Dislyte Alexa: The Definitive Guide

This detailed guide contains Alexa's role, abilities, recommended relic sets as well as her ratings in different modes of Dislyte.

Role of Alexa 

A perfect mirror for Aphrodite’s unparalleled charm, Alexa is a beauty with power. The succubus, like Esper, can stun anyone with her charms and destroy them if she wants to with her powerful attacks. She is a very powerful Support Esper with some offensive abilities too. Her element is Inferno, and she is a four-star Esper. 

Key Highlights
  • Alexa is a four-star Support Esper with some offensive abilities in the game Dislyte.
  • Her element is Inferno and her abilities focus on buffs and healing for allies.
  • As a captain in the Point War battle, she can increase the HP of her teammates by 30 percent.
  • She has the ability to protect her teammates using the Kiss of the Nightingale Ability, reducing damage taken and providing a retaliatory attack.
  • Her Phantasia ability can dispel many buffs of an enemy target.
  • Her decent healing and support abilities can be a great plus point for you, especially in the Kronos battle.
  • Pairing her up with Espers like Raven, Donar, and Gabrielle in Dislyte will help these Espers while facing any enemy.
  • Her most important ability is her Brilliance ability, which can deal up to 120 percent damage to enemies and increase their miss rate by 50 percent.
  • Her Dance of the Nightingale ability can restore up to 75 percent of damage received by enemies at level 4.
  • The cooldown rate for the ability can be reduced by one turn at level 5.
  • As a captain, she can balance her team and help them last longer in battles.
alexa is dislyte
Alexa in Distyle

If you choose Alexa as a captain in Point War battle, she can increase the HP of her teammates by 30 percent. Alexa is no doubt a good formidable Support owing to her retaliatory strikes and dispels. She can make the best use of her abilities if you place her in a tanky team. These abilities make her way better than the 3-star Espers in Dislyte.

A great thing about Alexa is that she has the ability to protect her teammate using the Kiss of the Nightingale Ability. She can reduce the damage taken by the enemies. As a counter-attack, she can also provide a retaliatory attack. Her Phantasia ability can dispel many buffs of an enemy target. So many of their multi-pronged attacks won’t last that long.

Her decent healing and support abilities can be a great plus point for you, especially in the Kronos battle. She can balance the entire team without the need for another Support Esper. Alexa can boost her ally’s health and also reduce the cooldown rate by a single turn. One of her skills is a missed chance debuff. That means if you miss a chance to attack, the damage dealt to your team would be less than usual. 

Alexa’s Skills

Being a Support and Healer Esper, her abilities are more focused on buffs. She is tasked to help her allies by dispelling the buffs of the enemy team and giving her team certain buffs to aid them. Alexa can help unleash the full potential of the attacks of her tank teammates and frontline Espers.

Pairing her up with Espers like Raven, Donar, and Gabrielle in Dislyte will help these Espers while facing any enemy. She has the following skills;

  • Brilliance
  • Phantasia
  • Dance of the Nightingale


The most important ability of Alexa as support in Dislyte is her Brilliance ability. Using this ability, Alexa can deal up to 120 percent damage to the enemies. You will also have a 50 percent chance to increase the Miss Rate of enemies for two turns.

brilliance ability
Brilliance ability of Alexa in Dislyte

Level 2

In level 2 of the Brilliance Ability, the damage rate will increase up to 110 percent. The damage output is not maximum at this point, but since Alexa is a Support Esper, you can do just fine at the level in PVE battles.

Level 3

On reaching level 3, you will have an increased chance by 40 percent to trigger attacks. Even though Alexa is a healer esper as well, her support abilities should be maxed as well. At level 3, her chance to attack will increase, and you will see the amazing potential her Brilliance attack holds.

Level 4

On level 4, the damage dealt will increase to 120 percent. The damage output will be maximum at level 4. Hence it is recommended to reach level 4 before you fight bosses with increased difficulty levels like Siegfried.

Level 5

By level 5, the chance to trigger will significantly increase to 50 percent. When you reach the level, you will reach the maximum probability by which you can trigger attacks.


The second ability of Alexa is Phantasia. It is where her healer role comes into play. With Phantasia, she can balance the HP ratios of all her allies. If any of Alexa’s targets have the Kiss of the Nightingale buff, she has the ability to restore around 20 percent of the maximum hp.

alexa ability in dislyte
Phantasia ability of Alexa in Dislyte


In ascension, her Phantasia ability can balance the HP ratio of all her teammates. She can also restore 20 percent of the maximum HP of her targets if they have the Kiss of the Nightingale buff. Alexa can also reduce the cooldown rates of all abilities by one turn.

