 bounties. 
  • Adept Hunter I: Complete one epic bounty. 
  • Adept hunter II: Complete five epic bounties. 
  • Master Hunter I: Finish 1 legendary bounty. 
  • A hero’s journey I: Finish 1 expedition. 
  • A hero’s journey II: Finish 50 expeditions. 
  • An unexpected Boon I: Solve up 1 Special expedition. 
  • An unexpected Boon II: Solve up 10 special expeditions. 
  • Newcomer: Stumble upon a ripple first time. 
  • Rarity explorer: Come across a rare ripple dimension once. 
  • Ripple Hunter: Discover ripple dimensions 5 times. 
  • Master Seer: Discover ripple dimensions 10 times. 
  • A hero’s journey III: Finish 100 expeditions. 
  • An unexpected boon III: Complete 50 special expeditions. 
  • Rare Dimension: Open up an occasional ripple first time. 

Personal Story Achievements 

Personal stories are story quests for Espers and also have Dislyte Achievements. If you plan to pull on any of these Espers, then make sure to check our Dislyte How To Promote Esper Star Rating guide!

  • Personal story Bardon: Complete Bardon’s story
  • Personal story Drew: Finish Drew’s story. 
  • Personal story Brynn: Finish Brynn’s story
  • Personal story Mona: Finish Mona’s Story.
  • Personal story Jiang Man: Finish Jiang Man’s story
  • Personal Story Q: Complete Q’s story
  • Personal Story Falken: Complete Falken’s story
  • Personal story Arcana: Complete Arcana’s story
  • Personal story Sander: Finish Sander’s story
  • Personal story Hall: Complete Hall’s story
  • Personal Story Catherine: Finish Catherine’s story 
  • Personal story Freddy: Complete Freddy’s story
  • Personal story Berenice: Finish Berenice’s story 
  • Personal story Leon: Complete Leon’s story
  • Personal story Fabrice: Complete Fabrice’s story
  • Personal story Helena: Finish Helena’s story
  • Personal story Layla: Play Layla’s story
  • Personal story David: Play David’s story
  • Personal story Long Mian: Play Long Mian’s story
  • Personal story Melanie: Play Melanie’s story
  • Personal story Lauren: Play Lauren’s story
  • Personal story Ren Si: Play Ren Si’s story 
  • Personal story Chloe: Complete Chloe’s story 
  • Personal story Triki: Complete Triki’s story
  • Personal story Ye Suhua: Finish Ye Suhua’s story
  • Personal story Celine: Finish Celine’s story 
  • Personal story Ahmed: Finish Ahmed’s story. 

History Achievements 

Dislyte History Achievements
History Achievements

The next category features Dislyte Achievements that are history-focused. For the players that feel like they are unable to cross difficult dungeons and boss fights, then using our Dislyte Helper Esper guide will tell you all you need to know about defeating enemies with other people’s Espers. 

  • Seasoned Veteran III: Get to tier 10 in point war. 
  • Seasoned Veteran IV: Get to tier 12 in point war. 
  • Seasoned Veteran V: Get to tier 13 in point war. 
  • Seasoned Veteran VI: Get to tier 14 in point war. 
  • Seasoned Veteran VII: Get to tier 15 in point war. 
  • Seasoned Veteran VIII: Get to tier 16 in point war dungeon
  • Seasoned Veteran IX: Get to tier 17 in point war. 
  • Seasoned Veteran X: Achieve level 18 ranking in point war. 
  • Arena I: Participate in point war a total of 20 times. 
  • Arena II: Participate in point war a total of 50 times. 
  • Arena III: Participate in point war a total of 100 times. 
  • Seasoned veteran I: Achieve tier 3 in point war. 
  • Seasoned veteran II: Achieve tier 5 in point war. 

Dungeon-based Achievements 

All the achievements incoming will feature bosses like the Kronos, apep, Fafnir, cube miracle bosses, and more. Want to conquer the Ritual Miracle bosses? Make sure to educate yourself on the weaknesses of those bosses with our Dislyte Ritual Miracle guide!

