Dislyte Ahmed: Skills, Relics, Gear, and Ratings

Our Dislyte Ahmed guide entails all skills, recommended relics, gear, and playstyles for Ahmed in Dislyte.

Ahmed’s Role in Dislyte

Ahmed dislyte
Five-Star Support Esper Ahmed in Dislyte

Ahmed is a five-star Esper in Dislyte. He is famous for being the Wind-Support Esper. Being a five-star, Ahmed is probably one of the best support Esper in the game and shouldn’t be overlooked. Ahmed can also counter many previous powerful Espers of the game including Hyde and Luo Yan.

Key Highlights
  • Ahmed is a five-star support Esper in Dislyte, known for being a wind-support Esper.
  • Ahmed is considered one of the best support Espers in the game and can counter other powerful Espers.
  • Ahmed can reduce the cooldown of his teammate’s abilities and give them a huge attack power buff while also healing them.
  • He has a huge chunk of health making him one of the tankiest healers in Dislyte.
  • Ahmed’s healing abilities can almost resurrect a teammate from imminent death.
  • Ahmed can be summoned in Dislyte using the Gacha system through Echo, but the chances of getting Ahmed are increased for a certain period as he is a newly released character.
  • Ahmed’s Skills in Dislyte include:
    • Prelude To Life: chain attack with 3 hits, each hit does 15% of ATK and 2% of the opponent’s maximum Hp.
    • Warm Harmonics: a skill that provides passive boosts for Ahmed’s teammates.

World Stage: that steals an opponent’s Hp and uses that to heal his teammate.

Not only does Ahmed act as the best support, but he can also reduce the cooldown of his teammate’s abilities. That is very useful for teams where Espers have a cooldown of four or five turns. Pair up Ahmed with an Esper like Raven and now you can spam her Debuff specials all thanks to Ahmed reducing the cooldown.

Additionally, Ahmed also gives a huge attack power buff to his teammates while also healing them. This means that you can use other Relics instead of damage-boosting ones for your team as Ahmed will continuously supply that buff. 

Ahmed also has a huge chunk of health making him one of the tankiest healers in Dislyte. That is a huge upgrade as most of the other healers die early if they are not continuously protected. But Ahmed can not only stay alive on his own, he can also keep his teammates up and running.

Ahmed’s healing abilities can almost resurrect a teammate from his imminent death. He can heal a part member from low Hp back to full with the use of a single skill. He can also steal an opponent’s Hp and use that to heal his teammate. All of this makes Ahmed a top-tier healer in Dislyte.

How To Summon Ahmed in Dislyte

Dislyte implements a Gacha system into play. Gacha is a very famous phrase used in Japanese games. It is based on getting a random reward for your currency. You roll for a certain character but your rewards are not always certain. Whatever you get, is decided by the game and not you

In Dislyte, Echo is used as Gacha. Through Echo, players can summon Espers but the Esper that they’ll get is random. So getting Ahmed will require you to grind for Echo in Dislyte. It should be noted that the chances of getting Ahmed are increased by the developers for a certain period as he is a newly released character. 

Ahmed’s Skills in Dislyte

Ahmed has a strong set of healing attacks. Although his attacks do barebones damage to his opponents, Ahmed will heal huge chunks of health for his teammates. Ahmed cannot be used as a captain as he is a support Esper. His skills make him a great choice for both PVP and PVE. His skills are;

  • Prelude To Life
  • Warm Harmonics
  • World Stage

Everything related to these skills is listed below.

Prelude To Life

Ahmeds skill
Prelude To Life Skill of Ahmed in Dislyte

This is a chain attack and Ahmed will do damage in 3 hits. Every hit does 15% of ATK and ends up doing good damage to Ahmed’s opponents. Ahmed is a healer and we do not expect him to do big damage attacks but Prelude To Life is actually quite decent.

The attack doesn’t stop there though. Additionally, every hit from Prelude To Life will also damage equal to 2% of an opponent’s maximum Hp. Combine that with the already dealt 15% of ATK and Ahmed becomes the only healer capable of being used as a fighter as well in Dislyte.

Ahmed can even be called an offensive healer as opposed to Clara who is famous for being a defensive healer. His moveset makes Ahmed so versatile that he can be used in almost every situation as both a healer and a fighter.