Cooldown Rate

She can only use the Phantasia ability once every three turns

Level 2

When Alexa has reached level 2 with Phantasia ability, her damage output will increase by 30 percent. But this is not the maximum damage output. You should try to go higher levels with Phantasia’s ability as it can be really beneficial in PvE battles.

Level 3

Upon reaching level 3 with Phantasia ability for Alexa in Dislyte, her chance to trigger will significantly boost up to 50 percent. It is the maximum you can go with the ability.

Level 4

When you have reached level 4 of the ability, the damage inflicted will be increased to 35 percent. You will have the maximum damage output when you reach level 4, and you can use Phantasia’s ability with maximum potential. 

Level 5

The damage inflicted would remain the same in level 5, but the cooldown rate will be reduced for one turn in Dislyte. Reaching level 5 with Phantasi ability can help decrease the cooldown rate significantly. Hence it is recommended that you reach the maximum level of your ability.

Kiss of the Nightingale

The most powerful ability of Alexia in Dislyte is Kiss of the Nightingale. Using this ability, Alexa heals her allies. When the ability is active, she will bless any of her teammate’s esper with the Kiss of the Nightingale. Doing so will return 75 percent of damage received from enemy attacks.

You can use the ability in the endgame when you face hardcore bosses like Kronos or Siegfried. The ability is the reason why Alexa is so popular as a healer in Dislyte. Her rate of damage return is better than many other healers and support Espers.

ability of alexa in dislye
Kiss of the Nightingale ability in Dislyte

Cooldown Rate

When you use the Dance of the Nightingale ability, you will have to wait for 4 turns until you use this ability again. Even though the cooldown rate for the ability is very high, we cannot ignore the potential benefits it does for the whole team.

Level 2 

When you reach level 2 with the Dance of the Nightingale ability, the damage from your counter-attacks will increase to 65 percent. The reason why Dance of the Nightingale is so powerful is that even in its earlier levels, it manages to restore 65 percent of the damage received.

While it’s not the highest, you can still help most of your allies if you use Alexa as a support in your team. But we recommend reaching higher levels to unlock the full potential of the ability.

Level 3

Upon reaching 3 with Dance of the Nightingale, the restoration percentage of damage from attacks will rise to 70 percent. You can go higher from here, but even with 70 percent, you can heal your allies significantly.

Level 4

When you’ve reached level 4, the Dance of the Nightingale ability will be at its maximum potential. You can restore 75 percent of the damage dealt by enemy attacks. You won’t even need another healer if you’re facing bosses of easy to medium difficulty.

Level 5

The cooldown rate for the ability will be reduced by one turn. So you can use the Dance of the Nightingale ability after every 3 turns and heal your teammate Espers.

Captain Ability

If you think that because Alexa is a Support Esper, she might not be the best choice, you’re wrong. She can balance her team and their hp pretty well and help them last longer in battles. In Point War, if she is appointed as a captain, she can increase all her teammate’s hp by 30 percent. Since her buffs revolve around healing and reduced cooldown rate, she can help her team a lot if she is the captain. Even her debuffs like the Miss Rate Up can be very useful along with healing allies.

Recommended Relic Sets for Alexa

Relics are very important if you want to modify Alexa. Using good relic sets will greatly enhance her healing and support capability. This is very important, especially when you’re facing end-game bosses. With high base HP and Support, Alexa can easily take on any enemy in her way.  Just pair Alexa with characters like Jacob and Li Ling in Dislyte to bring out her full potential.

Relic sets are the items you can use in combination with others. They can then be equipped by your esper to buff them and increase their abilities. Following are the recommended sets for Alexa in Dislyte.

Wind Walker Set x4

The first recommendation for Alexa would be the Wind Walker Set. With four of these, you can get a boost in your basic ability. Since Alexa is a support, the Wind Walker set decreasing her damage won’t affect her as much. She can still heal her allies in the frontline and give them buffs.

Since the set primarily deals with speed, using it will give you a 25 percent boost in speed. Thus with increased speed, Alexa can dodge incoming attacks efficiently. Since she is not an offensive Esper and is not that strong, you will need all the speed you can have to protect Alexa from enemy attacks.