  • Fires of the Inferno II: Finish Infernis 100 times. 
  • Fires of the inferno III: Finish Infernis 200 times. 
  • Fires of the inferno IV: Finish Infernis 500 times. 
  • Guide II: Finish Cube Miracle 10 times 
  • Guide III: Finish Cube miracle dungeon 30 times
  • Overpowering winds II: Finish Windstriker 100 times. 
  • Overpowering winds III: Complete windstriker boss 200 times. 
  • Overpowering winds IV: Complete windstriker boss 500 times. 
  • Wellsprings III: Finish Flowrunner 200 times.  
  • Wellsprings IV: Finish flowrunner boss 500 times. 
  • Wellsprings II: Finish flowrunner boss 100 times
  • A shimmering light I: Finish shimmerer boss 50 times. 
  • A shimmering light II: Finish Shimmer dungeon 100 times. 
  • A shimmering light III: Finish shimmerer boss fight 200 times. 
  • A shimmering light IV: Finish shimmerer boss off 500 times. 
  • Blazing Sun: Complete infernis in 60 seconds on level 8.
  • Galeforce: Attempt to clear Windstriker at level 8 in under 60 seconds. 
  • Infinite Waves: Finish Flowrunner boss at level 8 in 60 seconds. 
  • Faster than light: Complete Shimmerer boss in a minute. 
  • Kronos III: Complete Kronos boss 200 times 
  • Kronos IV: Complete Kronos boss 500 times 
  • Apep I: Complete successfully Apep boss 50 times. 
  • Apep II: Complete apep boss 100 times. 
  • Apep III: Complete apep 200 times. 
  • Apep IV: Complete apep 500 times. 
  • Lord of the Titans: Complete Kronos in under 60 seconds on level 10. 
  • Serpent of Chaos: Finish Apep boss in a minute on level 10. 
  • Treasure Dragon: Finish off Fafnir in a minute on level 10.
  • Fafnir I: Complete fafnir boss 50 times.
  • Fafnir II: Complete fafnir boss 100 times. 
  • Fafnir III: Finish fafnir boss 200 times. 
  • Fafnir IV: Finish fafnir boss 500 times. 
  • Master of Space II: Completed floor 80 in the Temporal Tower
  • Master of Space III: Clear floor 100 in Temporal Tower. 
  • Master of Time I: Finish level 10 in Spatial Tower
  • Master of Time II: Finish level 20 in the spatial tower 
  • Master of time III: Finish level 30 in the spatial tower
  • Master of time IV: Finish level 40 in the spatial tower
  • Eternal Realm: Finish of the Spatial building. 
  • The Wayfinder: Successfully finished the cube miracle the first time. 
  • Guide I: Finish cube miracle 5 times. 
  • The survivor: Participate in the point war for 10 days straight. 
  • Fires of the inferno I: Complete infernis 50 times. 
  • Overpowering Winds I: Finish off the windstriker 50 times. 
  • Wellsprings I: Finish flowrunner 50 times. 
  • Kronos I: Finish Kronos 50 times. 
  • Kronos II: Finish Kronos 100 times. 
  • Master of space I: Finish floor 15 in Temporal Tower. 

Hidden Achievements 

Last but not least, there are a few hidden Dislyte Achievements that you can access after a few trials and errors, and they are listed here. 

Relic Failing 

One of the main hidden achievements that players in Dislyte can achieve is that it involves you failing to successfully upgrade a relic 14 times consistently. Considering relics also have a major RNG aspect, if players fail to upgrade it over and over again, they might, unfortunately, access this achievement. 

On To Glory 

Another one that you can get, unfortunately, is that if you try to pull a legendary Esper and manage to cross 100 Echoes and still don’t get it, then players will get the “On To Glory” achievement. The usual pity for legendaries is 120, so going above 100 and not getting one is truly a sad event. 

10 Summons- 4 Epics 

Another minor hidden achievement includes getting 4 rare espers in one ten pull, and considering the pity rate for a four-star esper is getting one every 20 draws; it is quite lucky to pull 4 Espers in one ten pull.

These are all the Dislyte Achievements featured so far in the game; let us know what you think, and let us know if we missed any! For any Esper that you gain, you will need to level them up, so reading up on our Dislyte Best Leveling Guide for Espers will be a worthwhile read!

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