Warm Harmonics

Ahmeds skills
Warm Hamonics Skill of Ahmed in Dislyte

Harmonics is probably the best attack in Ahmed’s moveset. You could even call it his ultimate move which puts him above every other healer. Not only does this move have an active effect, but it also produces passive boosts for Ahmed’s teammates. Following buffs and debuffs are achieved by using Warm Harmonics;

  • Every time Ahmed uses Warm Harmonics, he will also passively perform a healing ability on a teammate having the lowest Hp. That translates to Ahmed almost always healing a team member for free whilst also using his special skill. It is very useful since you can perform two different moves with Ahmed in a single turn.
  • If any teammate suffers from Max Hp Penalty debuff in Ahmed’s party, then he can also restore that debuff by increasing his teammate’s maximum Hp threshold by 5%. Warm Harmonics is probably the most versatile attack in Dislyte with how many different effects it can pull in just one single turn.
  • Ahmed will also remove any and all disease-related debuffs from his teammates whilst also applying a buff ability. The buff ability in question is Supporting Song. It is very useful as it boosts the ATK of Ahmed’s teammates by 2%. But wait, it can additionally be stacked up to 25 times making it a possible 50% attack power boost.
  • If Supporting Song wasn’t enough on its own, Ahmed will also apply another set of this ability if his teammate has a Hp amount lower than 50%. His party members having low Hp will get a bigger attack power boost from Supporting Song.

Warm Harmonics is probably the best healing ability in Dislyte and Ahmed is your ticket to using that ability.

World Stage

Ahmeds skills
World Stage Skill of Ahmed in Dislyte

It is another amazing skill available in Ahmed’s moveset. It is another healing ability that in addition to healing will also affect the cooldowns of Ahmed’s teammate’s attacks. World Stage consists of the following two moves;

  • Not one not two but all party members will get their cooldowns decreased by 1 turn when Ahmed uses World Stage. That translates to you using more of your team’s special attacks in battle than you previously did. Imagine having a team where you don’t have to worry about cooldowns, Ahmed will now make that possible.
  • World Stage doesn’t stop at just reducing the cooldowns. It is another healing ability as well. Ahmed will heal his teammate having the lowest Hp. And it is not just a single heal, World Stage heals 10 times consecutively. The amount of health healed is equal to 8% of the caster’s total Hp.

World Stage cannot also get affected by any form of debuff and can be used whenever it is ready. Although there is a small drawback to that attack, which is its cooldown. It has a large Cooldown of 4 Turns and there is nothing you can do to alter that. Just make sure to use World Stage when it is absolutely necessary for survival.

Captain Ability

Ahmed does not have a captain ability as he is a supportive Esper. He is best used on the sidelines providing support and healing to his teammates. His main job is to make sure that the captain of his own team stays alive the longest.

Relics and Gearset For Ahmed in Dislyte

Now let us discuss the Relics that suit Ahmed the best for his Supportive playstyle. These sets will focus on increasing the damage of Ahmed’s attacks and the amount of Hp he heals with his healing abilities. All of it will contribute to making Ahmed the best healer in Dislyte.

First Most Popular

The first and most popular set that can be used for Ahmed in Dislyte is the Wind Walker Set x4. This set will give a 25% boost to Ahmed’s speed in Dislyte. It will increase the number of turns Ahmed gets and you can use his healing abilities more often. Our first set is mainly focused on increasing Ahmed’s speed and giving him more supportive boosts.  Now let us discuss the UNA pieces for the first set;

UNA Pieces

  • UNA I is already set to increase Ahmed’s Attack power and is not free to choose. You cannot do anything to remove that Relic. However, it works in our favor as it boosts Ahmed’s barebones damage to something useable in combat. Attack buff is absolutely necessary for Ahmed as healers generally do not have the best damage.
  • UNA II piece is where customization starts and players are free to choose whatever Relic they want. We recommend using the HP% Relic in UNA II to increase Ahmed’s health as much as possible. As we already know that the damage and healing abilities of Ahmed scale with his health. The more health he has, the more he will heal or do damage.
  • Unfortunately, UNA III cannot be altered and is already set to increase Ahmed’s base defense in Dislyte by default. However, we will need that defense boost to make Ahmed as much of a tank as possible. We need Ahmed to stay alive as long as he can because he is the healer and that UNA piece works in our favor.
  • UNA IV can be chosen based on choice as well. We recommend using another HP% in UNA IV as well. We want to increase Ahmed’s health as much as possible. He is not a fighter and will not be used to deal damage. His main purpose is to heal and for that, we need him to tank more hits in battle. Additionally, his health increase will in turn increase the output of his healing abilities.

MUI Pieces

For the two-piece set, we recommend using the Adamantine Set x2. That set not only buffs Ahmed but also each and every other party member as well. Adamantine will give a defense boost. It will apply a shield on every Esper alongside Ahmed. That shield will have total health equal to 15% of the user’s Hp. Enemies will have to break that shield first in order to damage Hp. Now we will discuss the MUI pieces for the first set;

  • MUI I is again set by default to increase Ahmed’s Health in Dislyte. You cannot change MUI I and it will always be a health booster. Although, that again works in our favor since we want every single drop of Hp for Ahmed. More HP will boost the power of Ahmed’s abilities.
  • We recommend using the speed boost for MUI II. We want Ahmed in Dislyte to be both fast and durable. SPD will boost the performance of Ahmed in battle. It means that Ahmed will get more turns than he did before. Now u can use him for his healing abilities frequently.