Master Grove Set x2

Being the healer Esper, Alexa can use some extra health to keep her allies full-on health. Doing so will help them survive longer in battles, especially in endgame, where the combat difficulties will increase significantly. That is the reason why with most of the Supports and Healers, players prefer using the Master Grove Set. 

When using the Master Grove Set x2, your hp will boost up to 25 percent. Doing so will help you in situations where your health drains fast, like the Kronos battle. To provide others with a hp boost, you should be stacked on health yourself.

Ocean Waves Set x4

By using the Ocean Waves Set x4 for Alexa in Dislyte, you will boost her performance as a Support Esper. The Ocean Waves set can reduce ability cooldown. So any ability will have a lowered cooldown rate. This will give you a chance to use your overpowered abilities without having to wait for 3 or 4 turns. 

If you use the set, you will have a 30 percent chance of reducing the cooldown rates for all abilities. The cooldown rate will be decreased by one turn after you have used that ability. It is very important if you want to use abilities like Phantasia or the Dance of the Nightingale, as they have longer cooldowns.

Adamantine Set x2

The adamantine set x2 is an amazing set as it will provide you as well as your teammates with a shield at the start of the battle. The shield will have the strength and durability equal to 20 percent of the maximum HP. However, this shield will only last for two turns in the battle.

The adamantine set x2 will act as a boost when you start your battle. You can survive much longer against enemies and be able to use your special abilities for the first two turns without worrying about losing your HP.

Recommended Relic Stats

We have sorted the Relic Stats in the order of their popularity. These relic attributes will give Alexa a potential boost and help her be the best support and healer, Esper. 

First Most Popular 

Let’s discuss the most popular attributes of Alexa. This will include both UNA and MUI attributes.

UNA Pieces

UNA I piece: it is represented by a triangle symbol and cannot be changed. Una I piece has a fixed stat and is focused on providing ATK bonuses. The piece can boost flat attack damage. Since Alexa is a Support, it is necessary that she helps weaken the enemy as much as she can so the battle would be easier for frontline tanks. 

UNA II piece: The piece is represented by the circular symbol. The most popular choice of players for the attribute is HP. Since you can change the UNA II piece, it is recommended that you go for hp to boost Alexa’s Support and Healing capabilities.

Being a support esper, Alexa would need all the Hp she can get to keep her allies strong for battle. Also, take a look at our Ripples in Dislyte guide.

UNA III piece: The relic is represented by a rhombus shape. You can’t change the UNA III Piece. The piece is set to amp up your Esper’s defense. Being a healer, she would need defense so that she doesn’t fall down the early game. This piece is very important when you face bosses like Apep, who have very damaging attacks.

UNA IV piece: the squared shape relic attribute can be altered. Most of the players prefer to boost the HP of Alexa even for the attribute. The reason is mostly that most people would need their Healer or Support Esper standing till the very end of the battle. By having two relics devoted to HP, Alexa can take more attacks and survive till the very end.

MUI Pieces

MUI piece I: you can’t change the MUI piece one in Dislyte. The piece is set to boost your health. With another relic attribute boosting your HP, you won’t have to worry about the damage from incoming attacks. 

MUI piece II: since you can actually change the second MUI piece, it is recommended that you go for HP here as well. Your main focus for Alexa should only be HP since she is a Support and a Healer.

Second Most Popular 

You can also choose the following attributes if you don’t like the first set. While we focused on health before, in this set of attributes, we will focus more on defense. Before you go any further, make sure to read our guide on clubs in Dislyte.

UNA Pieces

UNA piece I: this piece is already set to increase Alexa’s damage by default. You will get increased base damage for all of your attacks.

UNA piece II: since we are going to focus on defense for the set of attributes, we will be setting the second UNA piece to increase defense. In most PvP wars, players try to take down the Healers and Support first. So Alexa will be facing a lot of enemy attacks. That is the reason we chose the defense attribute for the second UNA piece.

UNA piece III: again, you can’t change the relic attribute, and it’s already set to boost your defense. 

UNA piece IV: since you can change the attribute, it is recommended that you go for defense for the fourth UNA piece. We need as much defense for Alexa as we can since she is not an offensive Esper and is very prone to enemy attacks.

MUI Pieces 

MUI piece I: This piece cannot be changed and is set to boost your HP. It’s important that your HP and defense remain strong since Alexa will need these attributes the most as a support Esper.

MUI piece II: since you can change the second MUI piece, we recommend going for the defense attribute. 

Third Most Popular:

For our third set, we will be focusing on accuracy and speed. Let’s take a look at the UNA and MUI pieces for the set below.

UNA pieces

UNA piece I: like before, the first UNA piece will always set boost your damage from attacks. It is pretty good for support like Alexa because her attacks are not damaging enough. 

UNA piece II: you can set your second UNA piece to whatever attribute you like. You can go for HP or defense. Keep in mind that you should go for the attribute you think you’ll need for a particular battle. 

UNA piece III: you can’t change the third UNA piece, and it is set to amp up your defense percentage in Dislyte.

UNA piece IV: since you can customize the piece and have the attribute you like, we recommend going for accuracy. Most of the attacks Alexa can do can be very beneficial for allies. That’s why her attacks need to be accurate, so the chances of missing are low. We recommend you focus on increasing accuracy for this particular set so that Alexa can buff her teammates without missing. 

MUI Pieces 

MUI piece I: The piece cannot be changed and is set to boost your HP. Since Alexa is a support and healer Esper, a boost in HP will help her survive longer in battles.

MUI piece II: for the second MUI piece, choose speed as an attribute. By now, you will have plenty of HP, defense, and damage; hence it is recommended that you focus on speed. In this way, Alexa can dodge enemy attacks efficiently and help her allies while doing so.

Substat Priority 

For each of these sets of attributes, your priority should be:

  1. HP
  2. DEF
  3. ACC
  4. SPD
  5. DMG
  6. ATK
  7. C.RATE

HP should be your top priority, while ATK and C. RATE can be ignored.

Alexa’s Ratings

Point War is where Alexa’s ability shines the most. She is not that great for PVP battles, but in Tower, Point War, and Cube Miracle, Alexa can prove to be one of the best Espers in Dislyte. Her ratings might not be that great, but she is a good Support and Healer Esper. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at her ratings.


  • Story Content: her rating in regular story mode is not that great. She belongs to the D tier, and the reason for her low rating might be the lack of offensive abilities.
  • Cube Miracle: Alexa does not have a great rating in Cube Miracle but can be a good Support nonetheless.
  • Sonic Miracle: Alexa lacks in this mode of Dislyte as well, with a rating of D. While she might not be the best Esper for Sonic Miracle, you cannot disregard her role as a good Healer.
  • Kronos: while fighting with Kronos, Alexa can buff her allies and increase their HP. 
  • Fafnir: You can use Alexa’s abilities to support your allies in the Fafnir domain. She has a D rating for Fafnir.
  • Apep: Alexa has a fairly good rating of C in the Apep battle. With Alexa as a Support, your team can easily defeat Apep.
  • Temporal Tower: with a rating of D in the temporal tower, Alexa can be a good Support.
  • Point War Offense: since Alexa lacks offensive abilities, her rating is fairly low in the Point War offense.
  • Point War Defense: Alexa has a good defense and a C Rating. 

Ascensions of Alexa 

Ascensions are very important for Espers as they can increase the basic stats and provide the characters with buffs. But ascension will need resources and materials to improve your character’s abilities. Please take a look at our leveling up in Dislyte guide to learn more about ascensions.

  • First Ascension Phase: In the first phase, your HP will be increased by +950. 
  • Second Ascension Phase: you will get a boost of +70 in defense.
  • Third Ascension Phase: this ascension phase will focus on the second ability of Alexa called Phantasia.
  • Fourth Ascension Phase: Your HP will increase by 10 percent in the fourth ascension phase.
  • Fifth Ascension Phase: in the fifth phase, your HP rate will increase by 15 percent.
  • Sixth Ascension Phase: the sixth ascension phase will elevate RESIST by 20 percent.

Pros and Cons 

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of Alexa as a healer and support in Dislyte.


  • Alexa is a very decent healer that is able to balance the whole team and can reduce the cooldown rate by one turn.
  • The first skill has the debuff ability of miss chance. This will deal significantly less damage to your teammates.
  • In tankier teams, Alexa can show her full potential.


  • She is very hard countered by disease and is unhealable.
  • Alexa is not an offensive Esper, so she lacks damage.
  • She is more of a PvE-focused Esper and cannot do well in PvP battles.


Alexa is a four-star Esper, so she is not a recommended character to farm. But if you like her design, you can go ahead and invest in her all you want.

There is no doubt about Alexa being one of the best supports in Dislyte, but there are still better options than her available.

This concludes our detailed guide on Alexa, including her relic sets, attributes, and ratings. If you don’t like Alexa, you can always Reroll in Dislyte.

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