Second Most Popular

Now we will explain his second most popular set which includes the usage of yet again the Wind Walker Set x4. The build will focus on increasing Ahmed’s speed and the accuracy of his attacks in Dislyte. Wind Walker Set will boost Ahmed’s speed by 25% which is a huge boost. Ahmed will get more chances to be used in battle than he did before. Now let us discuss the UNA pieces for the second set;

UNA Pieces

  • UNA I piece cannot be changed and the Relic here boosts your Esper’s attack power. Worry not as we will need that damage booster for Ahmed. As a healer, his attacks do not deal enough damage to be used as a fighter but Relic upgrades his damage which becomes viable for battle.
  • For your UNA II piece, we recommend using HP% as Ahmed’s whole moveset scales with his health in Dislyte. More Hp means that we’ll be able to get the most out of his attacks and heals. So our Relics focus more on Hp in both sets.
  • UNA III piece can also not be set to your own preference. It contains a permanent Relic that boosts Ahmed’s basic defense. We’ll need this Relic because Ahmed needs to tank more hits in battle and stay alive for longer to heal his teammates.
  • UNA IV piece can be customized and we recommend using ACC% to boost the accuracy of Ahmed’s attacks. Ahmed has become more durable and will be available for more turns but we want him to hit his attacks as well. Putting too much effort into summoning him, and then him missing won’t be so rewarding. Make sure to use ACC% in UNA IV for Ahmed in Dislyte.

The two-piece set that you’ll be using here is the Sword Avatara Set x2. This set provides a chance to counter-attack an opponent to Ahmed. The percentage of that counter-attack happening is 25% which translates to once every 4 turns. Basically, if Ahmed does counter-attack he will heal any random team member in his party. That is very useful since you’ll be trading Ahmed’s health for another one of your members. Now we will discuss the MUI pieces for the second set;

MUI Pieces

  • MUI I is fixed on increasing your health and will boost Ahmed’s total Hp in Dislyte. Again that is very helpful as it boosts the effectiveness of Ahmed’s moves and makes him both a stronger healer and a stronger fighter. Ahmed is a very versatile Esper as he fits in with these fixed Relics.
  • We recommend using SPD as your MUI II as that will increase Ahmed’s speed stat and boost his performance in-game. Ahmed will get more versatile and receive more chances to use his healing abilities in Dislyte. Everything here contributes toward making Ahmed the best healer in both PVP and PVE.

Ahmed’s Ratings

Ahmed is still a newly released Esper and most of his ratings are still unknown in Dislyte. However, what we do know is that Ahmed has A ratings in Point War, Point Tower, and Kronos. He is very strong in these departments and is not weak in others as well. If you’re looking to do some farming, Ahmed should always be used as your healer. 

  • Point Tower: Ahmed has an A-Rating in Point Tower where he dominates almost every other healer in Dislyte.
  • Point War: With an A-Rating in Point War, Ahmed is probably the best Support Esper for this. He is best used in PVP to dominate fights.

Pros And Cons of Ahmed in Dislyte 

Almost all Support Espers lack in some departments and excel in others. Ahmed is no exception here. However, Ahmed does excel in getting more pros than cons. Let us discuss the pros and cons of Ahmed in Dislyte;


Following are the advantages of using Ahmed in Dislyte;

  • He can remove disease debuffs
  • Ahmed can passively heal his teammates
  • He can also buff his teammate’s ATK
  • Ahmed can be used for both offense and defense


Following are the disadvantages of using Raven in Dislyte;

  • His attacks don’t do enough damage
  • It is very difficult to summon Ahmed in Dislyte


Dislyte was released on May 10, 2022, for iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh operating systems. It is a free-to-play Gacha game that you can download right now and play on your Mobile devices. The game has futuristic graphics for a mobile game and gameplay that doesn’t get boring even after hours of playtime.

That concludes our guide on Ahmed, a Five-Star Support Esper in Dislyte. We explained all his skills, builds, and upgrades in complete detail. We hope that now you will switch to Ahmed as your main healer and use him in PVP. His skills cannot be ignored and should be used in farming. Let us know what you think about the latest and greatest Gacha game known as Dislyte in the comments below.

Dislyte is the latest and greatest Gacha game developed and published by Lilith Studios. There is massive content to play around with in this game including its 60 Esper characters. Espers are people who have super-human abilities and Ahmed in Dislyte is one of them. 

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